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A Love Reading Request – Will There be a Reconciliation?

 A Love Reading Request – Will There be a Reconciliation?

4 of Swords Upright The Hermit Upright 10 of Cups Upright

I received a request for help with this Reading a couple of weeks ago. Unfortunately, I am only getting to it now due to a heavy college schedule. I normally post back to the person with my views but have decided to include this Reading in a Blog Post instead. Obviously I have not included any personal information such as names or location etc. I receive many enquiries but can only respond to a certain number. However, please note that these Reading Requests come to me via the Comments Box, and when replied to, automatically can be viewed by anyone visiting the site. If you do not wish your Reading to be posted publicly, please mention this. Even if you fail to do so, I will never post details of users name or email address on the public posts.

I am currently weighed down with College Assignments, and as a result have precious little time to write on my site. However, I am working away in the background getting a bit done here and there. I will be releasing Part I of the re-worked Knight of Pentacles in the coming week. This is the Card Imagery Description and Personality Profile part. The Upright and Reversed Meanings will be posted once each stage is complete. Thank you for your patience and I look forward to getting stuck back into my full writing in the next couple of months.


Dear Querant, you say that you pulled these Three Cards in relation to a Love Reading and wish to know if The Ten of Cups suggests a reconciliation. In my response to you I cautioned about the Ten of Cups being a Stage Card and that it can often appear in a Spread when we wish and desire a certain outcome in a relationship. I asked you to check the surrounding cards, and if it seemed to be totally out-of-place, or looked awkward sitting in the Spread, there could be a chance that you are looking at a Tainted Reading. The Ten of Cups may have appeared because you drew it towards you with emotional desire.

You have now supplied the remaining Cards in the Spread. You have used the Three Card Spread; Past, Present, Future for this Reading. So let us have a little look. You have also supplied a more detailed Spread you did on a previous occasion. We will take a look at that one afterwards.

I am also interested to hear from other site visitors who would like to contribute. As you are all aware, it is quite difficult to do these Cold Style Readings as we cannot ask questions, and there are some many variables and probabilities involved. We will try to do our best and will look at it as a learning experience. I do hope our Querant gains some useful insight from the Readings below.


Love Reading – Querant asks about The Ten of Cups reflecting a possible reconciliation.

4 of Swords Upright The Hermit Upright 10 of Cups Upright

Four of Swords         The Hermit                       Ten of Cups

Well, with the Four of Swords in the Past Position, it is not hard to see that you have obviously gone through a very stressful period in relation to the relationship you refer to. Now this card could point to illness and a lot of other things, but when you mention a reconciliation I cannot help but think that there was a pretty dramatic end to this relationship in the past. There would have been much tension involved, arguments and bad feelings. I think this was probably building up over a long period of time and your relationship may have broken down bit by bit. However long it took in coming about, the end was quite a blow and left you burnt out, exhausted and deeply hurt. I am not sure if you have had much time for anything in your life during this stage as you would have been psychologically very low. You might possibly have withdrawn in an attempt to make sense of it all. Now as I tell you all this, it may not be you these meanings apply to, but rather your partner, so we will have to take that on board. Issues in your relationship, or on a personal level came to crisis stage. There was a death like feeling about the end; nothing left to say or argue about, too tired to fight anymore, and too weary to care. Someone, or both, needed to crawl into their own corner or shell and figure out what was going on. Someone may have abruptly left.

As a result, you have gone through a very low time and are probably not very socially active right now. The Hermit coming in as the Present Card carries several meanings for you. He highlights loneliness and a feeling of having spent enough time in despair and out of circulation. He suggests a time of great reflection and introspection. There comes a time after deep loss when we reach a point of transition. Much self-knowledge has been gained from our journey through pain and distress. We can see life in a new perspective and seek change, and to be truer to our inner-self. The Hermit can suggest counselling or the need for professional help in this area. It is The Hermit who holds the mirror up close so that you can see your true reflection. However, who or what you see looking back at you may come as shock, for The Hermit’s mirror holds special magic. What reflects back at you is your inner-self, also all the facades you have worn, and all the personalities you have projected on to others. It is a time for awakening and taking full responsibility for where you are in life, both for good and bad. The Hermit will help you through the this voyage of self-discovery and growth. The Four of Swords very often has to spend time with The Hermit before stability returns and a new focus emerges. I feel a sense that you are ready to return to normal life once more and are eager to come in out of the cold. You might be eager for a reconciliation thinking that all the fuss has died down, and that you are more stable in your self. Your ex-partner may not be in the same frame of mind as you so you must bear this in mind. It does not mean that they do not seek a reconciliation at some stage, but it may be too soon for them.

This transition stage can also be perilous, for you have to make a decision as to whether you go back to who you were and the life you lived, or march forward into the unknown with a new attitude and mindset. Can you leave everything behind and consider life without a reconciliation? Time spent with The Hermit can also lead to you thinking you have all the answers now and can mend the world, or a relationship. You might believe that things will be better now and you are bound to feel mentally stronger. As time has passed since the end of your relationship, you may begin to forget some of the toughest times, or put them down to not being as bad as you made them out to be. You may now believe you know what it is that will make your relationship work. Your thoughts might turn to wanting to start over again, albeit with a new attitude and approach.  Remember, you may be alone in this regard.

You may seek The Ten of Cups, the happy ever after, because going back may seem easier than moving forward. You might think that the past can be fixed. The Hermit standing in the middle, and the only Major Arcana Card, acknowledges there is loneliness driving desires at present with the need to renew contact. He also suggests a need to be alone too, whether personally sought, or indeed strongly needed. This might be the case whether you like it or not. He may be telling you that time spent alone may be of more benefit in the long run and that you should not rush in to seeking a reconciliation without giving it a lot of deep thought.

The Ten of Cups is a lovely Card at the end of this Reading but I am not sure if I can fully trust its validity. Certainly there may be a reconciliation if both sides are in agreement, but I do think that more time is needed. The Hermit is a steadying and sobering influence. We all benefit from spending time in his company. Don’t be in a hurry to escape from him.

The Hermit is the most important Card in this Reading, but he does speak of solitude and time spent alone. For him, The Four of Swords may be viewed as a tough, but invaluable lesson learned, and to reflect on it on that basis.

You say that this is a Love Reading and I have also to acknowledge that you may speak of love in another manner. The above Three Cards could come up for someone who seeks reconciliation with an ageing or ill, parent, sibling or friend they may have become estranged from in the past.

The above three Cards could also be interpreted as follows. The Four of Swords and Hermit might suggest a couple who have been experiencing difficulties in their relationship or marriage. They may have let issues get very bad before seeking professional help from The Hermit. The Ten of Cups would suggest that there is much hope for the couple to overcome their difficulties and differences as they appear to be working hard to save their relationship. If this is the case, The Ten of Cups augurs well for their future. More cards would be needed to support any of the above theories.

Something else has just popped into my mind regarding The Hermit.  I wonder if there might be a considerable age difference in partners?


A Previous Reading from The Querant about Same Subject -Love and Reconciliation

Page of Wands            Queen of Swords      The Hermit

Page of Wands UprightQueen of Swords UprightThe Hermit Upright
Current Influences     Obstacles    Past Foundations

The Three of Swords  The Ace of Swords    The Two of Cups 

3 of Swords Upright Ace of Swords2 of Cups Upright

Past Events               Goals and Destiny       Future

The Queen of Cups   The Eight of Swords   The Page of Swords

Queen of Cups Upright8 of Swords Upright Page of Swords Upright

Querant                 Friends and Family   Hopes and Fears 

The Magician

The Magician (I) Upright

Final Outcome


I am going to give a brief outline of my initial feelings about these Cards when viewed in a Spread. I am going to run with one theme and work with that so as not to get too convoluted with the interpretation. As we have no Live Querant to work with and ask questions of, we have to use our imagination to deduce what may be going on in the Cards. There are so many probabilities here it poses quite a difficult task without being able to communicate with the Querant. 

To the Querant who sent me these Readings, please accept that mine, or our, interpretations may be completely wrong as you are the person in the best place to determine what in fact the issue is. However, allow our interpretations to mix with your own and see if they shed any light.

Remember, this is just one way of interpreting this Spread. If nothing else let it be used as an ideal example of piecing a story together from 10 individual Cards drawn. 


The Reading Above

I am probably very wrong but I sense a love triangle. I am going out on a limb here but feel there may be a third person involved in this relationship, or that others consider it an inappropriate match. I do believe there is much opposition to this relationship. There seems to be a lack of freedom in pursuing it.

I feel the Page of Wands could be suggesting a flaming passion that has ignited or re-ignited. This sense of enthusiasm and excitement may be directed at one who is possibly much older than the Querant. I see The Page of Wands looking up towards The Hermit, one who is wise and experienced. There is an attraction, but The Queen of Swords stands in the way. She has her back to The Page of Wands, and appears to be giving him the cold frosty shoulder.  She stares intently towards The Hermit in a questioning manner. I believe she senses some sort of change, or that he may be withdrawn from her. However, she is quite a formidable character and I would reckon The Hermit has received the sharp edge of her tongue on many occasions. She could be cold, and uptight with him, their relationship disconnected and lacking in fire and passion. This Queen could also represent a family member of The Hermit who is deliberately standing in the way and exerting control over the situation. The Queen of Swords could also be a sub-personality of the Querant. 

The person represented by The Hermit might feel a spring in his step and a new lease of life with The Page of Wands, who obviously holds him in high regard in comparison to The Queen of Swords who may be an intimidating force.  If there is something going on and The Queen of Swords finds out, there will be hell to pay for she will drive her Sword into all involved. She will not make it easy for anyone.

With The Page of Wands, there is a growing sense of bravado and a devil-may-care attitude. This passion has become all-consuming. There is a risk of taking a chance or acting impulsively. There may also be scenes and tantrums about the whole thing.

The Three of Swords coming in for Past Influences echoes the Four of Swords in the previous Reading. The Four of Swords is what follows on from The Three of Swords. The Three of Swords also stands for the Love Triangle and bitter feuds. It brings, rows, accusations, tears and hurt. The Swords are plunged into the heart and blood is spilled. It is not a happy state to be in and unfortunately it can go on for some time before it burns itself out. If The Queen of Swords is the one wielding The Sword then she can do a lot of damage with it in a short space of time. Anger will make her twist the Sword as she plunges it through the heart. She will not give up without a very good fight. Indeed, she may fight to the death out of bitterness if nothing else.

I can see the desire to make a clean break and a fresh start with The Ace of Swords in The Goals and Destiny Position. The Ace of Swords also refers back to the earlier Reading when I mentioned wanted to start over again, to give it another go. Someone wants to use this Upright Sword to sever ties and connections that stand in the way of this relationship. Freedom is sought with this Sword. Freedom to do, and go, as and where one chooses. I am not sure if this is a mutual feeling or coming solely from the Querant through desires and a belief that their destiny is to be together. We can certainly see this desire in The Two of Cups in the Outcome Position which reflects the Ten of Cups in the previous Reading. The Outcome sought is union and being free to opening acknowledge this relationship. There is a need for people around the Querant; family and friends to give their blessing. I sense The Page of Wands is tired of not being able to openly display her feelings. Frustration is likely.

Next we Move on to how the Querant is represented. In this position we have The Queen of Cups. Emotional, loving, romantic and dreamy. Her heart is full of love and needs to be able to express it. It is The Queen of Cups herself who has painted the scenes in both the Two of Cups and The Ten of Cups.  She is a die-hard romantic and loves happy endings. However, she also needs the support and love of her family and friends. I do not see this happening with The Eight of Swords representing the Influences of Family and Friends. She looks like she has no one to turn to. I sense that she is being protected or shielded from someone. Her movements may be monitored or restricted. She certainly feels trapped in a circle of hostility towards her instead of a circle of love. With her blindfold on, she may need to be kept in this tight circle for her own good. Family and friends may believe she cannot see what she is getting involved in. They cannot see, or refuse to see what she sees. It is pointless talking to them for they will not listen. She may feel she has not a friend in the world, or that she has been ostracised. She certainly will not be able to think clearly under the influence of The Eight of Swords. 

With The Page of Swords in The Hopes and Fears Position, we can see the Querant’s insecurity growing along with a sense of paranoia and suspicion. There is tension in the air and the expected arrival of distressing news at any moment. She may be on the alert or lookout. The Page of Swords is the second Page in this Reading, but this Page is not as light-hearted and fun-filled as the Wands Page. This relationship has changed the Querant’s personality and they may not exactly be aware of this. The Hermit in the previous Reading suggested stepping back and taking stock of where she was heading to. The Querant needs to understand the nature of progression from The Page of Wands to The Page of Swords. Plans are afoot with The Page of Swords, but they may not be based in reality. The Page of Swords is getting very uptight and upset as time goes on.

The Magician in The Final Outcome Position can flip both ways. It is a strongly Masculine Card  in its own right, so may represent the person The Querant asks about, or it may represent The Querant. It is a powerful Card, and in its most positive sense, suggests plans and ideas manifesting in the real world. Getting what one wanted through determination. However, it may suggest a clever person getting everything they wanted at the expense of others. The Magician always has another card up his sleeve and rarely shows his full-hand. He may wait to see what is on the table before he makes a move. He may even be playing two hands. The Magician also could suggest in this instance a situation whereby one has too much to give up and does not want to disturb their status quo. The Magician never loses out.  The Querant may feel both blessed and cursed. The Magician has many faces to entertain his audience with and can keep an act up for a long, long time. The Querant needs to look closer at this relationship before proceeding. She may only be seeing one side of it and possibly one side of her ex-partner. It is essential she take off any rose-tinted glasses she may be wearing. Something is up when The Eight of Swords appears representing her family and friends.

Looking back on this Reading we cannot help but notice that there are Four Sword Cards, and one in the previous Reading. That is a lot of Swords. When multiple Sword Cards appear, they typically suggest stress and tension behind the issue, especially when we see the Three, Four and Eight of Swords. The Page of Swords can be quite a handful too when he wants. Because we have two Pages, there may also be issues with children involved.


I am seeing so many other twists and turns in these Cards but I will let others give their input.

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  1. Hi,

    I’m just wondering if I should try to reconciliate with the father of my child after various relationship issues as I would like another child which I would prefer to have to the same man but I wouldn’t get pregnant until we have officially sorted out our differences and we are close again.
    I have also recently reconnected with an old partner whom I have always got along with, never had a problem, I like him very much and care for and the feeling is mutual so I’m unsure if I should move forward and see how and where things go with my old partner or if I should try to work things out with my child’s father.
    Please can you respond via email?


    • Hi Chantelle,

      What cards have you pulled for this reading. IF you can send me a list of the cards and what their positions mean, I will have a look. Also, please send me how you have interpreted it so far. Your question may not be answerable. Tarot Reader’s Code of Ethics will prohibit many readers from going further but we will see what your cards have to say. Once you send me the list of cards you have drawn and their position meanings, I will get back to you by email.



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