The Moon (XVIII) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When The Moon Reverses, dreams become nightmares and the imagination runs wild. You could feel overwhelmed by real or imagined problems or concerns. You may believe that danger lurks in every corner and view others with deep suspicion.  Fear paralyses you from taking any action. The dog and wolf scream at you, calling for you to pay attention and deal with your problems. You may project these problems onto others believing that they are the root cause and not you.  You trust no one.   The problem lies within you, not without.

The Moon Reversed acknowledges your fears about setting out on a new journey in your life.  She reminds you that it is very necessary that you make this journey now regardless of how afraid you might feel.  You cannot go back to what you had in The Tower or before Death for it is all gone and there is nothing left for you there anymore.  Your future lies elsewhere so you should try to put the past behind you and move on.  You must find the strength,  find the faith, and believe that you can do this. This may suggest a trip back to The Star to rebalance and be free of pressure.

The Moon Reversed can suggest that you are not tuning into your intuition.  You may be blocking messages coming through from within preferring to use your logic instead to sort your problems.  Fear of the unknown and what lies ahead for you may be preventing progress or forward momentum. Look for The Stars in the  nighttime sky to guide you out of this time and renew your faith in life. Hidden things may come to light. A lost item may re-surface and be found.  Buried memories come back at you out of the blue.

Issues regarding your mother or memories of your mother may be disturbing or upsetting you.  The Moon Reversed may suggest an absent mother or the absence of a Mother Figure in your life. Look for reversed Court Cards to back up this theory.  Hormonal imbalances may be causing terrible mood swings and exhaustion.

Mental imbalances, even madness could be suggested when The Moon Reverses.  Look to surrounding cards for further insight.  If several Reversed Sword cards are present psychological problems are likely. There may be a reluctance to be part of the real world as you retreat into  a fantasy world full of imaginings and delusions. The dog and wolf’s howling now turns into you hearing disembodied  voices. When The Moon Reverses it deals with a detachment from the real world as we know it and into the unknown.  This could be the spirit world,  astral travel or reincarnation.

Instead of others deceiving you in the Upright Moon, self-deception takes over when it reverses.  It may be you who is being deceitful underhand or sneaky.  You need to check your motives for such behaviour as you may not be yourself.  Powerful emotions may be controlling you.  You may be caught up in an intrigue that will eventually be discovered.  If travelling, be careful for there is a danger you may get lost or take a wrong turn. Check the batteries in your car torch for you might be caught out stuck in the dark. Check locks on the doors and alarms for there is a threat of attack or other dangers. This may also include psychic attack or spirit disturbance such as poltergeist activity. Watch your back.

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