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Each letter in the alphabet is linked to a certain number (See Chart Above) and a lot of information can be sourced by working out the numerical value of a name, country or street name.  We can also work with the date of birth and even house name or number of the querant to gain further insight into the influences at play.

When working out the numerical value of your name use different variations of it to see what numerically works best for you.

For example – I was christened Vivien Margaret Dunne but I use the Irish version of my surname now and do not use my middle name so I am Vivien Ni Dhuinn.  Family  members often refer to me as Vivers and my partner sometimes calls me Viv.  I could use the Irish version of my first name and call myself Beibhinn.   If I was to work out the numerical value of all the above options I could find out which version of my name works best for me in life or in certain circumstances.  Does the name I go by affect my personality? Would I be happier or luckier in life if I was to call myself Beibhinn? Does my name draw positive or negative attention to me?

Many women who marry today, decide to hold onto their maiden names for any number of reasons.  For me one of the main reasons other than retaining independence is that a person’s name holds a certain vibration which is composed of the sound of letters placed in a particular order.  Over years and decades, this vibration becomes a part of us and it forms part of our personality.  Take that name away or disturb it by adding or taking away letters and the vibration changes.  A name change can have a powerful effect on our personality and how we feel about ourself.  Women for so many centuries were expected to hand over a very important part of their person and take on the vibration of another.  For some women it had a positive effect but for others the name change was akin to losing part of their identity.

Celebrities often change their name and authors chose pen names when writing.  Again, there may be many reasons behind this but a change of name can make the difference between anonymity and worldwide success.  Norma Jean Baker does not sound half as glamorous as Marilyn Monroe.  Modern parents often go to great lengths to give their new son or daughter bizarre and outlandish names in the attempt to be cool and hip.  We expect wonderful things of people with fancy or exotic names.  Unfortunately those who have been landed with such names may feel unable to live up to it and feel at odds with themselves.  Changing their name to something more ‘normal’ can have a very stabilising effect and their life can change dramatically.

Play around with the Numerology Letter Box above. Try your name out for size and see if it fits you.  Discover which version of your name is best to send out on job applications and which nickname suits you best.  Once you have calculated the numerical value of your name check it out on the Numerology Chart and see what energies your number/name holds.


VIVIEN –  4+9+4+9+5+5=36=3+6=(9)   NI – 1+4+(5)     DHUINN – 4+8+3+9+5+5=34=3+4+7

9 + 5 + 7  = 21 = 2+1 = 3

Therefore the name I am most commonly known by carries a vibration of 3.

The energies 3 brings are:  Creativity, growth, abundance, ascension, fertility, birth, the power of three, variety, versatility

So, I think my name works well for me and has a positive effect on my writing and creativity.  As for variety and versatility, I am working on 3 very different projects at the moment.

Numbers and their Meanings in the Tarot

***One point to remember in most of Numerology is that one must keep reducing a number to get a final reading of just 1 digit. e.g. 10 = 1+0=1,   23 = 2+3+5 ,   39 = 3+9=12= 1+2=3

1 – The point of origin, birth, start, beginning, clean slate, uniqueness, individuality, the ego, starting over, solitary,

2 – Opposition, attraction, co-operation, conflict, peace, harmony, balance, communication, marriage, partnership, commitments, yin/yang,   masculine/feminine

3 – Creativity, growth, abundance, ascension, fertility, birth, the power of three, variety, versatility

4 – Stability, practicality, security, power, building resources, personal and family securities, consolidation.

5 – Loss, conflict, chaos, disruption but also final ascension, expect the unexpected, travel, change, challenges, new experiences

6 – Balance, stability, harmony, peace, beauty, family matters, romance, success

7 – Victory, challenges, magic, luck, introspection, tenacity, resourcefulness

8 – Change, infinity, speed, positivity, energy, strength, success, business

9 – Completion, ending, outcome, closing, cutting of ties, emotional spring-cleaning, introspection, reflection, winding down

10 – (1+0 = 1) – Finality, final outcome, ending, closing, beginning is end/end is beginning. Cycle starts once more. Rebirth, excess, too much, extremes, things have run their natural course


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  1. Hi,
    Thank you for all the information you shared here with us. I have recently started to learn Tarot reading and this website helps me a lot 🙂

    I wonder which numbers we are to use for the letters that don’t belong the English alphabet.

    For example my surname is Yılmaz which has “ı”, a letter only belongs to the Turkish alphabet.

    Am i supposed to use “i” instead of “ı”? Or are there any other calculating methods for foreign letters?

    I wish you have a nice day.


    • Hi,

      Thank you very much for your lovely comments. Unfortunately, I have no knowledge of the Turkish alpahbet or how it sounds so I really cannot advise you in this manner. However, I did find a link that may be able to help you. . Also, when this comment is uploaded, other readers may see it and be able to offer some suggestions. In the meantime, I will keep my eyes open and let you know should I find anything about it.


      Vivien (your tarot teacher)


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