Love and Romance

Empress In Love Upright & Reversed – Shortened Version

Mini Version – Empress Upright & Reversed


Following the earlier release of The Empress – Relationships, Love & Sex Associations, I have now compiled a shortened version of this for those who seek a quick reference. This version also includes interpretations for the Reversed Empress which is new content release. You can go directly to this new release here:

New Content Release –    Archetypal Empress In Love – Short Version

I am putting the finishing touches to an extensive exploration of the Archetypal Reversed Empress in Relationships, Love & Sex which will be available to purchase via PDF Download. This book will also include the Upright version which is available on site to view here. The complete book contains over 100 pages of detailed analysis based on the Empress Archetype of The Major Arcana as she approaches matters of the heart, sex, marriage, pregnancy and motherhood. It also includes comprehensive personality profiling of the Four Queens as they Channel and Express the energy of The Empress in their lives. *This will complete the series of publications for The Empress which should provide intense study of this archetype in Tarot.

I will post notice of this PDF Book when it is ready for release and plan to publish an extract from it for viewing on site. I do hope the Mini Version released today will be of benefit to you when interpreting relationships spreads The Empress appears in.



The Archetypal Empress In Love (Upright & Reversed) – Mini Version

The Empress – Relationships, Love & Sex Interpretations


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