The Moon (XVIII) Upright

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



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Astrological Association – Cancer

After the peace and quiet of The Star when you were allowed to take your time recovering from the trauma of The Tower, life now expects you to get back out there and complete the rest of your journey on the path of life and ultimately, you true Spiritual Destiny.

In The Star, we stood, stripped naked of all the things that were holding us back from our spiritual path with no false Gods to prop us up. We felt the relief and freedom of being liberated from such a false existence. Now however, the challenge is to take those first steps into our new life, with our new understanding of who we are and where we want to go.  We may still be feeling the after-effects of The Tower. Indeed we may still be grieving for all that was lost even though we know it was bad for us. They were our crutches in life and now they are gone. Now we are expected to step outside the front door again and into unknown territory. We may know what we want to be and where we want to go, but experience has taught us the hard way that the road to self-realisation, success and our spiritual purpose is never straight. We know from experience, that it is very easy to get lost along the way or be lured down wrong turns by those who claim to know the way. The holiday period of The Star is over and the hard-work of re-building out of the ruins begins.  Before we can go racing down the road into our new life, we must first experience the powerful yet unnerving energy of The Moon and delve into the deepest darkest areas of our subconscious.

The Moon is very much about been on your own and having to sort all this out for yourself. It is no good expecting others to do it for you, for they may not know what is needed. They may lead you astray and have ulterior motives.  They may even try to deceive you. It is a time to find your own way. Yes, you may be in foreign territory but when The Moon appears you must face your fears and move forward regardless. Maybe you are worrying about nothing.  Your fears are all in your mind and will never be realised.

In this card we see a large Moon shining brightly in the sky. The face in the Moon appears to be asleep or trying to sleep.  Once more we see the pool of The High Priestess, Temperance and The Star in the foreground.  A crayfish crawls out from its murky depths and onto the path. The Two Towers which we have seen in other cards appear yet again but this time seem very far from each other. Two animals, a dog and a wolf howl at the moon. A pathway runs from the pool between the Two Towers and disappears into the far off mountains.

The distance between the Towers suggests the isolation we often feel when we strike out on a personal journey after having left an old way of life behind. It can be frightening and unnerving as we may no longer have anyone to support us.  We may have had to leave everyone behind on our quest.

The sleeping face  in The Moon symbolises the need to look within for support and guidance, for that is where the answers lie.  Seek within for the strength and courage you need for this journey as others cannot help you with this. The Moon illuminates the sky while we are asleep but she will also illuminate your inner-world, deep within the subconscious, where true wisdom lies. This suggests that The Moon indicates a time when important messages and guidance are contained within your dreams and it would be wise to pay special attention to them.

The Moon reflects on the pool of water which symbolises the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes over when we sleep thus allowing the conscious mind to take a break.  The subconscious through dream time attempts to sort out the chaos of the conscious mind and solutions to the problems and worries of the waking day. If you cannot sort out your problems through logical thought then  sometimes it is  advisable to ‘sleep on it’.

The dog and wolf represent the outside world of everyday demands and people pulling us this way and that. They howl at the moon wanting her undivided attention and try to wake her from her reverie.  She needs all her strength and willpower to shut them out so that she can be still. The dog and wolf try to frighten her with threats and fears of what may be ahead for her on the path should she decide to venture onto it alone. They howl in fear themselves.

Remember that if the Moon is out then it must be night-time and everything always seems worse at night.  Just try sitting in your front room one night with all the lights out. curtains closed and television off.  Not as easy as you think, for those things that seem harmless objects during the day take on ominous shapes and cast eerie shadows in the dark. Our imagination can go wild and we can believe all sorts of threats and evils lurk in every corner. Now try walk from your front room up the stairs by all those open bedroom doors. Your safe comfy house can take on a totally different atmosphere when plunged into the dark. Even the biggest, strongest man if honest with himself will admit to being a bit nervous under such circumstances. The Moons brings the warning to ‘tread carefully’, because not everything may be as it seems. The Moon casts shadows and there may very well be something nasty lurking in them. Lies, deceit, underhand behaviour, intrigue and suspicion may be around when The Moon appears.

The Moon is very symbolic to witches and pagans who use the time of the new, waxing, full and waning quarters for magic and spell-making so witchery of some sort may be afoot.  Astral travel, mediumship ability, and other psychic abilities may be highlighted with the appearance of The Moon.  The Moon Card can also suggest working with the dying or the dead.

The crayfish emerging from the water reminds us of the time when we first crawled out of the water and learned to live on land. So this time is part our own evolution and spiritual progress. However daunting this path may seem it is important that we take it for the lessons it will teach us are vital.  The challenge of The Moon is to make it through the Towers and up into the mountain without dying of fear and petrification. We may feel lonely or deserted on our path but nothing of worth ever comes easily.

The Moon is all about the imagination and the imagination can be very powerful.  We can use our imagination creatively or it can use and abuse us by creating terror and fear in us. The Moon is one of the cards for the Sun-Sign of Cancer, along with The Chariot and the Queen of Cups. We saw in The Chariot how one of the lessons and challenges Cancerians face is to get their emotions under control in order to succeed. We also know that Cancerians have a wonderful imagination, and when put to proper and positive use they can express it through a host of create pursuits. It is when the imagination is let run wild, the mind can become paralysed with fear and believe all sorts of crazy things. This dysfunctional imagination often prevents or stilts personal growth and development.

The word lunacy comes from the word luna which means the moon and The Moon card may indicate mental problems of some sort that  need to be addressed. The Moon is a very important part of the journey but it is wise not to stay under her influence for too long for there is the possibility of becoming detached from reality, preferring to stay in a world of dreams, fantasy and illusion. The Moon as we know, is the Mistress of Illusion and will reflect back to us anything she so chooses.  We must determine if that which she reflects is real or just a figment of our imagination.

Before we can appreciate what The Sun Card (the outer-world) has to offer we must first come to terms with our inner world, calm our instinctual fears, and find inner peace .  On the other side of the mountain at the end of the path The Sun awaits our arrival.


When The Moon appears in a reading she suggests it is time to pay attention to your dreams for they may be trying to tell you something of importance. She asks you to reflect on what your inner voice is telling you. Try not to be sidetracked by others or be swayed by their emotions. Stick to your guns for you are the best judge of things at the moment.

You may feel very isolated at this time as you move away from one life to another. You must tread carefully. Keep your feet on the ground and a grip on your emotions and imagination. You may feel lost and scared with all that is expected of you or after what you have been through. Feel the fear and do it anyway.  Face your fears now for they may not be as bad as you think.

Deep memories of times long past, buried issues or repressions may be surfacing leaving you feeling vulnerable and confused.  This could have a destabilising effect on you until you get to the bottom of it.  There may be something that you are trying to remember, but like a dream, becomes elusive once you try to focus on it.

When it comes to relationships then the appearance of The Moon may suggest trouble behind the scenes. On the outside, everything seems rosy but delve deeper and you may well find a hornet’s nest. The happy couple may only be an illusion. There may be deceit or underhand behaviour, so watch out for affairs and secret rendezvous.  However, don’t let your imagination get carried away with you as he may have a very good excuse for that lipstick on his collar!

The Moon suggests you look very closely behind the outward appearance of things for they may not be what they appear to be. Lies and deceit may surround you. Someone may be very pleasant and friendly to your face but behind the scenes are plotting, scheming, gossiping or working against you. This will be underhand and covert so you will need to dig deep behind the illusion in front of you.  It is a time to trust no one but yourself.  The Moon may illuminate your friends in a new light and leave you feeling confused as to who you can trust and whether you have any friends at all.  Something you imagine to be dangerous may not be or something you believe is benign may be the lethal.

The Moon also carries a warning that if you are involved in any underhand, illegal or shady business you may get caught. You will not be able to hide in the dark when she bathes your behaviour and doings in her illuminating light so, it is best clean up your act while you can.

The Moon symbolises Mother and may be highlighting issues about the relationship you have with your own mother or your own approach to motherhood.

Sleep disturbances or exhaustion after a night’s sleep may be down to intense dreaming. You should keep a dream journal and  record as much detail as you can recall during this time.  The Moon has very powerful influences on the incoming and out going of tides.  It’s presence in the night sky can affect our moods making us emotional and weepy.  The feminine aspect of The Moon and its monthly cycle is symbolic of the female menstrual cycle.  The Moon’s presence in a reading can highlight hormonal fluctuations that may be causing mood swings and instability.

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  1. Hi vivien , what does it mean if the Moon shows up a lot as the 8th card? (it’s the tird time already)
    (I will type the spread if it helps you ;
    1. ace of wand
    2. the high priestess (again , moonish)
    3.(bottom) 10 of cups
    4.(left)8 of cups
    5.(up)4 of cups
    6.7 of swords
    7.Knight of pentacles
    8. The moon
    9. the sun
    10. ace of cups

    It feels like a good reading apart from the 4 of cups/the high priestess, why would the 4 of cups become the best possible outcome? but that’s drifting away from the question about the moon..



    • Hi,

      What was the nature of this reading? Is this the Celtic Cross Spread? If, so there are several versions with different allocation of positions etc. I will need to know which one you are using before I can offer my full opinion. The only position you mention is the Best Possible Outcome. You will have to think deeply about this. The best possible outcome is for you to get fed up and bored with your current situation or a person, so that you can move on? To become aware of how you are letting life pass you by? or maybe to become aware of how your lifestyle is having a negative effect on the rest of your life? Maybe you need to spend more time alone and meditate on what it is you want out of life? I do see the desire for fresh starts and a desire to feel happy once more or for a relationship. Maybe you are interested in getting involved in psychic development and developing your spiritual side. The High Priestess and Moon may be related here if that is the case. However, there is the eight of cups there which suggests an emotional need that is or has not been met. Possibly walking away from an unhappy situation or relationship. I really need to know the positions but with the Moon, and the High Priestess, there are deep underlying emotional currents that are influencing your situation. The Moon suggests illusion and that all might not be as it seems. You are on a tough path but one that you have been unconsciously led to. The going will be tough at times and in the pale wan light of the moon, you may feel unsure of where to step next. You must not give into fear. There maybe old memories re-surfacing, deep fears. The High Priestess, suggests you go deep within to understand for even though you think you do not know what it all means, she is telling you that you do. Consciously you do not have all the facts but subconsciously yes, they are there. What have you been running and hiding from all the time. There is something you need to remember or things you have not been told. I think these must be cleared out of the way in order to let the light of the sun shine through. You seek a new beginning, a new happiness. You seek to leave the past behind, and I do think that family are connected here in some way, possibly a mother figure. There is something blocking you on a subconscious level. There might be secrets involved. The Sun uncovers and illuminates any dark areas and exposes all negativity so that it can be burned away by its brilliant heat. Can you get back to me with the information as the above is probably totally irelevant?

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      • Hi vivien, thanks for the response.

        I read the spread as you explained in the comments section of the hanged man..
        Position 1 – The Issue at Present
        Position 2 – What the Challenge is surrounding the Issue
        Position 3 – The Past in relation to the issue
        Position 4 – The Future, where the issue is heading
        Position 5 – Above, what you are consciously aware of and striving for. The best outcome for the issue. What you want.
        Position 6 – Below, what is going on on a subconscious level. Deep emotions and psychological influences. The undercurrents that are influencing the issue. You may be aware of these on a deep level or not. If the card is reversed there is a good chance that you are not. Pay careful attention to the information it yields.
        Position 7 – Advice, how to move the issue forward.
        Position 8 – Surrounding Energies, the people, atmosphere and events that surround the person and the issue. These are influences that are largely out of your control.
        Position 9 – Hopes and Fears. If card is positive then hope is more dominant. If card is negative or reversed then fear is controlling the issue and blocking it from being resolved. Sometimes hopes and fears can be interlinked and inter-related. Hoping for something, but terrified of the implications of getting it. Such as the fear of success.
        Position 10 – The Outcome. This is the probable outcome and not set in stone. The Outcome based on the current trend, actions, feelings, attitude and behaviour of all involved. If it is a negative card it may be in the power of the querant to change it. If it is a Major Arcana Card, changing the trend may be more difficult and fixed.

        I think it’s odd that the descriptions you mention and the things I figure out myself both apply to various ‘current’ situations , as in they could be talking about my relationship or my job … I do feel like they’re more talking about ‘career’ and what I want to do.. and indeed there is just this thought that there is something that I’m forgetting …
        I wonder what this subconscious thing is that is blocking me..

        on a side note , as a child my mom took me to some kind of psychic lady that could talk with/see angels or the “higher beings” and she said I was clairvoyant/clairsentient among some other things , and I recognize a few of them but it’s like I cant separate what I can ‘feel’ with what’s happening , like it’s only normal for me the experience it like that … and yes I want to develop that side..

        the 8 of cups definitely is about me walking away from a relationship , but I wonder if it gives the whole spread a ‘relationship’ theme..


      • Hopefully, I will get to reply to this properly later today. I need to lay the cards out in front of me and have a proper look. I am away for hospital tests today but depending on what time I get home, will tackle this. Can I ask you were there any reasons why your mother brought you to see a psychic when you were a child? I will get back to you on this.


  2. (comment didn’t have a reply option)
    good luck with those tests, anything serious or just a check-up?
    My mom brought me to her because I was a silent kid , she was kinda over-reactive of that , I did numerous tests for autism , talk groups , people like her , all while there wasn’t anything particularly wrong with me , I just cried easily because of very weird reasons , in first week of high-school someone called me a brontosaurus during geology (all in good fun) and I cried because of that , absolutely not sad , nor angry , I just cried.. I guess I went along with all those groups and test because those instances were very annoying(and the groups were fun , haha) . I still have trouble when people “gang up on me” with jokes or something , this has nothing to do with school , I think it’s a mix of not being able to tell if it’s in good fun and that I’ve always had this and can do nothing about it.. and I don’t think my mom knows this , she probably listened more to the teachers stories about me , that’s why the psychic and stuff.

    Do you think past-life therapy would shed light on this or do you think it’s not relevant to this?


    • I am a moon girl
      Getting back to using my cards lately 😊
      A many years ago I was advised i get rid of my Moon card from the deck as it might influence my readings
      Is this true?
      I feel along with getting rid of this card that I might have also lost or misplaced something that’s important right now
      I can’t seem to find my son Charlie’s year Five report card which we need for his ALPHA High School Entry
      Anyone who can feel where it is before I go to school and get them to pull it up on computers that would be great
      I’ve questioned my own psychic abilities for a long time
      Since I was a child
      Being in another place
      I remember being inside a waterfall looking on to a beautiful oasis and feeling so safe
      Back then I had endured 35%
      Burns to my tiny little body due to accidentally pulling a boiling kettle on top of me in my Nanas kitchen
      It was Good Friday
      I’ve been brought up staunchly Roman Catholic and always felt another deeper connection
      I also felt like a witch at times when danger comes my way I elude it like I have inner strength in Angels


      • Hi Kelly, hope you found that report! I have never heard of taking a card out of the deck that may be influencing too much. I believe all cards are necessary. If the Moon does turn up for you all the time, then its meaning is important for you and you should explore the reasons why.

        So sorry to hear about what happened to you as a child and yes, such trauma can trigger psychic awakenings in us.



  3. Dear Miss Tarot Teacher, love your interpretation of the cards.
    I hope you are well and safe.
    I pulled 3 cards for a personal reading, my question was: will I and my lover reconcile?
    Three cards came up: the Ace of Swords reversed, Strength, The Moon
    This was my interpretation: Ace of Swords reversed can represent misunderstandings, lack of communication, arguments, using words as daggers to inflict pain. But the Strength card with the Moon card combined, could mean, reconciliation can happen if we are willing to face out personal demons with compassion. facing ilusions, overcoming anger, overcoming conflict through compassion, overcoming fears with courage and be willing to see the truth with love compassion and acceptance.So, yes, reconciliation can happen, but we will have to work hard for it.

    I was surprised to find out through this reading that Strength card and the Moon card actually have a lot in common, while being very different too.

    What are your thoughts?


    • Gosh, I am coming very late to this as I have so much reading requests to get through, but yes, I agree with you totally I think your interpretation is admirable. Usually when one is doing a reading about their own love life and relationships it is hard to be objective. It is so easy to see what we want to see in the cards. However, you have stood back and read the cards as they should. I would add that the Moon also be considered for all that it conceals. The Moon may be telling you that there are things not clear to you at present, stuff you don’t know about. Some may be in the imagination but others might be real but concealed. Until the light of the Sun is allowed to illuminate such areas you need to tread carefully. However, we all have secret aspects of our life and things we don’t want to share with others. I can almost hear the arguments and raised voices in the reversed Ace of Swords!!! The Strength Card in the middle may also reflect how strongly both of you feel in being in the right. Both of you have the personal strength to walk away from each other even if it is not in your best interests to do so. The Moon carries issues whether real or imagined, stuff that has surfaced in arguments; accusations, suspicions etc. If you want to save the relationship it is vital a line of communication is opened one more and space given for each to explain. Upright that Ace of Swords.

      Hope it all worked out for you!



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