The Seven (VII) of Swords

The Seven (VII) of Swords –

Using Your Initiative, Plotting & Planning, Theft

7 of Swords Upright


Resourcefulness, Logic, Reason, Ahead of the Posse, Adaptability, Flexibility, Plotting & Planning, Strategies, Mind Games, Tactics, Daring Behaviour, Danger, Courage, Taking a Risk, Relying on Your Wits, New Approaches, Beating the Enemy at their own Game, Running Away, Making an Escape, Getting Away with It,  Not Looking Where you Are Going, Going it Alone, Lone-Wolf, Taking Sole Action, Acting Without Conscience, Cunning, Sneaky, Underhand, Under-Cover, Self-Reliant, Infidelity, Sneakiness, Theft, Deceit, Lies, Enemy in the Camp,  Spy, The Military


Card Imagery Description

The Seven of Swords can be quite a tricky Card to interpret so it is really important to use the surrounding Cards to give insight into its relevant meaning.  All the Sevens in the Tarot carry the message of Hanging on, Not Giving Up and Finding a Way to overcome the challenges we face.  The Seven of Swords does echo that theme too as in using your mind and wits to get yourself out of a difficult situation or to come up with a new approach to your problem.  However, The Seven of Swords is one of those Cards that can have several negative or nasty associations tied up in it.  It is rarely welcomed in a Relationship Reading where it can possibly mean, betrayal, deceit and infidelity, but this again depends on surrounding Cards as it can also mean finding a new way as a couple to approach your problems and issues.

The very look of this Card reminds us instantly of the Five of Swords.  The same smug look and sneaky or unlawful behaviour.  There is little to warm us to the Figure in its imagery as he looks like he is up to no good. He also looks like he is getting away with what he is doing.  Could you trust him? Would you want to?

We must also remember that The Seven of Swords is a Stage Card and that means that looks can be deceiving.  Therefore, the first impression you get may not be the correct one.  The man in this Card may be putting on an act.  He may be pretending to be one thing while actively being another.  What is going on may not be what you think.  Because of this, you will need extra information.  It may be necessary to pull an extra couple of Cards to determine whether the implications of this Card are to be dismissed as trivial or if it is highlighting a more serious situation.

To describe this tricky Card I have used a storyline which somewhat follows the plot or saga of the preceding Swords Cards.


The last time we saw the Swords in Card Six, they looked beaten down, destroyed and weary.  Escaping the intense stress and conflict of the Five, they had run with barely the clothes they stood up in an attempt to survive the onslaught and attack.  They had tried everything they could to overcome and prevail but the odds were against them, the enemy too strong. And so, they made their escape by boat, undercover of darkness, to seek shelter and sanctuary on another shore.  They had left their Swords behind on the ground after they had been confiscated or surrendered.  This left them powerless and with no choice but to go.  They needed to put distance between them and the immediate dangers threatening their safety in the Five.  The Swords left behind were also their problems and symbolic of how they got into the mess in the first place.  They stood for negative attitudes, rigid mindsets, angry words and most importantly poor communication.

They had all used their Swords for the wrong reasons.  They had been put to destructive use both externally and internally.  It is very probable that those who ran for the boat in Card Six would have quite happily driven their Swords through the Figure in Card Five should they have got the chance.  All’s fair in love and war. Sharp Swords can be very dangerous in the wrong hands, but even  more lethal in the hands of one who is unused to their power, for they do not realise how much damage they cause. Regardless of who won control of the Swords, there is no real victory for they have left a trail of disaster in their wake.

Those who escaped, may have thought they were getting away from their problems but we plainly saw the Six Swords, plunged inwards  into the boat.  Even though they had left their Swords behind on the ground, they still subconsciously travelled with them.  It would not be possible to leave them behind. The Figures in the boat in Card Six may think only of the power that the surrendered Swords gave them and focus only on that loss.  The scars of battle run far deeper than that.  Is it really possible for them to get over everything, all the trauma, upset and loss by just re-locating? Can they clear the thoughts of anger and revenge from their pillaged minds?

Will the Figure in Card Five be content to let them get away, to just leave it at that? Maybe he is not finished with them yet.  He may have stood on the cliff side and watched the boat sail away into the distance.  He may have decided to let them think they were getting away, for the moment anyway.  It wouldn’t be difficult to track them down or work out were they may have gone for he held all the Swords and knew the way their minds worked. He has to decide now whether they are worth the bother or not. For the moment, he will let them settle into a false sense of security. They are bound to drop their guard eventually, and then should the feeling take him, he will make his attack.  No one is going to get the better of him for he knows every trick in the book.

On arriving at the island, the small group of man, woman and child had made their way inland until they came across a military camp just outside a small town.  Exhausted and weary, they fell at the feet of the strong bodied guards and told the story of the battle on the far island.  They asked for protection and sanctuary.  The head of the army came to talk to them and asked for information regarding the enemy they had just escaped from. He was planning an attack on this man for some time and the appearance of these refugees would give him the vital inside details he required to form a strategic plan of attack.  They willingly hand over the information before being led to one of the army tents to be fed and for some rest. The could relax now because they were safe.

The Army Chief drew his closest man to him and ordered him to keep guard over the tent for he was not sure if he could trust the people within.  Who knows whether what they told him was true or not? He only had their word for the account of what happened on the other island.  They could be spies for all he knows, feeding information back to the enemy.  If they have told the truth, then he is in a very advantageous situation and could launch a successful attack on his enemy.  He now needs to work out a plan, a proper strategy and make sure nothing goes wrong.  He heads off to his Military Operations tent to prepare.

Meanwhile, concealed behind a nearby tent is a young Soldier.  He stands in the shadows and makes no noise.  He has listened intently to all the Chief has said and secretly smiles to himself.  He could stand to make a lot of money with all he has heard.  He is sure that the Man on the far island would reward him well for his efforts. Who cares which side is right or wrong for it is just another battle, another war?  The cleverest, most cunning one will win and when they do, he will make sure to be supporting that side.  The Soldier who stands by the tent, wears the colour of his comrades but will have no problem changing to the enemy’s and back again as necessary.

Waiting until dark, the Soldier crawls on hands and knees around the back of the men who sit around camp fires talking and laughing.  When he reaches the Chief’s tent he puts his ear up to the side and listens carefully.  The Chief is not alone for he can hear several other voices. They talk in hushed tones but he can make out what they are saying.  He realises that they are planning to attack the enemy on the far island before dawn, just before they get a chance to attack them. The Chief’s plan is to take them unawares and hopefully while they are sleeping. The Soldier on the ground outside must move fast if he is to gain out of this.  Crawling back through the tents, he moves far away from where his comrades are seated.

The Soldier has to get to the far island and talk to the Man himself, but how will he convince him that he acts in his interest? There is a danger that he will be killed instantly and tossed into the sea.  He must have something to trade with and he knows exactly what that is.  He heads for the tent where all the army weapons are held.  He can’t believe his luck as he sees the armed guard outside it fast asleep.  Quiet as a mouse he tip-toes past the sleeping guard and into the tent where he grabs what he can.  He struggles to hold onto Seven Swords but they keep slipping out of his grasp.  Reluctantly, he sticks two of them into the ground with the intention of coming back for them later.  Holding the remaining Five Swords in both his right and left hand, he tip-toes away once more as quietly as he can.  He looks back over his shoulder a few times to make sure he has not been seen.  The guard is still asleep on the ground.  With a smug grin, he laughs to himself about the trouble the guard is going to get into when the theft has been discovered.  He cares less and now only has thoughts about what he stands to gain from his solo brave and daring adventure.  He is looking out for himself and that is all that matters.

Using the same boat that took the three refugees to his island only hours earlier, the young soldier sets sail for the far island feeling pretty pleased with himself.  His arrival has been spotted by the Enemy’s Hench men who drag him to their Head Man.  For a terrifying moment, he thinks they will kill him before he has a chance to speak.  He is wearing the other side’s colours after all. He must think fast. Pleading for his life, he quickly tells them why he is there.  The men who dragged him from the boat, carry the stolen Swords.  The young Soldier tells him that there is more where they came from and that he can go back for them. The enemy is pleased but thoughtful.  How can he trust this man? He betrayed his own side, what is to stop him betraying his side too? He decides that it must be all about money and that this young Soldier kneeling in front of him is a Mercenary.  He cares less about the cause or who is in the right or wrong.  He is a spy who trades in information, weapons and people and can be bought for any price.  He decides he might come in useful and so calls off his Hench Men but instructs them to watch him constantly.  The Swords are collected and examined. ‘ Very nice’, he thinks.  They need all the weapons they can get and now their enemy on the other island has lost some of its strength. Without these weapons, they cannot arm themself properly. He has the advantage now and will surprise those on the far island with an attack just before dawn while they think they will be attacking him instead.  He knows he has to be one step ahead of the enemy at all times and be able to second-guess their every move.

The young soldier  is escorted back to the boat under orders to steal as many other weapons as he can. He is then to bring them to the shoreline where they will collect them upon landing. He will get his payment then. Before leaving the Head Man asks the soldier in which tent the three refugees are being kept.  The Soldier agrees to leave a marker outside their tent for easy recognition.  He kicks himself for not asking a price for this information too for it was not part of the original deal.  As the young Soldier sails back to his island the Head Man of the Five of Swords smiles to himself.  He is thinking how shocked his escapees will look when he surprises them in their tent. They thought they had seen the last of him.

As the Soldier arrives back on the island he can hear uproar.  The theft has been discovered and angry voices are shouting and roaring instructions.  The group of soldiers who sat around the fire laughing only hours earlier are marching up and down, looking anxious and afraid.  The young Soldier slips back into camp.  It will not be possible to take any more Swords without the threat of discovery but he might get an opportunity later.  He makes his way over to the tent that houses the three refugees and exchanges a few words of concern with the guard outside it.  The guard tells him that all the tents are being searched and that the Chief has threatened to personally run the thief through with his Sword when he catches him.  The young Soldier feigns shocked surprise and spits on the ground to show his own disdain and disgust for the villain.  The guard by the tent looks down at the young Soldier, suddenly noticing his torn and muddy knees and asks how they came to be in such a mess? The young Soldier walks away quickly but not before drawing a large chalk mark on the tent surface.  The guard was too busy looking at his dirty uniform to notice.  Puzzled and unsure, the Guard calls the Chief over to his tent and expresses his concerns about the young Soldier who he says appeared agitated and nervous upon drawing attention to his soiled uniform.  The Chief stiffens, for his men have just informed him that they have found evidence outside the tent they were discussing battle plans in hours earlier.  It appears that someone had been lying in the dirt and left footprints. Whoever it was would be covered in dirt.

Just as the Chief shouts out orders for the immediate capture of the young Soldier, the enemy appear across the hills in full battle cry.  The pre-dawn attack has been launched in the middle of all the confusion.  The Head Man from Card Five has outsmarted the opposition and will beat them at their own game.  He will use the very same weapons on them that they were preparing to use on him. He just got there before him and now has the upper hand once more.  There is no room for complacency with this man around.

Grabbing whatever weapons they have left, the defending army will stand their ground and prepare to fight.  A brave messenger is sent off on horseback, galloping off into the distance to seek help and reinforcements from a nearby military base.  They just need to hold the enemy at bay until then.  Most of their weapons are gone so they will have to rely on their wit and come up with a plan if all is not to be lost.

The attacking force drive forwards and are ruthless.  The Head Man is also on a personal mission.  He must find the tent that holds the refugees.  Fighting his way through the feuding bodies he sees the chalk mark and flings the curtain back.  In side the three refugees huddle together terrified.  He has found them and they won’t get away so easy this time. They thought they had made their escape but he has caught up with them and now are his prisoners.

Standing at the top of a far hill, looking down on the battle scene is the young Soldier, the Traitor, the Thief and Liar.  In his hand he holds a small leather pouch which is heavy with gold coins.  This is his payment for serving up his side to the enemy. He acknowledges that he is good at this work and can’t see why he won’t be successful again.  Let them use their Swords to hack each other to bits for he has another way of using his.  His cunning and manipulative mind will get him what he wants and to where he is going. He laughs aloud now and tut tuts thinking how terrible it is these days that you can trust no one, not even your own people.  He likes the idea of being known as the enemy in the camp, an informant, a spy.  It makes him feel important and powerful.   It does not bother him that he has no friends for he considers them to be a liability. He can look after himself and will deal with any scenario that comes along by using his wits.  They have served him well in the past and he has no reason to doubt that they will continue to do so.  He hasn’t thought about what would happen to him should he be caught but he must realise that no mercy would be shown him and that he wouldn’t have a single ally to help him.  No one likes a traitor. Neither has he thought about the trouble he got the Sleeping Guard into when he stole those Swords.  Serves him right is about all he thinks.  He has chosen this solitary path and for the moment it’s working for him. He shall Run with The Hare and Hunt with The Hound as he wishes.


In The Seven of Swords we see the typical Sword’s type at play again. A man in strange attire appears to sneak out of a military camp.  He walks on tip toe so that no one can hear him.

In the background a group of soldiers sit around a camp fire oblivious to the danger that lurks not too far away.  There is an enemy in the camp and he has just stolen Five Swords or taken back what he considers to be rightfully his.  These may be the Swords, the same issues, from the Five.  It looks like he wanted to take more than Five for he has left another Two Swords plunged into the ground. He may only be able to carry the Five at present but more than likely intends to go back for the other Two.  He has a cunning look about him and appears to be operating in a very underhand manner.  It is for certain that those based in the camp are unaware of his presence.  However, because we cannot see what the other soldiers wear, it is also possible that he is one of their own. He may be an enemy in the camp or traitor but the man appears to be getting away with it.  He is so clever, that no one suspects him of a thing.  They may even allow him access to areas of security because they trust him.  This man is very resourceful and manipulative.  He is out for himself and what he can gain from any situation.  We wouldn’t trust him as far as we could throw him but there you go.

The man appears to act on his own and is as ‘sharp as a tack’.  The sky is deep yellow in the background which suggests that this man is using his intellect, his logic and reasoning to cleverly sneak in unnoticed.  He has a plan and a very cunning one at that.   If he is not one of their own, a traitor, then the  soldiers depicted could very possibly have set up camp to launch an attack or even an all-out war on this man.  He is doing what is necessary to survive and who can blame him for that? The sky is deep yellow in the background suggesting that this man is using his intellect, his logic and reasoning to cleverly sneak in unnoticed. He is stealing their weapons, ideas, plans or resources so that he can use them for himself.  He is playing them at their own game and intends to beat them. There are ‘no flies’ on this man for he is ahead of the posse.

We must also look at the possibility with this card that the Swords the figure runs off with could just be down to plain old theft. He very possibly is taking things that don’t belong to him when no one is looking. He could be stealing from his own people.  Dishonest behaviour, lies, deceit and underhand dealings are also suggested with this Sword Card. If theft is involved, then this man thinks he is smart as a fox but if you notice he is looking over his shoulder as he runs.  This tells us two things and that he has done something wrong that has removed or disconnected him from society or the community.  His actions and movements now require him to ‘watch his back’ and that he must be on his guard at all times.   Secondly, he is acting impulsively and with no longterm thought for he is running without looking where he is going.  He is bound to collide with something or run into the law in the future.  However, I am sure he will try to talk his way out of it or lay the blame at another’s door.

The Seven (VII) of Swords

7 of Swords Upright


Resourcefulness, Logic, Reason, Ahead of the Posse, Adaptability, Flexibility, Plotting & Planning, Strategies, Mind Games, Tactics, Daring Behaviour, Danger, Courage, Taking a Risk, Relying on Your Wits, New Approaches, Beating the Enemy at their own Game, Running Away, Making an Escape, Getting Away with It,  Not Looking Where you Are Going, Going it Alone, Lone-Wolf, Taking Sole Action, Acting Without Conscience, Cunning, Sneaky, Underhand, Under-Cover, Self-Reliant, Infidelity, Sneakiness, Theft, Deceit, Lies, Enemy in the Camp,  Spy, The Military


The Seven of Swords appearing in your Reading generally highlights Mind Games but it depends on surrounding Cards as to whether this is helping or hurting your situation.  Being resourceful, thinking on your feet and trying to outsmart your opponent or competitor is part and parcel of everyday life and there are times when we all have to try to get into someone’s head to find out what it is that makes them tick.  Sports people do it constantly. If they didn’t they would never get a chance to out-beat or overturn their reign of success.  They spend a long time getting to know their opponent by watching and analysing their tactics so that they can go out and play a psychological game along with the physical. Those in Marketing and Sales do likewise and of course we see Mind Games being played out constantly in the Courtroom .

The Seven of Swords suggests that you might be doing that or need to and it does not necessarily imply that you are going out to play a game of rugby or golf.  You are in a situation at present that requires you to be super alert and smart.  Those around you and involved in your situation are very clever and intelligent. You need to be too in this instance.  You must start analysing the facts using logic and reason before coming up with some sort of plan that will put you out on top.  It needs to be something that they haven’t thought of or better still, something they never thought you would come up with. You may not think that this is possible but you need to start believing in yourself. You may see the other side as being way ahead of you and that they have held all the power in your situation. You more than likely have suffered defeat to them in the past which has dis-empowered you.  The thing is, they think you are dis-empowered too for they hold all your Swords.  This could be their downfall for they underestimate you.  Their guard may be down as a result.  You making a comeback or threat is the furthest thing from their mind right now.  You have the upper hand now and need to make your strike before they wake up to what you are doing.  You need to come up with a brand new strategy and game plan, then come at them from their blind side.  They won’t see it coming and they won’t believe you have it in you but with careful effort on your part you can prevail.   Time to use your head and think on your feet.

In this Card we see Two Swords left plunged into the ground.  The man cannot carry them all but even though he may plan to come back for them later, he is not too concerned as he believes he has the  most important ones.  The Two Swords are your secret weapon and now it is up to you to discover just exactly what that is.  You need to use all your resources now and carry out much research.  Others have been in your situation before so you might learn a thing or two about how they overcame similar challenges.  Scour the internet and read up on as much as you can.  Make yourself as informed as possible and look to see how others are doing things.  They may have some wonderful ideas that you could incorporate into your project or mission.  Use them as an inspiration but do not completely steal their ideas.  You have what it takes, you just don’t realise that right now.  It shows that you may be making a comeback after a major defeat or setback in your life. This Card shows your ability to rise from the ashes. The opportunity  has presented itself to you and you would be a fool not to seize it. Grab those Two Swords and put them to work.

The Seven of Swords often appears when you need to do something that requires you to be brave and courageous.  It brings with it the message of don’t give up. If your attitudes, plans and approach have not been getting you the desired result then change them. Use your initiative. Find another way to get what you want but it might involve taking risks or being daring in your approach to a situation or person. You may be unsure as to whether you have what it takes but you must do what is necessary. Now is not a time to be in two minds. You must be focussed, adaptable, resourceful, flexible and prepared to make your move when the Seven of Swords appears.

When the Seven of Swords appears it can suggest that now may not be the best time to share what you know with others or give too much information away.  Unfortunately, you may not be able to trust those around you as you think you should.  Rely on yourself right now and be as self-sufficient as you can.  If you have a secret, the less people know the better as what you say may be misconstrued, misinterpreted or leaked.  There is a possibility that you could be betrayed by someone you know or be at the receiving end of manipulation and deceit.  Lies and underhand behaviour could be going on under your nose and with the Seven of Swords, it generally is someone you wouldn’t expect.  This behaviour will not be out in the open but there is bound to be plotting and scheming going on in the background. Open your eyes and mind and observe closely what is going on around you and who is involved.

The Seven of Swords often brings the message of ‘know your friends, but know your enemies even better’ or ‘keep your friends close and your enemies even closer’. These are your secret weapons. In this way, you will not floored by any sudden surprises and it gives you the advantage when issues or challenges occur which involve them.  You must beat the enemy at their own game so keep yourself ahead of the posse at all times.

The Seven of Swords carries a warning of possible theft or criminal activity. Make sure your house, car and possessions are secure. Check alarms and security locks. There might be a thief around and if you have not taken precautions he just might get away with it. Theft can also come from close quarters and in a situation that you would not expect.  Someone may be trying to involve you in a scam or con. You need to be more on your guard, watch your back and be a little less trusting. Whoever it is, is very clever and cunning. They are bound to cover their tracks and will be far away before any discovery is made. They may also leave you holding the blame.

In a Relationship ReadingThe Seven of Swords can suggest that you are finding new ways to communicate and revive a troublesome relationship. By hanging on in there and spending time adopting new approaches and ideas, the relationship revives.  You may see your relationship as incredibly tricky and complicated or that it keeps you constantly on your toes.

You may be trying to organise a surprise birthday party for your partner and are enjoying all the intrigues and secrecy involved.  There is a danger that someone will leak the surprise, so limit as much as you can those who know.

Unfortunately, the overriding meaning for the Seven of Swords in a Relationship reading suggests deceit and unfaithfulness. This Seven can bring secret love affairs, sneakiness, hidden truths and betrayal. You may very well have an enemy in the camp.  Look for other Cards such as the Three of Cups Reversed for a third person in the relationship as one partner may be having an affair. Other Cards that would tie in with this are the The Three of Swords, The Moon, The Lovers Reversed and Reversed Court Cards. There could be evasiveness and secret rendezvous or false names given in hotels as they travel incognito (check to see if the Six of Swords is around also!).  Trust is broken. A partner could take off without notice, leaving you high and dry and carrying the can for their bills and debts.

The Seven of Swords can also suggest eloping or running away together as a couple if your relationship is disproved of.

Then again, you may prefer to avoid relationships altogether. You could enjoy your own company and revel in solitude. You may not feel the need for a partner in your life and prefer to be independent. You just don’t the need the company or baggage of others and keep yourself to yourself. You might be the type who does not like the neighbours knowing your business or keep things from your family and friends for fear of gossip and speculation. Others may see you as a bit of a lone-wolf, someone who is always going it alone and very self-reliant. This can often annoy people who are generally nosy and intrusive.  They may see your need for privacy as stand-offish and unfriendly.   Spending time alone or single is healthy for all of us at times and many people could benefit from periods of solitary existence.  However, we must not totally isolate ourselves from others and forget how to be social and mix.

Your partner may also be stealing from you or lying. They may even be involved in criminal activity and the movement of illegal or stolen goods. Do you really know and can you really trust who you are involved with? He or she can be very manipulative and persuasive.

However, the Seven of Swords in a Relationship Reading may simply imply that you or your partner is involved in the military or police force.  Dawn raids and dangerous missions may be part of their daily work. They could be working undercover or carrying out investigative work which involves them having to be very secretive with the details.

In a Career Reading the Seven would suggest that you will have to be very resourceful and think on your feet if you wish to succeed in your career or job. Playing safe will get you nowhere this time. If job seeking, then create a really unusual CV and approach to get you noticed.  Time to stop doing what everyone else is and stand out from the crowd.

There may be a lot of office politics and hidden agendas in our work environment   Work colleagues could be two-faced and not averse to talking behind your back or stealing your work. There may be some nasty business going on around you in the workplace. Someone may be attempting to blame you for a mistake in work that they are responsible for.  They will have covered their tracks well so will be hard to nail down.

If in Business you might have been using the same old approach which is now proving to be stale and outdated.  It might be time to look at how the successful competition do things. You might learn a lot.  You might be able to put a few of their ideas together and make it yours. You may need to update your technology or install some state of the art computers that no one else has yet.  You need to be doing something that your competitors aren’t.  It is all about pulling information and ideas from wherever you can to come up with a new game plan. Time to be resourceful, flexible and adaptable in business.  ‘The early bird catches the worm’ . You may also be running with an idea that isn’t workable but only needs a bit of adjustment here and there to sort it out.

On a more cautionary note, you may need to be more alert or on guard in business.  How well can you trust those you delegate to.  There may be underhand business, theft or covering up that you are unaware of.  It is time to double-check business and bank account as something may not be quite right.  Also check your suppliers and their credentials or you may end up purchasing stolen goods or there could be discrepancies in your deliveries.

You business may also involve a lot of mental activity, thinking on your feet and communication. You might be coming up with an intriguing plan or idea. You could be creating or installing important security software to safe guard confidential information from theft and hackers.  As a writer, you might be working on a psychological drama or crime novel.

You may be involved in undercover work or the military. If working on a project or plan it may be time to go back to the drawing board to explore new ideas and strategies. Going with the same old approach could prove stale and outdated.


7 of Swords Rx


Outdated Thinking, Outmoded, Old-Fashioned, Let Go, Find a New Approach, Unworkable Plan, Not Looking Where You Are Going, Outsmarted, Cunningness, Illegal Activities, No Conscience/Conscience, Dishonesty/Coming Clean/Owning Up, Untrustworthy, Dubious, Sneakiness, Two-Faced, Lies, Deceit, Slander, Malice, Warnings, Advice or Warning Ignored,  Turning a Blind Eye, In Two Minds, Fear, Cowardly Behaviour, Running Away when Going Gets Tough, Skipping Town, Jumping Ship, Shirking Responsibility, Cant’ Face the Music/Consequences, Getting Caught,  No Back Bone, Manipulation, Scheming, Taking the Credit for Someone Else’s Work, Hacker, Military, Under Cover Work, Danger, High Risk, Cons, Scams, Theft, Blackmail, Security Breaches, Double-Check

When the Seven of Swords Reverses it is time to Let Go or Stop Hanging On. You are getting nowhere with what you are doing, so you need to put whatever you have in your hands down and step away.  The key here is to have a good think about what you are doing for you will find a solution if you give it some thought.

It can suggest that you are holding on to old ways of doing things and getting pretty much the same unwelcome result each time. You might be carrying out-dated or outmoded ways of thinking and acting, but find it very difficult to let go and change regardless of any good intentions you have.  Fear of taking a risk or the unknown holds you back.  You may not have the guts or back bone to follow through on new ideas or plans and keep reverting back to the old way of doing things. It is time to stop and let the new ways in. Be open to change and novel approaches.

The Seven of Swords Reversed can suggest that you are running with an idea that won’t work. You haven’t thought it through properly and are acting impulsively.  You need to stop in your tracks now and go back to the beginning as parts of your plan need to be either dumped or re-worked. It may feel that you don’t have the time to do all that and intend to keep running in the hope that it all works out but you are only setting yourself up for delays, set-backs or complete failure.  You may want to get your ideas off the ground before someone else does. Slow down for you are not looking where you are going.

Then again, you could be playing safe in a situation and not putting all your eggs in one basket.  You may be prepared to go along with new ideas and plans but only up to a certain point.  You will not be giving your all to this as you simply haven’t made up your mind yet.  The divided Swords the Figure carries in this Card suggests being  in two states of mind about an issue.  The fact that the Figure looks back to the two remaining Swords implies that he has not fully committed and has left him self an opt-out clause.  This could also suggest experiencing a ‘cooling off’ after embarking on a course of action.  You don’t seem to be fully convinced about what you are doing.

In the Seven of Swords Reversed you may be taking advice from those around instead of doing what you think is right.  Part of you knows this but you can fall under pressure to comply with the majority. On the other hand good advice or a warning goes unheeded and you continue to proceed in a manner that may ultimately have disastrous consequences.  Looking to yourself may not be the best idea at present for you may not know what you are doing.

This Card Reversed can suggest that you have been outsmarted by someone else.  You are not in their league at all and have had little chance to gain the upperhand or advantage.  Their mind is razor sharp and possibly quite devious.  Mind Games and phsycological warfare is how they operate and unless you can match that then it may be time to back out before they completely destroy you.  It takes a certain type of personality to overrun this person.  You may not have what it takes.

The Seven of Swords Reversed brings sly, cunning and devious behaviour much worse than the Upright Version.  Trust is impossible and you may be shocked when you discover the level of lies, cover-ups and secrets that have been going on around you.  You must now be on your guard against being told another load of lies in an attempt to manipulate the truth.  Whoever, this person is, and it may be you that I am referring to, they are prepared to do anything they can to wrangle their way out of the blame.  One thing they don’t want is to take the rap and there is a good chance they will have fled the scene or disappeared before you had wised-up to what was going on. This person has caused a lot of trouble but has left others to clean up the mess. They have no conscience and no remorse.   Take a good look around you as there may well be someone taking advantage of you. You may discover that you are the victim of a scam or con.

The Figure in the Reversed Seven of Swords appears to be walking on the ceiling or roof.  If he is a thief, he may have got in through an area you thought was inaccessible.  The Two Swords stuck in the ground can represent a tiny skylight or narrow opening.  Theft and break-ins are more likely when this Card Reverses.  The thief this time is very devious, daring and extremely clever so make sure you double-check all security alarms and locks. If theft is involved, the thief may have left something at the scene of the crime and may try to return to retrieve it or possibly come back for what he could not carry the first time round.

On the other hand, as with all Reversed Cards, we can have the extreme opposite.  We can therefore see someone coming clean about what they have been up to or involved in.  Their conscience may have been bothering them and know that what they have been doing or what has been going on is wrong.  If this happens, the whole truth will come out and there may be many surprises at the level of involvement of people you may have seen as friends.  One way or another, trust is blown out the door regardless of apologies and regret. You may wonder if you were the only one who wasn’t in on it.

There is a possibility that a situation or person from your past has caught up with you and could be threatening to destroy a new life you have made for yourself.  You may be trying to conceal it by meeting secretly and keeping the problem to yourself. There may be blackmail or threat of exposure involved.  This can leave you feeling dis-empowered and out of control. You could be backed into a corner and feel there is no way out.

If organising a surprise party then you may be surprised yourself by their lack of surprise.  Someone may not have been able to keep the secret to themself.

The Seven of Swords Reversed  can imply that you have a tendency to avoid danger or take risks at all costs.  Cowardly and weak, you may have a habit of  running away when the going gets rough. You could shirk responsibility and just disappear leaving others to face the music.  You could feel an obligation to no one other than yourself and will take the easy way out when and wherever you can.

Where Relationships are involved this is a very disruptive Card.  It can suggest that an affair is uncovered or revealed.  You may be the last person to hear about it as you discover that friends and work colleagues have known for some time.  There can be a feeling of disbelief and horror as details of the affair are disclosed.  Secret meetings, travelling and bookings under false names go with the territory. The third-party involved may even be someone you know very well or has been close to you.  The affair may have been going on under your nose for a long time.

Illicit love affairs and elopement accompany the Seven of Swords Reversed. There is the possibility of your partner disappearing or running off with their Lover.  Instead of coming clean and facing the fall-out, they have taken the easy way out and scarpered.  The sooner you let go of this relationship the better for trust is broken and is unlikely to return. There is also a possibility that the third person in the relationship may have left something behind where they shouldn’t and need to retrieve it (an earring in a car, a bottle of perfume down the back of a couch, need I go on?).  If discovered by you, then your partner will have made up an elaborate story as to how it innocently got there.

However, with the Reversed Aspect we may on occasions find that the Card represents remorse and regret once an affair has been revealed. Truth and honesty replace secrets and lies. Steps may be taken to make amends or get help.

Then again, you may choose to ignore or disregard a warning about your partner. You may be guilty of turning a blind eye to their carry on or refuse to face the truth. You partner may have had you fooled for some time.  He or she may have even stolen from you or conned their way into your life.

Work-related, The Seven of Swords Reversed can point to dishonesty in the workplace.  Someone may lack confidence and know how, so resort to manipulation and underhand scheming to get what they want. Back stabbing and sheer nastiness can make the work day a nightmare.  Someone may have it in for you and are making your life miserable.  They may be spreading malicious gossip about you.

Intellectual theft and taking the credit for someone else’s work are trademarks of the Seven of Swords Reversed.  Be very careful who you share you work ideas with for they might not be trustworthy and try to pass them off as their own.  Make sure to Copyright your work. This Reversed Card describes a scenario a Client of mine experienced not too long ago.  She had been all enthusiastic about a business idea she had and of course could not talk of anything else among her friends.  She had picked out the name for her business and had started to build a website.  She had business cards designed and leaflets printed.  When she went to register and launch her business she discovered to her horror that someone had got there ahead of her.  Same idea, same name, even the same layout and wording for the brochures.  She was even more horrified when she discovered that the person behind it was one of her circle of friends.  She had to go back to the drawing board and start a whole new business idea.  The brochures and business cards had to be dumped as they were no longer of any use to her.  She had already invested much money with web designers and took quite a hit financially.  She couldn’t believe that a friend would do that to her.  However, she learned a lesson, an expensive one.  She kept her new business to herself and was very careful as to who she trusted.

The Seven of Swords both Upright and Reversed suggests theft and here we find the computer hacker, the thief who will steal you identity and clear your account. He may just as easily infect it with a virus.  You could stand to lose all your information or have confidential files leaked.  You must take steps to ensure that all anti-virus software is up-to-date.  Be very careful who you give access to and to where you keep your passwords. Now might be a good time to up-date all your passwords.

You must also be careful about idle gossip or comments at coffee or lunch break as it may not be kept in your group. You may get into trouble as a result. In this scenario there is usually a ring leader who uses and manipulates all those around him or her.   It may be time to look for a new job.

Dishonesty in the work environment and illegal business. If you have made a disastrous mistake you may try to sort it out but you may also be discovered or caught and the truth will out. You must decide whether it would be wiser in the long run to confess and get it over and done with rather than all the sneaking around. Likewise if you discover corruption in the workplace, you may be in two minds as to what to do about it.  Should you be the whistle-blower or turn a blind eye?

This Card aptly represents the current scandal of horsemeat being found in foodstuffs all over Europe. People have been buying meat products that are supposed to be beef but have tested positive for horsemeat instead.  A massive investigation has been launched and meat products cleared from shelves. The investigative forces are now looking to criminal activity behind it all.  Major stores have been effected.  Innocent people are bound to lose their jobs as the consumer loses trust in their company’s products.  The criminals have no conscience and we must all presume that they were making big money out of their illegal venture.  Typical Seven of Swords activity.

In Business, you may be refusing to move with the times and have become old-fashioned and outdated. You could be trying to push a business that is not viable. Time to let go.  There is no point in hanging on as what you are doing is not working.  You may have failed to take good business advice or have delegated to the wrong people.  Time to take a good look at your business to see what has been going wrong.  Be extra cautious and on your guard at business meetings or when signing contracts.  Read all paperwork thoroughly, especially the fine print .

Career wise you may be training undercover or in the military, doing undercover or detective work. You might even be a spy.  You might work in a dangerous environment which requires you to be daring or take risks.

*Next time we visit the Swords in Card Eight, we shall see how they are faring out.  Will they have managed to get on top of their game and sort out their life. How resourceful and adaptable have they been. Will they have been able to navigate around all the lies and deceit to discover the truth or will they have headed for the hills, not wanting to know? Will all their sneaking around and mind games amount to anything or will they have jumped from the frying pan into the fire? Only time will tell.  

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  1. This is the best description of the seven of swords I have read on the internet. Please write more about the other cards. You have the gift of insight.


    • Thank you once more Cali. Yes, I will be writing more about the other Cards. I write every day and am also configuring my new site on for a complete changeover in the next couple of months so much work to be done. Am getting there, slowly but surely. Thanks again.




  2. This article was extraordinarily helpful, as I have yet to get 7 of Swords in a reading–for myself or others, so understanding how the 7 of Swords is–or can be–interpreted (for future reference) has been my latest lesson in studying the Tarot.

    Oh…by the way…here’s another possible interpretation for the 7 of Swords in a relationship. I was reading through the descriptions of a 7 of Swords kind of person as cunning and possibly devious, and I’m thinking, these mental qualities in a partner are not always all bad, at least in my personal experience. Yes, there are downsides to these mental abilities, but for people like me who appreciate brains, cunning, adaptability, mental agility, etc, this card appearing in a reading about a specific potential relationship, can be something of a turn-on in the best sense. I also work with animal cards a lot, so 7 of Swords, in its most positive aspects, could be considered “Fox Medicine.”

    Also, 7 of Swords in a relationship may not always refer to romance and cheating. There can also be dealings with blood relatives who do not know how to keep their noses out of their loved ones’ business and are curious to a fault, inquiring too much about others’ goings on just because they are emotionally stunted to the point of acting like little kids and you know how little kids can be–they want to/have to be included in EVERYTHING or else they think you don’t love them. When an adult–especially an adult parent–acts like that and has boundary issues, sometimes their loved ones have to go into 7 of Swords mode and hide things from their adult parents or otherwise be really, really cagey and aloof, just because their adult parents may actually not be emotionally able to handle the truth without acting sad, angry, jealous, guilt-trippy, and being something of a “psychic vampire,” and stealing their kids’ patience, time, energy, what-have-you. This kind of immature behavior on the part of a parent can engender distrust on the part of their grown-up kids. If you’re wondering if I’m writing from personal experience, yes, I am. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Kat. Thank you so much for your comments and I totally agree with your alternative options for this Card. Mental agility is associated with this 7 and the ability to think on your feet and out smart those around you. Some of us do this because it is how we operate and yes, there are others, opportunists, who never miss a trick or an opportunity to take advantage of someone’s situation. With family, both the parent and child can behave as you mentioned it. Manipulation, emotional/psychological blackmail gets them what they want and so they continue to get away with it because they are being facilitated by those around them. Aldo your reference to blood relatives sticking their nose into your business is very apt. The figure in the imagery could be intruding into personal or private space in order to collect as much information or gossip as possible, suggested by the bundle of (swords). The figure runs quickly with his catch, eager to share it around with others. I really like your take on this Card and as you can see, the Tarot is an amazing source of endless stories. Keep up the good work.


  3. Hello, hello, hello! You may or may not recall my writing aspirations, but I do Lol.. After being out of work for months I finally found a job, but it’s the second shift and 45 minutes away! I’ve been doing it for almost a month now and cannot find the time to write. I really need a steady work schedule, because inspiration comes to me in the morning not when I’ve been working in a warehouse until we finish: there’s not set time to clock out!!! So, by the time I get home and decompress, it’s between 1-3am. Not to mention I’m scared poopless about traveling in New England on the highway during winter. I’m grateful to be employed again but I’m too exhausted to write because I can’t rely on a normal sleep schedule.

    So I asked the cards if I would find a job that is close to home with a stable schedule: I did a 7-card horseshoe spread, and it’s the number six card that I understand the least because it’s the action position.

    1. (Past) Eight of Wands
    2. (Present) Temperance
    3. (Hidden Influences) Knight of Swords
    4. (Obstacles) Queen of Pentacles
    5. (Outside Factors) Five of Wands
    6. (Best Course of Action) Seven of Swords Reversed
    7. (Probable Result) The Fool

    Number six is just plain confusing to me. What do you think it means? I’ve always thought The Fool to be a positive card and a fresh start. Thanks for any interpretation you can give.



    • Hi Lyle,

      Although I cannot address the full reading I can see how you grabbed the job in the eight of wands when it became available. Were there a few job opportunities at the same time. Maybe an avalanche of them after a drought on the job front. It certainly perked you up for a while and have been busy since. Temperance has brought it all home to you know on the basis that you suddenly find yourself totally out of balance with your day upside down and no time to write, unless its the middle of the night when you would not be able to write properly anyway. It is not what you are used to. Temperance acknowledges the need to address this and confirms your desire to find a solution, be it another job or restructuring the one you have.

      Your hidden influence is The Knight of Swords and here we may ave the issue. The eight of Wands acts swiftly, the Knight of Swords moves at the speed of light. Both can be impulsive and fly by the seat of their pants. You may have a tendency to leap before you look or to act before thinking things through. You realise after the event rather than before it. Then there is disappointment but quickly followed by an immediate search to run off in another direction. By all means the Knight of Swords is a fast mover and thinks on his feet. He is quick to seize the moment or opportunity but can lose the run of himself. Also Lyle, you must remember the determined focus of the Knight of Swords. He is your hidden influence but I believe he is there to remind you to not lose site of your quarry in all this activity. Your quary in this instance being your writing. He is still going after that and while he is, he will find satisfaction in little else. He may not give other avenues the attention they deserve for he is only focused in one direction. However, he is determined and highly disciplined when he sets his mind to it. He must take the time to work out a suitable plan though instead of just rushing off. He can waste a lot of energy and time running in all directions.

      Your Obstacle being the Queen of Pentacles brings the dose of common sense that is not always welcome. The Queen understands that you would rather be doing something else but reminds you that for the moment those bills have to be paid. Money is needed and that is that. She deals with the practical side of life and without her influence you may get lost at sea. She keeps you on the straight and narrow but you resent her and see her as an obstacle instead of a steadying influence. The Queen of Pentacles is the landlady who wants the rent on time or the mother who demands you pay your way. She has to be dealt with so no getting around her really. She is a great ally and supporter of those who are ambitious and have plans for their future so never take her or her energy for granted. This Queen will work a full job all day and also do another one when she comes home in the evening. She often sets up her own business while working for others and is living proof that if you want something bad enough you will find a way around any obstacles.

      The Outisde Factors of the Five of Wands highlights the extremely competitive world out there and that you may have to fight to get a position that is more suitable for you. Have you considered finding employment in sales? Possibly selling something you love. Maybe a bookstore, where you are at least close to the focus of your attention? Definitely something more dynamic would suit. You need to stop and think before you act.

      You Best Course of Action being the Seven of Swords Reversed suggests to me that you keeping using the same methods and line of approach that you always use and it is not working. You are running blindly with no real idea of where it is you are going. You need to come up with a clever plan of action and let go of any outdated modes of thinking. You might be hoping that everything will just fall into place and work itself out as you go along but you know from old that that rarely happens. You may want to think about leaving a job that you have only just started. It may not be a wise move. Enquire as to other openings in the company as you may be on the verge of abandoning a job that has other potential. Also check to see if you have signed any contracts that may be binding or restricting. The Seven of Swords is always a tricky card, even when Upright. For me it often suggests being resourceful and thinking ahead of the game or competition. When Reversed, it lacks resourcefulness and falls back on old actions and habits that have not proved successful in the past. It can imply being outsmarted or out-gamed by another. It also is connected to failing to heed a warning and just going ahead anyway. So the best course of action would be to avoid these obvious pitfalls and act clever.

      The Fool in The Probable Result suggests that you will follow the influences of the Knight of Swords and take a risk on anything new that comes your way. You may land on your two feet or take a fall but I believe you will take a chance on it anyway with fingers crossed.

      You should try pulling a couple of extra cards for further expansion on both The Fool and The Seven of Swords.



  4. Thank you, Vivien. I knew you’d be able to help me see my dilemma more clearly. Maybe my main focus needs to be on writing right now on Saturdays and keep looking for something else. I volunteer on Fridays so Saturdays I just need to buckle down. Isn’t that what the Queen of Pentacles would do? Regardless, I did a reading asking what I cold do differently to find a job closer to home:

    1. (Past) Knight of Wands R.
    2. (Present) Three of Swords
    3. (Hidden Influences) Nine of Pentacles
    4. (Obstacles) Four of Cups R.
    5. (Outside Factors) Ten of Pentacles R.
    6. (Best Course of Action) Nine of Swords Reversed
    7. (Probable Result) The Emperor

    Again I think I need to focus on getting my business up and running and stop letting negative thoughts run rampant. Maybe this should be my LAST job.

    Thank you so much!!!



    • Yes, the Knight of Wands reversed highlights those impulsive actions and moods which has led to the unhappiness in the three of swords. The Nine of Pentacles as the hidden Influence teams up nicely with The Queen of Pentacles reminding you that nothing of worth comes easy. Hard work and grim determination. Four of Cups suggests your down times and prolonged apathy that gets in the way. It is hard to pull out of at times but something you just have to do. Do not let yourself stay down too long. Nothing to be achieved there so shake off the blues and get moving. Outside factors Ten of Pentacles Reversed. There goes that damned need for money once more. Those who have plenty of it seem to have no problem getting more of it and can put all their effort into the project of their desire but with the lack of finances, it is all a juggling act and can leave one feeling very vulnerable and insecure. Don’t take unnecessary risks but you will have to make a little go a long way. Best course of action 9 of Swords Reversed, stop moaning about it all and end the drama. Bring the Emperor in to help you form a plan and a system you can work with. You have to lead this project and drive it forward.


  5. Bring the Emperor in to help you form a plan and a system you can work with. You have to lead this project and drive it forward.

    Thank you. I did a 1 card reading for advice about my job: Ace of Pentacles. The bottom card: Two of Pentacles. I think I will be doing double duty. I don’t know if you’re into astrology, but I do have my North Node in Capricorn/4th house conjunct my 5th house. I’ve read that the NN is your contract and even though it won’t be easy, it must be followed because it is the path chosen before coming to this planet. I also have Venus conjunct Neptune in the 4th opposite the Midheaven. Saturn in conjunct South Node in the 10th house. As far as the corporate ladder is concerned, it feels like a been there done that kind of thing. even so, my soul is so used to it that a part of me has trouble letting go instead of following my own star. But if I want to truly be happy or even content, I have to give it my all, even if it means working for others, as long as I don’t go back to what’s familiar: Climbing the Corporate Ladder.



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