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Four of Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles

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The Fours in  Tarot symbolise consolidation and stability.  They do not represent a time a time for taking any serious action but rather a time for building resources, laying down solid foundations, and feeling secure and stable.  The Four Suits have reached a stage in their journey where they can take a break after achieving initial results in the Threes.  However, this is not just a holiday or vacation, but a much-needed time to check their progress so far. They can’t do that if they are rushing around and constantly busy.

In numerology, Four is associated with Earth.  With the energy of Four we can feel safe and secure.  Four brings balance and practicality into our life.  We build structures with four walls that provide shelter and security. Four has a grounding effect which is extremely beneficial when life has been hectic or stressful.  We all need to touch base sometime or other.   However four walls can often feel like a prison, so in the negative, Four can lead to lack of action and stagnation.

After the initial spark of inspiration in the Ace, decisions arrived at in the Two and action taken in the Three they must now begin to understand the meaning of their journey and be able to see patterns forming in their behaviour and actions.  They must check in to see how far they have progressed, and if they are happy with what they have achieved to date.  Order and structure must now be applied to any areas that appear chaotic or out of control.  They need to stabilise and re-group before any further action is taken.

The Four Suits set about this in their own way.  The Wands need to stop running around and settle into their new home or work environment, the Cups need to find emotional stability after all the celebrations and socialising,  the Swords, stressed and upset, take time out to let their mind settle and calm and the Pentacles with their first taste of success in the Three, turn as always to solidify their financial position by saving and investing.

They are not even half-way through their journey in the Minor Arcana at this stage and the road ahead will have many obstacles and upsets to throw at them.  Times will get tough and some may feel broken by their experiences or want to give up.  Therefore, time spent now in preparation for the journey ahead while recharging the batteries and stabilising should help them through any difficulties.

On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, the Four Fours reside in the 4th Sephira –  Chesed  (Mercy/Kindness/love). Energy is less abstract now as Chesed  is the first Sephira of organised action that takes all creation a step closer to manifestation.  The previous three Sephira;  Kether, Chokmah and Binah are connected to the Intellect; Conscious and Subconscious.  Chesed  provides the nurturing stability for God’s emanation as it comes into being.

The Fours in the Minor Arcana hold a close connection to The Emperor (IV) of The Major ArcanaThe Emperor is the Masculine Counterpart to The Empress.  He is the Archetypal Father of the Tarot.  He provides the masculine balance to her femininity and brings with him order, control, stability, rules, discipline, strength and protection.  Considered oppressive and restrictive at times, he runs a tight ship and applies reason and logic to everything in life.

*Three or more Fours in a reading indicate that the querant is entering a period of stability and consolidation and behaving in a very practical manner.  A number of fours in a reading may also indicate that at present family and home security are important.  

If there a large number of Fours in a reading that seem very close to each other, this may indicate that life for the querant has become particularly stagnant, or they are choosing the safe and secure over risk and excitement.  Personal growth and development will have ceased and there is bound to be an air of listlessness about them.  The Fours ask you to settle and take stock, but not forever.  There may be a lot of work ahead that is putting the querant off making a move of any sort. 

An absence of Fours in a reading can suggest a lack of balance and stability. 

Three or more Reversed Fours in a reading would suggest a period of instability and insecurity for the querant.  This may be welcome or not depending on circumstances involved as often people want to escape from a situation that has become too stable and secure.  If they are well spaced out then the situation is fine and just as the querant desires but if clustered together then it may all be quite upsetting indeed and sudden. The lack of stability may be caused by one particular incident but is having far-reaching consequences in all areas of life.

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