The Kings Intro

The Four Kings – Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles

King of Wands Upright King of Cups Upright King of Swords Upright King of Pentacles Upright

The Four Kings in the Tarot represent the Earthy part of their Suit. That is they focus upon tangible results and usually apply self-discipline to their governing element to achieve it.  Earth influencing their governing element provides the stabilising and disciplined force that allows these men to manifest their true power and in doing so, facilitates their influence over others.  They are extrovert and worldly. Their focus is on getting things done. They stand for the mature man who takes charge of his world and those in it.

The Rank of King in the Tarot represents him as follows:

  • Ruler/Leader/Authority
  • Boss
  • Husband, partner or consort to the Queen
  • Father/Step Father or Guardian to both the Page and Knight
  • Son of an older King
  • Brother to all
  • Friend to all 

Take note of the direction the Kings are facing as this indicates their true nature.  The King of Wands looks to his right, which is associated with action. The King of Cups looks to his left, which is associated with the emotional and creative. The King of Swords looks straight ahead for complete clarity and perception and the King of Pentacles looks down as his concerns are with the material world.

The Kings are men, aspects of the Querant (sometimes even when the Querant is a woman), approaches to life, atmospheres or advice given. The King of Wands represents a powerful, inspirational, dynamic, bold and charismatic man.  He is a natural leader who others love to follow.  The King of Cups, is a wise, calm and caring man.  He is sensitive to the needs of others.  His desire is to make a better world for all through tolerance and compassion. The King of Swords, intellectual and analytical he is the thinker and solution finder.  Honest and Incorruptible, he brings law and order to the world in his search for justice. . The King of Pentacles, enterprising, financially successful and reliable, is the business man who sets goals which he is determined to reach.  He provides the stable, productive environment in which things flourish.  He has earned his success and his respect.

On The Kabbalistic Tree of Life the Four Kings reside in the Second Sephira, Chokmah along with the Four Twos of The Minor Arcana.

Multiple Kings in a layout can suggest –. the presence of powerful men in your life, business meetings, success and authority. A lot of male energy influencing a situation which may be helping or hurting.  Public recognition

Three Kings –  Meetings, Friends,  success, authoritative figures, choices, varying opinions

Two Kings – Close friends, opposing needs in the Querant or of friends, partnership, contract or deal, second opinion.

Several Reversed Kings can suggest that there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians.  Too much advise from too many experts may lead to confusion.

Two Reversed Kings can highlight rivals or competitors.

Absence of Kings – Being too inwardly focussed, lack of masculine energy leading to inactivity and lack of manifestation – nothing is getting done, No one in charge. Chaos and lack of order or discipline. Lack of professional advice.  Lack of male support or romantic partner.

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King of Wands   King of Cups   King of Swords   King of Pentacles

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