Swords – Love and Romance Associations

How to Interpret ‘Sword Cards’ in a Relationship Reading

(Simple Snapshot Reference Guide  – Numerology, Upright, Reversed, Yes/No)

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Swords – A little More Complex to Interpret


United we Stand! – Meeting of Minds

Ace of Swords

1 – Real Potential. A balanced and clear understanding of your relationship needs. Breakthrough in finding a partner.

Ace of SwordsUnderstanding what it is you need in a relationship. A logical approach to relationships. Forming new attitudes about relationships. A meeting of the minds. Making a breakthrough where relationship issues are concerned. Fertility and virility. Open communication. The need for intellectual stimulation more so than romance. Two sides in any issues. Joint responsibility……Read Full Card Description.

Yes or No Card? – Yes, but don’t expect huge romantic gestures.

We Just Don’t Get On!

Ace of Swords Rx

1 rx – Setbacks, delays and psychological obstacles to forming a relationship.

Reversed – Conflict due to clash of personalities. Rows and disputes. Angry words.  Mind Games. Lack of communication. Only interested in one side. Being confused about what you want from a relationship. Lack of intellectual stimulation. Boredom may be an issue. Fertility or virility issues….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, relationship causing stress.

I Don’t Want to Deal with This! – Talk to The Hand!

2 of Swords Upright

2 – Painful decisions about relationships.Rooted issues. Being at a crossroads. Weighing up Pros and Cons. Extremes

Two of Swords – A painful decision has to be made about a relationship. Feeling torn between your heart and your head. Not knowing what to do. Blindly ignoring relationship issues. Not wanting to confront issues or deal with them in the hope that they will go away. A warring couple; neither will back down or give in. Stalemate. Painful past experiences may be tainting your relationship or your search for a new one. Hard to let anyone get close to you. Appearing cold and distant. The need to let go of emotional and psychological baggage. Unable to forgive. Someone refusing to accept your choice of partner. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, relationship causing stress and deep-seated anger. However, it can be overcome with committed effort on both sides.

I Have Made Up My Mind!

2 of Swords Rx

2 rx – Making/Unable to make a decision about a relationship. Stuck. Fear. Extremes.

Reversed – A painful decision is made and action taken. Seeing your relationship for exactly what it is. Being totally honest instead of hiding things. Speaking out. Increased estrangement if talks to find a solution breakdown. A couple in an entrenched battle. Love can warm up again or turn ice-cold. Terrible confusion about what to do can be totally paralysing. Eventual forgiveness or absolute refusal to forgive. Gradual acceptance of your partner by a difficult ‘other’, family or friends. Consult surrounding cards.   ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – YES, communication opens the way to finding a solution. No, destructive anger and bitterness  widens the gap. 

I Will Never Get Over This! I Am Heartbroken!

3 of Swords Upright

3  Progress/Ascension/Growth/Development of Conflict or Stress in a relationship. No Gain without pain.

Three of Swords – Upset, tears and strong emotional outbursts. Feeling terribly upset. Heartbroken or feeling betrayed. Learning a hard lesson. Vicious rows and accusations. Gross misunderstandings. Words designed to hurt. A love triangle – third person in a relationship or external interference. Separation or divorce. Legal wrangles between couples. Feeling down and depressed about your relationship. Loss or bereavement. Feeling low. Past hurts and unreleased pain tainting current relationship or attitudes towards relationships. Feeling fatalistic about love.  ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, not a good time for relationships unless all involved calm down and talk about what has happened. Much effort is required to get past this stage. 

I Am Tired of Being Angry and Sad!

3 of Swords Rx

3 rx  – Lack of Development or Progress in finding a solution/Finding a solution.  Reaching an impasse. Repression/Hurting or Release/Healing

Reversed –  Possible reconciliation of a warring couple. Storm has passed. Stabilisation of relationship issues as communication opens the door to healing. Sorting out your relationship. Releasing anger and bitterness. Opening your heart to forgiveness. The beginning of healing after a relationship breakdown, separation or divorce. On the other-hand, it could signal all out war and plunging the swords further into the heart. Refusal to let go and move on. Bitter fight to the end. Repression of true feelings. Outwardly appearing to be fine about everything but festering within.  ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – All depends on surrounding cards with this one. Yes, it could be that the storm is over, but then again it could be No, a hurricane has moved in instead. 

Just Leave Me Alone. I Haven’t the Strength for This Right Now?

4 of Swords Upright

4 – Seeking, or the obvious need for Mental Stability and Security. A relationship has brought you to this.

Four of Swords – A partner becomes distant or remote. Can signal a cooling off in the relationship and possibly the end  for some. Feeling your relationship is dying.  Needing to distance yourself or retreat from a relationship in order to gain perspective. Not being very open to communication with your partner. The slow acceptance of the end of a relationship. Taking time out to grieve and heal. Not feeling very sociable. Possible need for counselling or marriage guidance. Finding sanctuary away from an abusive relationship.  A relationship that has sucked the life out of you. Relationship causing depression and severe stress. Constantly worried or anxious. A partner who is ill or hosptialised. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this relationship is doing you no good. If you are hell-bent on saving it, then professional help may be needed. 

Every Day, in Every Way, I am Getting Better and Better!

4 of Swords Rx

4 rx – Finding/Lack of mental stability and security. Healing, or total Collapse of psychological foundations.

Reversed – Release from an oppressive relationship. Beginning to feel strong again and able to stand on your own two feet after the collapse of a relationship. Counselling having a positive effect. Feeling more sociable. Coming out of retreat. A relationship once thought to be dead slowly comes back to life. Tread carefully. A partner recovering from ill-health and being released from hospital. Unfortunately this card reversed can suggest not learning from your mistakes, continuing to put up with an unacceptable or dysfunctional relationship. Not heeding any advice or warning you are given. Falling into the trap of negative patterns of behaviour with partner. Keeping up a facade that your relationship is alive and kicking when it really should be over and done with.  A relationship that is bringing you down on all levels.  ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, not in the best place to start any new relationship. Much effort and help needed to sort this one out. Yes, to finally leaving an old, unhealthy relationship behind. Lucky escape.

It’s My Way or The Highway. Got it?

5 of Swords Upright

5 – Extreme Disturbance and unease in a relationship. Unexpected stressful events and issues. Aggressive change.

Five of Swords – A bully in the relationship. Serious control issues. Vicious legal battles between couples during separation of divorce. A no win situation. Anger, force, intimidation and downright nastiness. A violent partner. Domination and submission. Feeling defeated or ruined. Losing your partner to another. Extreme interference in your relationship. Hidden agendas and back stabbing. Depending on surrounding cards, this card may suggest standing up for yourself against your partner, fighting back, or taking back your own power. Don’t get involved in relationship battles that have nothing to do with you.  ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardNo, to getting involved in this relationship. Walk away. Yes, to taking back your power but get out the door then as soon as possible while  you are still holding it. 

Street Angel, House Devil!

5 of Swords Reversed

5 rx  – Conflict  and upheaval escalates are battles move up a gear/Conflict and stress eases as situation brought under control.

Reversed – A Red Flag for relationships. This generally indicates an unhealthy relationship where control and possible abuse is the norm. This will be well hidden from prying eyes. Warnings and advice go unheeded. Check supporting cards as this card may amount to nothing if the positive strongly outweigh the negative.  ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardNo, to getting involved in this relationship. Yes, to finding a safe exit.  

I Just Want to Move On And Leave All The Pain Behind Me! 

6 of Swords Upright

6 – Seeking psychological peace, balance and healing after traumatic times. Calmness descends for a couple or for separate individuals.

Six of Swords – Moving on after a painful or stressful relationship. The slow recovery of a relationship after a stressful period. Distancing yourself from an ex-partner or relationship. Running away from your responsibilities. Leaving without notice. Disappearing. Deciding to pull out. Feeling flattened and defeated. Carrying past hurts or negative attitudes into relationships. Thinking you have gotten over someone but deep down the hurt remains. If bereavement is involved, then the slow acceptance of the loss of your loved one.  ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, your relationship is beginning to slowly improve but you are not out of the water just yet. No, time to move on and leave that relationship behind. Don’t make the same mistakes again. Accept your share of responsibility. 

Making Hard Work Of It All!

6 of Swords Reversed

6 rx  – Lack of harmony and peace in a relationship. Caught in stormy seas. Moving towards stress instead of away from it.

Reversed – Swimming Upstream. Just can’t seem to make progress or find a way to break through problems. Continuing to rehash the same grievances and grudges. Stirring up deliberate trouble. Asking for trouble. It may be time for the relationship to sink or swim. Feeling the need to rock the boat in a stagnant relationship.  Going back for more. Heading for trouble. You may have a habit of jumping from the frying pan to the fire when choosing partners. Perhaps you do not have any other understanding of relationships and deliberately seek conflict.  Not having the courage to move on. Running away from your problems.  Feeling trapped and helpless with no one to turn to. Being turned out of the home after infidelity is discovered. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, you are heading into troubled waters. Nothing has changed. 

I Can Get Away with Anything, and No One Suspects a Thing!

7 of Swords Upright

7 – Psychological challenges to navigate around. The need to live on your wits and be resourceful.

Seven of Swords – Not a very positive card for relationships, mostly advising you to run away as fast as you can. Here we can see mind games in full swing and you would need to be very astute to keep up with the pace. Possibly sneakiness and very resourceful when it comes to making excuses or providing explanations. You might need to watch your back for all is not what it seems. Your power is being stolen by another, or you have given your heart to one who does not deserve it. This card can convincingly lie its way out of any situation. You may not be looking where you are going where your relationship is concerned and it is advisable to open your eyes before you walk into trouble. Question everything and don’t be taken for a fool. On the other-hand you or your partner may have a very good reason for sneaking around if they are trying to surprise you with a party or gift. This card can simply imply that you, the person your are interested in, or involved with, would prefer to be alone or stay single – The Lone Wolf Card.  You or your partner is in the military. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – I will have to go with a No on this one unless you want to set yourself a major challenge. 

I Can’t Believe it, I’m totally Shocked!

7 of Swords Rx

7 rx – The results of being cunning instead of resourceful. Not rising to challenges within your relationship.

Reversed – An affair or infidelity may be revealed leaving you feel shocked and stunned. It may come as a blow to you and there could be a sense of disbelief. There accompanies a strong feeling of betrayal and some of it may be close to home. You or your partner may run away with another leaving a sorry trail of disaster behind you. Elopement can also be suggested. You may decide to look the other way, or overlook the infidelity of your partner in the hope that it will all go away. This card can also signal the return of a very remorseful partner, but can they be trusted? ….Read Full Card Description

 No again, this card brings little positivity to relationships unless it suggests you taking back the power that has been stolen from you. 

It’s Over, There Is No Way Out For Me!

8 of Swords Upright

8 – Power/Strength. The battle to find Psychological Strength. The Destructive Power of the mind turned inwards. Giving away your power in a relationship.

Eight of Swords – An unhealthy relationship. This is not love. Feeling trapped in a loveless marriage. There may be restrictions imposed on you by your partner. A lack of freedom in relationships. Control, domination and submission. Lacking the courage to leave or free yourself. Lack of assertiveness. This card can carry serious intimidation concerns within relationships. Fear may be involved. Then again it may be all in your head as this card carries a rigid negative mindset along with paranoia. You can make out an issue to be bigger than it is, or  your mind may be running away with you. Drama and hysteria can leave you paralysed. No one has the power to control you in such a manner unless you allow them to. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, untie your self and walk away from this relationship. You have the key in your own hand.

Free but Still Feeling Trapped!

8 of Swords Reversed

8 rx – Finding Psychological Strength. Empowerment/Release/Energy or losing it altogether.

Reversed – Getting out of, or away from, a controlling and dis-empowering relationship. This relationship will have taken its toll on you and left its scars. It will take time to get over it. Don’t think of getting into another relationship until you sort yourself out. You walked into that relationship and stayed longer than you should. You need to ask questions of yourself as to how you let it happen. Why did you allow yourself to be treated in such a manner. Time to concentrate on fixing any misfiring negative thought processes or you will find a similar relationship in the future. Building on your self-esteem, self-belief and self-confidence is what is important now. This card can also imply your failure to free or save yourself. Things may have gone too far as fear of the outcome roots you to the spot. You must find the strength and not give-up without a fight.  Take back your power. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to getting out and staying out. Yes to seeking help if you can’t do it yourself. Yes, to freeing your mind of all self-doubt and lack of self-belief. 

What Am I Going To Do? This is A Nightmare!

9 of Swords Upright

9 – Closure. The final painful stages of a failed relationship. Issues become very pronounced mental torment increases.

Nine of Swords – There is deep stress, upset or worry connected to this relationship. Someone may be holding a terrible secret that is eating them from the inside out. This can highlight the early days and weeks after the collapse of a relationship or marriage. As a 9 Card it can also signal the final distressing stages before the ultimate collapse of a relationship. There is a feeling of great despair and hopelessness. Everything is black and depressing but you may be making it out to be worse than it is. You may be worrying about nothing. Extreme loneliness in the relationship can be suggested and a tendency to hide problems from friends and family. No one is allowed to see the truth. Something is terribly wrong and it is causing your considerable stress. Have you no one to turn to or confide in? This card is associated with the sorrow and loss after a miscarriage and bereavement. You or your partner may be suffering from mental health illness and this may be causing terrible strain within the relationship. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Get to the bottom of such deep problems before deciding a Yes or No.  

I Can’t Cope With This Anymore!

9 of Swords Reversed

9 rx – Psychological melt-down as relationship failure or issues crack open. Unable to deal with it or to pretend anymore.

Reversed – Your worst fears are either confirmed or blown away. You may not be able to face friends or family. It might be shame or guilt as a secret is revealed or confessed? This card is often linked to finding the strength or courage to face problems in your relationship. There is only so much stress or worry you can cope with and it ends here. The worst may be over or just beginning so you will have to deal with it. You may feel you are living in the middle of a nightmare you can’t wake up from. Mental health issues might escalate. There could be signs of a breakdown. Like many of the Sword’s cards it does not signify happiness and joy within a relationship…..Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Get to the bottom of such deep problems before deciding a Yes or No.  You can’t go on like this. Is the relationship worth all this angst?

Time to Say Goodbye!

10 of Swords Upright

10 – The death of a relationship or issues within it. The final curtain and the dawn of a new era. Decisions are made or are taken out of your hands. Facing the truth and letting go or being forced to. Psychological collapse

Ten of Swords – It’s over so stop trying to flog a dead horse.  The relationship has run its course and has nowhere else to go.  You have gone to the bitter end with this one when maybe you should have called it a day much sooner. Everyone feels drained and emotionally exhausted. The final stages might have been quite traumatic for all involved. You may view the end as catastrophic or might feel quite relieved that it is all over. Time to say goodbye or farewell. You can start focusing on yourself once more and can be eager to move on. Other cards would need to support this. If involved in an abusive or violent relationship, then it may get worse under the influence of this card. You or your partner’s health may be causing concern.   Sometimes a relationship has to go right down before it can begin to come back up. If you feel there is still a realistic hope in saving it, then look to the light on the horizon in this card as it comes in to replace the dark. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  No, the death knell for relationships. Yes, if you feel you have something to work towards, as in a fresh start with strong resolve. 

Hello to Being Single Again!

10 of Swords Reversed

10 rx – Embracing a new cycle.  Near death experience for a relationship. Refusing to let go or move on. Living in the past. Fearful of the new. Morbid.

Reversed – You are out and free. The world didn’t end as a result, even though you told everyone it would. Sometimes you have to go down to rock bottom before finding the strength to act. Pulling yourself up and dusting down after the end of a relationship. You are beginning to feel more positive about the future. You can see the colour in life once more. If you resisted the end of a relationship then you may be stuck and refuse to move on. You may be playing the victim card and are entrenched in bitterness and blame. You may be depressing to be around. Hate and vindictiveness may be your only driving force. You need to address this as it will taint your whole life and ruin the chances of finding a meaningful relationship in the future. This card can also suggest a  relationship that rises from the ashes as new life is breathed into its lungs. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Yes to freedom and moving on. Yes to facing the truth. Yes to finding a way forward for your faltering relationship. No to refusing to let go. 


The Court Swords – Generic Meanings only

I Saw You Looking at Her/Him!

Page of Swords Upright

Page  – Could be an Air Sign; Gemini, Libra or Aquarius, or is displaying the personality traits of one. This Page is likely to be attracted to a person’s mind rather than looks. He or she will be very social, witty and chatty, but not terribly romantic. Highly intelligent with a quick mind, but also very opinionated and highly critical. You may feel quite guarded or anxious about relationships in general, or a certain person. There is a possibility you have been hurt in the past and have become paranoid about it happening again. Serious consideration is being given to a relationship. There may be some worry about it or a feeling that you cannot fully trust your partner. You may be anticipating bad news regarding a break-up or have heard some rumors or gossip concerning your partner. There is a chance you are overly concerned and are projecting this tension into your relationship. Petty arguments might be common with a tendency to be overly sensitive.  Try to be less serious. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, to a relationship that is based on intellectual strengths. Promises to be very interesting and stimulating. Need to keep it grounded though. No. Distressing news may be on the way. No to letting people’s opinions and comments upset you. No to allowing your partner speak down to you. 

You Are Never To Look at Her/Him Again, or Else!

Page of Swords Reversed

Reversed – Trouble is brewing and it is likely someone is very angry. This is a relationship under stress but not in the normal sense. Here we have vicious rows and terrible insults. Something serious may have happened but there is also a chance that this relationship has been dysfunctional from the start. It is not a healthy place to be. We might also be looking at serious depression or mental health issues that are tearing a relationship asunder. Psychological issues from childhood could manifest with disturbing consequences.  If revenge is driving this issue, then things could get rather nasty. This reversed Page’s insults or threats should be taken very seriously as he or she is not in their right mind. Severe paranoia and delusional thought process will be hard to negotiate around. This reversed Page can also signal a brutal break-up with a clinical and severe approach. Coldness. Reason for concern. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this is not the best relationship to be in right now. It is likely to be dysfunctional. 

Here I Come! I am Going to Sweep You off Your Feet, but Blink and You Will Miss Me!

Knight of Swords Upright

Knight –  Could be an Air Sign; Gemini, Libra or Aquarius,  or person is displaying the personality traits of one. Aries if King of Wands and Emperor are present. A sharply dressed, highly intelligent person who has a lot to say. Prepare for engaging witty  encounters with this Knight but he or she will bore easily and could be quite critical. Not terribly romantic but a dreadful flirt. Very good-looking but also very refined. You have caught the attention of someone or vice versa. Someone may enter your life rather suddenly and catch you off guard. There is likely to be a dramatic entrance and you will get caught up in the high energy of it all. You may be swept off your feet. The relationship may develop at a rapid pace. A time of great excitement, activity and socialising. This relationship could reach boiling point too fast though. If it does, it will either boil over or burn out.  Don’t be behind in coming forward. If you like someone, make your feelings known. Strike while the iron is hot as there is no time like the present. If you feel you are letting someone you care deeply about slip through your fingers then get up and do something about it. Go after them and get them back. Now here comes the warning. Don’t to too eager to rush into a relationship without giving it enough thought. Think before you act. Impulsive actions. Fixations and obsessions. This Knight can suggest a love rival or competition. He or she has a hot temper so a full-scale battle could ensue. He is not afraid to use his Sword and will have a vicious tongue. Could depart as quickly as he or she arrived. ….Read Full Card Description

Get Out Now! 

Knight of Swords Reversed

Page Reversed –  This could signal the end of a relationship. Boredom and apathy have set in. You may not have anything left to say to each other. Someone may desire their own company or prefer to be single. Dating may be of no interest right now. This reversed Knight may suggest that the one you are attracted to is not interested in you. You may not be their type, or it is possible you have done nothing about making him or her aware of your presence. The Knight may simply not see you as he rushes by. He or she may represent the one that got away and you may be full of regret. Someone might have departed and most likely left abruptly. There may have been no contact, just a sudden severance. On the other hand, there could have been an almighty showdown with dreadfully upsetting arguments and aggressive speech. Horrible things may have been said or done that will be hard to forget.  Unfortunately this Knight reversed can highlight a very nasty character who could be aggressive in both words and actions. He may be out of control, and quite ruthless with his/her partner or anyone he perceives to be a threat. Delights in twisted mind games and is a control freak. Could be intimidating and totally lacking in compassion or empathy. May have serious mental health conditions, most likely formed in his childhood. A deeply disturbing influence in a relationship. You are better off out of it. Of course that is, if you can get out. A match made in Hell! ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this is not a relationship you should be pursuing as it will be laced with complications and stress. Not a healthy place to be. No, relationship will not work out or last long. No, the subject of your desire is not interested in you, or has not had the chance to notice you. Yes, to getting away from a control freak or a violent partner. Once away, stay away. 

Come Forward So That I Can Hear What You Have To Say For Yourself!

Queen of Swords Upright

Queen – Could be an Air Sign; Gemini, Libra or Aquarius,  or person is displaying the personality traits of one. Virgo if The Hermit is present. A sophisticated and highly intelligent mature woman. Strong willed and very disciplined. This Queen has impeccable high standards and will demand the same of her partner. Professional, ambitious and totally driven. Is drawn to intelligent minds and stimulating conversation. She has excellent communication skills and you will certainly need to match her in this regard. Is friendly and very sociable but may come across as stand-offish to some or even distant and cool. She consults her emotions when making decisions about her choice of partner or issues within a relationship but she never lets her heart totally rule. She makes logical and sensible decisions. She takes her relationships very seriously, but may not appear loving and attentive. It is just her way. She doesn’t suffer fools easily. This Queen could suggest that you find it difficult to meet someone. She could be separated, divorced widowed, or in the traditional sense, a spinster. She has definitely had some painful experiences in her past but rarely talks about them. She is very private but will listen closely to what you tell her. She  suggests caution and wariness. People are drawn to her but when they get too close she can feel uncomfortable, or that her personal space has been invaded. She can put up automatic walls or barriers which block intimate involvement. She likes her personal freedom and her own company. She can withdraw from a relationship rather rapidly when her interest wanes. She may prefer to stay single. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to a relationship with a very interesting and intelligent woman. No slacking allowed though. No if you think that she will be won over by your looks or high fashion sense. Your money won’t impress her either if you do not have the brain to go with it. 

I Will Make You Sorry You Were Ever Born!

Queen of Swords Reversed

Queen Reversed – She is not interested in you or you have not made yourself known to her. If you want to impress her, then talk to her. Looks mean nothing to her so don’t try to trade on them. This reversed Queen could suggest a separation or divorce. Your relationship is not going too well. A coolness has set in and there is chance she has withdrawn and is very uncommunicative. Something may have upset her leaving her bitter and angry. Her remarks will be cutting and stinging. She represents the bitterly entrenched separated or divorced woman who won’t let go or move on. She wants to take everyone down with her. She may be a bully and control freak. She cannot forgive or forget and spends much time nursing her wounds. Her aim is to stick her sword in and twist it to cause as much pain for all as possible. She will be difficult and argumentative to deal with. Her outlook is grim and fixed as her mind clouds with confusion and negativity.  She is trapped in her unhealthy mind and will make little effort to free herself. Unfortunately this reversed Queen can suggest fertility issues, miscarriages or abortions. She often represses a deep sorrow that will taint any relationship she gets involved in. Counselling may help her release the past. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No. There are serious issues here that need to be dealt with. No, she is not interested in you or prefers to be single. Does not have the makings of a healthy relationship. Yes, to encouraging her to seek help. 

I Do Hate All Those Silly Public Displays Of Romance!

King of Swords Upright

King – Could be an Air Sign; Gemini, Libra or Aquarius,  or person is displaying the personality traits of one. Along with the Star card of the Major Arcana, this King can represent Aquarius, Libra when it appears with Justice and Empress Card or Gemini when he appears with The Lovers. It will be companionship before love for this King. He suggests a mature serious professional man. He is highly educated and qualified. Articulate in his speech he is an excellent communicator but not the chatty type. He is private and very conservative. He is drawn to sophisticated and educated women who know how to behave themselves in public. He may appear older than his years. He is not the romantic type at all so his partner would need to be quite similar in personality as the relationship could be viewed as clinical by others. He is very serious but has a dark sense of humor. This King will like to rule in his relationships and will expect to be deferred to before any decisions are made. One of the important messages he carries concerns the need to exert emotional discipline. He can suggest that you seek counsel from your head rather than your heart. He also asks you to speak up if you have a problem. Someone is giving you good advice about your relationship. You should listen to them. There may also be legal issues involved. You may be seeking fairness and justice. If you have your heart set on this King you may discover that he is single not because he hasn’t found anyone yet, but rather that the chooses to be so. He can live very happily as a bachelor and enjoys his freedom. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, to meeting a mature serious intelligent man. Yes to giving serious consideration to your relationship. Yes, time to cut through to the heart of relationship issues. No to romance and courting. No to letting your head dominate your heart all the time. 

Hurting You Will Give Me Great Pleasure!

King of Swords Reversed

King Reversed – He may not be interested in you or has not noticed you yet. Something is out of balance here. There may be too much emotion clouding your thought processes or the is a total lack of feeling. We may have a bit of a bully or control freak here and in worst case scenarios it could be quite extreme and unpleasant to be around. He has impossibly high standards set for his partner and also a list of rules and regulations. He sees himself as a superior being and at times above the law. He may think you inferior to him or could it be the other way round. He can be harsh, cold and terribly cutting in his remarks. He may have had a severe upbringing and knows no better. However, he may just have a ruthless streak in him. This reversed King can also represent an absent partner or father. He can abruptly leave  a relationship with little care for the upset he causes. Unless you are like him, you will find it impossible to win any argument, and to be honest, it is best not to try. He is vicious with his tongue, his every sentence carefully constructed to cause the most damage. He is also capable of dishing out punishment for what he considers disobedience or defiant behaviour. You might feel unfairly treated or have been denied justice. You could find it difficult to assert yourself. You probably have no say in your relationship and that your opinion accounts for nothing. You may also choose to ignore good advice or heed a warning from a well-informed source. On the other hand this reversed King can highlight the diminishing cognitive functions of a once powerful mind and brain. Your partner may be mentally unwell or severely depressed. He can also suggest a weak-willed, ineffective and indecisive partner who lacks focus. You may be the decision-maker. ….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this relationship is not worth pursuing. Maybe he is not interested in you or that he sees you as being inferior to him. He may want to stay single. No, this reversed personality is not someone you want to get involved with. Yes, to getting out before it is too late.  


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