Capricorn – The Horned Goat

December 22nd – January 20th

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Capricorn for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Capricorn Symbol

Ruling Planet – Saturn

Duality or Gender – Feminine

Triplicity or Element – Earth

Quadruplicity or Quality – Cardinal

Body Areas –  Bones,  Knees, Skin, Teeth

Stones – Amethyst, turquoise

Colours – Black, dark brown, dark green, grey

Tarot Correspondences – Devil, Knight of Pentacles

Capricorns have the reputation of being severe, stubborn, dreadfully ambitious, and either very self-confident or not confident at all. To others they can often be viewed as terribly dull, boring and no fun to be around.  They are seriously ambitious and can be one-tracked where this is concerned. The Capricorn personality has a tendency to be extremely materialistic and generally this is what drives them in every aspect of life. They can become workaholics who rarely have time for silly frivolity.

Capricorns like to be successful, and will stop at nothing to achieve this.  However, not every Capricorn exhibits the same sense of self-confidence and ability, but that does not mean that the Capricorn lacking in these vital qualities will also lack in ambition. They are as ambitious and materialistic as their fellow self-confident Capricorns, but use a different approach in getting to the top. They will often look to acquire success by sneakily slipping in the backdoor or off the back of others. We will look more at this negative trait a bit later.


When it comes to affairs of the heart, the poor old Capricorn is not up there in the romantic league at all. Capricorns tend to think carefully before getting involved. They will weigh up the pros and cons, and examine their emotions constantly to see how they really feel about a certain person. They have an innate fear of rejection and will sometimes need to be coaxed into a relationship. Unlike most of the other signs where romance is concerned, there will be no lavish displays of extravagant gestures or splashing out on expensive restaurants or holidays. The Capricorn in love will be very cautious where money is concerned, and unless their partner feels the same about senseless waste, they may very well believe they are with a stingy miser.  Capricorns just don’t like throwing their money around, and will carefully guard what they have earned or own. They have to remember in relationships that sharing is important, and even the married Capricorn can still regard his or her money as their own, and feel resentful having to spend on family occasions or outings.

Capricorns are the type to have their own personal bank or savings account which no one is privy to. If their partner is staying at home to raise children, well he or she will have to come with hand out, and give a bloody good reason as to why they want x amount of money. It will be the Capricorn who battles continuously through the divorce courts over settlements and maintenance arrangements. It is the Capricorn personality who is all for prenuptial contracts, that is unless he or she is marrying into money. That of course is a very different story.

The Capricorn , like his fellow Earth sign Virgo, may not be a riot in bed, and emotions and affection may only appear in small doses. However, when they do fall in love and find a suitable partner they tend to make a long-term commitment out of it. If they do put some work into lightening up, expressing their emotions more freely, and being more easy-going about money and work, well believe it or not there often is a great sense of humour and fun buried deep down.

With regards to the Capricorn being ambitiously motivated in every area of their life,  the Negative Capricorn can be found to marry for money or status. Their single-minded attitude to career, or the material side of life, will compensate for any lack of love or intimacy in the relationship. This can cause terrible unhappiness or loneliness for the partner in the relationship. The having and getting side of the Negative Capricorn will be blinkered to any unhappiness they may be causing. It is the Negative Capricorn who will have methodically and systematically wheedled his way into the affections of the boss’s daughter.  It is the Negative Capricorn who will become palsy-walsy with her dad, to ensure promotion and extra benefits, whether earned or not.

Family and Parenting 

Nothing really changes that much when the Capricorn has a family except that they do seem to spend a bit more, and their offspring will be regularly showered with expensive gifts. The Capricorn takes the family quite seriously, but the presents and gifts are generally to offset the fact that they are very rarely around. Their obsession with work and money will leave them very little time for family pleasures. The Capricorn parent’s argument here is, that it is they, the family, he/she is working so hard to support and provide for.  The Capricorn parent will work extremely hard to provide a secure financial future and good education for their kids. The children of a Capricorn parent may often feel lacking in physical affection though.  As they grow, they can feel a sense of disconnection with their Capricorn parent regardless of the fabulous house they live in, or the private school they are attending.

Capricorns as parents can be extremely heavy-handed with their children and way too rigid. They do expect the best of their children and will put a lot of pressure on them to succeed. Capricorn personalities as we know, have difficulty in expressing their emotions and will find it hard to tell either their partner or children how much they love them, which is a shame. They need to find time for play, casual chat and a bit of a laugh with their family.  Capricorns do have a great sense of humour when they let go. A few hugs here and there will go a long way. Unless they try to bridge the gap early on, they may find their children are strangers to them when they grow up.


Where career is concerned the Capricorn is very ambitious and will have no problem starting at the bottom of the ladder, keeping their head down and carefully and cautiously make their way to the top. They epitomise the extremely successful business man who began with nothing, but now runs a massive empire. Where material wealth and possessions are concerned, enough is never enough with the ambitious Capricorn. They will work all the hours god gave them, and happily sacrifice free time and leisurely pursuits, in favour of achieving their goal.

Not known for taking risks, they will carefully examine every aspect or proposal before moving on it. They really need a guarantee that no losses will be incurred. They have no problem going out on their own, and  are very responsible and diligent where business matters are concerned. They prefer running their own shop than sharing with anyone else, for they can be very single-minded and unbending. Capricorns make excellent, managing directors, chairpersons, property managers,  heads of major empires, and also excel in politics. The self-made man or woman is the typical Capricorn.


Capricorn governs the bones, so health wise they do have a tendency for injuries or weakness in these areas.  Exercise is important to keep bones strong and joints supple. Walking or jogging is an  excellent way of staying fit and keeping the body moving. Stiffening of the joints may set in as the Capricorn ages, so it is important to maintain suppleness for as long as possible.

The teeth and skin also come under the Capricorn body areas, so regular visits to the dentist and plenty of moisturiser and sun factor are a must. Capricorns like their Fellow Earth Signs do love the outdoors and prefer the cold to the heat. They make great athletes, enjoy mountain climbing, and of course the social-climbing aspects of golf. Their desire for cooler temperatures will have them throwing windows open even in the depths of winter. The heating will be used sparingly which will be very uncomfortable for those who have to live or work with them. They do have a tendency to develop rheumatism as they get older, so all that cold in the bones is not the best thing at all.

The Older Capricorn

Capricorns don’t take too kindly to retirement and will dread the day when they are forced to give up, or hand over the reins to someone else. They never had any time for pursuing leisure activities when they were younger, so why should they now? Any leisure or social activities that they were involved in usually had a work connection of some sort, such as golf with the boss or important clients. They have a habit of attending parties, concerts, race meetings or social events purely for status, who they might meet, or who of importance might see them in attendance. There does tend to be a hidden agenda to all their activities.

If any do eventually get around to just doing for the sake of doing and personal enjoyment, they may very well be found pottering around the garden, hill walking, pottery, wood carving etc. Capricorn is also strongly associated with music, so opera and concert going are possibilities.  Even the act of simply listening to music or learning to play an instrument will be enjoyable. For the Capricorn who gets less mobile with age, reading can be a great source of entertainment.

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