Scorpio – The Scorpion

October 24th – November 22nd

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Scorpio for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)


Ruling Planet – Pluto

Duality or Gender – Feminine

Triplicity or Element – Water

Quadruplicity or Quality – Fixed

Body Areas – Sexual Organs

Stone – Opal

Colours – Maroon, dark red

Tarot Correspondence – Death, King of Cups, Other Cup Court Cards

Scorpio is considered the sexiest of the Sun Signs, but also one of the most jealous.  Scorpios have excessive mental emotional and physical energy which needs to be channeled positively in order for them to be happy and balanced.  Jealousy and suspicion have to be kept under control, otherwise they will infiltrate into every aspect of the Scorpion’s life, especially in relationships and work. Scorpios are naturally intuitive and can read a person quite quickly from first impressions. They readily and regularly pay attention to their gut feelings in situations.


When it comes to love, Scorpios are very loving and demonstrative of their feelings.   They also have quite an appetite for sex. However, their relationships can be a bit like a roller-coaster ride, and very stormy if jealousy and suspicion creep in.  They expect their partner to give as much as they get, and it can indeed be quite hard to keep up with the Scorpio in a relationship. Like Cancerians they can become quite difficult if they feel they are not been responded to. The Scorpio can let their jealousy and resentment destroy an otherwise perfectly good relationship. It is important for the Scorpio to find a sexually compatible partner, and one who has enough energy to keep up with their pace. However, it is also important for the Scorpio to allow their partner some independence and outside interests in order to keep the relationship balanced. If they continually let their old enemies, jealousy and suspicion in the door, there is bound to be trouble.  They need to learn to trust their partner and this is not always an easy task for the Scorpio.

Family and Parenting

As a parent, the Scorpio will encourage their children to work hard and keep busy. They can be a little heavy-handed when it comes to discipline, which will obviously cause problems. They need to lighten up a little and not be so hard on their kids. They have to remind themselves to have fun with their children as they can be a little too serious around them. They love their children deeply, but can get very angry and explosive if their children have the audacity to go against them, or challenge their authority. Fearing explosive outbursts, their children may keep secrets from their Scorpio parent, which can eventually lead to a lack of closeness.


Scorpios love to work and can have very successful careers. They can get overly involved though with a tendency to become workaholics. They love to work in an environment where they can use their imagination to its best.  Due to their excessive mental and physical energy they can excel in their chosen careers, and make big money in the process. Boredom however can set in, so a job of routine and repetition will leave them frustrated, and with too much pent-up energy. However, they do have an eye for detail and do very well in the police force or detective work. On the flip side they also have the makings of a successful criminal. Careers related to Scorpios other than police work are mining, engineering, wine trade, surgeons and psychiatrists.


When it comes to health, Scorpios  with their boundless energy are very sporty and enjoy exercise from an early age. They have a great love of the sea, so any sailing or water sports such as scuba diving or water skiing will interest them. Racing of any sort is another favourite, be it cars, bikes or horses. Boxing and martial arts are a great way of channelling and disciplining their natural violent and aggressive tendencies. They do have a habit of taking their sports to the extreme, and pushing themselves too far in an effort to be the best at what they do. Injuries can be quite common as a result.

The Sun Sign of Scorpio governs the genitals and gonads, so the Scorpio male should pay extra attention to these areas and have regular check-ups in relation to testicular cancer etc. Blockages, either psychological or physical are common. constipation, hemorrhoids and varicose veins can be a problem.

The Older Scorpio

Along with continuing their normal sporting activities, the Scorpio in retirement may channel his or her mental energy into studying or serving on committees or charities.  Their high sex drive in older age can gain them the reputation of being the ‘oldest swingers in town’ as they engage in inappropriate flirting and chatting-up. More time will be spent by the sea and engaging in water activities.  The retired Scorpio might re-locate to a coastal location.

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