Libra – The Scales

September 24th to October 23rd

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Libran for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Libra Symbol

Keywords – Balanced, resentful, sympathetic

Ruling Planet – Venus

Duality or Gender – Masculine

Triplicity or Element – Air

Quadruplicity or Quality – Cardinal

Body Areas – Kidneys

Stone – Sapphire

Colour – Pale blue, green, pink

Decisions, decisions, decisions, or rather indecision. Yes, Libras often have dreadful difficulty in making up their minds, which can be very frustrating for all those around them. Known as the Zodiac’s ‘fence sitters’, they often stay clear of taking sides in any issue because they just can’t make up their minds as to which side they should take.  If and when they do get around to it, the issue has more than likely been resolved by others at that stage.  Libras love life to be easy-going and peaceful, so they don’t handle problems or a crisis very well. Rather than tackle a problem or make a ‘decision’ about what they should do, they bury their head in the sand and believe that if they leave it there long enough their problem will just go away all by itself. Generally it doesn’t and friends and family of Libra are often aghast when they discover that the Libra knew of their problem for months or years before it eventually blew up in their face. Not wanting to make decisions, they prefer others to do it for them, which nicely relieves them from the responsibility of make the wrong one. If their tendency to indecision is not curbed and overcome, the Libra can miss out on many wonderful opportunities in life.

Libras, ruled by Venus, the peaceful loving planet, just wish everything could be just so.  Friends are very important in their lives, in fact all sorts of relationships are considered important. They can become overly intense in these areas. They don’t handle being on their own very well as they feel lonely very quickly. They will always have a very close ‘best friend’ they can rely on with some other less close friends not too far away as standbys.  This is not to say that they use their friends or take advantage of them. Quite the reverse in fact. They invest a lot of time and energy in maintaining good friendships and are always there when needed. Libras are kind, loyal and sympathetic. Just don’t expect them to give you advice if you need to make a big decision in your life.


Libras need to feel loved and appreciated and can often go overboard with this becoming needy and clinging.  When your Libra friend or partner gives you a present or does something special for you, a simple thanks and kiss on the cheek won’t be enough. Jumping up and down, hugs, kisses and declarations of adoration for the gift received, or deed done, is only the start of it.  Libras expect the world at large to acknowledge what a wonderful person, friend and lover they are, and how lucky everyone is to have them around.  They crave appreciation for the slightest thing they do, and can get very hurt and resentful if they don’t. They do not give without expecting to receive in return, not necessarily a gift for a gift, but what they look for is very obvious appreciation. God forgive the friend or partner who for one reason or another, forgets a Libra’s birthday or anniversary.  It will be pointless to say sorry, even if you were in hospital with your leg hanging off and couldn’t get to a shop or phone, for the damage is done and the Libra will feel slighted. You do put a lot of pressure on your friends, dear Libras. 


Librans have a habit of falling in love very easily and very often.  Libras love the idea of being in love, so going from the Like to Love stage can happen rapidly. They put their rose-tinted glasses on each time and declare they have found ‘the one’. They often mistake mild flirtation for true love. They rush into love without giving much thought as to whether they are suitable or compatible. They take people at face value but  then become bitterly disappointed and feel let down when it doesn’t work out. It may not be their partners fault for the Libra can imagine love and commitment where it does not exist. They are the personalities who a month into a new relationship, head over heels in love, start buying bridal magazines and looking at engagement rings. The Libra in love can get so hung up on the idea of having their big day, with all the trappings, pomp and ceremony, that they fail to look further down the road.

When they do find true love, the Libra is very romantic and will shower their loved one with presents, usually expensive ones. They will cook sumptuous romantic dinners, leave love notes on the pillow, and put huge effort into planning their partner’s birthday or their anniversary. They will take it personally, and fall into a sulk, if their partner fails to scream for joy and enthuse with appreciation. With the archetypal Libra, enough is never enough when it comes to been appreciated. This constant need for reassurance and appreciation can put an incredible strain on a relationship.

Family Life

Librans are fiercely committed to their family and will make a house a home, filling it with pretty things and comfortable furnishings. Their love of beauty will have them constantly purchasing new gems to add to their exquisite surroundings. However, the surroundings do not necessarily have to be extravagant, for no matter where they live they will turn it into a place of comfort and beauty. Once family life is ticking away nicely, Libras are happy and content. They can be quite laid back with their children and sometimes overly easygoing. They will frustrate their children when it comes to making decisions about whether they can go to the disco, stay overnight at their friends or go on holidays with their boyfriend, for they will never get a straight answer. When the Libra parent finally gets around to making his or her mind up, the opportunity to go out may well have long past.

On the other hand if their kids are clever and know which buttons to press, all they have to do is make a big fuss, a lot of noise and keep up constant pressure.  Libras love a quiet life and peace, so they are bound to give in eventually rather than see their babies upset. They will shower their children with lovely clothes and accessories and spend a fortune on after-school activities.


Libras have a tendency to laziness and are generally averse to physical exercise. They can quite easily take to the couch for the day with a book or watch tv, and the day after that too. They need to balance the leisure time they love so much with the need for physical exercise by forcing themselves down to the gym each week. They will of course spend considerable time purchasing expensive workout clothes, trainers, swimsuits and kit-bag. They most certainly will look the part, that is if they ever get around to stepping onto the treadmill. Procrastination can be a terrible negative trait. They will put off anything they perceive as difficult, for as long as they can, even though they have all the expensive gym gear. They will also need a gym buddy to encourage them for they will dislike going on their own. Group classes that involve a bit of socialising may be the answer. Libras have a naturally slow metabolism so if they want to lose weight, exercise is a sure-fire way of speeding up the metabolism. One of Libras shadow sides is an inner-aggression which can manifest as road rage or a sudden verbal attack on someone, so physical exercise is another way of balancing this tendency.

Funnily enough, and this may be connected to their hidden aggression, they do have a liking for martial arts. They are also fans of releasing their pent-up aggression by playing soccer and tennis.

Libras do love their food and drink, so exercise is essential I am afraid. They have a tendency to put on weight easily and a sedentary lifestyle will not help.  Balance again is needed to keep things under control. A natural sweet tooth won’t help matters either. The kidneys are governed by Libra, so any areas of health connected to the elimination of fluid and toxins should be carefully watched. Tiredness, bloating and headaches may be a sign that the kidneys are not functioning well.


When it comes to careers, the fear of loneliness and fear of making decisions steers them clear of positions where they may have to work on their own, take the lead, or be in charge. They have a love of beauty and glamour so like to work in jobs such as fashion, hairdressing, cosmetics, film or television.  However, the Libra who has a habit of taking things at face value may chase after the apparent glamorous job only to find it less than glamorous once in it. They certainly will not be in charge of running their own business unless they have someone to take care of all the hard decision-making processes behind the scenes. They work hard at establishing friendships and keeping people happy, so are good with working with the public, that is as long as there are no unpleasant scenes.  They are natural diplomats and make excellent teachers.

The Older Libran

When retirement comes for Libras they are in seventh heaven, for it means more leisure time. They will lovingly take up hobbies that don’t tax them too much. They have a natural creative flair and are drawn to photography, music, cooking and dressmaking in their leisure time or retirement.

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