Homework L1 M

  1. In what way is The Major Arcana connected to The Tree of Life?
  2. How many cards make up The Major Arcana?
  3. In what way is The Major Arcana different from The Minor Arcana?
  4. What are the Major Arcana Cards often referred to as?
  5. Which has more fixed energy and meaning, The Major or Minor?
  6. If we get a lot of Major Cards appearing in a reading what does this mean?
  7. What is best to do if several Major Cards appear in a reading?
  8. Which Outcome is easier for the querant to change – A Major or Minor Card? Why?
  9. What are the Major Arcana developed around?
  10. Who is it that takes the Journey through the Major Arcana?
  11. On The Tree of Life, from where does the Fool begin his Journey?
  12. Why is The Fool numbered 0?
  13. Which cards in The Minor Arcana is The Fool also linked to?
  14. What does The Fool carry in his Knapsack?
  15. What does the Red Feather in the Fool’s Cap symbolise?
  16. What does the White Rose in The Fool card symbolise? What do its thorns suggest?
  17. What is The Fool’s demeanour at this stage of his journey?
  18. What meaning is strongly linked to The Fool Card?
  19. Would you consider The Fool an experienced character?
  20. Would you consider The Fool stable and grounded?
  21. The Fool looks as if he is about to step off the side of a cliff. Do you think he is afraid? Explain
  22. Where is the Fool Living in this Card? Past, Present or Future? Explain
  23. Does the Fool travel alone?
  24. What does the dog symbolise in The Fool card?
  25. When is the Fool considered a ‘Fool’?
  26. Why is the Fool considered eccentric or odd sometimes?
  27. What does The Fool’s presence in a reading suggest?
  28. What does The Fool ask you to do and think?
  29. Has The Fool a well thought out plan?
  30. Is The Fool Predictable?
  31. Is it the right time to be spontaneous or take chances when The Fool is reversed?
  32. What might the Reversed Fool be heading for?
  33. Does the Reversed Fool take advice from those around him?
  34. If the Upright Fool is known to be spontaneous, trusting and ready to take a chance what might his reversed character be fearful of?
Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn
Truly Teach Me Tarot Part III

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