Six (VI) of Wands

Six (VI) of Wands – 

Yes, Success, Victory

6 of Wands Upright


Yes, Success, Victory, Triumph, Achievement, Awards, Winning, A Big Win, Riding High,  Top of Your Game, Best of the Best, Power, Having the Upper-Hand, Leadership, Stability, Strength, Enthusiasm, Go-Getter, Acknowledgments, Accolades, Praise, Acclaim, Fame, Celebrity, VIP, Recognition, Taking Centre Stage, Being in the Spotlight/Limelight, Promotion, Presentations, Leading the Way, Supporters, Fans, Crowd,  Rally, Goodwill, Compliments, Cheers, Applause, Sharing Success, Fairness, Self-Confidence, Self-Esteem, Pride, Trouble-Free, Vindication, Good News, Politician, Pr, Campaigns, Sales


Card Imagery and Description

If you were hoping to experience peace and quiet in the Six of Wands after all the din and commotion in the Five,  you will be disappointed. As we approach the scene of The Six of Wands we can hear the roar of the crowd. We appear to have arrived at an arena and on passing through the entrance gates the noise becomes almost deafening. However, this time, unlike in the Five, we feel an excitement build as the crowd seem to be exhilarated and frenzied with excitement.  What could all the fuss be about? There is an air of building anticipation as people scramble towards the front, pushing and shoving as they go.  Suddenly, we all want to follow those who are determined to secure a front row seat. Worming our way through the heaving mass as we are jostled back and forth, we finally arrive out the other side into dazzling daylight.

As we get our bearings, we find ourselves looking out over a vast open-air arena.  The grassy floor shows visible signs of recent action, with clumps of earth scattered here and there.  We now realise that we are standing beside an immense sports field or playing pitch and acknowledge that this is the battleground depicted in the Five of Wands.  However, the full-time whistle must have been blown while we were working our way through the other Fives in The Minor Arcana for the competitors, team or players have long disappeared.

In the centre of the arena, a stand has been erected and is gaily decorated with bright shiny gold and red banners, swags and bunting.  A red carpet trails back from the stand to the far side of the arena.  In front of the stand towers an impressive and elaborate podium. Stadium staff secure a microphone to the front of the podium and adjust its height before hurrying off to tape down exposed leads.   Next to the podium, decorated in the same colours of the stand, is a table on which a large gold cup is displayed. There is a flurry of activity around the stand as several important-looking officials take their positions and check that microphones are working and everything is in order.

The crowd erupt into a frenzied roar as a door opens on the far right of the arena. We strain our eyes to follow the pointing fingers of the spectators.  The roar settles into song as it is discovered that those emerging from the arena door are the brightly dressed marching band who immediately burst into action, forcing the crowd to explode in cheer once more.  The band make their way around the perimeter of the arena, looking jolly and proud to be a part of this momentous occasion.  As they pass, the crowd begin to chant. As their voices blend together, we realise that they are calling out someone’s name.

The person behind the name is who they are all waiting to see and is the cause of such incredible excitement and noise.  It must be somebody very impressive indeed, perhaps even famous. The band upon finishing a full circuit of the arena, turn and make their way to the centre, taking up a position not too far from the stand.  The music stops and the crowd fall still and silent.  Not a word is heard from anyone.  As we stand beside this excited crowd we feel mounting anticipation and our hearts begin to beat faster.  Out of the blue a drumroll begins and builds in volume as the band player hits the skin of the drum with his sticks at an incredible speed. The crowd strains forward before exploding into indecipherable roars. Somebody has seen activity at another arena door and fingers point wildly in its direction.

A man on horseback suddenly appears and all hell breaks loose as feet stamp, hands clap, whistles blow loud and clear and voices reach frenzy pitch.  We put our hands over our ears momentarily as the vibrations are intense. Below, in the near distance we see a white horse dancing and prancing as if on tippy toes towards us.  The horse is dressed in ceremonial rugs of green, gold and red.  The horse is an incredible creature of fine thoroughbred breeding.  His coat is glistening and his thick tail swishes back and forth.  He is huge and oozes power and energy as his coat twitches with excitement and health.  He might be forgiven for thinking the crowd have come especially to see him for he is indeed spectacular to behold and very much aware of his own attraction and appears to pose for the camera.  However, it is the man on his back who is the cause behind all the madness.  As the horse approaches our end of the arena we get a closer look at the rider.

The man sits tall and erect aboard his mount. Dressed in a long flowing deep orange robe, with tan leather boots and gloves, he holds his head in a proud and haughty manner.  Upon his head he wears a large laurel wreath and in his right hand grasped firmly, is his Wand.   On top of the Wand another wreath is fastened with a bright red ribbon which matches the horse’s bridle.  Wreaths symbolically represent victory and success.   The Wand being held in the right hand is a symbolic gesture of his triumph and success in the outer world, which to the Wands type, is the main focus of attention. It is not enough for him to feel it just within for he needs others to acknowledge his achievements. Loving the limelight and being centre stage he carries two wreaths to suggest that the victory is not just his but wishes to share it with those who have come to toast and celebrate his success.  The wreath on  his head suggests his own personal victory, achievement and success while the wreath on his Wand is the reward for all his loyal supporters who have helped him on his journey to this momentous day. There is no victory for one without victory for all. He knows well how to play the crowd and have them eating out of his hand.  What a brilliant PR man he is, what a natural politician.

The man’s appearance and posture suggest strength, pride and self-confidence.  Both he and the horse are dressed for show.  Even though the horse looks as if he is about to burst out of his skin at any moment, the man feels no need to hold the reins with both hands as he knows his power and influence, and in turn, the horse accepts the man as his master.  He is in full control at present but must remember that it is only because the horse is willing.  Should he choose to do so, or if he became annoyed or tired of the man at any stage, he could take off or dump him in a ditch.   At present, the horse will allow him to have his way.

Let us all acknowledge that the day belongs to the Man on horseback and it is he who everyone has come to see. After the gritty and determined battle for supremacy in the Five, a victor has emerged and he carries out his triumphant lap of honor in style.  He is savouring every moment of his success and is riding high on a sea of support from his screaming fans.  After all his hard work, physical effort and unbreakable stamina he has emerged as the winner of the games and is soaking up the sweet taste of success and victory.  Could anything be or feel better than this? As he makes his way around the arena, he stops every now and then to salute the crowd who go insane at this acknowledgment of their presence.  He has earned their full respect and admiration by rewarding them for staying with him and believing in him.  There will be many parties around the town tonight for everyone wants to celebrate his win.

He is indeed a popular guy, even to his worthy opponents who now join him on the pitch and escort him down the red carpet towards the stand.  His opponents or competitors, now cleaned and scrubbed, march behind him and to his side carrying their own Wands which they wave enthusiastically in the air.  It had been a tough game, a long tournament and many battles fought throughout. For now, their Wands are no longer battling each other. Gracious in defeat and great sportsmen, his opponents acknowledge his superiority over them by walking behind him while he is mounted. They have put aside their differences to join together in celebration for they have all gained something out of this. The experience has been priceless.   They all march to the same tune.  Each one would like to be in his position now, sitting on the victory horse, the band playing their signature tune, the crowds screaming their names but there can be only one winner in this particular game. On this occasion, it is the man sitting on horseback who has earned and claimed the much coveted prize.  His opponents will let him have his day in the sun and will stand by as he basks in the glory of his win.  They will move out-of-the-way when press reporters and photographers swamp him for interviews and photocalls for they understand that he is the only one anyone wants to see at this moment in time.  However, among all the competitors or opponents there is an unspoken understanding. Although he may be the victorious crowned champion or grand winner there will be more battles to fight in the not too distant future and the game will be up for grabs once more.

For today, he is in the spotlight and wears his laurel crown with pride. Proud and brimming over with self-confidence and self-belief he can be forgiven for acting a little smug in his success.  He must be careful not to get too cocky or arrogant with all the attention and adoration he is receiving for before he knows it, his supporters will be looking to him to see what he will do next. He is crowned champion today and there is no doubt about the importance of that, but the thing is, he now needs to hold onto his crown and title if his success is not to be fleeting. He must come down from his horse and begin to walk among his people or fans as soon as he can otherwise there is a danger of growing distant and disconnected from those who have helped him to get where he is today.  He must guard against being famous just for being famous.  He must not lose sight of his original goal.  He must show the world that he is not just a ‘one hit wonder’ but will build on and add to his success by achieving more and more.  He must deliver on any promises made. The ground is a very far way down from where he sits right now but as the saying goes “pride cometh before a fall”.  He could have a very nasty fall off his horse should he chose to ignore this gem of wisdom.

Carried away by the tidal wave of recognition and support from the world at large, he cannot afford to rest on his laurels.  As he ascends the winner’s podium to accept the Gold Cup and give his victory speech, his opponents and competitors watch and listen with great interest.  They will observe how he handles his time at the top and analyse all his champion-style strategic moves along with any mistakes he is likely to make.  They will look for chinks in his armour and while they stand listening to him waffle on, pontificating and blowing his own trumpet, will be planning their own victory speech for when the time comes for him to be knocked off his pedestal and relinquish the number one position. Those who have lost out today on the ultimate prize will work hard to improve their performance.  He will have to watch his back for it is a competitive world he lives in and many will seek to usurp him from his exalted position.  There will also be constant newcomers appearing on the horizon who will be sharper and more dynamic than he.

Although the crowd appear to give him their full backing and support, there are certain pockets and groups who may feel that he didn’t deserve to win or that possibly he used unfair tactics.  We cannot see his full face and his eyes are averted from us so it is hard to determine whether this man is concealing anything.  Maybe he cannot look us in the eye?  Who knows what he did or didn’t do to reach such heights.  Then again there are others who may just have had their own favourites and are disappointed with the result.  All’s fair in love and war and if he can’t stand the heat then he should stay out of the kitchen. The world and time move on very fast and today’s news becomes ancient history awfully fast.  In the world he moves and shakes in, he will only ever be as good as his last hit, success or win.

For the moment, things indeed have worked out nicely for him. He has achieved what he set out to do and feels exhilarated. He has been chomping at the bitt ever since off in the Ace and now his efforts have been rewarded. He has proved his worth and shown everyone his skill and ability.  He has the world at his feet and hopefully will remember this day as one of the highlights of his life or career and not just think of it as his due. Tomorrow however, is another day.


Yes, Yes, Yes and Yes.  The answer is Yes.  Success is yours. You have won. When the Six of Wands appears in a spread it suggests Victory in whatever it is you are pursuing or fighting for.  However, it will only be as a result of hard work, stamina, tenacity and strong determination on your part.  If you are prepared to put in the effort then you shall be rewarded well.  There is no need to battle anymore and it is time to start building for the future.

The Six of Wands appearing can suggest a time in life when you eventually receive the praise and acknowledgement you have rightly earned.  You have beaten the rest and are declared The Best.  Top of your Game and Top of the Class, you have walked away with first prize. The Cup is yours and Awards may be forthcoming.  There may even be a bit of fame on the way for you.  You could get your name in the papers (for all the right reasons), appear on television or radio and even have people asking for your autograph.   Accept the applause and all the compliments that go with it but don’t become a one-hit wonder and don’t get too cocky or arrogant under this influence. Those who put you up there will also delight in bringing you down.  Come down to earth as soon as possible. There is still much for you to achieve and a lot more work to do. Staying at the top can be quite tough. However, now is a time to hold your head up high and feel extremely proud of all you have achieved.

The Six of Wands appearing in a Reading suggests that you are extremely passionate about a certain area of your life right now. You may be putting all your effort into this area. You should be feeling very confident and self-esteem is on the rise.  You have enough self-belief in yourself to convince others of your goals and ambitions.  The skies are clear suggesting a trouble-free time ahead.  You are being given the ‘thumbs up’ to forge ahead with your plans, for success is just within your grasp.

When the Six of Wands appears, you may be displaying strong leadership abilities. Your relentless enthusiasm, motivation and drive could be inspiring others to get on board with you.  Any differences or struggles you had with others in winning them over to your way of thinking or acting will dissipate as you convince them of your abilities and that you have their best interests at heart. You will find that people now wish to work with you instead of against you because by helping you realise your goal, ultimately assists them with theirs.  Everyone benefits from the situation by sharing and supporting each other.  However, there is very much a definite Leader or one who is in charge in this situation and make no mistake, that person, one way or another,  is controlling the outcome each time.  It very much depends on who you identify with in the imagery of the Six of Wands.

If you are the one on horseback then you have the upper hand on everyone and must be fair in all your dealings with those who follow your lead.  They look to you for inspiration, motivation and guidance and are happy to do your bidding once they are benefiting from the situation. You are watched closely by them and indeed are looked up to and even put on a pedestal.  Should you fail or betray them, your most staunch supporters can turn into the worst of enemies.  Make sure that you deliver on anything you have promised or given your word on in order to maintain support. The continued goodwill of your supporters may depend on this. The Six of Wands can also suggest that you are being called on to the lead the way in a certain situation.  If so, then don’t hesitate or doubt your abilities for you have what it takes to overcome any challenges that may come your way.  You have been selected because of your strong qualities and unbreakable spirit.  Others believe in you so get out there and show them you can do it.

If you are one of the crowd following behind, the Upright Six of Wands, suggests you are happy to do this.  Maybe, you would feel uncomfortable in a leadership role and prefer others to make those important decisions that would terribly stress you. You rely on them to pave the way and will help them in their success because you get nicely rewarded too.  It is a balanced situation all round and one that all are happy to be involved in.  Sharing and rewarding is key here.

If you have being involved in an ongoing battle or Court Case, the Six of Wands in the Near Future or Outcome Position indicates that there will be a successful outcome in your favour.  You could have thrown the towel in ages ago but you had the relentless determination of a terrier. If you have been accused in the wrong then the scales of justice will be balanced. You will be fully vindicated and can hold you head high once more.  This Card also represents the long-awaited messenger riding into camp who has ridden for days with  important information for someone. Good news may be on the way for you.

In a Relationship Reading, The Six of Wands suggests a successful relationship where both partners have similar goals and are go-getters. Generally, the couple involved would be naturally competitive but not with each other.  They support and celebrate each other’s successes confident that each excel in their own area.  There is nothing that this couple  cannot achieve once they put their minds to it.  In the Six of Wands, one may adopt the role of leader in the relationship but the other is happy to follow. However, you must ask yourself, who wears the pants in your relationship? Which of you feels superior to the other and why? Which one of you expects the other to dance to their tune? Do you put your partner on a pedestal? As a couple, any difficulties you may have experienced in the Five are now resolved and you can move forward. All sides, as in friends and family give their firm support to your relationship and are happy for you.

In a Career Reading the Six of Wands obviously suggests success and victory. Yes, you will get that job or promotion for you have come out on top and beaten the stiff competition. A successful career in sales is often represented by the Six of Wands. If you are a leader of a team working on a project that will be pitched against others, then success is indicated once you are prepared and have put in the necessary work. If accepting any awards, make sure that you give credit to all those who have helped you achieve this success for you did not get here single-handedly.  The same advice applies if you are involved in politics. The Six of Wands can represent a successful political campaign and rise to power.  Remember, that you got there by making promises and outlining plans for the beneficial future of your constituents.  Don’t let the power go to your head.  You have a job to do and everyone  has mentally or physically recorded any pledges you made.  They are responsible for putting you on top but will take you down should you fail or disappoint them.

In Business, all the hard work and effort have paid off as you begin to reap the rewards and acknowledgment.  Your business may be gaining a lot of public attention or you could be receiving endorsements from celebrities or people in high places.  Everyone wants a bit of you right now as you become ‘flavour of the month’. It is important not to grow arrogant or become unapproachable to the ordinary man or woman on the street.  Having an inflated opinion of yourself or your business could be your eventual downfall.  Touch base with the shop floor and shop worker regularly to ensure everyone is happy with their work and environment. Keep your eyes open and ear to the ground for the competition gets closer every day.

As an Entrepeneur, you are bound to be dynamic and extremely ambitious. Your modern, forward thinking and creative vision will turn the heads of many and inspire those in position of power to promote and aid your meteoric rise.  Banks and sponsors will be easily convinced by your powerful presentation and be eager to invest.  Remember, the hard work is only beginning and those who have invested in you will be looking a bountiful return.

You or someone you work with, or work for, is a powerful influence on staff, motivating and encouraging all those around. Long awaited good news regarding a career move may be on the Cards. A career in the equestrian or bloodstock industry may be suggested as the imagery can represent a show jumper or jockey being led around the parade ring or winners enclosure. If involved in any career involving sport, then it is a very positive card to appear in your Reading.

The Six of Wands is a wonderful and positive Card to appear in any Reading and always welcomed.  However, you will have noticed that for every success and clap on the back indicated in the above interpretation, it is backed up with a subtle and sometimes not so subtle warning.  If not careful, success and recognition can result in excess pride and an over-inflated ego which are both very ugly to behold. People who have a high and mighty opinion of themself, usually look down on others and can be quite demeaning in their attitude. They can easily lose sight of their goal or ideals.   If this trait is not guarded against, then any success gained will either be short-lived or unpopular with others.  You could end up in danger of isolating yourself from family and friends along with losing the support of your backers.  This trait will be explored in more depth in the Reversed Six of Wands.



6 of Wands Reversed


No, Failure, Losing, Lack of Success, Wishing for Success,  Fame Crazy, Delays, Setbacks,  Bad Luck, Frustration, Impatience, Lack of Leadership, A Follower, Stronger Competitors, Lack of Confidence/Self-Esteem, Pride Comes Before a Fall, Coming Down to Earth, Weakness, Following the Pack, Demotion, Resting on Your Laurels, No Staying Power, Anti-Climax, One Hit Wonder, Disappointing,  Broken Promises, Bad Service, Un-supportive, Smug, Cocky, Over-Inflated Ego, Arrogance, Diva, All Show, Flirt, False, Disloyal, Betrayal, Unfaithfulness, Treachery, Deceit, Hunted, Caution, Self-Reliance, Disgraced, Unwelcome News, Lost/Stolen Post, A Fall , The Mob, Running with The Hare and Hunting with the Hound,  Turncoat, 

A possible No, but when the Six of Wands Reverses, it can still suggest success but it may not come as quick as expected or be as wonderful as  anticipated. There may be some loose ends to tie up as a result of the Five and even though you are bound to be frustrated and irritated by these tedious delays, it is a sign that the time is not quite right.  Impatience and forcing situations will only trigger further delays or the whole thing might blow up in your face.  Try to calm down and let things fall into place of their own accord.  Delays in getting to the finishing line can leave you exhausted and frustrated but success is on the way, so it would be a pity to give up at this stage.  Keep up the hard work and momentum. Check for areas that you are neglecting in favour of others.  You may be putting too much energy in the wrong direction. Step back and see how you can strike a better balance.

The Six of Wands Reversed can also suggest that even though you have been victorious in a situation it may only be temporary. This can often be as result of resting on your laurels and getting laid back and complacent with your win.  You have had your fifteen minutes of fame but now it is over. You might come back down to earth with a loud bang and feel at a loss for what to do.  You have failed to follow through on your success and may have lost the support of those who have been loyal to you throughout.  On the other hand those you thought of as allies and friendly to your face may have been secretly jealous of you all along. They might delight in your bad luck or have been instrumental in bringing you down.  You might be in for a shock as you uncover deceit or betrayal.  You may have been listening to bad advice from those you trusted. Now is not the time to turn to others for you must look to yourself. Be very careful in who you confide or trust in.

When the Six of Wands appears Reversed, there may be a situation of success but that it has not being fairly won or that it was earned off the back of others.  The credit for success may lie with another who is not acknowledged.  The person may be able to fool others into thinking that they are solely responsible for any success but deep down will know that they are not entitled to claim it as their own.  This can come down to intellectual theft as in breaching copyright rules, stealing another’s idea or changing names on documents. Doping of athletes or horses, throwing a game or taking bribes may be another form of unfair practices. Winning at all costs.

Pride comes before a fall. You or someone you know has been toppled off their pedestal.  You probably had this coming to you anyway, but might experience dreadful disloyalty and feel terribly disillusioned as supporters swap camps. The were bound to have been warning signs that you either ignored or couldn’t see from the heights you were sitting on.  Treachery and underhand behaviour may have been afoot.  Your people, fans, workers or supporters may have switched allegiance to the enemy/competitors or were working for them all along. When the chips are down you may realise that you had no friends in the first place.

However, people may have had enough of your cockiness or your smug and superior attitude to them.  Your daily arrogance and over-inflated ego might have caused them to drift away.  Just because you think you are God, doesn’t mean that everyone else will and you cannot expect people to put up with your self-centred attitude indefinitely. Instead of praising you as they did in the past, they may now be found running you down or bad mouthing you at every opportunity. You must ask yourself how this has come about? What have you done or not done? Have you kept all your promises and delivered on time? People have abandoned you for a reason so come down from your high horse and have a good look around and think about your role or responsibility in this.

Unfortunately, the Six of Wands Reversed can simply symbolise failure: you will not win, you will not succeed, your efforts are not good enough.  Look to the surrounding Cards in the Reading to support this unhappy scenario.  There may be reasons or constructive advice in surrounding cards that could help Upright this Six again so don’t go straight for the doom and gloom option.  If there is failure, then a lack of confidence and poor leadership abilities along with failing to motivate and calm the chaos of the Five may be responsible. Perhaps you have been discovered as an ineffectual leader. It might be time to admit this and hand the role over to someone more capable. You may be far more comfortable and successful taking a back seat or working behind the scenes rather than up front.

The Six of Wands Reversed can suggest low confidence, low self-esteem and lack of self-belief.  You might dream of success but are too insecure in yourself to go and get it. You might believe that success is something that only happens to others. You might take an instant dislike to those who have made it. Picking them apart and running them down is your answer to getting even or perhaps makes you feel better about your own shortcomings.  You might easily have the capabilities but shirk any situation that asks you to take that extra step for you fear the responsibility of success and the demands it might make on your life.  You may also have a fear of failure. This could find you shying away from any opportunities that require you to be in charge or take the lead. If this is the case, then be happy for those who are successful, like to lead and for those who are ambitious.  We cannot all be leaders. Leaders rely strongly on their followers or those who work for them.  They cannot do it all and everyone has an important role to play.  Neither do we all have to achieve public acclaim in our lives to be or feel successful.  We all have our own idea and understanding of personal success so it can be wide and varied.

The sad thing is that The Six of Wands Reversed can also highlight the ambitious, hard-working and relentless person who strives so hard for success but it always eludes them.  Trying too hard may be the psychological block responsible for their constant failure.  Watching X-Factor auditions regularly highlights this situation. Year after year the same hopefuls return to give it their all in front of the panel of judges. They bleet their little hearts out, turn cartwheels on the stage and wear crazy clothes in the hope of catching the judge’s attention or imagination.  They scream down the microphones to showcase their wonderful strong voices after telling the interviewers outside how they have always wanted to be famous, a singer or a dancer since they were a baby and they will just die if they don’t.  The panel of judges stop them after 10 seconds with a loud “No”. The contestant begs for another chance and promises he or she will impress them if they can be allowed another minute.  Unfortunately, it is over and they are told to leave.  In floods of tears they throw themselves into the arms of waiting friends outside and blame the judges for not having a clue about talent.   While all this is going on, another contestant saunters in and onto the stage in a simple dress before quietly singing into the microphone.  She is immediately given the ‘thumbs up’ by the panel.

Life can feel so unfair when we can’t get what we want.  We look at successful people and call them “lucky”.  We are told that if we work hard we can get anything we want but behind every successful person or situation there is an element of luck. Being in the right place at the right time can be all that it takes for some people to become instant successes.  Take for instance the young girl or guy who is out shopping for shoes or jeans when they just happen to walk into a shop where a talent scout for a top model agency is purchasing some items of clothing. The talent scout takes one look at the young girl or guy and instantly recognises their incredible potential.  The talent Scout approaches and tells them that they have what it takes to become the next big thing on the catwalk before handing them his business card.  Simple as that, their life takes off and before you know it they are in every magazine and being talked or tweeted about everywhere you go. For every one of these lucky people there are hundreds of thousands of hopefuls who bang on doors, harass agents to take them on, carry their portfolios around with them everywhere, just in case the bump into someone important.  Some who persist will eventually succeed but many will not no matter how hard they try.  Oh life can be so unfair when we want something so bad.

The Six of Wands Reversed can sometimes suggest that you are easily led and impressed by others.  Gullible and easily manipulated, there can be the tendency to follow the pack.  You do not rely on your own judgement or opinion and can believe anything you’re told by others.  You will readily pass on the information if there is anything of gossip or scandal in it. However, you will be quick to point out that the news came from someone else and you are simply repeating what you have been told.  There is often a lack of independent thinking and initiative.  Never wanting to take responsibility for anything, you can be quick to point the finger of blame at those who do but then make mistakes.  You may also be unreliable and like to “run with the hare and hunt with the hound” as it suit your needs. You or someone you know may be considered a turncoat by those around you.  In the extreme, a ‘mob mentality’ can be present. If you are involved in this then there is a good chance you have no idea what the nature of ‘The Cause is’ or whether it is justified. Without hard facts in your hand you just jump in to be part of the action.  People can get hurt, reputations destroyed and lives ruined. You do not have to be a part of this.  Stand aside and sail your own ship.

If relationship related, then the Six of Wands Reversed can suggest that your career may be more important than your relationship. With the reversal comes imbalance.  The content and happy arrangement of the Upright Six disappears and a partner can feel disgruntled with the other.  An unhealthy competitive atmosphere can enter the relationship with each one trying to score one over the other.  It can be simple little things such as deliberately staying out late with the girls just because he did the same with his friends last week when he was supposed to come home early. Then again it might get more intense. This Reversed Six can also suggest that one partner is more successful in their career than the other.

With the Six of Wands Reversed, there is the danger of one partner feeling subservient to the other in the relationship. They may have fallen into a situation of constantly having to defer to the other in all matters or feeling obliged to bow to the views and wishes of the other.  In the Upright, this arrangement can suit a couple but in the Reverse it is bound to be causing trouble. The dominant partner will be quite forceful and controlling within the relationship.

The Reversed Six of Wands points to weakness in a relationship and often the break of trust. After the conflict of the Five, great effort may have been put in to saving the relationship or marriage.  Any promises made to change behaviour or attitude were probably undertaken with good intentions. However, it is highly likely that they have not been sustained.  There is an inability with one or both partners to follow through on any pledges made. The relationship was probably very successful in the early days and possibly taken for granted.  Lack of effort to maintain its success and weakness on either or both sides is responsible for its failure.

Depending on surrounding Cards, The Six of Wands Reversed in a Relationship Spread can highlight betrayal or disloyalty. Look for the Seven of Swords, The Three of Cups Reversed, A Court Card that does not represent you or The Moon highlighting secrecy, deceit and lies.  The wonderful partner you thought you had topples painfully from the pedestal you put them on as you uncover infidelity or unfaithfulness. The third person is bound to be someone in your circle of close friends making the treachery even more shocking and upsetting.  On the other hand it may be you who has strayed. This will send both of you back into the Five of Wands and the battle is bound to get dirty this time round. Separation or divorce may follow if no real effort is put in to save the relationship. The Lovers, Card (VI) in the Major Arcana have lost their balance and ability to communicate. Instead of pulling together they now pull apart

If searching for love, then the appearance of the Six of Wands Reversed can highlight your lack of success due to poor effort being put in or that you keep going for the wrong type.  You need to work out why you are failing in this area.  Are you possibly putting your career ahead of finding love? Surrounding cards should give some hints.  Then again, the Reversed Six of Wands, if representing a possible suitor, can suggest  a show-off. This person will be all show and give the appearance of being a leader or successful to impress those around him or her.  He or she more than likely loves to flirt and is very much aware of themself.  They don’t really want a one to one singular relationship for they prefer to have several adoring fans chasing them about.  Most often, on close inspection, they have nothing to offer.

In relation to Career, The Six of Wands Reversed can suggest lack of success, as in losing a job or promotion to another.  The information brought by this messenger on horseback may contain disappointing news regarding a job offer. The news may also be of demotion.  Your competitors have the upper hand and you need to find out why.  It could be that your lack of confidence and belief in yourself has let a golden opportunity slip through your fingers. “He who dares wins” is lost on you as your opponent or enemy scoops the prize. Fear at the last jump or hurdle may expose your weakness and lack of courage to potential employers or sponsors.

You may dangerously oversell yourself for a position and then not be able to follow through. Employees or those under you may be disloyal or un-supportive. You must also question how you handle those staff that are under you? Have they got good reason to turn against you? Do you have to bribe people in order to gain their support?

If in business, then you need to get down to the shop floor immediately because something is wrong. Workers may be disgruntled or planning to strike.  Have you been looking after your staff well? Did they get the last pay rise you promised them? Are you a man or woman or your word? Can your staff trust you to act in their interest? Your business may be going downhill and you need to get your staff on your side if there is any chance of recovery.  You need to go back to the Five of Wands and get the team back on your side and working together again. This will probably involve listening to everyone’s personal grievances.

Competitors may be closing in and possibly undercutting you. You might be getting terrible reviews. Check to see if your customers are happy with the level of service they get as you may be losing them for that reason and not because you are dearer than the rest.  This Reversed Six often highlights poor service in business so check this out.  You may need to do a complete overhaul of your business.  Weed out slackers and reward those who work hard and take pride in being a member of staff.  You also must watch what your competitors are doing as you cannot rely on your early or original success to carry you through in this climate of recession.

The Six of Cups Reversed can represent the loss of balance that precipitates a fall.  The fall may be of any kind. A fall from grace, a fall from power and position, a fall from wealth and success, a fall from fame or just a plain and simple fall on the ground.  Falls from horses are particularly relevant.

“You are no good, you will never succeed, you are a failure”.  If you have been fed this demeaning and derogatory line since childhood or in a relationship then you may very well start to believe it.  Conditioning has you expecting to fail at everything you turn your hand to regardless of what you say or think.  If this is the case, you may need to do some serious work on Personal Development and possibly seek professional help. Look for Reversed Pages or Reversed Court Cards, especially of the Swords Suit for possible explanations.

If you are sending or waiting for an important package in the post then it may get lost or delayed when the Six of Wands Reversed appears.  It can also get waylaid en-route so make sure to register it and use only trustworthy couriers.

* Next time we visit the Wands in Card Seven we shall see if they are still riding high with their recent success or has the horse bolted for the nearest exit leaving the Wand’s Man face down in the dirt? Will he manage to keep his large fan base? Will he still be “The Toast of The Town”? It remains to be seen if the Wands can maintain this heady level of success and energetic pace while keeping everyone happy at the same time. It’s going to be tough at the top for sure!

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