Truly Teach Me Tarot – Tarot Card Worksheet 

The Worksheet process below, is essentially a brainstorming exercise to facilitate the Student to identify with the individual Cards on a personal basis.  In class the Students place a Card on a large sheet of paper and write various Headings around the card.  Then they list the details they see in the imagery. Some students muse on these details in this section or leave it for other sections.  The Headings act as triggers in your subconscious so that you begin to ask questions of the imagery instead of just staring at it.  This is similar to the difference between walking meaninglessly through an art gallery and actually stopping to study each painting on the wall.

The Imagery will speak to you if you give it enough time. Some of the Tarot Cards you study will be very easy to interpret as the imagery will be straight forward, leaving very little for your imagination to come up with.  However, even these so-called ‘simple cards’ have a lot more to offer once you begin to study them a little further.  Some of the Cards will feel extremely personal, as if the artist, Pamela Colman-Smith drew them especially for you. Even so, you must aim to find more associated meanings and concepts in order to avoid becoming one-sided in your Readings.  The Card may appear to tell your exact story, but believe me, there is never just one story going on in any of The Tarot Cards.  Just like in a Soap Opera when the camera focuses its attention on a certain character or characters in the local cafe for instance, we are seeing and hearing their story, but on the periphery are the other characters, all with their own story going on in the background. One Soap Opera or Tarot Card, but several stories within.  Obviously many of the Cards will require a lot more work and personal input, but look upon it as a challenge rather than a hardship. If you have never had an interest in art before, you certainly will once you have completed Worksheets for all the Cards. You will see and appreciate art in a whole new light.

If you do not wish to use individual sheets with random headings scribbled here and there, it is quite alright, and obviously more orderly to list them as below. For Examples of how to use The Worksheet below please click on here

Place Tarot Card Here 

(Describe what you see in the Imagery)

Do the Images Stir Any Memories/Associations?

What Feelings Are Coming Across?

Are There Joys/Smiles?  Fears/Tears?


What Happened? (if imagery has triggered a personal memory)




With Who?

How? (Details)

What did You Learn from this Experience?

What Has this Card got to Teach You?

What Connections Are You Making Regarding Possible Meanings?


Sample Worksheets

The Collective Unconscious    Dreams & Symbols   The Subconscious & Tarot    Psychic Protection & Chakras    Homework Lesson 1 & 2

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  1. Hello Vivien, thanks a lot for the wonderful course! I was wondering if you could provide an example of this worksheet being filled in? I find some questions a little confusing in there. For example – Connections? Thank you!


    • Hi Lena,

      Thank you for your lovely comments. Yes, I completely understand and I will do up an example worksheet for you later on today. I will post it so that all can see. At present I am doing a lot of writing on this course, hours and hours a day and am aware that there is so much more I want to do. The course is already monumental but that is what I want. Like Tarot itself, it will be evolving over time and therefore it will never be finished but I want to provide as much information for people as possible so that they can take whatever it is they want from it. I think there will be something for everyone.

      I am off now for a trigger therapy massage and reflexology as I have chronic neck and back problems along with TMJ. When I get back I will do up a sample worksheet for you.


      Vivien (your Tarot Teacher)


    • Hi Lena,

      Hope you have had a chance to look at the Sample Worksheets I uploaded last week. I trust you find them of some use to you and help you better understand how the Worksheets work.


      Vivien (your tarot teacher)


  2. Just to say im learning so much from you, everything you say makes sense (others that ive tried to learn from go straight in one ear out the other)…anyway, im loving learning thank you sooo much


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