The Archetypal Empress – Relationships, Love & Sex PDF

Over 100 Pages of In-Depth Exploration Of The Archetypal Empress’ Approach To Relationships, Romance, Love, Sex, Marriage, Pregnancy & Motherhood. Covering Both Upright & Reversed Aspects Of Her Personality, We Meet The Mature Woman, Earth Goddess & Mother Nature To Discover Who She Is & How She Influences Our Lives On Both Positive & Negative Levels

Image Source: Arboreleza/Shutterstock.comArboreleza/ - Mother Nature


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Please Note – There is an Extract of The Upright part of this is available to view on site until further notice. The PDF Version includes additional Upright Interpretations and Full Reversed Analysis.

***Please Note – When viewing PDF files via mobile devices, the Table of Contents Links will not operate on most PDF Viewers. However, there are a few that do. I have found Polaris Office Viewer 5, will facilitate full link response. If possible open the PDF with this App, or one similar when viewing mobile devices. Table of Contents Links are fully functional on Laptop and Desktop Devices. 

The Wands’s Encyclopedias of Relationships, Love & Sex Series will remain at the introductory Special Offer of €3.99 Per Installment. Work will soon recommence on the next card in this series (Six of Wands already underway). Published Downloads, Part I & II of this Wands Series are available to purchase on the Publications Page Here. Part 3a (Five of Wands Upright & Reversed In This Series) is available to view online free of charge and can be found Here. Once Part 3b is published the full PDF will be available to purchase.



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Publications Page

The Empress

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