Homework L2M

  1. Who does The Fool first encounter on his journey?
  2. What type of energy is The Magician? Masculine/Feminine
  3. Who is his feminine counterpart?
  4. There are two masculine archetypes in the Major Arcana.  The Magician is one.  Who is the other?
  5. What will The Magician teach the Fool on his journey?
  6. The Magician holds a wand to the sky and points to the earth with his other hand.  What does this symbolise?
  7. What has The Magician the ability to do?
  8. Does the power The Magician possess come from him or through him?
  9. Would it be fair to say that The Magician makes things happen?
  10. How does he achieve his goals?
  11. What do the items on the table in The Magician card represent?
  12. What can The Magician access from each item?
  13. What it The Magician a Master of?
  14. How many sides are there to The Magician?
  15. The Magician will help you achieve your goals but what must you have in place first?
  16. In what way is The Magician Inspirational?
  17. How knowledgeable is The Magician?
  18. Does The Magician stand for success?
  19. How confident is The Magician?
  20. As The Magician what must you guard against? What must you remember?
  21. Why are you advised to look deep and closer at your situation when The Magician appears?
  22. What can the reversed Magician often suggest?
  23. Do you have the right tools or a workable plan when The Magician appears reversed?
  24. If you are trying to promote a new product or seeking advancement in your career what does The reversed Magician suggest?
  25. How sinister can the reversed Magician become?
  26. How does the reversed Magician in his most negative aspect use his power?
  27. Would you trust the reversed Magician in his most negative aspect? Could he be potentially dangerous or violent?
  28. Along with The High Priestess, who is the other feminine archetype of The Major Arcana?
  29. The High Priestess holds a scroll in her hand.  What does it symbolise?
  30. Who is The High Priestess’s masculine counterpart?
  31. Which world does the High Priestess reside in?  The Conscious or Unconsicous?
  32. What does the pool of water behind the veil represent in The High Priestess?
  33. Is the High Priestess a card for action?
  34. Is the High Priestess good at keeping a secret?
  35. What does The High Priestess ask you to pay attention to?
  36. Why can The High Priestess be difficult to interpret in a reading?
  37. What does The High Priestess suggest you do at present?
  38. Does The High Priestess like to be alone? Does she like privacy?
  39. Where do you have to dig when The High Priestess appears in a reading?
  40. Where do the answers lie when The High Priestess appears?
  41. Why does mystery surround The High Priestess?
  42. Why is The High Priestess associated with fertility and women’s cycles?
  43. Is it possible to get very close to The High Priestess and really know her?
  44. What do the seeds on the veil in The High Priestess symbolise? How can you relate this to your life or the querant?
  45. Would you turn to The High Priestess for advice or counselling?
  46. Which Sun Sign might The High Priestess represent?  What other cards are needed?
  47. What does the Reversed High Priestess suggest you are not listening to?
  48. If The High Priestess can suggest in-action and retreat, what might The Reversed High Priestess
  49. Suggest?
  50. What do the two pillars in The High Priestess symbolise?
  51. Who might you be avoiding when The High Priestess appears reversed?
  52. Are you utilising your talents and abilities when The High Priestess appears reversed?
  53. How might The Reversed High Priestess affect relationships?
  54. If The Reversed High Priestess suggests a lack of balance between the feminine/masculine how might this be manifesting in the querant? Discuss both aspects.
  55. The Upright High Priestess is known for her wisdom and depth of knowledge.  When she reverses what might she be known for?
  56. The Upright High Priestess is seen as holy and spiritual.  When she reverses, what might she be seen as?
  57. The Upright High Priestess is known to be psychic and mystical.  When she reverses, what might she be known for?
  58. Along with the Hanged Man and Page of Cups who might The High Priestess represent?
  59. The symbol on the shield in The Empress card represents what planet?
  60. What else does this symbol typically represent?
  61. Which Sun Sign might The Empress represent?
  62. If The Queen of Pentacles is found with The Empress which Sun Sign does she strongly suggest?
  63. Which two powerful forces does The Empress connect on The Kabbalistic Tree of Life?
  64. Which other cards is The Empress linked with by numerical association?
  65. What can The Empress provide The Fool with?
  66. There are two female archetypes in The Major Arcana.  The Empress is one.  Which card is the second?
  67. What archetypal role does the Empress play?
  68. How does The Empress experience life?
  69. What will The Empress teach The Fool if he is her son/daughter?
  70. What might The Empress find it hard to do?
  71. What does the three tiered crown on The Empress card symbolise?
  72. Give five alternative names for The Empress.
  73. Which aspect of The Triple Goddess is The Empress representing? Maiden, Mother or Crone
  74. Which Planet rules The Empress?  Where in the Card is the Planet symbolised?
  75. Which Season does she represent? Why?
  76. What is The Empress responsible for?
  77. How does The Empress feel about herself?
  78. Does The Empress like to spoil and pamper herself?
  79. Do you consider The Empress earthy and sensual or cold and aloof?
  80. What is The Empress’s view on children?
  81. Where is The Empress most happy?
  82. How does The Empress like to live her life?
  83. Would you consider The Empress to be naturally ‘green fingered’ ?
  84. Where does The Empress like to spend a lot of time?
  85. What or who does The Empress like to surround herself with?
  86. Do you consider The Empress easy going or uptight?
  87. Where does The Empress prefer to live?
  88. Is The Empress a good hostess? Would she make guests feel at home?
  89. How is The Empress often depicted in other cards? What do these depictions suggest?
  90. If The Empress is found in a spread that also has the surrounding cards of the 9 of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, 3 of Cups and any of The Pages what might this strongly suggest?
  91. What do the Ripe Pomegranates on The Empress’s gown suggest?
  92. What is in the imagery of The Empress card that suggests abundance, growth and fertility?
  93. What sort of household does the Empress provide for her family?
  94. Is The Empress Talented?  What might she be good at?
  95. Where does The Empress prefer to work?
  96. What careers might suit The Empress?
  97. Does the appearance of The Empress in a reading make you feel insecure or unstable?
  98. What sort of Mother would The Upright Empress make?
  99. Do you think that The Empress looks healthy in this card?  Why?
  100. When The Empress Reverses, what might happen to her normal upright disposition?
  101. If The Upright Empress suggests growth and abundance, what might the Reversed Empress suggest?
  102. Is it the right time to move forward with ideas and plans when The Empress appears reversed?
  103. On the home front, what might The Reversed Empress suggest?
  104. Is The Reversed Empress a good housekeeper?
  105. As a mother, how might The Reversed Empress behave?
  106. Do you think that The Reversed Empress has the capacity to ‘let herself go and be disinterested in her appearance?
  107. In The Upright Empress everything flourishes what is the negative aspect of this in The Reversed Empress?
  108. How might hormones be affected The Reversed Empress?
  109. How creative is The Reversed Empress?
  110. Is The Empress a woman who would be considered ‘frigid’ or ‘ice queen’ like?
  111. What does the Empress bring to a relationship?
Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn
Truly Teach Me Tarot Part III


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