Archetypal Empress In Love – Short Version

Mini Version – Empress Upright & Reversed


The Empress in Tarot is connected to Venus. Venus is the planet of love, fertility, peace, harmony, grace, charm, beauty and self-worth. It is also the planet for romance, sex, seduction, finances, luxury and the arts. Venus is the planet of attraction and relationships helping us form loving bonds or attachments to others. Because it also connects with the financially influenced and materialistic Taurus, it deals with the relationships we form with our possessions and where we place value.

The Important Woman In Your Life

The Empress represents an important woman in your life; your partner or spouse. The woman you are in pursuit of or are attracted to, the love of your life; The Empress can represent a powerful strong and vibrant woman who is exerting a positive influence in your life. She is a natural healer, so a relationship with this person could bring about many positive changes in you; This woman is a key figure in your life but could also suggest a mother figure who is influencing your relationship or outlook; A happy, friendly and charming woman. She is caring considerate, genuinely loving and down to earth. She offers loyalty, commitment and faithfulness. She gives love freely with no expectations or hidden agendas. If this Empress has come into your life or is open to entering a relationship with you, you should consider yourself very lucky indeed; A natural nurturer and carer, she may possess a strong mothering personality which will surface in her relationship. She often likes to mother her partner; A Natural beauty, she is attractive on many levels and could be very popular. People are drawn to her because of her endearing qualities. She suggests you be yourself, wear no false façades or pretences when seeking a loving relationship. People like you for who you are. Don’t go trying to change things.

A Genuine Relationship/ Great Potential

The Empress suggests a ‘real relationship’, one where both partners are committed and know where they stand with each other. They feel safe in making plans together for today, tomorrow, next week and far off into the future. She is not passing through and is not looking for anyone who is. She intends staying around and hopes you want the same; There is the potential for a deep meaningful relationship here. There is an interest in long-term commitment, marriage and settling down; You seek success in your relationship and are ready to give your all to secure it; You are looking for a happy and stable relationship; This is the genuine article, the real deal, and what you have been looking for; You have struck gold;  If you are seeking a loving, committed and long-term relationship, The Empress promises to deliver in this regard; The Empress can suggest the relationship you are in or pursuing has the potential to go all the way and it could end in marriage; Positive growth in a relationship as it matures.  It is safe to move it forward. You are on the right track. It feels good, it feels right; Your relationship is progressing nicely and has moved past the initial courting stage into something more solid;  The Empress typically has an interest in settling down, getting married and starting a family. If that is what you are looking for, her appearance in your reading confirms you are both looking for the same thing.

Relationship Still Incubating

Love blossoms for you, but The Empress could suggest the relationship is still fragile, not yet fully formed. It is still incubating, and patience is needed before the desired outcome can be fully realised. It is still in its tentative state but shows great promise as long as it is allowed to develop naturally, of its own accord, in its own time. Do not force or rush this stage.

All Is Well

At present your relationship is going through a really good phase with no pressing issues or irritations. You are getting on very well with your partner and see eye to eye on most things. There’s nothing to argue about or fall out over.  This is a very productive stage.  Anything gained during this time will stand to you in the future.  Make the most of it; Know that you are loved and held in deep affection and regard; This is a time of great happiness and harmony on the relationship or family front. All is well in your garden; Any issues are behind you or there is a desire to end them. Love will win out with hearts healed.

A Loving Approach Will Help

Should you be experiencing difficulties or issues in your relationship, The Empress can suggest that it will respond positively to a loving approach. Drop the negativity and hostility. Handle the situation and those involved in a loving manner. If allowed, love can heal all ills. It creates peace and harmony; Where is the love in your situation? How can you apply love to your relationship issues? Have you enough love within to forgive your partner? Have you closed your heart and stopped the flow of love?

Embrace Your Feelings

In a love reading, her advice may be to embrace your feelings and not deny them. Does it feel good? How does it make you feel?  If you feel love, do not hide it. Share your love. Let your partner know how you feel about them; Put an ardent suitor out of their misery by reciprocating their interest in you; Be demonstrative in love; Take love out of your head and into your heart; Don’t make it all about you in love. Let them know how important they are too, and how happy they make you.

Demonstrative Love – Giving & Receiving

Demonstrative love is suggested by the Empress with genuine affection, warmth, intimacy and kindness. When the Empress appears, she is not afraid to touch and be touched. Greet your partner with a hug, embrace, kiss and big smile; In relationships and love, The Empress embodies contentment and real happiness. It marks a time for counting your blessings in finding the love of your life; Express Love in a demonstrative way other than words. Stop telling your partner how much you love them, show them instead; Time to feel the love, give the love and receive the love; Open your heart to love. Trust in love. What you give, so shall you receive.

Mother Figure

You may be looking for a mother figure when the Empress appears. Instead of feeling smothered by her attention and fussing, you revel in it and thrive; You need a strong woman to lean on and run your life for you; The Empress suggests a mature woman. Depending on surrounding cards, she could indicate an attraction for older women in general or being draw to a particular one; She also represents the married woman, so her presence could be pointing out that the one you have fallen for, or in pursuit of, is already married; You may have a weakness for married women.

Looking Fab!

The Empress can turn up to let you know just how stunning looking you are right now. You are bound to be feeling good with yourself; You may have gone through a transformation or make-over that has really re-vamped your looks. There may be a new hairstyle and wardrobe shake-up; You are hot, hot, hot; The Empress may be quite full-bodied or voluptuous. In a love reading, her presence could suggest you are drawn to curvaceous women; The Empress suggests a healthy self-esteem and sense of self-worth. She acknowledges the importance of taking care of herself and looking well. She can suggest putting time and effort into your appearance and femininity; This Empress needs regular pampering and indulging. Not because she is shallow or superficial, but because she is worth it; Dress up and look your best. Flaunt your femininity; Feeling Special, having someone treat you special; Someone going to special effort for you.

Have A Lot To Offer

You Have A Lot To Offer. Rest assured, Love Is Out There. You have so many wonderful qualities. Do not undersell yourself or throw your love away on someone who will not appreciate it; You have a lot going for you and even if you haven’t found love just yet, it is out there and will come; The abundant nature of this card along with the genuine charm and warmth of the Empress herself, could imply lots of admirers. You are certainly not short of potential suitors and have your pick of the crop. Everyone loves you and wants to be close to you; You get on with everyone and like to put people at ease; People are drawn to you; Men marvel at you and women want to be like you. You really seem to have it sussed; The challenge is to separate the weeds from the healthy plants of potential. Not every admirer or suitor will be worthy of your attention.

Fertility, Pregnancy & Mothering

Fertility is highlighted. Pregnancy features strongly. There is a high possibility of conception or the desire to conceive; You may be actively trying to start family or have become broody; Her presence could suggest you are already pregnant; The Empress appearing in a relationship or love reading,  could be indicating that you, your partner, or the one you are pursuing wants to have children, is open to the idea or is thinking about it; The Empress suggests a natural maternal instinct at play. You are a natural mother and love children; You want a family of your own; A large family may be desired; The Empress appearing in a reading after you have had a baby can suggest it has been the making of you. You may feel completely fulfilled and connected in your new role. Having a baby has brought the best out in you; The Empress in pregnancy and child rearing can suggest being happy in the bosom of your family. This is where you find joy, this is where you are meant to be.

Your love of children and the need to protect them may find you considering fostering or adopting. Your capacity for maternal love is vast. You could make a huge difference to many children who would thrive under your care and attention.


When the Empress appears in a sex themed reading, she speaks of sexual desire and attraction. Ruled by the planet Venus she promises love, fertility and sensual earthly pleasure. The Empress offers the full deal; love, passion (sometimes raw), intimacy and tenderness. She is warm and loving, offering a welcoming embrace to her lover; You like sex, are comfortable with it, know what you want and are not afraid to ask for it; You are affectionate with your partner or spouse, wanting to touch and be touched. You enjoy foreplay, the kissing and caressing, the nuzzling and whispered sweet nothings, the pillow talk; You have little or no hang ups about sex, are comfortable with the act, your body and nudity; For you, sex is the ultimate expression of the love and deep feelings you have for your partner; Sex without love or feeling would leave you spiritually cold and empty; You need sex: Great sex is indicated and plenty of it.

The Empress can appear to let you know there is someone who sexually desires you; In answer to the question of what a certain suitor wants from you, she could imply it is sex. If this is a new person in your life, there is a good chance they cannot wait to see you, and while trying to be on their best behaviour and create a good impression, will find it hard to keep their hands off you.

The Empress turning up in a relationship or sex-themed reading can highlight married sex, or the settled sex found in long-term relationships. She can represent your long-term partner or spouse and highlights the domesticity that comes with marriage. This can sometimes change or alter the approach to sex as there is now an assumed security and stability.

When the Empress appears as a representation of the physical side of a relationship or romance, we typically are not looking at a fling or affair. It is a good indication it will last; You, or the person you are pursuing wants much more than a one-night stand with you. They may not be interested in hopping into bed on the first, second, third or fourth date. If they see real partner potential in you, they will want to get to know you first and let the relationship naturally incubate. Sex will happen when the time is right, and when it does, it will have been worth the wait. The Empress is associated with great sex.

The Empress is traditionally associated with procreation so in a sex reading we could be looking at ‘let’s make a baby sex’ rather than normal sex. The focus shifts from the physical pleasure of sex to a desired result post-sex; Conception is sought, and this may find you quite sexually active until you succeed.

An attraction for older women can be found when The Empress appears.

How He/She Sees Me

You are seen as all-woman, a real woman, down to earth, warm-spirited, very feminine and sensual. Goddess-like; Regardless of how you feel about yourself or how you think you look, in the eyes of this beholder, you are very beautiful, very attractive, and yes, very sexy. This person is very, very, happy to see you and spend time with you. You are the person they look forward to coming home to. You are the most important woman in their life.

You are seen as the perfect partner to form a long-term relationship with them; They want what they have with you to last, to go on, to progress into something more; That you want to be in a relationship, want to be there for someone, to share your love; As someone they want to see more of, hope to get to know better. They want their relationship with you to go further, to grow, to last; You might be seen as the person they want to spend the rest of their life with, want to commit to. That you are the woman they want, the woman for them, the woman of their dreams; They see you as someone who is worth their weight in gold, that they have struck gold in finding you. They want to make you happy; This person looks up to you, and possibly worships you in a goddess sense; You are seen as the marrying kind, someone who wants to settle down in the traditional sense; They know they can rely on your loyalty and faithfulness and will be someone who throws their heart and soul into making a relationship or marriage work; They see a mature, down to earth person who wants to be happy, not someone who is complicated and tied up in mind games or playing hard to get; You are seen as open, friendly, warm and approachable; You are emotionally supportive and express genuine interest in people; That people are drawn to you; You are eager to get on with people and put them at ease; They see you as someone their family would strongly approve of and welcome with open arms. That you are a family-oriented person and are keen to meet their extended family;

You may be seen as very giving, generous and big-hearted; That you might be too giving at times, won’t allow others to help, wanting to do it all yourself.  However, you like to be appreciated, rewarded, made feel special, treated like a queen, want a fuss made of your birthday. Insist on making a fuss of your birthday too; That you like parties and celebrations, are family-oriented, love family gatherings and occasions; They see you as someone who likes to be pampered and spoiled. Someone who appreciates the finer things in life, personal luxuries, feminine things, flowers, jeweller;. You are drawn to things of beauty and elegance; You love your comforts and indulgences; That you like to take care of your appearance, are always well-dressed and tended too; That although you love to give, give, give, you are happy to sit back and receive; That you always make time for yourself and your beauty rituals. That you feel good when you know you look good; That you like to be complimented on your appearance and creative works.

They think you are sexy; They sexually desire you, want to have sex with you; That you are sexually compatible; That you are sexually liberated and have a healthy sex drive. That sex with you is an act of love and lust, not lust on its own; That you like demonstrative love, expressions of love and not just words of love; You need to know that you are loved; They see you as very affectionate, warm and soft, sensual, like to touch and be touched. Love hugs, kisses and cuddling up; That you need closeness and intimacy.

You are viewed as someone who would make a wonderful mother or parent, are a natural mother, a domestic goddess; That you are broody; That you wish to start a family, are looking forward to getting pregnant, want to be pregnant, are pregnant; They may see you as someone who has great parent potential. They may see you as the person they want to start a family with, make babies with; That you are good with children; They might see you as heavily tied up with the children, too focused on the children, dominating the parenting; That you would make a perfect mother to their existing children.

You may be seen as the mothering type, someone who will look after and care for them. That you make them feel stable and secure; That you are a good home-maker; They may view you as trying to mother them; too smothering, bossy, controlling, wanting to do everything for them, fussing around them. They may think you treat them like a child.

You may be seen as the older woman; They may fantasise about you or have a crush on you. You may remind them of their mother.

Yes/No – Yes to success in love. Victory. Yes, great potential here, it feels right but you may have to wait (incubation/gestation); Yes, you are on the right track; Yes, this is a quality relationship, you have struck gold; Your hoped-for outcome with this person or relationship will reach fruition; Yes, your relationship is progressing nicely. No need to force anything as it is maturing on its own; This relationship will reach its natural conclusion; Relax, all is looking good; Yes, you are loved and cherished; Yes, your partner or love interest is mad about you and wants to take the relationship further; Your relationship has the potential to end in marriage; Yes, your mother approves of your partner choice. Yes, this person is loving, warm, open and caring.

Yes, your relationship is going through a successful period where harmony, peace, love and contentment prevail; Any previous issues have been dealt with or overcome. The soul has been restored to both your relationship and home life. Everyone is feeling the love and willing to share it.

Yes, you are sexually desired/desirable; This person is sexually attracted to you; Yes, this person is anticipating sex with you.

Yes, to fertility and conception; Yes, the time is right; Yes, to starting a family. You are ready to have a child; Yes, to a potential pregnancy (check for supporting cards); Yes, you/he/she will make a great parent; Yes, this person wants a baby or to start a family.

Yes, this person is looking for a mother figure or mother for their existing children; Yes, this person wants to be nurtured and taken care of by you; Yes, this person is trying to mother you or take over; Yes, this person is already married or in a committed relationship; Yes, this person has children.

Yes, buy that luxury gift; Yes, to some spoiling and pampering;  Yes, they are worth it.


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The Empress Reversed – Relationships, Love & Sex Associations



Lack of growth in your relationship; relationship fails to progress or mature; difficulty in moving your relationship to the next level; Not a good idea to make any long-term plans here; You are not on the right track, not the right person for you; commitment issues; not wanting to get tied down; not wanting to settle down; Relationship lacks depth; Relationship is in trouble; Relationship going through a rough patch. There is a lack of harmony and accord; There is too much hostility and not enough love been thrown about; Relationship not based on genuine feelings or true love; A Superficial Relationship that lacks depth; The person you are pursuing is not interested in you, does not see you in the same light you do. Just not getting the right vibe from them; It may be their loss and not yours at the end of the day. You may love this person more than they love you; They may not be able to give your what you are looking for; You are possibly seeing things that just aren’t there;

Your relationship has progressed too fast. You have rushed it instead of letting it naturally evolve; You might be pushing for a commitment or marriage before the relationship is ready;

Settling For The Upright Empress’ Doppelganger!

If you can’t have the one you want, you may decide to settle for second best. The Reversed Empress could suggest a version of the Upright Empress of your dreams, her doppelganger, but not the full deal. Something is missing. You may have been entertaining unrealistic notions, but you might also be heading into a rebound relationship. The Reversed Empress might look like her Upright version, dress like her, wear her hair in the same style but it is not her. You must question your true motives and the quality of your feelings for her. Can you love the Reversed Empress enough, make her feel special and important, or will you always feel there is something missing and therefore not be able to give your full heart to her?

Unhappily Married

The Reversed Empress can suggest an unhappy woman/married woman; You are disappointed or disillusioned with your relationship/marriage. It is not how you expected it to be. You feel disempowered by marriage, not empowered or elevated in status. The match may not be what you had hoped for, dreamed of. You may feel you married the wrong one, that you would have been happier with another; Your marriage has not worked out; You might discover you do not/no longer love your partner/spouse, and perhaps never did; Perhaps you have grown in different directions; If you married young, you may now want different things in life; Your marriage may be breaking down or is heading that way. You are now married in name only as there is little left of the original relationship; You may have gotten married for all the wrong reasons. You may have been desperate to get a ring on your finger even though your relationship’s strength was dubious. Perhaps you believed it would all work out and that love would follow. You have discovered that marriage has put extra strain on your relationship, highlighted its weaknesses. You may regret taking that step;

Unsure Of Your Love /Emotionally Detached

You may be unsure of your love or feelings for your partner/spouse when the Reversed Empress appears; You find it hard to express your feelings/love; You are not demonstrative in love. You might be unable to show love if you received little growing up. It does not come naturally to you; You make it hard for others to love you; You keep love at arm’s length, keep  your heart closed to it; You do not like to be touched or held and could freeze when your comfort zone has been breached; You may feel devoid of feeling, can’t give love, can’t receive it; There may be a sense of emotional detachment; You may be afraid of getting hurt and therefore will not give your heart to anyone; You might be holding back your feelings for someone. You are not sure if you can trust your feelings.

Married For All The Wrong Reasons/ Conditional Love

You might have married for position, status, money or fame believing these would compensate for any lack of love between you. You are either content with this arrangement or you realise money and power cannot buy the happiness you expected. You might be trapped in a gilded cage; You could be in a loveless marriage and feel very lonely; The Relationship suggested by the Reversed Empress could come with conditions attached. There may be a pre-nuptial agreement, or love/sex is withheld, unless certain conditions are met. These conditions could involve money, gifts, getting one’s way and other demands. You are more impressed with looks, the skin-deep beauty, than with personality. You are quite shallow in your search for love; You might be looking for a trophy partner;

Neglecting Your Partner

The Reversed Empress can signal you are neglecting your partner, taking them for granted; You do not love your partner enough; There is a lack of appreciation for your partner/spouse. You do not count your blessings; You might be dismissive of all they do for you, have become complacent in by their constant presence in your daily life; Perhaps it is you who does not feel the love from your partner; You may not feel important or special in your relationship. You partner forgets your birthdays and special days, never gives flowers or cards or makes any fuss over you. You feel taken for granted – or vice versa; Your partner does not treat you like a woman or make you feel like a woman;

Partner Not Bringing Out The Best In You/Dysfunction

Your partner is not bringing out the best in you. They are bringing you down, changing you in a negative way. They might be keeping you down, blocking your advancement and stunting your personal growth. They may be exerting too much control in your life and making you believe you won’t find better than them; Dysfunctional relationships can be suggested; The Reversed Empress could prove to be a nightmare partner. She may not show her true colours until well into the relationship. After causing dreadful strife in your life, she might prove hard to get rid of. You will wish you had steered clear of her. She is nothing like her Upright counterpart, but she did fool you at first;

You might be with someone for all the wrong reasons or selecting partners that are trouble or need to be saved from self-destruction such as alcoholics, gamblers or drug addicts. You cannot leave, won’t leave them as they would be lost without you. You may enjoy this sense of being indespensible; This card can suggest co-dependency. The Reversed Empress cannot stand on her own two feet, has given her power away and lost her personal identity; A relationship where one partner mothers the other is implied with the Reversed Empress. There is a lack of adult balance between partners with one being treated and cared for as a child. This may be an acceptable situation for all involved, or the partner on the receiving end of the mothering feels smothered; The Reversed Empress could suggest you might be giving too much of yourself in relationships. You might be desperate to please and be loved. You are losing respect for yourself and have little sense of self-worth;

The Divorced Woman/Never Again/Not The Marrying Type!

The Reversed Empress can suggest a separated or divorced woman; You might be building a new life after the end of your relationship or marriage. Then again, you may be hankering after an ex-partner/spouse, have not moved on and compare all potential partners with your ex. You may refuse to accept the end of your marriage; Your experience of marriage may have turned you off it for life. You are not in any hurry to get married again. You are not the marrying type, not interested in getting married to anyone, believe marriage ruins perfectly good relationships, know very few couples that are happy; Perhaps you are not free to marry. You may be separated but not divorced, are fighting for a divorce, have been denied a divorce on religious or cultural grounds. There may be a marriage in the distant past, a secret, that is still valid but has not been declared; The Reversed Empress can suggest a woman who never married whether she wished to or not; She can represent a single mum, as in being a mother, but not in the traditional married state of the Upright Empress. She can also represent a separated or divorced woman rearing children on her own.

Sadly, the Reversed Empress can suggest widowhood; You may be bereaved, have lost the love of your life and are experiencing the pain of grief and loss.

Shortage Of Admirers and Eligible Suitors

There may be a shortage of admirers or eligible partners when the Reversed Empress appears. You might be going through a lean time where relationships are concerned. It seems as if you are being overlooked by potential suitors; You might believe you have lost your powers of attraction, that you will never find love or your soul-mate; You might believe you have nothing to offer anyone; Be wary of hooking up with anyone just to be in a relationship. You could also believe you are not worthy of love, that love and relationships are for other people, not you. It may have been some time since you were in a relationship, were asked out or went on a date; You might be doing nothing to find love, are waiting for love to find you;  Then again you might be weaning yourself off an ex-partner/spouse or perhaps have had to accept the one you had your sights set on is not available or appears not to be interested in you.

The Unfulfilled/Downtrodden Woman

The Reversed Empress can highlight an unfulfilled woman who has not reached her full potential; She is discontent with her lot in life and may feel she has missed out on much. This sense of underachievement may be due to her marriage or perhaps sacrificing a career for children. She might feel there was so much more to her that never got a chance to be realised; Her growth an progress was stunted or halted. The Reversed Empress often highlights a lack of self-love; She may have issues with her body image, feels unattractive, unlovable. You may feel inferior to other women and less than worthy. She might be battling weight after child bearing, feels dowdy and drab; The Reversed Empress may also have let herself go, has fallen into a state of neglect, appears unkempt and takes no interest in her personal appearance. She is not investing enough in her appearance. However, it may not be from personal choice but from lack of resources. The Reversed Empress may want what the Upright Empress has but cannot afford it. She may feel she cannot compete. She has become detached from her femininity and forgets how to be a woman.


The Reversed Empress can suggest a mean-spirited, unfriendly and uncaring woman. She lacks warmth and empathy; This Reversed Woman will struggle to offer support to her partner/spouse when problems arise. She can exhibit a frosty exterior and does not encourage friendship or closeness. She may adopt a Hands-Off approach, where she closely guards her personal space; She may be guarded and territorial. Whereas the Upright Empress will laugh with you when you laugh and cry with your when you cry, her Reversed Version might be indifferent or cold to your emotional states. What is noticeable about this Reversed Empress is the lack of nice genuine people she draws to her. She has few if any friends who may be just as cold as she is.

Spoiled And Over-Indulged

The Reversed Empress can highlight a spoiled, pampered and over-indulged demanding woman who likes to receive constantly. She does not enjoy the simple pleasures in life, has everything she could possibly need, but still looks for more. She has expensive tastes and could be a handful if she does not get what she wants. She operates from a sense of entitlement and shows no gratitude for all she has or is given; We might also find a helpless woman in the Reversed Empress. She can show signs of immaturity or exhibit childish behaviour; She can be a drama queen and throw terrible hissy fits; She is often self-absorbed and full of her own importance. Here we find the diva, the bridezilla; She has a nasty jealous and possessive streak; This Reversed Empress only thinks of herself. She respects little else and can be found to exploit her environment and fellow humans for her own gain. She loses the ‘Protectress of Nature’ status of the Upright Empress and thinks nothing of slaughtering animals to satisfy her craving for furs. She is the proud owner of blood diamonds and wears make-up tested on animals and clothes made in sweat-shops. She cares less where her nice things come from.

Domestic Mess

This Reversed Empress is the not the best when it comes to domesticity. She can portray an individual who cannot cook, clean or keep her garden under control. She does not possess the Woman’s touch her Upright Version is famous for. She is lazy and negligent. Her fabulous curvaceous body can turn into obesity from lack of exercise and over-indulgence. She is unable to budget and tends to over-spend on useless items; She spends like there is no tomorrow and never makes it to the next payday financially intact. It is likely she carries much credit card debt and is constantly borrowing from friends and family. She can however, highlight the extreme of her Upright self through OCD behaviour taking her Domestic Goddess status to extremes;

Misogyny & Misandry

The Reversed Empress can suggest a partner who does not respect women or a misogynist environment; She can also represent radical feminism or misandry (women who hate men).


There may be fertility issues when The Reversed Empress appears. Miscarriages and terminations are associated with this card. Her presence can highlight undergoing IVF as you fail to conceive the as mother nature intended; You may be going through a troublesome pregnancy, getting all the unwanted side-effects; morning sickness, fatigue, heartburn, back problems; You might be dealing with health issues alongside pregnancy; Pregnancy may feel more like an illness than a natural process; You might be going through a pregnancy in your forties; You may have thought you were too old to conceive, were menopausal, but have discovered you are pregnant; Menopause is also suggested as you leave your child bearing years behind; Hysterectomies are common when The Empress Reverses; A pregnancy may not bring the joy that is experienced in the Upright Empress. It may be unplanned, unwelcome or hidden; The Reversed Empress could be telling you that now is not the time to start a family. You may not be ready, your relationship not matured enough, or you are not settled enough in your life. You may also be experiencing some niggling doubts;

Difficult births or births that require intervention are common with the Reversed Empress. Your desire for a natural birth may not have gone according to plan. You may have undergone a Caesarean Section. However, this card can highlight electing for CT delivery, as in choosing the non-natural method.

Mothering & Mothers

For those who have recently become mothers, The Reversed Empress could simply highlight the post-natal state. Your baby is born, you are no longer pregnant, but you are not yet back to yourself. She could also represent a woman who has given birth before, as in has children already; Post-natal depression or bonding issues could be an issue depending on surrounding cards. You might be struggling with your new baby. Breast feeding might not go according to plan; The end of maternity leave and the return to work can be highlighted. Juggling work and baby can be quite demanding.

The Reversed Empress could imply that you are not that maternal and don’t want children of your own. You might have other priorities in life; She can also highlight the single mum as she brings up baby with the presence of its father. Finding a loving partner who will take on your and your children may be an issue. Finding time to date and have a private life as a single mum might be hard to manage;

Unfortunately, The Reversed Empress covers those who are not great at parenting. They may be misguided in their parenting, believing that what they do is right and best for baby and child, but this Reversed Empress could also be neglectful of her offspring and become the very opposite of what a good mother should be as demonstrated in her Upright version. There could be concern for the welfare of her children. She may not be able to cope in her role as mother, not cut out to be a mother, or even too young to be a mother if her Reversed State returns her to The High Priestess.

Issues with, or the direct or indirect influence of your mother or the mother of your partner are common. There may be unwanted interference from a mother, mother-in-law or other mature female figure. Perhaps it is a sister or female friend of you or your partner who is exerting unwanted and unhelpful influence in your relationship; This card can suggest a mother does not approve of your choice of partner; Over-protective and smothering mothers are common when the Empress Reverses; A mother may also be absent or deceased which is causing distress or upset. Perhaps you are getting married or having a baby and your mother’s absence is keenly felt; Controlling, manipulative mothers may be causing stress in your relationship; Step-mothers both wicked and kind are highlighted – The Reversed Empress has children, but not her own;


Where sex is concerned there may be problems. All is not as it should be sex-wise. There is a lack of passion; Your sex life has diminished or is non-existent. You may not be getting any at all; You might not feel very sexy, have lost interest in sex and no longer enjoy it; You may not be sexually attracted to your partner/spouse and find intimacy a feigned act. Sex without emotional commitment is common along with casual encounters and flings; This card could suggest a fleeting sex life. Enjoy it while you can but it is not going to last;

The Reversed Empress may also be the Upright Empress’s dirty little secret, if there was an indiscretion in her past, a love or night of passion she dare not speak of. She may have had a one-off encounter with another while married, or when in a committed relationship. For a brief moment in time, she lost sight of her moral compass; You are attracting casual sex partners, or are seeking them; Sex without love or feeling for your partner is likely; Then again you may love your partner but are not turned on by them sexually; Sex that you expected to be great has failed to impress and has been a big let-down. The fire is just not there.

A distaste or dislike of sex may be apparent. You might be prudish or matronly in your approach to sex. You may have hang-ups about sex and do not feel comfortable with the act like the Upright Empress. You may be conflicted with what is considered forward or acceptable for a woman; You could feel self-conscious of being naked. Failing to orgasm or other sexual dysfunction may be causing stress for you or your relationship;

If you have recently had a baby, sex may be the last thing on your list. You are probably too tired, worn out and even sore. There is no time for sex as baby or children take over your life; Menopause could be eroding your sex drive; You might draw a line under sex, decide to give it up, become a re-born virgin or decide to abstain for a while if you believe it is complicating your life; However, the Reversed Empress can expose a tendency to sex addiction. She represents the nymphomaniac, the promiscuous woman who enjoys sex with multiple partners. There is no head/heart connection in the act, just pure sex and plenty of it. The Reversed Empress is prone to extra-marital affairs and temptation of the flesh. She can be a Cougar or the Mrs Robinson Type. She is very touchy-Feely; She becomes a sexual predator at social occasions and has a penchant for other women’s partners or spouses; She likes to flaunt her assets and may dress in a provocative manner to attract attention. The Reversed Empress can suggest a penchant for younger women;

The Reversed Empress can highlight ‘let’s make sure we don’t make a baby’ sex. Contraception becomes top priority.

The Reversed Empress can also suggest a lesbian relationship.

How He/She Sees or Feels About Me

Not that interested in you/do not think you are interested in them; View you as a friend, but not romantically; Not sexually attracted to you/You believe they do not see you in a sexual light; As sexually incompatible;  That all they are looking for is sex, nothing else; You may not be what they are looking for/The strong feeling is just not there; That you do not have strong feelings for them/are unsure of your feelings for them; That you do not love them as much as you should/once did/that their love for you is weakening; The may sense you are discontent; That you are not prepared to put the effort into making the relationship work/do not take the relationship seriously/or vice versa; As married and not available, do not take you into consideration as you are off limits; Not the marrying kind; not who they want to settle down with; They may see you as not very loving/warm/friendly; You may be seen as reserved or prudish;

They do not see their relationship progressing as it should/do not want it to progress any further; they do not see the potential for a long term relationship with you;  That there is no future for the two of you; They may not love you enough/vice versa; That you might have commitment issues; They see you as possibly separated/divorced; If separated but not divorced, they may view a relationship with you as problematic if you are still having issues with your ex/not over your ex; They may believe their relationship with you has turned sour;

That you are stand-offish/unfriendly/inconsiderate; That you are holding back your feelings/afraid to show your feelings/do not trust your feelings; You are not very giving or loving towards them or others; that you do not support them; That you are not very romantic/tender or demonstrative in your love; That you do not seek intimacy and closeness;

That they can get away with blue murder, are a walk-over; That you will put up with their bad behaviour; That you are afraid they will leave; That you are smothering them/trying to mother them/that you treat them like a child/are bossy and controlling

You might be seen as immature, needy or overly-reliant on them; that you are high maintenance/demanding and difficult; You may be viewed as sulky or moody when you don’t get your way; That they must do everything for you; The may see you as self-centred/obsessed with yourself/vain/superficial/trite/self-indulgent; That you are spoiled; That you rely heavily on your looks; They may see you as a bit of a diva/have turned into a bridezilla; That you are jealous and possessive; As not exactly a domestic goddess – can’t/won’t cook/clean; That you often appear unkempt/sloppy; That you have a lazy/negligent attitude/don’t look after yourself; That you dress inappropriately/too revealing – that you lack colour/vibrancy/are drab; That you are no fun to be around

As someone who is not happy in their skin/has low self-esteem/is insecure/self-conscious

They may see you as someone who is too submissive/doesn’t have a mind of their own; is indecisive and can’t manage their own affairs.

That their mother does not approve of you; That you do not want children/are not maternal/do not like children/are not ready to have children; they may see you as someone who cannot have children/are past your childbearing years; They may see you as too wrapped up in your children/negligent of your children; They may not see you as the person they want to start a family with; If they have children of their own, they may worry about your feelings towards them; They may see you as a step-mom to their children; That you have baggage – children/ex-partner/spouse

They may see you as a the mother of their child if you have recently given birth; They may feel you are rightly engrossed with your baby; that they understand how tiring it is for you with baby/that baby comes first; They may feel left out because of baby/that their sex life with you has been non existent since you had a baby/that you are tired all the time; They may worry that you are struggling with motherhood/breastfeeding; They may feel helpless;

You may be seen as promiscuous/open to casual sex/a cougar; That you are open to an affair or fling; That you might be disloyal or unfaithful to them; Not the sort they would bring home to meet mother.


No, A lack of success/potential in love; You are not on the right track; This is not the quality relationship you had hoped for; It’s not the right time; It has all been an anti-climax; your relationship does not seem to be going anywhere/is making no progress/not maturing as it should. It’s a bit of a flop; It lacks harmony and contentment; No, it lacks commitment. No, this person is already married, move on. No there is a lack of passion and true feeling, not sexually attracted to you. No, you are not feeling the love from them/for them; No, you are not been treated right, not respected, appreciated; No, this person is not the marrying kind, unlikely to end in marriage. No, you are discontent in your situation. Something is not right. You may be too dependent or too smothering. The balance and harmony is not as it should be. No, your mother does not approve/their mother does not approve of you

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