Psychic Protection & Chakra Cleansing

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Before we can get stuck into the cards themselves, we must first stop to address the importance of Psychic Protection, Cleansing and Grounding.  As with any form of spiritual or psychic work it is essential to be meticulous when it comes to maintaining a clear and healthy energy field.  This does not just apply to you the Tarot reader, but also to your Cards and your Reading Space.  While working with the Tarot or any other form of psychic work your Chakras will open leaving you exposed and vulnerable to picking up all sorts of vibrations around you, both positive and negative.  When reading for others you will also leave yourself open to picking up any negative energies or psychic debris being released from the querant.  Housed within psychic debris are all the negative emotions, traumas, negative thoughts, attitudes, beliefs and possible illness of the person you are reading for.  You, your cards and the space you are working in will also pick up these vibrations.  If you feel exhausted, headachy or slightly off after reading for yourself or others it is generally an indication that you have picked up psychic debris or that your third eye is too open.  A build-up of psychic debris will leave you feeling exhausted and run down after a period of time.  Just because you cannot see or maybe not even sense this psychic debris, take it from me that it is there.

Once you have been reading the Tarot for a while you will automatically be able to sense the energy a person is emitting.  Also, once you open yourself to psychic work you become more accessible or vulnerable to those beings from the Astral or Spiritual plane.  Some of you may welcome this whilst others may be disturbed by the mere thought of sensing spirit energy.  In general most spirit entities are benevolent or benign; entities who merely wish to make contact with you to assist you in your work or wish you to pass on a message to someone they were close to while incarnate.  Also, you may become aware of your Spirit Guides for the first time.  However, like everything in life and apparently in the afterlife too, there are some less desirable souls, who, are not what you would call evil but are not exactly the healthiest to have hanging around you either.

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Image Source: istorsvetlana/

Think of it this way, you wouldn’t leave your front door open all the time, allowing anyone access to your house, now would you?  You could get robbed or even mugged if you did.  Nor would you consider choosing a known trouble-maker or bully as your best friend would you?  You need to be very discerning when it comes to working with spirit energy and by protecting yourself psychically and by keeping your energy field cleansed, you are setting up clear boundaries and rules for who you want to allow work with you or enter your space.  Cleansing and Protecting your Energy Field, your Cards and your Space is simple and I have provided a selection of methods in the attached supplement to get you started. You may have your own method which you would prefer to use and that is fine too.

When it comes to Cleansing and Protection, Intention and Visualisation are very important.  Think Protected and so you will be Protected.  Think of it as washing your hands before leaving the bathroom! Get into the habit of Healthy Psychic Hygiene.

NB. Remember, that your Psychic Welfare is your responsibility and no one else’s.  Once you decide to work with the Tarot, you must accept this responsibility. (See attached Supplement for (Cleansing, Protection and Grounding Methods)



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Chakra is a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or vortex. Chakras are your Energy Centres that are located at various places throughout the body. These places are known as portals and it is though theses portals that Universal Energy flows.  We have Seven Main Chakras and several lesser ones located in the palms, feet and ears.  Healing Energy flows in and out of these Chakras and circulates around the body.

The Seven Chakras are known as the Root or Base, the Sacral, the Solar Plexus, The Heart, the Throat, the Brow and the Crown. Chakras are like spinning wheels of light and each vibrate with a particular colour.  Working with and strengthening our Chakra system greatly enhances our intuition and our psychic abilities.  When we work psychically our Chakras tend to open.  Some psychics and that includes Tarot Readers, deliberately visualise their Chakras opening prior to doing a reading.  Opening the Chakras assists in the tuning in and psychic input process.  It is very important that the Chakras are closed back down to their normal size and speed of operation when psychic work is finished.

The Energy Field should always be Cleansed of any Psychic Debris before Opening or Closing any Chakra.  Once opened or after closing down, a grid of Protection should then be set up around the Energy Field.

(Chakra Exercise – See chart and diagram below)

To open the Chakras begin with the Root Chakra visualising it opening up like a lotus flower or just expanding.  Work your way up through each Chakra making sure to inhale and exhale the colour of each Chakra as you proceed.

When all Chakras are opened run White Light down through all the Chakras by inhaling and drawing it in through the Crown Chakra.  Then let it flow down through all the Chakras before flowing into the Earth through the Root Chakra and the soles of the feet.  Think open and they will open. When this method is practiced regularly you will begin to feel a noticeable shift in the energy around each Chakra as you open them especially the Third Eye (Brow Chakra).  It will literally throb at times, especially if too open or if you forget to close it down.  The Third Eye can be hard to close at times and often just the mere thought of doing a reading or tuning in will activate it.  If you are experiencing this and feeling headachy and tired a lot of the time it usually indicates that your Brow Chakra (your Third Eye) is overactive and greater effort and vigilance must be paid to closing down and been in control of it.

To close down after psychic work start from the Crown Chakra and visualise it closing down like the petals of a lotus flower closing over.  You may prefer to visualise the Chakra just contracting to its normal size and speed.  Work your way through to the Root Chakra again inhaling and exhaling the associated colour for each Chakra.  When finished run white light through all the Chakras by inhaling and drawing it in through the Crown Chakra and, let it flow down through all the Chakras before flowing into the earth through the Root Chakra and the soles of the feet.

NB Do not attempt to fully close down any chakra as they need to be open to maintain the body, receive energy from the Universe and information that is vital to our survival.  The Chakras also need to be open enough to transmit information and also release stale and used energy.    It is only intended to return the Chakras to their normal size and vibration after psychic work.

Never attempt to fully close down the Crown and Root Chakra as these maintain your balance and connection between heaven and earth. The Heart Chakra is another Chakra that should remain well open and no attempt should be made to close it.  Just ask them to reduce back to size.   When the above method is practiced regularly you will become aware of the sensation of the Chakras returning to their normal size and speed of operation. Again, be extra vigilant with the Third Eye Chakra as it will wear you down and exhaust you if you are not closing it down  sufficiently after psychic work.

NB.  I repeat again, when I refer to closing down Chakras it does not mean that they will completely shut down.  What is meant is the return of the Chakra to its normal size and speed of operation.  To have completely shut down or closed Chakras would be very unhealthy for anyone.

Main Chakras


Image Source: Miro Kovacevic/
  • Root or Base Chakra Bottom of the spine (at the coccyx)- Red or Black
  • Sacral – Lower abdomen to navel area. Inch below navel – Orange
  • Solar Plexus – Above the navel/below the chest – Yellow
  • Heart – Centre of chest – Green (secondary colour Pink)
  • Throat – Throat Area – Sky Blue
  • Brow (third eye) – Centre of forehead, between the eyebrows – Indigo (dark blue)
  • Crown – Top of the head, half in head and half protruding – Violet

(We will be examining the Chakra System in more detail in Lesson 6)

*When using the various methods for Cleansing, Protection and Grounding detailed in the attached supplement you can incorporate both your own Personal Energy Field with that of your Reading Space at the same time or you can do them separately.  As you will see, most of the cleansing and protection methods take mere seconds to invoke.  Very important seconds!!

Cleansing, Protection and Grounding Methods

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  1. Hello, I’ve heard so many people tell me to not use chakras since it is appropriation and that it belongs to a closed religion. I am confused as to what to do, since I wouldn’t want to appropriate, but everything major involves the chakras.


    • Hi Lolo,

      Sorry for the delay in responding to your query. Yes, I can understand your concerns and do know there is always huge debate about cultural or religious appropriation. It really comes down to a personal point of view. Where chakras are concerned, I feel there may be a case for not using or working with them, if they were something that one had to go out and acquire, such as Bindis for example. None of us are born with Bindis. Same as none of us are born with a crucifix either. These may be cultural or religious, but are stand alone items of symbolism. Someone had to make or form them for personal use or for others to acquire. Chakras are inherent in our system. We are all born with them, I can’t appropriate yours and neither can you appropriate mine. I do not have to venture into a closed religion to access them or pillage from them for I was born with my own set. Now, there is another matter in how we use them. That is where these closed religions might come into play. Chakras are not an area I claim any expertise in. I have learned a little and as a healer was taught (not deeply enough) of their significance. I would be the first to declare that a little knowledge can be dangerous as disciples of these religions have to study and meditate for years in order to work with them efficiently. The same with Reiki but people can become one in a weekend.

      I think just about everything in society was appropriated at some stage. There is a story or history to just about everything we do, wear, eat, sit on and lie on. We didn’t come up with stuff on our own, but borrowed and imitated as necessary. Even the simple jewelry bangle is considered appropriated. Some cultures or religions hold a very dim view on this but others are less concerned. Take the crucifix for example. It has become a fashion accessory, and flaunted by those who haven’t a clue of its origins or associations. As a catholic growing up in Ireland, the crucifix for me represented my religion with all its rules and regulations. I never saw it as a potential fashion accessory, and in fact would be horrified to be seen wearing one in case anyone thought I was a holy mary! I got a chain and cross for my communion. It was worn on the day but never again. This was not out of respect but because I was rebellious. Silver chalices on crosses were another thing of my Catholic upbringing. As you know, these symbols are used in just about everything. They have been appropriated on so many occasions but I am not sure many are offended by it. When on vacation, we often bring home souvenirs that are highly symbolic of the region. They hold great cultural significance, but we may only see them as containing the atmosphere or style of where we stayed. We mostly remain ignorant of their origins. If we were all to stop our habit of appropriation, I am not sure what we would be left with, as we all have borrowed or stolen over time. It would be nice if we could make some effort to understand the origins of what we appropriate and the belief system that goes with them, but most of the time we are not aware of our appropriation as it has become the norm. Watching historical documentaries can greatly inform us and we can learn so much about what we consider everyday items, ways of speech, expressions, behaviour and habits. As an Irish person, our culture has been appropriated by just about every country. This makes us proud rather than annoyed as we feel honoured that so many want to identify with us, or use items, symbols or traditions that are deeply rooted in our Irishness. They will never be Irish, like I am, unless they are of course, but they can adopt some of our ways to incorporate in their own.

      I am afraid you will need to make your own mind up about this. However, you appear to be a very conscientious person and therefore would not make light of chakras should you decide to use them. Do as much research as possible and if you wish to study them, go to those who really know and understand their stuff.

      I do hope this has helped.



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