Virgo – The Maiden

August 23rd – September 23rd

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Virgo for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Virgo Symbol

Ruling Planet – Mercury

Duality or Gender – Feminine

Triplicity or Element – Earth

Quadruplicity or Quality – Mutable

Body Areas – Nervous System, Stomach, Intestines. Pancreas

Stone –  Sardonyx

Colour –  Brown, dark grey, navy blue

Tarot Correspondences  – Hermit, Queen of Swords

Virgoans are traditionally associated with been introverted, analytical and critical. They have a tendency to be perfectionists; fussy about everything, and hygiene and tidy freaks. They need a healthy balance of the other Elements in their birth chart to counteract such intensity.

Virgoans are extremely intelligent but often lack confidence in themselves.  Down to earth and extremely practical, they are sticklers for detail, especially minor detail. Yes, everything needs to be just so.  This can drive those around the perfectionist Virgoan, insane. Everything is approached with caution, and the Virgoan needs to be assured that everything is in order and in place, before proceeding. This can cause unnecessary delays and may very well result in missed opportunities. They really need to loosen up a bit, and even act recklessly once in a while.

Their intense need to analyse everything spills over into every area of their life.  Anyone who spends enough time with a Virgoan will be aware of their tendency to criticise everything and everybody around them.  They can become overly argumentative when driving a point home, sometimes alienating people in the process.

Virgoans, quite happily and readily turn their critical and analytical tendencies inwards, and are often the hardest  on themselves. Being their own worst critic they will run themselves down quite easily. They set such high standards for themselves, it can be difficult living up to them.  They often withdraw from trying out new things with the instant belief they will not be able to do it, or are not good enough.


When it comes to romance, a prospective partner will have to spell out their intentions quite clearly for the Virgoan rarely believes that anyone would fall for them in the first place.

Romance can indeed be a difficult area for them, as they are not the greatest of flirts, haven’t a clue about romance or emotions, and can get up in a heap about sex. Lets just say, they are not quite the Casanovas of the Zodiac. Their fellow Zodiac Signs would be aghast by their often old-fashioned, religious and puritanical attitudes towards sex. This type of Virgoan will need a very determined and patient partner to draw them out of this mind-set, if they want to ignite a few sparks in the bedroom. Their hyper-critical nature will have them analysing either their performance or their partner’s which can be quite insulting.

Family and Parenting

Clean Freaks and hygiene fanatics, The Virgoan house will be spotless, have a place for everything, and everything in its place. If they are not careful they can create a very sterile and clinical environment where family and friends find it impossible to relax.  The Virgoan will have the vacuum cleaner out 24/7, antiseptic wipes for everything, and a pair of rubber gloves for each room. They will put a clean house before everything, and will not take too kindly to their partner suggesting a roll in the bed once it has been made. In fact during sex the Virgoan is often more concerned about the mess in the bedroom rather than what’s going on between the sheets.  Open the hot press or any cupboard in the house and you will see perfectly folded clothes, neatly stacked tins, and not a bit of fluff or dust in sight. How do they do it? However, once the Virgoan settles into a relationship they generally do not stray. They can however, drive their partner mad by going overboard every time the toilet seat is left up, the toothpaste tube squeezed from the middle, or a coat is thrown casually over the end of the stairs.

You will never find the family of a Virgoan parent slouched in front of the television.  They believe that each moment should be spent doing practical things. They need to switch off every now and again and just chill out on the couch, even if it does mean crumpling up the cushions.  Listening to some music, or reading a bit of light fiction would do wonders for their tensed up nature.  However, if any of the family have a problem, it will be to the Virgoan parent they run to. Their natural analytic and intelligent mind will have the situation sorted in no time.  In fact Virgoans are very good at expressing themselves, and rarely let issues build up and get explosive. They do have a tendency to get argumentative though at times when debating or forcing an issue home.

The Virgo parent can find it hard to understand that their children aren’t as frenzied about things as they are.  Watching their kids lounge in front of a television or play for hours on playstation/xbox will drive them to distraction. They need to watch their tendency to be hyper-critical of their offspring, and not set such high standards for them. They can easily ruin their child’s confidence with cutting comments.

Not wanting to sit for a minute, the Virgoan parent will fill their children’s spare time with as much activity as possible. It will be the Virgoan child, or child of a Virgoan Parent who will arrive daily to school with neat school books, meticulous writing, homework handed in on time and sporting a perfectly groomed, scrubbed squeaky-clean appearance.


Virgoans are extreme hard workers, but generally not very ambitious. They will give the best years of their life working diligently for the same company with precious little thanks or reward. They probably don’t think they deserve it anyway. The Virgoan woman who chooses to stay at home to rear kids, can often become a slave to all.  With little sense of self-worth she can believe her family define who she is.  The Virgoan woman can however, easily combine maintaining both a career and family.  She will give her all, 300% in work and come home each evening to completely clean the house from top to bottom, while cooking a meal for the kids and meticulously going over their homework. If this tendency is not checked, there may be precious little time left for herself, hobbies or socialising.

When it comes to career, Virgoans tend to play it safe and will steer clear of anything that is considered risky.  Job security is very important and they can get quite concerned if they think their work is not good enough. Therefore there is a tendency to overdo things in work. They love anything were detail is concerned and have very high standards. They make excellent planners, personal assistants, secretaries etc. and can be relied on to smooth the path for their busy and important boss.  Their constant fear of losing their job, makes them fiercely loyal to whoever they work for, and though not naturally ambitious, can work their way to the top, just by the very fact they have stuck it out for so long.

Virgoans make excellent teachers with their attention to detail and natural intelligence, but students can find them harsh and cold if they become overly critical about their work.  Like their fellow Earth Signs, they have a deep love of nature and animals. The cat is strongly associated with Virgo. A career in agriculture, farming, landscaping etc will be highly enjoyable and rewarding. Their natural tendency to be cleanaholics can have them drawn to health and safety.  Alternative medicine or holistic therapies can also be attractive.


When it comes to health it is very easy to guess that nervous tension would be high on the list for causing problems of all sorts. Virgo governs the stomach, so when stress and tension kick in, it usually manifests in an upset tummy or a headache. Virgo also governs the pancreas, so they need to be on the alert for any signs of diabetes. Virgoans have high levels of nervous energy.  They need to learn to channel it positively, or neutralise it.  Ulcers can be the result of excessive stress and worry. Their challenge is to worry less about things that really aren’t worth worrying about, get plenty of physical exercise, and preferably outdoors if possible. Power walking, jogging, cycling, hiking are preferable to a gym set up.  Gardening can be very unwinding and relaxing. Virgoans also make excellent gymnasts and ballet dancers.  Food wise, Virgoans find wholefoods and vegetables very satisfying.  Many become vegetarians.

The Older Virgoan

The older Virgoan tends to mellow slightly with age and will spend more time pursuing leisure activities and hobbies. Their hobbies need to be both mentally and physically stimulating to counteract their natural tendency to stress over things. Golf will be perfect as well as gardening, but they can become quite obsessive.  Virgoans are either great or useless gardeners, with very little in between. Those who excel in this area definitely have a green finger, and once they see the results of their hard work paying off, it will give their confidence a great boost. On the other hand, the less successful Virgoan gardener can give the kiss of death to any plant they touch.

Like their fellow sign Taurus, they are generally good with their hands so sewing, embroidery, pottery or wood carving can be worthwhile pursuits. The older Virgoan will eventually put the vacuum cleaner aside for long enough to sit down and  thoroughly enjoy stimulating their intellect with tons of reading.

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