Cleansing, Protection & Grounding Methods



Visualise an orb of white light above your crown chakra (a few inches above your head). Feel this orb of white light get stronger and pulsate with each breath you take. The orb of white light sparkles with flecks of silver and gold as it strengthens in intensity.  After a few deep breaths visualise this orb of light erupt into a cascading waterfall of white light that flows down through your crown chakra and flows through all the other chakras; the brow, the throat, the heart, solar plexus, sacral and root, before flowing down your legs, exiting through the soles of your feet as roots of white light.

Keep breathing this White Light down through your chakras.  Visualise this white light transmuting any negative energy as it flows throughout your body.  When you are ready take another deep breath and this time visualise the waterfall of light begin to overflow from your crown chakra and sense it flowing down over your head and cascading down over your shoulders, down your chest and torso, your pelvis, thighs, calves and feet, transmuting all negative energy, before seeping away into the earth beneath your feet.  Know that your energy field has been cleansed.

Now visualise the roof of your personal space open as you notice the stars above in the sky. Visualise a large orb of white light in the sky above the room.  Again let the orb of light erupt and cascade down into the room filling every corner and every space, transmuting negative energy as it goes. Let the roof above your head close over. Know that your personal space is cleansed.

Invocation to The Violet Flame


Image Source: egluteskarota/

(When using The Violet Flame for cleansing method it must always be carried out after you have set up your grid of protection prior to reading and before renewing protection after reading) You can do a preliminary cleanse of your energy field and room before protection if you like

I call upon the Elohim of the Violet Flame

To pour Divine Transmutation Through all that I AM

I call upon the Amethyst Ray to transform every cell

Every atom of my body Into Higher Light

I call upon the Violet Flame to burn within my soul

And release all veils that separate me From Spirit

I call upon the Violet Flame To burn away all illusions

And all resistances

And transmute my fear to Love

(This Invocation is incredibly powerful for cleansing not only your own energy field but also the energy field of others and places. It can be used to cleanse your cards too. Visualise the violet flame entering through the crown chakra and suffusing every cell in your body.  See it flow out from your heart chakra and visualise two violet flames burning in the palm of your hands as you hold your cards. This has an even more powerful effect if repeated three times or in multiples of three. The Violet Flame is connected to Saint Germaine and there is a belief that if used constantly it can transmute any negative Karma you may carry)

The above invocations for cleansing take only a couple of minutes and should be carried out before and after readings.

NB. Once you have cleansed after a reading and before setting up your field or grid of protection, set the intention and visualise your chakras returning to their normal size and speed of operation.

Sage (Smudging)


Image Source: Monika Wisniewska/

The smoke from smouldering Sage can be smudged around and in each corner of the room and around your person, while visualising the smoke cleansing the area.



Image Source: Nikki Zalewski/

Reiki Healers can activate and run Reiki around the room and their person while visualising the Reiki cleansing the area.

Cleansing the Cards

Before we start to use our cards it is essential that they be first cleansed.  By the time your deck of Rider-Waite cards have reached you they will have been handled by several different people; from the manufacturing stage, packing stage, transport stage, retail stage and eventually the consumer handling stage. Card is matter, and all matter absorbs energy, that is how Psychometry works.  A Psychic can tap into energy contained within an object, usually a piece of jewellery and give extremely accurate details of the owner and even previous owners.  Depending on the emotional and mental state of the owner, the item can carry positive or negative energy.  Likewise with the deck of cards you have purchased, the energies of all who have handled the cards will be, to a certain extent, present.  Working with a clean deck of cards is essential for clear and accurate readings.  The cards can be cleansed of previous energies in many ways. Once the cards are cleansed the aim is then to infuse them with your own energies so that they vibrate and resonate with you on a personal basis.  If the cards are to be for your own personal use then it is wise to restrict other persons from handling them.  If you wish to read for others then the cards must be cleansed after each reading.

Cleansing the cards after reading for others is very important especially if reading for another person straight after.  If you do not cleanse the cards between readings the energy from the previous reading i.e. the energy of the previous Querant, will affect the current reading and so will more than likely be confusing and inaccurate.  Cards can be cleansed at the same time as your personal energy field and space, purely by setting the intention that they be cleansed.  Hold the cards in your hands while cleansing and visualise the white light, Reiki, or Violet Flame penetrate the cards removing all energies before and after readings at the same time it is cleansing your body.



Image Source: VectorKnight/

Simply inhale brilliant White Light through your Crown Chakra and down into your Heart chakra. On the exhale breathe this White Light over your deck of cards while visualising the light burning away any psychic debris or energy left over from a reading.



Reiki Healers can draw the Power Symbol over the cards and run Reiki for a few moments.

Sage (Smudging)

Pass the cards over the smoke from smouldering Sage while visualising the smoke burning away any psychic debris or energy left over from a reading.

The Hands

Cross one hand over the other and rest them on top of the deck of cards. Set the intention that you are going to cleanse the cards of the previous Querant or previous question.  Now, very quickly and very determinedly pull your hands up and away from the cards separating your hands in the process.

(You can also use the above method for clearing the cards of a particular question before moving on to the next question.  Just visualise white light/Reiki/Violet Flame flowing through your cards clearing them of the energy of old questions.  Remember, you always want to be working with a clean slate when conducting your readings)

Methods for Protection

The Archangel Michael Blue Shield of Protection

archangel-michael-blue-flame-image-source-Bruce Rolff/

Image Source: Bruce Rolff/

I call upon Archangel Michael x 3 (wait about 10 secs)

Be with me now (x 3)

I now know that my aura is cleansed and healed and filled with the indestructible, invincible, loving light energy and vibration of The Christ and I now know that my aura is closed to all but my Christ

I AM self’s permission.

I call upon Archangel Michael to fill and surround me with your Blue Flame of Protection and Healing

I ask you to cover me (x 5) To my front, to my back, to my left, to my right, from above me, from below me and within me

And I ask you Lord Michael to fill and surround me with your Blue Flame of Protection and Healing So that nothing can enter the force field of my body on any Level of being without your Divine permission.

Thank you God/Goddess, and so it is

(Visualise the Blue flame of Healing and Protection around you as if you are standing in a cocoon.  Let the Flame turn into a shield as it hardens into a thick shiny see through glass like substance.  Even if you cannot visualise it, it is enough to know that it is there.  You can also fill the interior of the shield with sparkling Divine white light)

(Archangel Michael is associated with the colour blue, a strong cobalt blue.  If you have trouble visualising blue it is perfectly okay to choose another colour, especially gold but stay away from any heavy dark colours.  You can also use this invocation to protect your family, pets, house, car, workplace, before going to bed at night etc.)

Golden Sphere of Protection

Archangel Michael x 3 times (allow 10 to 15 seconds for connection). I ask you to anchor a golden sphere of protection into my field to allow me protection against all negative astral entities, negative energies, lost souls and intruding spirits. (Visualise and feel the golden sphere encasing you and know that you are protected.)

 The Archangel Michael Shield

Archangel Michael x 3 times (allow 10 to 15 seconds for connection). I ask you to stand within my field to protect me from all negative energies and negative entities.

Spirit-Shields and Angels of Protection

I call upon my Spirit-Shields of Light and Love (or Angels of Protection of Light and Love) to stand within my field.

Platinum Sphere of Protection (Powerful Protection)

Archangel Metatron x 3 times (allow 10 to 15 seconds for connection).  I ask you to anchor a platinum sphere of protection into my field to allow me ultimate protection from all negative astral entities, negative energies, lost souls and intruding spirits.

(It is recommended to do the Platinum Sphere of Protection once a month or when you feel it is needed. It will take an hour for this shield to be fully anchored in your field.


Reiki Healers can draw and activate the Power Symbols in each corner of the room and around their body.

*Keep your Cleansing and Protection as brief as possible unless you have the time to indulge. You want it to be automatic and instinctive, not a chore or an endurance test. Intention and visualisation are sometimes more powerful than words. Use what works best for you as long as you do something!!



Image Source: Drawlab19/

We cannot leave the whole area of psychic protection and cleansing without mentioning the importance of grounding.

It is very important that you ground before and after Tarot reading or any form of psychic work.  To maintain a healthy balance we need to have a strong connection between the Heavens and Earth. When we open up psychically we open our connections to the heavens and allow energies from the spiritual realm to penetrate through our Crown Chakra. This immediately unbalances us and can make us feel a bit ‘out of it’. When working psychically, the energy that flows in through the crown chakra needs to be grounded in order for it to be effective.  Mother Earth’s energies also need to flow in through the Sole or Root chakras and out through the Crown.  This two way passage of energy needs to be kept in order to maintain balance.

Signs of being ungrounded

  • Feeling Spaced out or Dizzy
  •  Headachy feeling
  •  Blurred vision
  •  Nausea
  •  Tiredness
  •  Sleep disturbances
  •  Out of touch with Reality
  •  Unable to Focus Depression

Grounding Visualisation

Grounding should be carried out after Cleansing and Psychic Protection, before and after a Tarot reading or Psychic Work.  Grounding should also be carried out as required throughout a Reading or Psychic work if you sense that you are losing your earth connections (see list above).  A responsible Tarot reader should become familiar with the signs of being ungrounded.  Your readings will lose their clarity if you become ungrounded.

Visualise roots of white light sprout from your feet and burrow through the floor and go down into the earth. Feel them grow thick and strong the deeper they travel into the earth. When you feel they have gone as deep as they can go, visualise these roots pulling your feet down into the earth.  Feel your toes sinking into the ground.  Call upon Mother Earth Energies.  Visualise the bright green earth energies flow up through these powerful roots and into the soles of your feet before flowing on up your legs, pelvis, torso, arms and head. Hold this image for a few minutes before taking a deep breath and allowing the green energies to flow back down the roots and into the earth bringing with it any remaining psychic debris for transmutation.


Image Source: siambizkit/

Other Grounding Methods

  •  This method is favoured by witches or wiccans to quickly ground and release excess energy into Mother Earth after spell work or rituals. Kneel on the ground or if weather permits, out-doors on grass or earth. Place the palms of your hands face down directly on the floor or earth. Now visualise any excess energy flow from your hands and into the earth. You should feel a strong pull or tingling sensation as the energy is being released. Once this flow has eased off it is an indication that balance has returned. (Witches only ever use the energy they need. Any excess energy is always returned to the earth for the use of others or for transmutation.)
  •  Visualise a cord of energy pass through your crown chakra and travel down your spine, out of your root chakra and into the earth. You should feel the build up of energy being released as it passes out of the root chakra.
  •  Stamp feet up and down on the ground and shake hands up and down and left and right.
  •  Run cold water over your wrists for a few minutes.
  •  Go for a walk in nature or even do a bit of gardening if you have time.
  •  Any of the dark red or black crystals such as red Jasper, black tourmaline obsidian, onyx or boji stones are natural grounders. Hold a stone in each hand or carry in pockets and ask Mother Earth to ground your energies. (make sure the crystals or stones are cleansed)
  •  Eat some meat or vegetables. Food is great for helping to ground. Avoid alcohol if feeling ungrounded.

I understand that the above may seem a bit tedious at first, but once you select one method from each of the above or one of your own, the whole procedure takes a matter of minutes or even seconds.  The more you use your method or methods, the stronger the energy they will create and when you have reached that stage pure visualisation or just intention alone will activate the Cleanse, Protect and Grounding for you.

Checklist Before a Reading

  • Cleanse You, Your Space & Your Cards
  • Protect You & Your Space
  • Ground
  • Remember to Cleanse your Energy Field before opening your Chakras during a reading
  • Cleanse and Ground as Necessary (re-read signs of being ungrounded)

Checklist After a Reading

  • Cleanse You, Your Space & Your Cards
  • Return Your Chakras to Normal Size and Vibration
  • Protect You & Your Space
  • Ground
  • Remember to Cleanse your Chakras and Energy Field before closing down Chakras

NB* If using the Violet Flame for Cleansing, set up your Grid of Protection before invoking The Violet Flame when Opening Up for Psychic Work or Card Reading.

However, when Closing Down after Psychic Work or Card Reading you Cleanse first with The Violet Flame before invoking the Grid of Protection.  

The Violet Flame is the only time this order is used.

The General Rule of Thumb is:


  • Cleanse
  • Protect
  • Open Chakras
  • Ground


  • Cleanse as necessary
  • Ground as necessary

Closing Down

  • Cleanse
  • Protect
  • Return Chakras to Normal
  • Ground

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