The Fool (0) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



Impulsive, Reckless, Heedless, Ignoring Advice, Poor Timing, Unprepared, Senseless, Inappropriate, Irrational, Unpredictable,  Folly, Heading for a Fall, Mistakes, Bad Decisions, Carelessness, Lack of Judgement, Negligence, Indiscretion, Immaturity, Childish, Naivety, Stupidity, Fool, Imbecile, Simpleton, Vanity, Burdens, Lack of Freedom, Responsibilities, Unfinished Business, Missed Opportunities, Impatience, Frustration, Sacrificing Dream, Fearful, Boring, Mundane, Needing Guarantees, Lack of Trust/Faith/Self-Belief, Following the Crowd, Hesitation, Lack of Spirit, Dis-spirited, Lack of Hope, No Vision, Lack of Fun, Lack of Initiative, Abandonment, Need to Get Away

When the first card in a spread is the reversed Fool, then the querant must be warned against embarking on a journey that is unwise or unhealthy for them. They really need to give much thought to what they are about to do or may have already started doing.

The Fool reversed suggests that you are longing to be free but responsibilities and commitments weigh you down. You may feel trapped and come up with some hair brained ideas to find a way out of duty.  When The Fool is reversed, now is not the time for spontaneity and freedom. You must finish what you have started and deal with your responsibilities before you can safely move on.    Poor timing is often evident when The Fool is reversed.  His presence may suggest that it is time to grow up and face up to your responsibilities regardless of how tedious they may seem.  Time to come down to earth with a bang.

In the upright The Fool is supported when he steps off the edge, but when reversed he may take a nasty fall.  He may not be listening to his natural intuition (his dog) and feels disconnected spiritually. He gets stuck on his path between Kether  and Chokmah, either blocking the process of manifestation or by trying to force it.  The Fool reversed suggests that everything is not in Divine Order and we must ask ourselves why?

His impulsive behaviour is now viewed as impatience and recklessness.  He can abandon wife, children, home and job on a whim or as a result of an impetuous infatuation.  He makes very poor decisions and can show scant regard or remorse for his actions. His actions can be seen as senseless and inappropriate.  Irrational and unpredictable, he blows this way and that way in the wind never stopping to check his behaviour.  The Fool now becomes the imbecile or simpleton and the butt of jokes by all who encounter him.  His eccentricity becomes farcical and delusional.  His antics can be over the top and annoying.  Vanity and self-centredness is often present when The Fool reverses.

However The Fool reversed may just highlight the fact that you fear taking a risk preferring to settle for the boring and mundane.  You may want guarantees in life before acting on ideas or plans.   It can suggest you are being weak and letting others talk you out of following your heart’s desire. However, the dog in the reversed may now suggest that you could be turning a deaf ear to good advice as you stubbornly follow a foolish course of action.  Remember, now is not the time to be spontaneous or impulsive. Perhaps it would be wise to listen to the opinions of those with more experience than you.  The Fool reversed unfortunately highlights that matters do need to be addressed or unfinished business needs to be dealt with before you can get on with what you really want to do.

The Fool reversed can also suggest a time when you have let opportunities slip through your fingers as a result of fear or poor decision.  Your timing may have been off or you relied too heavily on the advice of others when you should have followed your own instincts.  You do not trust yourself and have lost all faith in life.  Pessimism and negativity may be obvious coupled with a feeling of envy for all those around you who seem to always land on their feet.   You have forgotten what life is all about as you focus only on the past or the future.

The Fool reversed can suggest that your life is too conventional, predictable, dreary and lacklustre.  It may be time to break from the norm and secure in favour of something that will challenge or test you.  Maybe you should consider doing something wild or outrageous.  You may shock a few people in the process.  It is time to untie your knapsack and examine the tools (gifts/abilities) held within for you may have talents or abilities that have not been acknowledged or used.

Another aspect of The Fool reversed is the possibility of being too childlike.  You may prefer to be constantly looked after and taken care of instead of taking responsibility for your own life.   You can be needy and fearful and rely on others to show you the way.  This may be experienced in a relationship or the student who never seems to leave college. It can even suggest those who join an organisation or religious cult, where all their thinking is done for them.  He can suggest immaturity and a need to take a more serious approach to life.

In other Tarot  Decks, the dog in The Fool card is often depicted taking a bite out of the backside of The Fool’s trousers leaving him exposed and vulnerable. This brings with it a warning when The Fool reverses. You must guard against  poor judgement, indiscretion or discernment for you have the potential of revealing something to someone you shouldn’t, or that you may get caught trying to cover up a mistake or perhaps something worse.

The reversed Fool calls on you to attend to your inner child, and address any issues from childhood.  It also suggests that you take life too seriously and that you need to let your inner child out to play occasionally.  You may need a little bit more fun and adventure in your life, or need to travel. In fact, when did you last have a holiday?  What is stopping you from taking a break?  Is it that you have too many demands and responsibilities or is that you block any opportunities to get away with mindless excuses?  What are you afraid of?  Why do you deny yourself a bit of freedom?

The Fool reversed may also suggest that a child you know is having problems or difficulties.

As with all the reversed cards one must determine which extreme is influencing the querant.  The surrounding cards should give you an insight into which aspect of the reversed energy is active.

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  1. Hello, glad I find myself here again. The weirdest thing happened today. I came back home after a trip and found the fool in reverse just chilling on my bedroom floor. I have no idea how it got there, i left windows closed so it wasnt the wind. No idea how the card fell but do you think that I’m being told something? I made no deals and didn’t do business recently, also no relationships, so i’m not sure what the card is trying to tell me but i would love if you would consult me on this, ty in advance.


    • Perhaps you need to look at the reversed aspect from another perspective. Is it possible the Reversed Fool is mirroring or highlight an overly-cautious, risk-aversion side to you? Is there an area of your life you need to loosen up on, to be more spontaneous in? When did you last do anything really fun, playful or just for the sake of it for example. Then again, it may be acknowledging a desire within you to be free to do as you please but that at present it being denied to you by circumstances, obligations or duty. I would advise you to think about all the aspects related to a reversed Fool. Is there a young child around you who is not their normal playful self or is anxious about things. Perhaps it is the other way with someone you know, young or old about to do something silly or foolish and you are not sure whether to intervene or let them learn the hard way. Then again, it may simply be a card that got caught up in clothing or things and then fell out when they were moved. It may mean nothing at all.


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