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Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV    Five V   Six VI    SevenVII

Eight VIII   Nine IX   Ten X

Ace of Wands Two of WandsThree of WandsFour of WandsFive of WandsSix of WandsSeven of WandsEight of WandsNine of WandsTen of Wands

Wands Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Health Card Combinations Minor Arcana – Ace to Ten

Wands – Love, Romance & Relationship Intepretations


Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV    Five V   Six VI    SevenVII   

Eight VIII   Nine IX   Ten X

Ace of Cups Two of CupsThree of CupsFour of CUPSFive of CupsSix of CupsSeven of CupsEIght of CupsNine of CupsTen of Cups

Cups Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Health Card Combinations Minor Arcana – Ace to Ten

Cups – Love, Romance & Relationship Associations


Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV    Five V   Six VI    SevenVII 

Eight VIII   Nine IX   Ten X

Ace of Swords Two of SwordsThree of SwordsFour of SwordsFive of SwordsSix of SwordsSeven of SwordsEIght of SwordsNine of SwordsTen of Swords

Swords Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Health Card Combinations Minor Arcana – Ace to Ten

Swords – Love, Romance & Relationship Associations


 Ace   Two II   Three III    Four IV    Five V   Six VI    SevenVII

Eight VIII   Nine IX    Ten X

Ace of Pentacles Two of PentaclesThree of PentaclesFour of PentaclesFive of PentaclesSix of PentaclesSeven of PentaclesEIght of PentaclesNine of PentaclesTen of Pentacles

Pentacles Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Health Card Combinations Minor Arcana – Ace to Ten

Pentacles – Love, Romance & Relationship Associations


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Page    Knight    Queen    King

Page of WandsKnight of WandsQueen of Wands King of Wands


Page    Knight    Queen    King

Page of CupsKnight of CupsQueen of Cups King of Cups


Page    Knight    Queen    King

Page of SwordsKnight of SwordsQueen of SwordsKing of Swords


Page    Knight    Queen    King

Page of PentaclesKnight of PentaclesQueen of Pentacles King of Pentacles



Fool O    Magician I    High Priestess II  Empress III    Emperor IV    Hierophant V    Lovers VI  Chariot VII  Strength VIII  Hermit IX

Wheel of Fortune X    Justice XI    The Hanged Man XII   Death XIII    Temperance XIV    The Devil  XV   The Tower XVI   The Star XVII

The Moon XVIII    The Sun XIX   Judgement XX   The World XXI


Fool O Rx    The Magician Rx      High Priestess II RX    The Empress III Rx   The Emperor (IV) Rx    The Hierophant V Rx

The Lovers VI Rx   The Chariot VII Rx    Strength VIII Rx                     The Hermit IX Rx   The Wheel of Fortune (X) Rx  Justice (XI) Rx   The Hanged Man (XII) Rx  Death (XIII) Rx  Temperance (XIV) Rx  The Devil (XV) Rx  The Tower (XVI)Rx  The Star (XVII) Rx  The Moon (XVIII) Rx  The Sun (XIX) Rx   Judgement (XX) Rx  The World (XXI) Rx

Relationships, Love & Sex – Extra Content

Click here for list of relevant articles, blog posts and interpretations. More to Follow. See also Publications below.

Publications – More To Follow

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 3A – Five of Wands  – Full Copy  Online

Wands’ Book of Love & Sex – Installment 3A – Five of Wands Reversed – Full Copy Online


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The Course Sections

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PART II – THE COURT CARDS – Link will take you to Course Menu Page

PART III – THE MAJOR ARCANA – Link will take you to Course Menu Page

What you will need to Study The Truly Teach Me Tarot Course:

A selection of Rider-Waite Decks suitable  for studying this course and all available from Amazon. Color and detail enhancement will vary between these decks so check them out  (click the images or links below) before purchasing to see which one you prefer.  Each has their own appeal. You can always build on your collection over time.  


The Rider Tarot Deck

Universal Waite Tarot Deck and Book Set

The Original Rider Waite Tarot Pack

Radiant Rider-Waite Tarot

There is also a Giant Rider-Waite Version (17 cm x 10 cm (6 3/4″  x 4″ ) available for those who prefer to study the images in greater detail. 

Giant Rider-Waite Tarot Deck: Complete 78-Card Deck

  • A Deck of Rider Waite Tarot Cards – Course is taught based on the Rider Waite Deck. There are several versions of Rider-Waite Tarot to choose from. The coloring may vary but the detail is the same. Detail may be more enhanced in some decks. Click on the image links above to check out the information on each deck which are available from Amazon. 
  •  A Workbook or Journal


22 replies »

  1. Help me please! I just bought my Tarot deck yesterday. I left them in my husbands hands and when I went back to get them, the King, Queen and Knight of Wands were out of place.
    Just now, I dropped half the deck. When I picked them up and checked their order, those same three cards were out of place. I think they represent me, my husband and my 30 year old son, but what are they trying to tell me?
    By the way… I love your website! I’m deep into studying it, and loving every minute of it!


    • Hi Kathy,

      Don’t get too stressed aboutall this. When you buy a new deck, all the cards should be in the order of their suits and all the Major Arcana in numerical order. Therefore, the above three cards would be together from the very start. Did you look through the cards when you opened the deck or did your husband handle them first? Is there a chance that either of you moved the order of cards by mistake? Also were the cards displaced just in their order or where they reversed? When you dropped them had you already put them back in order or did they go out of order again upon hitting the floor?

      When you get new cards they have been packed together so tightly that it takes a while for them to naturally separate. This is encouraged by shuffling them and re-stacking the deck until eventually they find their independence from each other. Therefore cards will tend to gel for a while and may be responsible for the three cards still sticking together when they fell.

      I would need to know the particulars involved but really I would not worry. If your cards were all upright and they represent the people you say, then we are just looking at three very strong and vibrant personalities who generate a lot of energy. Very strong opinions would be involved and a healthy assertiveness. Also three very ambitious people. Judging by the way you are attacking the cards and devouring the course, you may very well be represented by the Queen of Wands who is throwing herself in enthusiastically to the study aspect of it all. The Queen of Wands is a wonderful personality, very bright and sharp. If you are all Wands, then I would presume there is never a dull moment in your house and any arguments are just a healthy exchange of energy and not dwelled on too much. Then again, the cards stuck together may mean nothing and you will need to be using them for a while before you can read anymore into what happened.

      Read up on the Cards involved and you will see nothing to worry about. By the way, The Queen of Wands is highly intuitive and often has a bit of the witch in her so would be a strong card reader. Get back to me with the information when it is convenient.


      Vivien (Your Tarot Teacher)


  2. Hi Vivien,
    I am absolutely astounded at your insights into the tarot. Honestly, some of the insights spooked me a bit. Thank you for sharing!!!


  3. I really like the reality or day to day meanings you bring. I hate the hard to understand meanings and love that you relate these cards to life. Now when i do cards i see them in a different way. I see whats on the card and see symbols where as before i would just go for general meanings from a book. For example 8 of swords when i look at the card one of the symbols i see is, i see a woman standing there with her hands behind her back makes me think of being in handcuffs.Never saw that before til i saw how you do symbols when you see a card. So now if i have see King of swords in the mix you maybe going to jail by cops with handcuffs on! I’m just seeing the cards in a whole different way. Thanks for sharing your insights.


  4. Miss Tarot Teacher –
    I simply wish to express my gratitude for the clarity your interpretations bestow. They have helped me immensely through difficult, puzzling circumstances and have broadened my appreciation for both challenges and blessings. Your writings have entered the Pantheon of my most significant texts, and I am, again, truly grateful.
    – Kurt


  5. what is a reversed card, and how do they get reversed or appear? do they appear different or are they handed upside down or is this just the opposite of the character of the card to begin with or the other side? and what makes a reverse reading, is it the card appearing upside down when handled ?


    • Hi Mike, a Reversed Card is a card that is viewed with the picture or imagery upside down. Even if you have decided not to read Reversed Cards, it can happen that a card or two will inadvertently Reverse while shuffling the deck. You can choose to read the card as reversed or simply turn it around and put it back upright again.

      When a Reader decides to deliberately Reverse Cards, this is done at the shuffling stage while the question or issues of the Reading are being dwelt on. As the Reader or person shuffles, they occasionally select, a card or two or maybe a few, but never a lot, and Reverse the Card/s in the deck so that the images that are facing away from them while shuffling will result in being upside down (Reversed) but not back to front (some people get confused about the difference between back to front and reversed. Back to front means that you turn the card over and can see the picture while the rest of the deck only the back of the cards is visible, and reversing just turns the card around by 180 degrees with the card imagery still facing away from you). The cards are shuffled again and the Reader or person may decide to Reverse a few more. This may result in a previous Reversed Card or even two being turned upright again as the Card face is turned away while shuffling and you can’t see what is going on. Don’t worry about this happening as it will work out as intended.

      Sometimes after shuffling, the cards are placed on the table and mixed up by using the palms of the hands to swish them around the table. This is often called scrambled eggs and when the person is finished the Cards are gathered up and put back into a full deck. This really mixes the cards up and you will be guaranteed to get several Reversed Cards using this process.

      There is no such thing as a Reversed Reading unless all the cards are Reversed. It is just a Reading with some Reversed Cards in it. The Exception to this is when someone deliberately wants to do a Reversed Reading to determine where their blocks or blind sides are so that they can begin working through them. When they do this. They very deliberately Reverse the Whole Deck before Reading so to be guaranteed Reversed Cards. It is a good exercise to do occasionally, but not always, as it can lead to having a negative attitude about yourself and concentrating on your weaknesses instead of your strengths.

      A Reversed Card in the Reading can have several implications. If you have not read the section in the course on Reversed Readings then here is the link to that page.
      Reversed Readings are also covered in The Court Cards
      when we study what happens to the individual personality of each Court when they Reverse. Working with Reversed Cards pops up in several lessons.

      Thank you for your enquiry and it has made me make a note on my to do list to expand on Reversed Cards more so that it is crystal clear what they are and how they come about. Hope this clears up some issues for you but do not hesitate to contact me if you have any queries about the above.


  6. Hi…. I want to start by saying that I absolutely love your site and the in depth detail and storytelling approach you use when sharing your experience of each of the cards, and I wanted to thank you for all of the time and care you clearly put into making this site what it is! I also wanted to ask if there’s a section for the Celtic Cross Spread that I’m somehow missing. That’s typically my “go to” spread and I was interested in learning more about it from your perspective. You mentioned in the Horseshoe spread that that spread was a nice way of preparing for the Celtic Cross spread, so I thought that might mean that you do, in fact, cover it somewhere. Thanks again, Christine


    • Hi Christine,

      Sorry for being so tardy with my reply. I have had to cut down my computer time lately due to debilitating neck problems. Yes, we will be covering the Celtic Cross shortly. This site is a work in progress and as you can see is already very large. I am working my way through all the content and still have heaps to upload and also many cards to re-write. There is a new site coming shortly. Very similar to what I have but with wordpress.org I will be able to better develop it. All in good time, all in good time. Just have to get rid of this bad neck first.


  7. Hello,
    Will you be returning the relationship interpretations of Ace to King in the four elements?
    They seem to have disappeared from your index.


  8. I have just read about the 9 of cups card on your site. I am an artist who lives with Bipolar1 and have always worked in the community. The past 8 years have been very difficult because of my health and friends who could not cope with my illness. Yesterday i had a wonderful time with someone i thought would love me and be in my life. However he send a text today saying it was over. I am devastated he could be so cruel. It is particularly hurtful as i have just left my husband after 35 years together. I have never commented to someones page before. I just wanted to say God Bless You for all the words of encouragement. Thank you.


  9. Your website is looking really great! And thank you for sharing your knowledge, your site has been very helpful to me in many occasions. Much love to you ♡


    • Ah thank you Fernanda. Still some fiddly bits to sort such as menus and headings but getting there bit by bit. Also large publication due for release this weekend, free of charge, PDF Download and all!



      Liked by 1 person

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