Three Card Spread

This is a great Starter Spread for all Tarot Readers and is extremely versatile when it comes to allocating meanings for the three positions. Anything goes really, but below you will find some suggestions. The Three Card Spread is often used as an Opening Reading for clients prior to a more elaborate spread. It provides instant information, a screen snapshot of the Querant’s life, which provides a useful base for the Reader to work from.

       Blank Card      Blank Card      Blank Card

Past Present Future
Beginning Middle End
Body Mind Spirit
Problem What Hinders What Helps
Morning Afternoon Night
Opportunities Taken Opportunities Missed Opportunities to Come
What you are Thinking What you are Feeling What you are Doing
What you are Aware of What you are Unaware Effects
Issue Action Outcome
Event What is Important What is Unimportant
Self The Relationship Other
Action Outcome of Action Alternative Action

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Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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  1. past Queen of pentacles present Hermit reversed future X of cups

    my interpretation person in my past,,, me not trusting my inner wisdom …future,,, happiness Queen will return


    • Hi Terry,

      You obviously can identify this Queen in your past and also hold out hope for her returning to you resulting in happiness. Yes, the Hermit may be suggesting you are not listening to your inner wisdom or that you have listened enough and now its time to take action in your life once more. I suppose it depends on how long you spent with the Hermit after the Queen of Pentacles departed from the scene. If you withdrew in order to make sense of what had happened and spent time reaching an understanding then the Reversed Hermit would see you coming down from the side of the mountain out of self-enforced isolation. You may have come to the realisation that the Queen is who you really want to be with, that it took her absence to bring you to your senses, that you are wiser and more mature to cope with a relationship with her should she return etc. However, you are leaning towards the Reversed Hermit implying not listening to your inner wisdom. From this self interpretation I would suspect you have not sought inner counsel or refuse to listen to what it is trying to advise you. You may have resisted withdrawing or retreating to find answers to the questions of what happened between you, where your relationship may have gone wrong, or to simply get a better understanding of what it is you seek in a relationship. The Hermit may have advised you to draw a line under this particular relationship and move on as it is not in your highest interest but perhaps you have refused to accept this. You know what you should do, but just can’t. In this manner, the Ten of Cups shows up as an idealistic outlook on the future of the relationship rather than a probable outcome. If there were problems in the relationship which led to a break up or the retreat of Queen of Pentacles, unless time has been spent with the Hermit, it is likely the Ten of Cups scenario will manifest in your imagination but not in the real world. Saying this it may be the Queen of Pentacles who has not taken the time to access the Hermit but badly needs to do so. It is the Queen who may seek a reconciliation with promises of how wonderful the relationship will be this time round. Similar to the Nine of Wands Reversed, The Reversed Hermit can highlight not learning from mistakes and making those same mistakes over and over as relationship issues become predictable, repetitive and habitual.

      Hope you get something out of the above even if just for pure speculation. When reading for yourself it is often interesting to play Devil’s Advocate and throw in possible interpretations that may not be to your liking to see if you are seeing only what you want to see.




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