Past Life Card Reading Part I

Past Life Tarot Reading Part I

Medieval Knight

Here is The Special Past Life Card Reading that I have designed. Unfortunately it will not be possible to conduct this Reading in the same manner I did mine under hypnosis. For a start, it will be you asking yourself the questions and also providing the answers. However, if you apply yourself to it with great intention, and allow yourself ample time, you should be able to piece together a lot of information and glean much wisdom from it.

There are Two Parts to This Reading with the Second Part being Optional should you require further information or deeper insight. There are also several approaches to doing this Reading. You can do as little or as much as you are able to cope with. You can also alter and add to it. The only thing that will hold you back is lack of imagination and time. You really can go as far with this Past Life Reading as you wish.

Make sure the Cards are thoroughly cleansed beforehand and that you have also carried out your own Energy Cleansing and Psychic Protection as per your own methods or the methods given in Lesson  2 – Psychic Protection

Take your time with this Reading as you will be compiling information that will then take time to analyse and assimilate. Do not expect it all to be spelled out to you clearly and precisely. Like all Tarot Readings you will have to call on your intuition, imagination and powers of reasoning and deduction to formulate a story and running order of events. It is up to you to interpret the results. Because you will be using The Major Arcana on several occasions, it is advised to record on paper, or on your computer, each Card drawn so that you can begin to see Your Past Life begin to take shape before you. Do not try to hold all this information in your head as it will be impossible to analyse or remember. Move Slowly and do not try to rush The Reading. You will have to Mull over all the Cards drawn. If you are unsure about what Cards mean then go to the Section that Lists all the Cards by clicking here.

If you intend using this Reading on your own clients then it will take much longer than a normal Reading so you will have to charge accordingly and explain your reasons. I do suggest you get used to working with this Reading on yourself before trying it out on Clients.


Medieval Lovers

Past Life Tarot Reading Part I Includes:

  • Gender
  • Family Background – Father Figure and Mother Figure. Siblings Optional.
  • Your Personality – Three Stages – Page (up to 22 years), Knight (up to 30 years both male and female), King or Queen (30years upwards) depending on Gender.
  • Your Partner Yes/No, their personality, Suited/Happy?
  • Your Occupation?
  • Your Soul Purpose?
  • Where you Following your Soul Purpose? Did You Achieve Your Soul Purpose?
  • The Events of Your Life on Levels Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles. What happened at Early, Mid and Latter Stages of Life. Three Cards from Each Suit to Represent Each Stage or all Ten of Each Suit can be used for deeper insight. 
  • Your Personality at the time of your Death

In Part II of The Past Life Reading We will have a look at the reasons behind any Personality Change and the following:  

  • What Blocked Me From Achieving My Soul Purpose?
  • What Where The Events that Blocked me From Achieving My Soul Purpose or/and any Personality Changes at the End of My life? Who or Which Personality Aspect was involved in each Event? What Was The Driving Force Behind Each Event?
  • What Did I Learn from that Particular Life Time that is beneficial to my Current?
  • What Aspects/Lessons of that Past Life am I working on in This Lifetime?
  • If I had That Life Time to Live again what would I do differently? Do I have any Regrets?
  • What is my Soul Purpose in This Life Time?  How well am I advancing with my Soul Purpose in This Life Time?
  • What are my Blocks to Achieving my Soul Purpose? What are my Biggest Challenges?
  • Who is here to challenge me?
  • Who in This Life Time is here to Help Me Succeed?

Medieval Castle

When you are ready separate the Deck of Tarot as Follows: (when the decks are separated some of them will be used on more than one occasion but for different purposes. It is very important to Cleanse them for each individual use. Cleansing can be done in a matter of seconds. 

  1. All 22 Major Arcana Cards  – I Deck. This Deck will be used several times and should be cleansed for each use, and all Cards returned to Upright Position before Shuffling. You will be Reversing some Cards again but you want a Clear Deck each time to start from .
  2. The 16 Court Cards – Stack these not in their Suits but in their Ranking as in all Pages together, all Knights together, all Queens together and all Kings together.  You should have Four Decks of Four Cards. Each time they are used, all Cards should Cleansed and returned to their Upright Position before Shuffling. You will be Reversing some Cards again but you want a Clear Deck each time to start from .
  3. Separate the Four Suits from Ace to Ten in their Individual Suits of Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles – 4 Decks of Ten Cards each. Each time they are used, Cleanse them first and then return them to their Upright Position before shuffling. You will be Reversing some Cards again but you want a Clear Deck each time to start from .
  4. My Sample Past Life Reading can be found by scrolling to the bottom of Page. Please Read all details below first before going to Sample Past Life Reading. 

What you will be aiming to do is:

  • You now need to determine which Gender you were, so to do this shuffle all the Kings and Queens together and then draw One Card. You do not have to Reverse any Cards. If it is a Queen it suggests you were Female, if a King it suggests you were Male.
  • Your Family Background. What type of Mother and Father Figure you had in your Past Life. This will give you an idea on how you were influenced as a child, and will also give explanations as to how you developed and conducted your life in later years. Other information about the personalities of any siblings involved can also be determined if you wish to gain further insight into your Past Life. In this Reading, we will only be concentrating on You and your Parental Figures. Feel free to investigate any siblings if you so wish.
  • For your Father Figure you will be shuffling all The Kings together and Reversing some as you go. Draw just One Card and note whether it is Upright or Reversed.If Reversed, it may mean your Father was absent or died.If Reversed, pull another couple of Cards from either the Major Arcana, Swords Suit or both, to determine if the personality was Reversed or whether the Father Figure died or was absent.
  • For Mother Figure shuffle all The Queens together reversing some as you go. Draw One Card and note whether it is Upright or Reversed. If Reversed, it may mean your Father was absent or died.If Reversed, pull another couple of Cards from either the Major Arcana, Swords Suit or both, to determine if the personality was Reversed or whether the Mother Figure died or was absent. Analyse the combination of your Father and Mother Figure and the Relationship that may have existed between them. What sort of parents would they have been? Take Notes
  • Your Personality. All The Court Cards will be used for this part. What you’re looking for is information on what your personality was like firstly as a young child and teenager, so you will shuffle all The Pages together, Reversing some as you go. Make a note of the Page Drawn and whether it is Upright of Reversed. What does this tell you?
  • Next you want to know what you were like as a young adult so all The Knights will be shuffled together in the same manner as The Pages. Gender associations are irrelevant here. However, if your gender was female, dilute some of the more extreme aspects of the Knight Personality Descriptions. You will have to use your imagination for this. Make a note of The Knight Drawn and Whether it is Upright or Reversed. What does this tell you? Did your personality change much from your childhood? If you have gone from an Upright Page to a Reversed Knight, you need to find out why? What happened? You will be using the Minor Arcana for that purpose.
  • Next you want to find out what your personality was like as a mature adult/parent/husband/wife etc. If your gender was Female shuffle only The Four Queens remembering to Reverse some as you go. Draw one and take a note of which Queen it is and whether it is Upright or Reversed. If your Gender was Male, then do the same but with The Four Kings. Take notes.
  • Your Partner/Wife/Husband. If you were Female, shuffle all the Kings, Reversing some as you go. Select One Card and Note whether it is Upright or Reversed. If you were Male, select all The Queens and follow the same format as given for The Kings. You also have the option of adding all The Knights for either Gender if you Wish. If you wish you can shuffle all Four Knights, Four Queens and Four Kings together to obtain the Personality of your Partner/Wife/Husband. If your selection falls Reversed, it may also suggest that you had no partner or that they died. You must pull extra Cards from both The Major Arcana and Swords Suit to ascertain this.

Note – What sort of relationship do you think you would have had? Do you think you were suited to each other? Do you think you were happy? To Find out if you were happy, pull One or Two Cards from the Cups Suit after shuffling thoroughly and Reversing some. This should give you information as to the nature of your relationship and how strong it was.

You now have a general view of how your Personality formed over that Life Time. You may find that you went from Upright to Reversed or Vice Versa. This will have been as a result of life experiences that changed and altered you as you journeyed through that Life Time along with the external influence of people; family, friend and partners. Your life may have started fine but something may have happened to turn you sour, unhappy or angry. You may also find that you stayed consistent throughout your life time and this in itself tells a lot. You might also have changed Suit, and again this is down to life experiences and the influences of others along with having to conform to rules and regulations of the day. This all leads to revealing interesting facts about your Past Life. It is up to you to piece it together.

It is important at this stage to view your Family Background and Personality together as you may find some co-relations, connections, links and explanations for the Personality Type you were, or developed into. Take notes of all these associations. If you had a partner, examine any similarities they may have had to your parents. Similar traits or personality types in the negative or positive.

  • Now Establish who you were in Your Past Life. This may be your Occupation, Your particular Lifestyle or just how you Conducted your Life. You will be using The Major Arcana Deck for this part. Shuffle all 22 Cards Reversing some as you go. Draw just One Card. Whether it is Upright or Reversed will give you an indication of how successful your Life was. Check The Sample Occupations/Lifestyle from The List Below if you need help. Take notes of this Card and any observations or thoughts you have on it. Compare it to your Family Background Information and Your Personality as you matured. Are there any co-relations or connections as to why you may have chosen a particular Occupation or Lifestyle? Take notes of any observations, theories or concepts you may have on this.
  • Your Soul Purpose for that Life Time.  The Major Arcana Deck will be Selected once more for this information and only One Card will be pulled. I have given examples of the possibilities of Soul Purposes for all The Major Arcana Cards. The list is by no means complete so please add to it. Compare your Soul Purpose Card with the Card drawn for your Occupation or Life Style. Are there any connections or links or are they totally opposed and contradictory? Compare also with your Personality Cards. Can you see any potential connection between them?
  • Were you successful? Did you Achieve your Soul Purpose? The Major Arcana Deck will be used for this purpose again. Shuffle the 22 Cards of The Major Arcana, remembering to Reverse some as you go. When you are ready, place the Deck on the table in front of you and start turning the Cards over sideways one after another making sure to keep their correct orientation.  What you are looking for is The Judgement Card and The World Card. Most importantly, you are looking to see if they are Upright or Reversed and also how close to the top of the Deck The World Card is and How Close to the Bottom of the Deck, The Judgement Card is. If The Judgement Card appears Upright quite quickly, near the top of the Deck, it indicates that you heeded the inner call quite late in life and followed your Soul Path or Purpose from that stage. It may not have given you the time to achieve your Soul Purpose, and any unfinished work would be carried over into a Future Life Time. However for many Evolved Souls they can manage to transform their lives quite late in life and fulfil their Destiny before they depart this Earth.
  • Further down the Deck and still Upright suggests you found your True Calling and set off on your Path much earlier on and had some time to achieve your Soul Purpose. You may have had to change your life in order to follow it.  However, it does not mean that you managed to achieve your Ultimate Goal, as anything could have happened to knock you off your  True Path or Calling.  
  • The Judgement Card appearing quite close to the bottom of the Deck suggests that you started to Follow your Spiritual Path or Soul Purpose quite early in life. This may be as a result of a life changing experience early on in life, the influence of your Family Background or the simple fact that you very nearly made it in your Previous Life Time, and so were off to a good start in your next.
  • Should Judgement be Reversed anywhere in the Deck, it is a sign that you did not heed, or ignored the Path you should have followed. There may have been external reasons for this but on a Soul Level, you were totally responsible for this. You will have to come back to re-address this. 
  • The World appearing Upright is the Ultimate Card confirming that you achieved what you came into this world to do. You completed your journey as planned whether you left the physical at an early or late stage. Having The World Card appear Upright very close to the Top of the Deck and The Judgement Card appear very close to the bottom of The Deck would give an indication of being a more Evolved Soul. You had a very clear vision of your Soul Purpose from a very early stage and pursued it relentlessly. You entered that Life-Time knowing exactly why you were there and what you had to do, but you would have had to work hard to achieve it. It would not have been easy.
  • Having a Reversed World would suggest that unfortunately you didn’t quite make it, and that you still have some unfinished business to conclude in this Life Time or your next. If The Upright World Card is toward the Top of the Deck, you succeeded but not without difficulty and at times, terrible struggle or resistance. You may have fallen down several times, but managed to pick yourself up and kept going. Well done. The Upright World appearing near the bottom of the Deck or in the Middle suggests Lucky You. You had it all sussed from Day One but your Soul Purpose may have been to live a hard life for a long time so it is hard to say whether you would have considered yourself lucky or not.
  • Having an Upright Judgement and a Reversed World can suggest that you indeed answered the inner call but it may have been at a later stage in your life. You may not have had enough time to successfully complete your Soul Purpose in that Life Time but should have no trouble doing it in this Life Time as you were already on the right path.
  • Both Reversed Judgement and The World suggest you lost your way and will need to re-visit the Spiritual Lessons set for that particular Life Time. This does not necessarily mean in this Life Time as it may be postponed until a further one.
  • The Next Stage of The Past Life Reading is to Establish what happened throughout your life to you and to those around you. You will be using all 40 Minor Arcana Cards for this purpose. The Cards should be separated into their Four Suits from Ace to Ten and each Suit Shuffled well, while Reversing a few as you go.  Remember to hold well the intention of the information you seek. So you will be looking for the following:

How your life progressed. Cards will be selected from The Minor Arcana Cards  in each Suit to determine how you lived your life, the events that shaped it and how it ended. The Wands will yield information as to how active and ambitious you were, your personal power, what you were doing, whether you travelled much. The Cups will tell of your emotional life; your relationships, love, marriage and personal happiness. The Swords of course will give us information about the difficulties, stresses, conflicts you were involved in but also how educated and intelligent your were. The Pentacles will give us important information about your financial affairs; whether you were well off or poor and your attitude to work and the material side of life.

Together the Four Suits will give us the details of your life in the early years, mid years and later years. I suggest you pull Three Cards from Each Suit for this purpose, setting the intention with each Card drawn the information required of it. For example, you are drawing the Second Card from the Cups Suit. You set the intention that this Card will yield information about your emotional state/relationship status during the mid period of the particular Past Life you are doing the Reading on. It is very important that you hold clear your intentions at all times and try not to ask too much at the one time. Should you be confused you can draw extra Cards for Clarification.

Note – If you wish you can use all Ten Cards in each Suit establishing which Stage Each Card Drawn Represents. For Example Card Ace to 3 could be the Early Stages, Card 4 to 7 could represent the Mid Stage of your Life and Card 7 to 10 The Latter Stage of your Life. 

  • Lastly, you wish to know what your Personality was like when you died. This may be the same as the Personality Drawn for the Latter Stage of your Life or it may have altered again. Some times a hardened personality mellows as the end of life draws close, and sometimes a once kind and friendly personality becomes sour or bitter at the end of their days. To discover if your Personality remained the same or changed, you will once again be drawing from The Court Cards for your particular Rank. If you were male you will be shuffling the Kings, if you were female, you will be shuffling the Queens. Remember to Reverse a couple as you shuffle to determine the true personality.
Note – If you Personality changed towards the end of your Past Life, you will want to know why. Looking to both The Major Arcana and The Four Suits should throw some light on why this happened. Using the Court Cards all shuffled together)  too will throw light on whether others were involved or facilitated this change. However, enough work has been carried out at this Stage and you will have much to digest and analyse. The reasons behind your personality change, if any, will be examined in Part II of The Past Life Tarot Reading. 

Let us Now Get Down to Doing our First Past Life Tarot Reading. I have supplied a Sample Reading below so that you can see how I have set about Interpreting the Cards I have drawn. You do not have to stick rigidly to my format. Work with whatever suits you. Also, remember this is for fun, for interest and to help you learn to read The Tarot more effectively. Do not take the information in these Past Life Readings to heart, but you might be surprised what you learn about yourself in the process.

    Sample Lists

Your Family Background


Father Figure/Yourself/Your Partner

Father Figure

King of Wands – Strong, Ambitious, Business Owner, Leader, Strong Influence, May have Inspired you, Very Active, Very Physical, Definitely In Charge,  Would have expected a lot of his Children, Not terribly Tolerant, Great Father though and would have been a lot of fun when things were going his way.

Reversed – Overbearing, Demanding, Tyrannical, Aggressive, May have been quite Controlling and forceful, Weak Figure, Powerless, Lacked Ambition, Not a Great Role Model, House Happier when he was not in it. Lack of Sympathy for any signs of weakness in his offspring or partner.  May have been away a lot, had to travel to where work was, moved the family a lot Absent/Died


King of Cups – A soft gentle man, possibly grandfather type, Approachable and very forgiving of his children. Definitely supportive and very caring. Loving, Would want to help whenever he could.  Possibly the local Doctor, Would have had lots of friends and entertained them regularly. Maybe a bit too fond of alcohol.

Reversed – Cold, Uncaring, Abusive, Distant, Emotionally Cruel, Alcoholic, Depressed, Bit of a Conman, Not to be Trusted, Unfaithful, Vengeful, Absent/Died


King of Swords – Harsh, Stern, Fair, Honest, Clinical, Rules and Regulations, Control and Order, Set Tight Restrictions, May have been highly qualified Professional, Educated, Someone of Importance in the Locale, Involved in The Law and Justice. Military, High expectations of his Offspring.

Reversed – Punishment, Severe, Overly Harsh, Unforgiving, Cruel, Abusive, Lack of Freedom, Violent, Vicious, Control Freak, Absent/Died


King of Pentacles – Hard Worker, Successful, Possible Businessman or Farmer, Resourceful, Good Provider, Animal Lover, Good Family Man, Stability, Security, Cautious, Money, Held High Expectations for his Offspring, Would have wanted them to follow into family business, Very traditional and conventional. A man of routine and habits.

Reversed – Work Shy, Unsuccessful, Poor, Poverty, Poor Farmer, Not good with Money, Gambler, Risk Taker, Neglectful of his family, Could disinherit offspring is they did not follow his wishes, Money Mad, Mean, Materialistic, Workaholic. Absent/Died


Mother Figure/Yourself/Your Partner

 Mother and Child

Queen of Wands – Strong Female Influence, Bright and Positive Presence, Enthusiastic, Involved in Everything, Possibly worked, Maybe a woman ahead of her time, could have owned a business, Fearless, Defensive and protective of her offspring, Intolerant of weakness in her offspring, very active person, Would have expected a lot of her children, Very intuitive, Liked to travel,  A natural Witch, Great Fun,

Reversed – Overbearing, Bitchy, Controlling, Difficult, Forceful, Demanding, Not very Motherly, Not at Home much, No Fun, Possibly suffered from nerves or stress. Worked herself to exhaustion.  Absent/Died


Queen of Cups – Loving, Caring, Nurturing, Happy, Family Oriented, Home Maker, May have been a Nurse or Locals turned to her for help or advice, very psychic and intuitive, Very Creative, May have painted or wrote. Good seamstress and created warm loving home. Always had a welcome for visitors, Always there for her offspring and husband, Loved and cherished by all.

Reversed -Cold, Uncaring, Unloving, Emotionally Detached, Smothering, Emotional Blackmail, Depression, Mental Health Problems, Alcoholic, Unhappy, Depressing Home life, Unforgiving,  Absent/Died


Queen of Swords – Strict, Organised, Professional, Possibly Worked, Business Woman, Found it hard to express her emotions, Rules and Regulations, Tidy and Orderly Household, High Standards for her Offspring, Educated and Education very important to her. Possibly came from an aristocratic family, Etiquette and Formality, Not a house to have fun or play in.

Reversed – Rigid, Hard, Clinical, Sterile, Unloving, Pain from her own Past, Punishment, Cruel, Heartless, Intimidation and would instil fear in her children. Offspring would not turn to her for help or advice, May have been divorced, separated, abandoned by her husband or had the stigma of being a single parent. Also absent/Died


Queen of Pentacles – Loving, Nurturing, Caring and Generous. She will have provided a stable and secure home life with a well orderly household. Regardless of circumstances she will always manage to put some money away to pay for the essentials. She will have reared healthy and well nourished children. Loyal, faithful and trustworthy, she will have been an excellent role model and well liked in the community. She may have been known for her way with animals and plants so people may have turned to her for help in these areas. She may also have been a successful business woman with a strong work ethic. A love for the finer things in life, she may have come from a monied background or has built her own wealth. She will have instilled strong values, principles and morals into her offspring. An excellent mother, wife and friend. A really good all-rounder and would have been able to turn her hand to anything.

Reversed – A tendency to neglect herself, her children, her home or her animals, lazy and useless with budgeting housekeeping. She may also have been a social climber, wanting riches but not prepared to work for them. She may have married for money. There is also the possibility of prostitution as this woman may have done anything to get her hands on money. Selfish and unfriendly she may have deprived her family of basic comforts and the stability and security so needed by her children. She may not have had a maternal bone in her body. Gambling and huge financial losses may have been suffered. She may have tried but was unsuccessful in business or ran an illegal or business. She may also have suffered from fear of scarcity if she had grown up in poverty herself and as a result worried incessantly about money. Absent or Died.

Siblings/Children/Young Adults/Yourself/Your Partner


Page of Wands – Young, Student,  Fun-Loving, Carefree, Playful, Curious, Very Active, Open-minded, Optimistic, Positive, Idealistic, Ambitious, Confident, Sunny Disposition, Desire to Travel, Adventurous, Spontaneous, Original, Inventive, Intense, Fiery,

Reversed – Hasty, Impatient, Gullible, Hyperactive, Delinquent, Lack of Confidence and Self-Esteem, Negative, Pessimistic, Difficult, Tantrums, Aggressive, Lazy, Lack of Ambition or drive

Knight of Wands – Young Adult/Student, Restless, Personal Freedom, Impatient, Hasty, Ambitious, Fearless, Warrior, Hero, Courageous, Brave, Dramatic, Fiery, Intense, Forthright, Direct, Adventurous, Traveller, Maverick, Trail-Blazer, Independent, Active, Healthy,

Reversed – Reckless, Foolhardy, Unsuccessful, Aggressive, Troublemaker, Violent, Tyrant, Egotistical, Rebellious, Hooligan, Destructive, Acts before thinking, Rushing, Hasty, Lack of Ambition, Short Cuts, Lacks Commitment, No Staying Power, Disloyal, Drifter, Runs from Difficult Situations


Page of Cups – Young, Student, Sensitive, Kind, Happy, Dreamy, Loving, Romantic, Gentle, Soft Nature, Peaceful, Innocent, Gullible, Naive, Psychic, Intuitive, Vulnerable, Friendly, Trusting, Creative, Artistic, Poetic, Eccentric,

Reversed – Sad, Too Naive, Gullible, Unhappy, Broken Hearted, Overly Sensitive, Highly Strung, Tantrums, Whining  Obsessive, Withdrawn, Moody, Emotionally Damaged, Abused, Seducer, Paranoia, Out of Touch with Reality, Fantasy World, Psychic

Knight of Cups – Young Adult, Romantic, Lady’s Man, Charmer, Chivalrous, Gallant, Dreamer, Imaginative, Poetic, Peace Loving, Harmonious, Good Dresser, Caring, Sensitive, Refined, Diplomatic.

Reversed – Seducer, Cad, Flirt, Cavalier, Lustful, One Night Stands, No Commitment, User, Despoiler, Abuse, Un-Realistic, Too Idealistic, Moody, Petulant, Sulky, Fanciful, Artful, Deceptive, Cheater, Flighty


Page of Swords – Young, Student, Intelligent, Curious, Alert, Guarded, Suspicious, Protective, Defensive, Mentally Agile, Sharp Mind and Tongue, Articulate, Talker, Planning, Educated, Advanced, High Standards and Morals, Principles, Just, Law abiding, Negotiator, Analytical, Worrier, Stressed, Anxious.

Reversed – Defensive, Argumentative, Aggressive, Hostile, Malicious, Sharp Tongue, Psychologically Dysfunctional, Suicidal Tendencies, Learning Difficulties, Mental Confusion, Ungrounded, Clinical, Cynical, Sceptical, Unjust, Unlawful, Criminal, Delinquent  Trouble Maker, Spy, Assassin, Vicious, Paranoia, Suspicion, Attack, Violent, Lack of Intelligence, Speech Problems, Childhood Issues

Knight of Swords – Honest, Direct, Soldier, Military, Law, Fearless, Fast, Brave, Intelligent, Assertive, Articulate, Debater, Politician, Educated, Knowledgeable, Expert, Analytical, Strategist, Logical, Facts, Sharp, Authoritative, Single-Minded, Ambitious, Trouble-Shooter, Witty, Well-Read, Writer, Composer,

Reversed – Negative, Cruel, Nasty, Soldier, Hench-Man, Mercenary, Argumentative, Violent, Reckless, Dangerous, Sarcastic, Mentally Cruel, Cutting, Critical, Abusive, Bully, Forceful, Tyrant, Dictator, Criminal, Unlawful, Reckless Speed, Liar, Dishonest, Deceitful, Manipulative, Assassin, Mentally Dysfunctional, Psychotic, Sociopath, Remorseless, Mental Exhaustion, Mental Breakdown, Out of Touch With Reality,


Page of Pentacles – Student, Young, Educated, Intelligent, Dedicated, Loyal, Steadfast, Ambitious, Goal-Setter, Hard-Worker, High-Achiever, Results Oriented, Cautious, Committed, Reliable, Practical, Down to Earth, Healthy, Land Lover, Animal Lover, Productive, Industrious, Good With Money, Thrifty, Future Oriented, Long-Term, Traditional, Conventional,

Reversed  – Drop Out, Lack of Commitment, Lazy, Unhealthy, Lack of Education, No Prospects, Lack of Common Sense, Under-Achiever, Lack of Intelligence, Materialistic, Gambler, Irresponsible, Careless, No Goals, Disloyal, Looking for Easy Gain, Work Shy, Cheap, Shoddy Work, Unprofessional, Unqualified, Lack of Money, Poverty, Financial Ruin, Financial Insecurity, Land and Animal Abuser, Neglect

Knight of Pentacles – Young Adult, Committed, Hard-Worker, Farmer, Professional, Highly Skilled, High Standards, Impeccable, Business Man, Successful, Down-to-Earth, Loyal, Tenacious, Long-Term Plans, Conservative, Conventional, Traditional, Prudent, Financial Security, Trustworthy, Responsible, Methodical, Thorough, Environmentalist, Animal Lover, Ongoing Study or Training,

Reversed – Unreliable, Unsteady, Lack of Commitment, Work Shy, Unskilled, Care-Less Attitude, Shoddy Work, Drop Out, Lack of Qualifications, No Prospects, Materialistic, Money Mad, Money Scams, Gambler, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Illegal Business Dealings, Thief, Financial Loss/Ruin, Disinherited  Workaholic, Boring, Dull, Fixed, Stubborn, Frugal, Grinding, Rigid in Ways, Obstinate, Pessimistic, Land and Animal Abuser, Neglect, Living in Squalor,

The Major Arcana

Your Occupation/Life Style/How You Lived Your Life

11 sailor fighter pilot coal miner

The Following are Sample Occupations/Life Styles for each of The Major Arcana (Please Add Your Own Too):

The Fool 0 – A Drifter,  A vagabond/Hobo, A Court Jester, A Traveller, A Fool, Mad, Unconventional, An Eccentric, An Inventor, Care Free, An Innocent/Naive, Simple, Childlike

Reversed – Vagabond, Reckless, Risk Taker, Foolish, Gambler, Unreliable, Scattered, Goalless, Imbecile, Easily Led, Irresponsible, Negligent,

The Magician (I) – Educated, Scholarly, Articulate, Well-Travelled, Intelligent, Master, Teacher, Physician, Student, Multi-lingual, Powerful Man, Statesman, Highly Qualified, Professional, Inventor, Explorer, Magician, Illusionist,

Reversed – Charlatan, Trickster, Con-man,  Swindler, Exploiter, Thief, Criminal,  Highway Man, Unrealised Potential, Unskilled, Uneducated, Unbalanced, Scattered, Personality Disorder, Mercenary, Assassin, Bully, Violent,

The High Priestess (II) – A wise woman, a witch, a high-priestess, Medium, Mystic, Psychic, Esoteric, Occult, Herbalist, Healer, Midwife, Keeper of Secrets, Spiritual Woman, Pious/Sanctimonious, Religious Woman, Nun, Counsellor, Loner, Mysterious, Spiritual Teacher, Temple Goddess,

Reversed – Psychic and metaphysical skills and talents used for ill purposes, Carrier and Revealer of Secrets, Lack of Knowledge, Choosing singledom and a solitary life, Fertility problems, Betrayed, abandoned, Lonely, Mysterious, Strange

The Empress (III) – Female, Sexual, An Empress, A Lady/Nobility/Aristocracy, Glamorous, Wealthy, Extravagant, Loved Luxury, Mother, Matriarch, Married, Wife, Housekeeper, A Cook, A Horticulturist, A Feminist, Creative, Resourceful, Earthy, Loving, Child Bearing, Large Family,  Happy, Healthy, Sensual, Lived in Countryside, Dancer, Singer, Actor, Artistic, Worked with Children/Animals, Natural Witch

Reversed – Manipulative Matriarch, Negligent, Unhealthy, Overweight, Unkempt, Living in squalor, Promiscuous, Infidelity, Divorced, Lack of Talents, Uncreative, Destructive, Abuser of Animals/Environment/Children, Unloving, Self-Absorbed, Barren, fertility problems.

Emperor (IV) – Male, Virile Father, Leader, Ruler, Boss, Nobility, King, Military Leader, Law Official, Judge, A Hard Stern Man, Protector, Defender, an Official, keeper of Law and Order

Reversed – A weak Man or A Kind Gentle Man, A Follower, Overthrown Leader, Abuse of Power, Tyrant, Abdication, Unstable, Scattered, Unfocused, Harsh or Weak Father, Disciplinarian or Ineffective, Weak Character, Powerless, Being Controlled by Others,

The Hierophant (V) – Cleric, Spiritual Leader, Priest, Counsellor, Hierophant, Pope, Wise Man, Advisor, Moral, Teacher, Part of The Establishment, Religious Instructor, Role Model for Community, Rule Maker, Conventional and Traditional, Servitude (Lord and Master), Duty, Conforming.

Reversed – Unconventional, Untraditional, Rule Breaker, Dogmatic, Religious Fervour, Witch Hunter, Persecutor, Sanctimonious, Corrupt Religious Leader, Leaving a Religious Order, Turning your back on Religion, Defiant, Divorce, Breaking Religious Laws, Living your Own Life, Following your Own Path, Freedom,

The Lovers (VI) – Happily Married, Healthy Sex Life,  Soul-Mates, Joyful Union, Marriage Counsellor, Partnership, Close Friends, Dilemma between Two Relationships, A Major Life Choice

Reversed – Separation, Divorce, Infidelity, Promiscuity, Breakdown in A Relationship, A Seducer, A womaniser, Sticking with a Partner out of Duty or Obligation, Forsaking Happiness, Unhappily Married, Disillusionment, Not Choosing The right Partner, Not Meant for Each Other, Making the Wrong Decision, Lack of Sex Life, Lack of Communication,

The Chariot (VII)  – Military, Battle, War, Warrior, Soldier, Victor, Courageous, Champion, Conqueror, Leader, Driver, Hero, Master, Traveller, Overcame Big Obstacles and Challenges, Moved Forward In Life, Determined to Succeed, Expert Horse-Handler.

Reversed – Lack of Success, Battles Lost, Court Marshall, Failure to overcome Life’s Challenges, Defeat, Overthrown, Lack of Tenacity, Inexpert, Inexperienced, Lack of Courage and Bravery, Collapse, Motor Accident, Fall From Horse,

Strength (VIII) – Animal Healer, Animal Whisperer, Mediator, Peace keeper, Lion Tamer, Cat Lover, Martyr, Moralistic,   Zoologist, Great Power, Person Authority, Incredible Strength and Endurance.

Reversed – Weak Personality, Lack of Control, Anger, Cruelty, Wild, Misuse or Abuse of Power Bestowed on You, Tyrant, Trouble Maker, Fall from Power, Persecuted.

Hermit (IX) – A Hermit, A Wise Man, A Recluse, A Loner, Single, Celibate,  A Counsellor, A Mystic, A Shaman, A Truth Seeker, A Guru, Higher Knowledge, Further Education, A Humanitarian, A Guide, Teacher of Meditation and Spiritual Ways,  Prudent, Basic Needs, Far From The Madding Crowd, A Simple Life, Non Materialistic, Shunned The Material World

Reversed – Unsociable, Solitary Existence, Strange, Difficult, Cantankerous, Deserted, Abandoned, Exiled, Ex-Communicated, Materialistic, Lack of Inner Knowledge, Cripple/Blind

The Wheel of Fortune (X) – Fortune Teller, A Speculator, Stock Trader, Gambler, Lucky Person, Blessed,Great Luck in Life, Fate had a Hand to Play, Possible Rewards for Good Karma,  Prosperous, Built on Success, Affluent, Seized Opportunities, Intuitive, Advanced Oneself, Possibly from Rags to Richer, Took Chances, Made Hay while The Sun Shone, Positive, Possibly Worked by the Seasons or anything that ran in cycles. Healthy

Reversed – Unlucky in Life, Unsuccessful, Failure, Bad Fortune, Cursed, Big Losses, Unsuccessful Gambler, From Riches to Rags, Negative, Pessimistic, Let Opportunities Slip Through Your Hands, Unhealthy, Depression, Insecure, Unstable, Fall From Power, Calamities, Failure to Progress in Life

Justice XI  – Judge, Justice/Commissioner of The Peace, Truth Seeker, Law Official, Mediator, Administrator, Lawyer, Solicitor, executer of Wills, Legal Advisor, Honest and Fair Person, Lawful, Impartial.

Reversed – Jurist, Legal Person but with Little Power,  Abuse of Power/Justice, Biased , Bigot, Corrupt Judge or Law Official, Overly Harsh, Severe, Executor, Unfair Person, Unlawful, Lack or abuse of Human Rights, Merciless, Corrupt Legal System. Unfair Trials

The Hanged Man (XII) – Martyr, Self-Sacrifice, Died for Beliefs, Patriotic, Made Massive Sacrifices, Selfless, Volunteer, Deep Inner Wisdom, Prophet, Victim, Criminal, Hang Man, Punished, Sentenced, Repentant, Controlled, Captured, Slave, Submissive, Incarcerated, Escape Artist, Acrobat,

Reversed – A Condemned Man, Hanged, Suicide, Crimes gone Unpunished, Escape, Scapegoat, Sacrificed, Exploited, Lamb to The Slaughter, Cannon Fodder, Hidden Motives/Agendas, Concealment, Pretence, Victim,  False Accusations, Incarceration, Criminal, Unrepentant, Selfish, Save Yourself, An Informer, Pretend Sacrifice, Proving Your Innocence and Release, Fall from The Tightrope.

Death (XIII) – Executioner, Murderer, Leading Attacks on Villages and Fortresses, Pillaging and Plundering, Working With The Dead, Embalmer, Coffin Maker, Funeral Director, Grave Digger, Went Through Several Life Transformations, Re-Invented yourself many Times, Changing Identities,

Reversed – Destruction, Stealing from The Dead, Grave Robber, Merciless, Mercenary, Stealing the Identity of Dead People, Profiting from the Death of Others, Near Death Experience, Coming Out of a Coma, Buried Alive, Sentenced to Death, Depression, Suicide,

Temperance (XIV) – Healer, Guide, Counsellor, Spiritual Person, Mediator, Earth Angel, Spiritual Guide, Mystical, Magical Powers, Wise Woman, Herbalist, Comforter, Consoler, Helper, Looking After The Dead, Serene and Calming, Health, Moral, Balanced Life,

Reversed – Unbalanced, Psychologically Unbalanced, Hearing Voices, Out of Touch With Reality, Lack of Spirituality, Lack of Morals, Lack of Moderation in your Life, Lack of Conscience, Promiscuous, Addictions, Of No Help, Did The Wrong Thing at The Wrong Time. Ill Health, Lack of Healing, Fallen Angel

The Devil (XV) – Evil, Corrupt, Cruel, Violent, Enslaver, Bondage, Pimp, Torturer, Drug Baron/Dealer, Loan Shark, Enslaved, Captured, Addict, Prostitution, Drug Dealing, Crime, Dark Arts, Black Magic, Occult, Bewitchment, Mass Disease/Plague, Ignorant, Easily Led, Gangs, Extortion, Sexually Abused/Exploited, Negative, Pessimistic, Depression, Psychological Entrapment.

Reversed – Escape from Enslavement, Rehab, Healing, Seeking Help, Going Public, Getting Away from Trouble, Making a Fresh Start, Finding Your Conscience or Morals Once More, Cleaning Up Your Act. Find Spirituality. Unfortunately, The Devil is very strong in A Past Life Reading that in Reverse it may suggest a total acceptance and being drawn further under his spell. It may be an indication of continuing his work or adding to it. It may have become the only way of life you knew.

The Tower (XVI) – Bailiff, Evictions,  Arsonist, Fire, Battles, War, Destitution, Catastrophes and Calamities in  your Life, Disgrace and Downfall, A fall from a Height, Overthrown, Gone from a Position of Power to Ruin, Exposed, Arrests, Exile, Homeless,  Bankruptcy, Unexpected Shocking Situations, A terrible Crisis in your Life,Mass Destruction and Disaster, Earth Quakes, Explosions, Tsunami, Meteor Showers, Violent Acts of Nature,

Reversed – Dealing with Aftermath of above, Picking up The Pieces in your Life after terrible times, Post War Times, Building out of Rubble, Finding Stability, A Levelling Experience, Humility, Solidarity, An Atmosphere of people pulling together to salvage what is left, Rebuilding your Life. Fresh Starts after dark times. Hope.

The Star (XVII) – A Star, A Celebrity, Talented, Famous, Multi-talented, Skilled, A Singer, Writer, Artist, Musician, A Spiritualist, A Healer, An Astrologist, An Earth Angel, A Spiritual Guide, A Humanitarian, A Counsellor, A Naturist, A Life Coach, Optimistic, Positive, Open, Finding Balance in your Life, A Fresh Start, Being Free to come and go as you choose, Freedom from Persecution, Strong Faith, Simple Life, Happy. Giving Something Back,

Reversed – Unrealised Potential, Gifts and Talents not used or Utilised, Fame Denied or never Achieved.  Self-Doubt and lack of Self-Belief behind Failure. Following the Wrong Star in our Life, Sacrificing your dreams for another, Fear of Public Speaking, Haunted by Creative Blocks in your work,  Not working hard enough to realise dreams, Lack Lustre Star, Restricted from Following your true Destiny. Not Giving Anything Back, Selfish, Deep Healing Needed but Ignored or Avoided, Not being able to move on from a Difficult Time, Harbouring Hatred and Anger, Getting Stuck in The Past.

The Moon (XVIII) – Strong Female Energy, Mystic, Occult, Dark Forces, Spells, Incantations, Witch, Mysterious Woman, Intuitive, Psychic, Dream Interpreter, Held a Big Secret, Hidden Agendas, Intrigue, Worked at Night, Possible Undercover Work, Nightly Criminal Escapades, Highway Man, Many Fears, Surrounded by Enemies and Danger. Dangerous Gossip, Psychic Attack, Following your Dreams, Facing your Fears, Going It Alone,

Reversed – Psychological Imbalance, Lunacy, Madness, Delirium, Hallucinations, Psychiatric Wards, Asylums, Ambush or Attack, Psychic Blocks, May have been committed to an institute due to Hormonal Imbalances being confused with insanity. Living with Irrational Fears and Paranoia, Fear of Intuition and Psychic Revelations, Terror, Fear of Everything, Having to make a dangerous journey alone, Not following your Dreams, Not Listening to your Inner Voice.

The Sun (XIX) – Young, Child, Innocent, Happy, Fun, Play, Freedom, Warmth, a love of Animals (especially horses), Extremely Creative and Expressive, Artistic, Writer, Singer, Musician, Worked With Children, Worked with Horses, Happily Married with Children, Successful in Life, Good Fortune,  Surrounded by Good Friends and Colleagues, Wealth, Major Achievements, Acknowledgement for your work, Well-known, Acclaimed. Happy Life

Reversed– Happy but not to the level you had dreamed of.  Not as Successful as you had hoped for or took a long time coming. Creative Blocks haunt your working Life. Tried too hard and blocked natural Inspiration, Let Negativity and Pessimism set in,  Too Proud to ask for help at Times, You let your Ego get in the Way and sabotaged your own full happiness, did not get the praise and acclaim for your work during your lifetime, Relationship or marriage may have broken down due to your self-absorption and immature behaviour. Your life was happy and the envy of others but you wanted more. You lost the ability to laugh and have fun. You possibly had issues from your childhood that were never dealt with.

Judgement (XX) – Humanitarian, Volunteer, Musician, Public Speaker, Campaigner, Karma, Being Repaid for Good Deeds Done, Being Cleared of a False Accusation, Clearing our Name and Reputation, Being Free to Go, Making a Fresh Start in Life, Following your True Soul Purpose, Hearing the Call within, Following your Destiny,  You Transformed or Reinvented your Life after some major set-back, You may have changed your life completely,  The Path you started off on may not be the one you ended up on, Epiphany, Spiritual Enlightenment, Feeling like you came back from the Dead and only now have Started your Real Life, Serving others, Putting others first, Wanting to help others, Clarity of Judgement and Judging wisely.

Reversed – Bad Karma, Consequences as a result of actions taken, Getting your Just Rewards (Negative), Being found Guilty of charges against you, Not hearing or Responding to the Inner Call,  Fear of Changing your Life, Fear of The Unknown, You have a Terrible Fear of Death, You may have made an unwise or hasty judgement about something or someone, There may have been selfishness and the lack of desire to help others, You may not have listened to a warning or sound advice and paid heavily for it, You may have lost your family as a result, Plague, You may have been called to arms for battle purposes and not on a humanitarian level, You may have had a fear of Public Speaking, A Musician who never got the chance for his work to be heard, You may have used your voice to stir trouble and not bring calm, peace and order, If in a position of legal power you may have not had the mercy to give the repentant a Second Chance.

The World (XXI) – Extreme Success, Fame, Acknowledgement, Achievements, Awards, acclaim, Celeubrious, World Travel, Explorer, Expert, Scholarly, Dancer, Inner and Outer Happiness, Found Your Place in The World, Made a Name for yourself In The World, Happy Life with great Circle of Friends and Family, Worked Hard for what you Achieved, Reached Your Goals, Reached for The Stars and Touched them. Rewarded for all your hard work,  Loved By All, Completed your purpose for incarnating, Have Spiritually Evolved as a Result, Relentlessly Followed your True Soul Purpose, Fulfilled your Destiny, Triumphed over Adversity, Fully Integrated, Healthy, Radiant, Prosperous, Left a Wonderful Legacy Behind, Your Fame Continued after your Death, Your name is still well-Known, You still have the Gifts and Talents from That Life-Time, You May be using them, developing or intuitively know that they are there, You Destiny in This Lifetime may be very different – a different challenge. Your Soul is becoming Highly Evolved,

Reversed – Still Successful but there were some areas you just quite didn’t make it in. You still have work to do, Your Success may have been hampered by your lack of Inner Happiness, You had Body Image Issues that eroded your Self-Confidence, You Kept these Secret,  You have Unfinished Business that has been carried forward into another life-time, This may be something you still have to do or unfinished business with a person; a relationship with another or with yourself. You had problems with fertility or carrying your child to full term. You never really found your place in the World and did not achieve what you set out to do. Do not be disheartened by this as this is still a very Positive Card and shows that you were only slightly off the path and should be able to get it right the next time round. You may have fallen at the last hurdle or fear of success held you back from pushing yourself forward. The Talent and happiness is there for the taking the next time round if you have the courage to make the journey once more.

Your Soul Purpose

Firefighter  Nurse  writerleader healer

The Fool (0) Soul Purpose – To learn how to be more Spontaneous, To Take a Chance on Life, To be more eccentric and not so conventional, To be more Trusting in Life and Others, To Learn to Have More Fun and Play, To Not be so Serious, To not be so Naive/Too Innocent, To stop acting Like a Child all The Time, To Take Responsibility for Your Life and Your Actions, To Travel and Explore,

The Magician (I) Soul Purpose – To Use Your Intelligence Wisely, To Empower Yourself Through Education, To Learn/Teach, To Travel and Explore, To Use The Wonderful Natural Gifts you Have Been Given for The Benefit of All, To Understand the Nature of Power and how to Use it Positively and For The Good of All, To Unlock your Psychic and Mystical Talents, To Create Inventions to Help The World, To be the One to Discover a Cure for Life Threatening Diseases through Research and Knowledge. To Harness The Power of Others for The Good of Man-Kind

The High Priestess (II) Soul Purpose – To Heal by using Natural Ways, To Pass on or Hand Down Esoteric Knowledge, To Help Cure the Worlds Ills and offer Comfort, Solace and Understanding to those in Distress and Pain, To Empower others through the Medium of Meditation and Developing One’s Intuition,  To Reinstate and  Empower The Goddess in our Society, To Make it safe to be Feminine and Powerful at the same time, To Live in a Responsible and Conscientious Manner, To help with the Healthy and Safe Birthing of Children and secure the Future of Mankind, To Learn to be Alone without being Lonely, To Learn to Think before You Speak, To Learn the Power of Silence, To listen to and trust The Inner-Voice.

The Empress (III) Soul Purpose – To Learn to Love and Value Yourself,  To Make the Most of Yourself and develop your Femininity, To allow Yourself to Feel Sexual, To Nurture and Care for Children, To Be a Nurturing and Caring Mother, To Work with Children/Animals, To become a strong Environmentalist, To Rescue Abused Animals, To Campaign for the Protection of Wildlife, To Develop, Use and Share your Natural Creative Talents; to become a Singer, Dancer, Musician, Artist, Actor, To be a Social Worker, To promote the use of Herbal, organic, natural Products and Food Stuffs

The Emperor (IV) Soul Purpose – To Develop your Masculinity, To be  A Strong Leader, To be a Good Father, To Learn to Take Control of Your Own Life, To Live by your Own Rules and not Constantly by others, To develop your own Opinions, To Learn to find The Correct Balance between Control and Force, To Lead by Example and not by Threat, To be Fearless and Courageous, To Protect and Defend your Family/Beliefs/Position, To Be Honest and Fair, To be Someone who can Be Trusted and Respected for their Strong Principles, Standards and Morals.

The Hierophant (V) Soul Purpose – To Develop Your Spirituality, To Enter a Religious Institution, To Study The Religions of The World, To Understand that Your Way is not The Only Way, To be Tolerant of those who are Different,  To Lead by Example and be Beyond Reproach, To be Incorruptible, To Spiritually Help, Advise and Counsel those who Have Lost their Way.  To Find The God Within and not through Organised Religion, To be not so Easily Led and Controlled, To be the Guardian of Sacred Ancient Knowledge and Traditions and then Pass it on to Others.

The Lovers (VI) Soul Purpose – To Find your Soul Mate, To Not Find Your Soul Mate, To Integrate Your Masculine and Feminine Side, To Change your Choice of Gender for Incarnation, To Experience Life from both the Feminine and Masculine Aspect, To Develop and value Close Friendships instead of searching for Love all the Time. To Learn to Understand the Difference between Love and Lust.  To Develop a Healthy Attitude to Sex, To Make the Right Decision when Choosing a Love Mate, To Make a Major Life Choice,  To Know what It is to Love, To Understand the Importance of Honesty, Trust and Communication in Relationships.

The Chariot (VII) Soul Purpose – Soldier, Military, Warrior, To Face Your Fears with Courage and Conviction, To Overcome Major Challenges in your Life through Self-Belief, To Learn to Control and Discipline your Emotions, To Never Turn Away from a Difficult Situation, To Put on a Brave Face and Lead by Example, To Become a Leader, To Act Heroically, To Travel, To Keep Moving Forward to your Goals, To Finish What You Start, To be Determined to Succeed in Whatever you Apply Yourself to.

Strength (VIII) Soul Purpose – To Have your Inner Strength Tested and Strengthened, To Endure Difficult Situations, To Overcome Personal Loss and Trauma,  To Help Others Through Trauma, To Become a Peace-Keeper or Mediator, Martyr, To Use Wisely The Great Power You have been Given, To Work with Animals, To Rescue Animals, To Become an Animal Whisperer/Healer, To Accept Your Shadow Side, To Tame The Beast inside, To Deal with Anger Issues from a Previous Life, To always find Peaceful Solutions to Volatile Situations.

Hermit (IX) Soul Purpose – To Be Alone In Life, To Learn to be Alone without Being Lonely, To Live Simply, To Retreat from and Renounce The Material World, To become a Humanitarian, To Become a Wise Person, Spiritual Guide,  a Guru, To Teach the Discipline and Importance of Meditation, To Develop Your Inner-Self, To seek a Deeper Understanding of Life and the Human World,

The Wheel of Fortune (X) Soul Purpose – Lucky You, Being Rewarded for Good Deeds in a Previous Life, Having Great Luck in Life, Being Born into a very Advantaged Family and Position, Having a Great Start in Life, Making a Success of Your Life by not being afraid to Seize Opportunities that come your Way, To Have Great Belief in your Abilities and know that you can make a Success of your Life, To Understand the Cyclical Nature of Things, To Accept The Good Times and The Bad, To Know and be thankful that You are Blessed, To Share your Good Fortune with others.

Justice (XI) Soul Purpose – To become an Honest and Fair Judge, To be a Fair Judge of Character, To be incorruptible, To Always Tell and Seek The Truth, To Understand the Law of Karma – Consequences as a result of Actions, To Accept Responsibility for Your Life and Actions, To become a Lawyer and Fight against Injustice, To Understand that this Lifetime is about Balancing the Scales – Karma,

Hanged Man (XII) Soul Purpose – Martyr, Volunteer, Humanitarian, To be Selfless, To Learn the Discipline of Patience and Inner Development, To Right A Wrong done in a Previous Life, To Make a Massive Sacrifice, To Learn the Humble Act of Repentance, To Be Compassionate to those who have Done Wrong, To Forgive, To Stop Struggling All the Time, To Learn to Let Go and Let Life Take you Where it will, To stop trying to Control Everything, To Slow Down and allow your Thoughts to Settle, To not be in such a Hurry all The Time.

Death (XIII) Soul Purpose – To Deal with Major Transformations in your Life, To overcome Trauma and Disaster, To be a Survivor, To Learn the Lesson of Impermanence, To Learn to Let Go, To Help Others Survive Trauma, To Work with The Dying, To Work With The Dead, A Mortician, An Embalmer, To Develop Your Mediumship Abilities – Communicate with The Dead,

Temperance (XIV) Soul Purpose – To Become A Healer or Holistic Therapist, To act as  A Mediator in Difficult Situations, To Develop your Psychic Powers, To Strengthen your Spirituality, To Learn Herbalism, To Become a Counsellor/Therapist, To Work with those who are Dying by offering Comfort and Serenity, To Live a Life of Moderation and Simplicity, To be there to Help others and to soothe their troubled Minds, To be a Humanitarian.

The Devil (XV) Soul Purpose – To Overcome Addictions, To Fight for your Freedom and Emancipation, To Stand up to Corruption and Evil, To Right A Wrong, To Understand That No One Owns you or Has Control Over You, To Join the Battle against Drugs and Sexual Abuse and Enslavement, To Have a Mind of Your Own and not be So Easily Led, To Act Conscientiously, To Only Surround yourself with Positive and Optimistic People, To Face your Personal Demons and Deal with Them, To Not let the Cruel and Abusive Acts of Others Destroy Your Life, To Learn to Live a Simpler Life, To Be Less Materialistic, To Develop your Spiritual Side, To Volunteer to Help those Suffering from Addiction and Abuse, To Work with Children of Addicts and Help Prevent Them from Following The Same Path, To Open a Refuge Centre, To Join The Law and Help Clean Up The Streets,

The Tower (XVI) Soul Purpose – To Overcome and Survive Trauma and Catastrophe in Your Life, To Learn to Build Your Life on Strong Foundations, To be Open, Honest and Truthful, To Not to Pretend to Be anyone other than who you are, To Be A Survivor,

The Star Soul (XVII) Purpose – To Become Famous, To Become A Star, To Follow your Dreams and Make them a Reality, To Develop and Share with The World your Natural Talents, Gifts and Abilities,  To just be Yourself, To Become a Holistic Therapist, To adopt a Positive and Optimistic Attitude in Life, To be Happy with Who you are, To be The Peace Keeper, To Calm and Soothe the Trouble of Others, To Give Something Back To The World, To Help Others to Free Their Spirit or Fight for Personal Freedom, To Learn to Enjoy The Simple Things in Life

The Moon (XVIII) Soul Purpose – To Overcome Deep Inner Fears, To Face Your Fears with Courage, To Bring to The Surface through Meditation, Counselling or Hypnosis disturbing traits or fears from previous Lifetimes, To Develop Your Psychic Abilities, To Develop a Strong Intuition and to Trust It, To Follow your Heart or your Dreams, To become a Dream Interpreter, To not be afraid to do things on your own or to start-up something on your own,  To embrace your Femininity and The Goddess, To Study Psychology, To Study Astrology or Astronomy, To work with those who are psychologically imbalanced, To Study Mysticism and The Occult, To preserver The Ancient art of Witch Craft, T

The Sun (XIX) Soul Purpose – To Develop your Artistic and Creative Side, Paint, Write, Act, Sing, Dance. To Seek Freedom within and without, to Find Fun in life and Enjoy being in The Physical, To Work with Children or Animals, To be a Good Friend to Others and to Help where you can, to Share your Success and Wealth with those in need. To work hard Toward a Major Goal and Achieve it, To Achieve Fame and Recognition for Your Hard Work. To Form a Loving Relationship and rear a Happy Family.

Judgement (XX) Soul Purpose – To Become a Humanitarian or Volunteer, To Campaign for The Rights of Others, To Become a Human Rights Activist, To Follow and Fight for a Good Cause, To be Non-Judgemental, To be Tolerant of Those Who are Different, To Judge Fairly and not be Biased or Bigoted, To Answer The Inner-Call within, To Connect with Your Higher-Self and Work for The Good Of All.  To Right A Wrong From a Previous Lifetime/To Be Rewarded for Good Deeds done in a Previous Lifetime,  To Follow your True Soul Purpose and not Ignore it like in Previous Life-Times, To not be afraid, To Think of Others, To make Personal Sacrifices.

The World (XXI) Soul Purpose – To Complete the Work of Previous Lifetimes, To Learn to Love Yourself, To Feel Comfortable in Your Own Skin and Happy with Who You Are, To Develop any natural Talents, Skills or Gifts you have, To Create, To Become Famous,  To Excel In Your Chosen Career or Life, To Become a Well-Rounded Person, To Become an Environmentalist, To See Life From The Global Aspect and not Just your Own, To Develop a Tolerance for All God’s Creatures, To become a Humanitarian/Volunteer, To Understand that Our Children will Inherit This World so We Must Leave it a Safe and Clean Place, To Travel The World and Experience Many Cultures, To Set Big Goals and Then Go and Achieve Them, To Overcome All Challenges and Set-backs That Come Your Way, To Be Successful


Sample Reading

Medieval Knight

  • Gender – Male
  • Father FigureKing of Swords Reversed – Punishment, Severe, Overly Harsh, Unforgiving, Cruel, Abusive, Lack of Freedom, Violent, Vicious, Control Freak, Absent/Died

Note – Because Father Figure Reversed, he might have died so pulled another Card to try to determine one way or another. The Card was The Reversed Emperor. A Father Figure Card for sure. Could possibly have died but personality similar to Reversed King of Swords. Decided to pull two more Cards again from the Major Arcana Deck. The World Upright and The Reversed Magician. Okay, my gut feeling immediately is no, he stayed in the world, and the Reversed Magician just makes him even more awful and corrupt.  I don’ think he was a nice man at all but I do know more about him now. He was a man who held great power, maybe a leader. He certainly was in charge of more than just his family. I get a feeling he may have been involved in Military, a Military Leader possibly but not a very nice one. He would have been heartless and lacking in emotion. He may have used his power unwisely and for his own gain. The Reversed Magician adds a corrupt, sinister and merciless side to him. It looks like he may have stopped at nothing to get what he wanted, and for him the end justified the means. He would have been a man to fear far and wide.

  • Mother – Queen of Wands – Strong Female Influence, Bright and Positive Presence, Enthusiastic, Involved in Everything, Possibly worked, Maybe a woman ahead of her time, could have owned a business, Fearless, Defensive and protective of her offspring, Intolerant of weakness in her offspring, very active person, Would have expected a lot of her children, Very intuitive, Liked to travel,  A natural Witch, Great Fun,

Notes – Here is an interesting combination. I feel that there is a possibility that this marriage was arranged. They certainly are not suited and I cannot see what the attraction would have been. He would have been way to serious and cold for her personality. As a Queen of Wands she may have come from a powerful background or family of her own. In her, we have a very strong woman with a man who is difficult , harsh and severe. Even though she has strong leadership abilities and can be very domineering, she is positive and fun, while he is negative and clinical. He certainly would have asserted his position of Power in the Household but The Mother may have defied him whenever she could and had her own ways of getting what she wanted. There would have been a battle of wills being played out constantly. Being a Wand she would hate to have to back down or give in to his demands or orders. She would not have been as afraid of him as others might have been. If she came from a powerful family then she would always use that as her bargaining tool.  She would have certainly have asserted herself too, and there may  have been power struggles between them with horrendous rows and arguments. He may have even locked her up for days on end to punish her for what he would have considered insubordination. This would just have strengthened her resolve. He probably treated his family as he did his soldiers serving under him. I do not get the feeling that this couple got on well and I really feel this was an arranged marriage. I think also that he was much older than her. He would have done his best to beat her adventurous and lively spirit out of her. I doubt he succeeded. She would have protected her children as much as possible from his vicious behaviour. She may have secretly planned to get away at some stage. I get a sense of loathing from her and a sense of determination to tame the shrew from him. She may have taken lovers as there would have been no sexual connection between the two other than her having to perform her wifely duties. She would have tried to exert her influence over her children in an attempt to make them more like her, and also allies of hers. 

Personality as I Grew

  • PageReversed Page of Swords – Defensive, Argumentative, Aggressive, Hostile, Malicious, Sharp Tongue, Psychologically Dysfunctional, Suicidal Tendencies, Learning Difficulties, Mental Confusion, Ungrounded, Clinical, Cynical, Sceptical, Unjust, Unlawful, Criminal, Delinquent  Trouble Maker, Spy, Assassin, Vicious, Paranoia, Suspicion, Attack, Violent, Lack of Intelligence, Speech Problems, Childhood Issues, Anxiety, Stress, Worry

Note – A direct result of my Father’s influence and attitude towards me. My Past Life Character would have been intimidated and verbally abused by his Father. Definitely physically abused as in severe punishment and beatings for the simplest of things.  His Mother would have tried to make up for this wherever she could and would have tried to undo any damage the Father was doing. She would have encouraged him to be strong and to not let his Father’s attitude and behaviour get to him.  I think he would have hero worshipped his Mother which would have made his Father even nastier to him. He would have to have found ways of dealing with it as a child and young adult. It would either make or break him.

  • KnightKnight of Wands Upright – Young Adult/Student, Restless, Personal Freedom, Impatient, Hasty, Ambitious, Fearless, Warrior, Hero, Courageous, Brave, Dramatic, Fiery, Intense, Forthright, Direct, Adventurous, Traveller, Maverick, Trail-Blazer, Independent, Active, Healthy

Note – At last, I have come of age and am now considered a man, regardless of what my Father thinks. I have my own rights now and have definitely benefited from my Mother’s influence. I have her family blood running through my veins and want to be one of them. I get the feeling I want to make a difference in the world and after years of suppression and restriction from my Father, I am eager and impatient to start my own life. I also want to get away and as fast as possible. However, I feel that it may have been part of my duty to join the army and fight whatever wars were going on at the time. Even though my Mother would worry about me, I believe she was proud and was happy for me to happy and doing what I wanted for a change.

  • King – King of Wands Upright – Strong, Ambitious, Business Owner, Leader, Power, Fearless, Courageous, Strong Influence, May have Inspired you, Very Active, Very Physical, Definitely In Charge,  Would have expected a lot of his Children, Not terribly Tolerant, Great Father though and would have been a lot of fun when things were going his way

Note – Delighted to see this as here we have a mature adult who is positive and making a difference in the world. He is a strong leader and is loved by his followers and people. This is not to say he is a push over or an easy touch. No he is a tough, experienced and forceful man who is used to getting his way but he is fair and honest and forthright. He is both protector and defender and has definitely matured into his Mother’s Bloodline. He is definitely in charge but approachable and is open-minded. I would think he and his Father, if he is still alive, have very little to say to each other and are probably enemies and openly dislike each other. I would say that his/my mother, has to deal with the wrath of my father but there is a possibility at this stage he may have passed on and she would have gained her freedom or be under my protection. If you wish, you can try to ascertain by using either The Major Arcana or Minor Arcana (Swords). Use both if you wish, pulling one Card from each while asking the Question as to whether your Father is still alive at this stage. You can do the same for the Mother Figure too if you require that information.


  • Queen of Wands Reversed – Overbearing, Bitchy, Controlling, Difficult, Forceful, Demanding, Not very Motherly, Not at Home much, No Fun, Possibly suffered from nerves or stress. Worked herself to exhaustion.  Absent/Died

Note – Okay, did I take up with a woman who I thought was like my mother only to find out that she had none of her outstanding and wonderful qualities? There doesn’t appear to be a sense of romance or love here. If The Knight was gaining power and position she may have married him because of her hunger to share that power. She would not have had the same principles as his mother. She would have manipulated her position with The Knight of Wands to exert her own power over others. I must remember that as The Knight of Wands I may have travelled a lot and been away from home. My partner may not have liked this aspect and was possibly jealous or suspicious of any other women I would have been in contact with. Being The Knight of Wands she probably had just cause. Again, this may have been an arranged marriage or The Reversed Queen of Wands may suggest that I did not commit to any woman in particular and possibly had many who did not have a problem with my behaviour. I want to know more so I pull a Card from the Cups Section to find out if I was happy with my relationship or marriage? I pull The Reversed Two of Cups which confirms my suspicions. We were not happy, not suited, not faithful and yet again, the possibility of an arranged marriage or no marriage at all. I think she may have been more an enemy to me than a partner. If it was an arranged marriage, she may have been placed with me to report back to her family or spy. She may have been too close to some of my enemies or possibly having an affair with one of them. I would say she was underhand and devious. I was definitely closer to my mother and this may have caused a problem should my partner wanted to have total rights over that intimacy. She may have seen her role as insignificant and may have tried to gain closeness but I feel that I would have turned to my Mother as I had always done. This may have been a complicated situation if I was married. I may have sabotaged the potential happiness of my relationship. I may be the one who was totally responsible for its failure.

If I wanted more information on my relationship/marriage with this Reversed Queen of Wands I could use The Minor Arcana Ace to 10 of each Suit. Shuffle each Deck asking the Question as to the nature of The Relationship. Then lay them out from the top of deck one after another so that there are four lines in a row in their respective Suits. They should tell a story of The Relationship on every level. Draw one Major Arcana Card from a Cleansed and Shuffled Deck to lay alongside these Cards. Remember always to Reverse some while Shuffling. 

Occupation/How I Lived My Life/Life Style

  • The Chariot (VII) Upright  – Military, Battle, War, Warrior, Soldier, Victor, Courageous, Champion, Conqueror, Leader, Driver, Hero, Master, Traveller, Overcame Big Obstacles and Challenges, Moved Forward In Life, Determined to Succeed, Expert Horse-Handler.

NoteThe Chariot as my Occupation and The Knight of Wands link well together as they speak of strong masculine power, battle, fortitude, courage and Leadership. The Chariot and Knight of Wands are both seen as Heroes and people who were determined to succeed in life and overcome any challenges that came their way. They both have the same need to exert control over certain aspects of their personalities. The Knight of Wands to control his Fire; temper, impulsiveness and impatience. The Chariot to learn to exert control over his emotions. The Chariot, Knight of WandsThe Reversed King of Swords as The Father Figure, and also me drawing the Reversed Emperor, I believe the three link to a Military Background of some sort.

Soul Purpose

  • Emperor – To Develop your Masculinity, To be  A Strong Leader, To be a Good Father, To Learn to Take Control of Your Own Life, To Live by your Own Rules and not Constantly by others, To develop your own Opinions, To Learn to find The Correct Balance between Control and Force, To Lead by Example and not by Threat, To be Fearless and Courageous, To Protect and Defend your Family/Beliefs/Position, To Be Honest and Fair, To be Someone who can Be Trusted and Respected for their Strong Principles, Standards and Morals.

Note – Here we have The Upright Emperor re-enforcing all the aspects of The Knight of Wands and The Chariot once more. Strong Leadership, morals, principles, authority, courage, protector, defender. He also has to find the balance between control and force. We know that both The Emperor and The Knight of Wands if they fall Reversed can become tyrants, bullies and dictators. We saw that with his Father Figure, The Reversed King of Swords, Reversed Emperor and Reversed Magician.  It’s a fine line that separates them. It all comes down to Power and how addicted to it they are likely to become. Power can be constructive, but in the wrong hands, such as The Reversed King of Swords, The Reversed Emperor and The Reversed Magician, it can be ultimately destructive. It certainly looked like I was following the right Path with The Upright Knight and King of Wands in my personality make-up, but how successful was I in achieving my goals, to become The Upright Emperor? With such Masculine Energy and Power could it have gone to my head? Coming from a background with a controlling, aggressive and often cruel father, could some of his traits have developed in me as I grew?  Could my mission have been to put right or undo the damage my Father, The Reversed King of Swords had done by been determined not to follow his path and influence? Did I want to be beloved by my people and family and not feared like he was. Let us Find Out.

Did I Achieve My Soul Purpose?

  • The World Reversed Second Card Drawn suggesting that I came very close to it but still have some unfinished business to complete. I should be pleased with that result as I was so close. What happened though?
  • Judgement Upright Seventh Card from bottom of Deck.

Note – This suggests that I heard and answered the call of my Soul Purpose from within at quite an early age. I believe that was when my personality developed into The Knight of Wands Upright. Full of positivity, enthusiasm, principled, fearless and ready for action, determined to be everything positive my Father wasn’t. Wanting to be a leader who earned respected from all instead of demanding it.  I probably volunteered to sign up for battle and possibly acted heroically at the time, protecting and defending towns, villages, individuals. I would have been filled with strong convictions and was strong in mind and body.  I wanted to prove to myself and to all around how strong and powerful I was. I believe I got these qualities from my mother The Queen of Wands who I sense encouraged me to get away from the influence of my Father as soon as I could before he destroyed me altogether or turned me into him. She is the one who believed in my abilities and kept me strong. I was my Mother’s Son for sure. Out of the jurisdiction of my Father I obviously grew, and with new-found freedom became a totally different person to the young Reversed Page of Swords, who would have been nervy, insecure and lacking in self-confidence and self-belief. He would also have been emotionally suppressed and angry. My mother probably believed I would eventually turn into him if I was to stay around too long. Maybe I was already developing traits that she did not like.

I certainly took on my mission but now I need to know how I failed to achieve ultimate success with my Soul Purpose when I was so close to it. The Emperor Concerns me as he walks a very fine line between being a strong and powerful leader, protector and defender, and that of a rigid, controlling and regimental figure who can easily slip into the Reversed King of Swords mode quite easily if he does not watch himself. With The Reversed Knight of Swords, Reversed King of Swords, The Emperor and The Chariot, we have a lot of Male Energy. Having The Queen of Wands as a Mother Figure also introduces quite strong personality traits that may have been akin to masculinity as well  The Queen of Wands would think nothing of riding into battle alongside her son should she feel the cause is just. She is as fearless as her son and would not let her femininity hold her back regardless of the era she lived in. Isabella of Castile raised her children on battle fields. She rode out leading her armies into battle in full armour that had been made especially for her. I don’t see any strong feminine/loving/gentle influence around me in that life-time.

Now let me look at the Various Areas of My Life so that I might gain some information as to the Events that occurred.

Wands Events of My Life – Action, Movement, Travel, Drive Ambition

Early Stage – Two 0f Wands (II) – Definitely wanted to get away from home. Looks like it was a monied background. I wanted to travel and possibly get away from my Father. The Walls of my home were closing in on me and I wanted to see the world and be a part of it. Leaving my Mother at the mercy of my Father caused a dilemma for me and I believe I struggled with the decision.

Mid Stage -The Seven of Wands (VII) – Aha, now I see my self in battle. I am either defending myself from attack or learning how to use weaponry by my tutors. I am definitely seeing a pattern forming in relation to my lifestyle. I look like I am being trained for battle, to become a Soldier or Knight. I am putting a lot of effort into it and taking it very seriously. I am determined to be the best.

Latter Stage – The Nine of Wands Reversed (IX) – Now we are beginning to see the effects of long-term conflict. Am I looking for battles to fight now. Have I become the aggressor or am I just plain worn out by it all. Do I think that everyone is out to get me, to steal my throne (The Emperor)? Is there a Contender to my Throne or position of power? Is the enemy at the gate or even sitting at my dinner table? Have I not had enough of war and fighting or am I making a last stand to defend my people? Have I nothing or no one else in my life to distract me from constant conflict and battle. Am I fighting internal or external battles. Is there a mission that should be given to someone younger.  Maybe I am too old to take on the task but because of my known stubborn nature, want to ride out on this mission myself. Is it very personal to me.  Am I trying to go it alone? Does anyone else know what I am doing? I feel I may be wounded or have been suffering from old injuries. Certainly, I am not as strong and able-bodied as I once was, but what I still have is incredible stamina and fortitude, or maybe just pig-headed stubbornness and bloody-mindedness.  Am I constantly battling the ghost of my Father, trying to be the man he wasn’t, yet wanting to make him proud of me at the same time? Something tells me I haven’t learned from my mistakes in the past and that there is no talking to me. What have I turned into? Maybe I feel I have to take this on myself as no one else can be trusted, or this last battle is the ultimate battle and is necessary to achieve my Soul Purpose. I look nervous and anxious, and as if I am waiting to be attacked at any moment. There is some evidence of support and allies but maybe they are too far away to be of help or it is too late? Maybe I have alienated all. Maybe there is no one to trust and I know I must find to the bitter end? Should I have tried to make peace with whoever the enemy was, find another solution instead of constant battle and competition? This Card is telling me that I have taken several knocks and blows over the years but I have got up from each one of them and made a comeback. Something tells me that I thought I would be able to keep doing the same, that I thought I was invincible. I wasn’t going to get up again after this battle. I had fought one battle too many but perhaps that is how I wanted to go out, fighting?

Cups Events of My Life – Emotions, Relationships, Happiness, Love, Marriage

Early Stage – Ace of Cups Reversed – Not surprised here as judging by The Reversed Page of Swords having a Reversed King of Swords as a father, life was probably miserable. Lack of love, comfort and happiness. The Queen of Wands as a Mother, although wonderful, would not be great at expressing loving emotions to her children. I sense a deep sadness here in childhood and growing up. Lack of hugs, kisses and cuddles. I am also sensing I am an only child. I believe my mother had conception problems after giving birth to me.

Mid Stage – Eight of Cups Upright (VIII)- I eventually left when I was old enough to get out. I do sense a terrible void in my life then and not understanding what love and real happiness was. I believe that is why I found life as a soldier or warrior filled the void and that became my big love. If there was a marriage I sense it did not last or that I spent as much time away from home as possible. There was no love there. I feel a massive sense of disillusionment or lack of understanding in this area of my life.

Latter Stage – Three of Cups Reversed (III) – Definitely lonely in the later stages of life. I sense there were few friends that could be relied on. Maybe enemies disguised as friends.  Plots and Intrigue. Deception and hidden agendas. There seems to be have been no fun or joy. What happened to The Knight of Wands and all his friends?  Was it all about work and battle as I matured into The King of Wands? Did I lose my sense of fun? Was I lonely for love but did not really understand the meaning of it? Was it all just hard work at the end of the day?

Swords Events of My Life – Conflicts, Stresses, Tension, Thought Processes, Intelligence,

Early Stage – Three of Swords (III) This backs up my theory of showdowns between my mother and father as a child. Power Struggles and vicious arguments. The Three Swords feel like the deep sadness of the Reversed Ace of Cups and Eight of Cups, that I probably carried with me through life. Angry words, verbal abuse and put downs as a child. It is all there. Total unhappiness that was never allowed to be aired and healed.

Mid Stage – Two of Swords (II) Closed off and quite cold emotions. Protection from getting hurt. Would not speak to anyone about my problems. Psychological Armour. Mother probably saw the emotionally cold state set in, similar to my Father. She would have been anxious to get me away from it developing further. Needed to talk about my feelings but probably could not verbalise them. Something in me was damaged psychologically but I was managing at this stage, being The Knight of Wands to avoid facing or dealing with it. I would have kept myself busy and moving instead. I had other, more interesting and exciting things to be thinking about.

Latter Stage – Four of Swords (IV) I feel there may have been an injury in battle. Quite a serious one. Maybe that is how I died? Have decided to Pull a Major Arcana Card to see if I can find out any further information about my suspicions. The Card Drawn is The World Reversed. Is this how I left the World or is it telling me that this is why I failed to achieve my Soul Purpose? If I did not die on the battle field but was seriously injured, did I lose the power to the opposite side? Did I lose my position? Did I lose the battle and have to concede to defeat. Was I trying to prevent some tyrant or dictator seizing power? Did I let my people down. Did I act alone without asking for help? Could it have turned out differently if I have not been so impulsive? Had everyone turned against me? Then again, maybe the Four of Swords is suggesting the Two of Swords finally catching up with me. Was my personality beginning to turn? Was I becoming too aggressive? Was psychological stress or dysfunction beginning to set in? I should have retreated and given thought to what to do next but with The Reversed Nine of Wands from earlier, I feel I just marched right in without thinking things through or maybe giving myself time to calm down or let high emotions settle. I do feel I acted alone or listened to very poor advice. Maybe everyone felt it was time for me to step down and let others take over but I refused to let go of the Reins. Maybe the power of The King of Wands, The Emperor and The Chariot eventually became larger than life itself and was ultimately my undoing? Had I lost my way and forgotten what I had come here to do?

Pentacles Events in Life – Material Wealth, Financial Status, Work Ethic, Health

Early Stage – Ten of Pentacles (X) – As I guessed. From a monied background. Old Money too and a Powerful Ancestral Name.

Mid Stage – Ten of Pentacles (X) – The Old money and wealth continues. I am from a family of power and influence. My Family Crest is carried out into battle.

Latter Stage  – Ten of Pentacles Reversed (X) I have lost my wealth, position and power. Does this fall into line with my suspicions regarding dying in battle? Did I lose everything to the enemy? Were my family and people destroyed by a tyrant just like my Father? Is that how I ultimately failed to achieve my Soul Purpose? Did my impulsive actions, acting alone when I was not strong enough, cause our downfall? Was I keeping my eye on the Big Picture all the time and not realising that the power of the enemy was growing, and possibly among my own people who were hungry for that very power that I possessed. However, my power would have been positive and constructive. Did my actions allow power to fall into the hands of those intent on control and misery? With the Reversed Nine of Wands in the background I feel I may have made a terrible mistake, acted hastily or over-reacted to a situation? I feel at that stage I was mentally confused, stressed, and possibly not in full control of my actions. Maybe I changed from The King of Wands Upright in my final years?

I have decided to pull a Court Card for this purpose. To see who I was when I died. I draw The King of Swords Reversed. Oh no,  after all the determination to not be like my Father I ended up like him. Surely there must have been a reason for this? What happened in my life to change my personality so? I know, it was always going to be there in the background as it was in my genes and blood but after being The Knight of Wands and The King of Wands, why did I turn so ugly? I very nearly achieved my Soul Purpose (The Emperor) so something must have happened quite close to the end of my life to change me so. I will have to find out why in Part II of The Past Life Tarot Reading.


Below is the layout in Images of My Past Life Reading

Gender – Male

Father Figure – Reversed King of Swords   Mother Figure – Queen of Wands

King of Swords Reversed          Queen of Wands Upright

Did Father Die? 

The World Upright    The Emperor Reversed  The Magician (I) Reversed

Early Stage – RX Page Swords    Mid Stage – Knight of Wands   Latter Stage – King of Wands

Page of Swords Reversed    Knight of Wands Upright   King of Wands Upright  

My Partner/Wife – Queen of Wands Rx

Was it Happy?/Did it Last? – Two of Cups

Queen of Wands Reversed  2 of Cups Rx

Occupation – Chariot (VII)  

The Chariot Upright

Soul Purpose – Emperor (IV)

The Emperor Upright

Did I follow My Soul Purpose? – Judgement Upright – Sixth From Bottom of Deck

Did I Achieve My Soul Purpose? – World Rx 2nd from Top of Deck

  Judgement Upright                             The World Reversed                

Life Events – Early Stage, Mid Stage, Latter Stage

Wands                           Cups                         Swords                     Pentacles

2 of Wands Upright                     Ace of Cups Reversed               3 of Swords Upright                      10 of Pentacles Upright

7 of Wands Upright                     8 of Cups Upright               2 of Swords Upright                       10 of Pentacles Upright

9 of Wands Reversed                    3 of Cups Rx                 4 of Swords Upright                     10 of Pentacles Reversed

What Personality was I when I died?

King of Swords Reversed


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