Looking For Love Spread

This Card Reading is excellent for getting to the heart of love and relationships.  It is ideal for anyone who desires to draw romance and love into their lives. I did not design this myself but found it on the internet some years ago and have used it successfully on many occasions. The Looking for Love Spread,  will expose areas where you may be unconsciously blocking a loving relationship from coming into your life.  It will offer both guidance on how to overcome and release these blocks, together with suggestions as to who might be a suitable partner and where you are most likely to meet him or her. To get the most out of this Reading it is wise to detach yourself or advise the Querant to detach them self as much as possible from the outcome.  Being honest with yourself and being open to other possibilities and potentials is important.

Looking For Love Spread

Blank Card

Base Card  

Blank Card                                                                                          Blank Card

Card 2                                                                                                           Card 6 

Blank Card                                   Blank Card

Card 3                                           Card 4  

Blank Card                                                                                             Blank Card

Card 1                                                                                                              Card 5 

Base Card – Gives background information.

Card 1 – What are the underlying causes that have prevented or blocked you from meeting your perfect partner?

Card 2 – What can you do to make the necessary changes or overcome the issues in revealed in card 1?

Card 3 – What is the best step to take right now in order to find your perfect partner?

Card 4 – Who would be the most suitable partner for me?

Card 5 –  Where am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

Card 6 – When am I most likely to meet my perfect partner?

  1. For card 4 I got the queen of rods reversed. I’m confused because I don’t believe the most suitable partner for me has all those negative qualities. How can I interpret this?


    • Hi Allison,

      Reversed cards can also carry the message of ‘absolutely not like me’. In doing so the Reversed Queen of Wands/Rods could be acting as a warning to stay well away from anyone who mirrors her reversed characteristics, especially if you have had a tendency to do so in the past. Many of us are drawn to unsuitable partners time and time again only to discover down the road that they are the exact opposite of what we need. So beware of anyone resembling the Reversed Queen of Wands regardless of whatever other wonderful traits he or she displays at the time for it doesn’t augur well. Sometimes it is more important for us to determine what is the deal breaker, what we can’t or won’t compromise on. The Reversed Queen of Wands could represent the deal breaker in your case.

      I wonder if this makes any sense for you?



  2. Hi Vivien, I draw the 9 of Wands as Where to find him, but what could it mean? It doesn’t look like a “where” card..

    What do you think?


    • Hi Helen,

      Thank you for your enquiry. I suppose the same could be said about any number of cards that turn up in any position. When we ask a question of the tarot, we hope for very specific responses and cards to fit their positional meaning. If you have drawn the three of cups in Where to Find him you would naturally think of meeting him at a social event (party, wedding, celebration, concert), an introduction from a friend, through a friend or even part of your existing circle of friends. It makes sense and fits nicely in place. The six of cups could suggest he is not far from home, or perhaps someone from your childhood or past. The eight of wands might suggest on holidays or while travelling abroad. The ten of pentacles could suggest you find him in a corporate environment, or at a monied/high status event or gathering. Finding a Court Card in this position can throw you too. However, The Queen of Cups might suggest an artistic or nurturing environment, the King of Swords could suggest a legal or professional environment.

      You have drawn the Nine of Wands in this position and unfortunately it does not immediately offer a definite suggestion. When this happens we must look to what is going on in the card to determine where in your life or future it may be suggesting. In the Nine of Wands we see a worn out fatigued man who looks like he has a lot of demands on him, commitments and responsibilities. He doesn’t look like he has much time for socialising or any interest in a relationship. His attention seems to be fully focused on maintaining, defending or protecting everything he has worked hard towards, his job perhaps. He may be struggling to keep on top of things and is inevitably stressed. However, this guy is not a quitter and takes his responsibilities very seriously. He may have a very important job or is running a demanding and competitive business with little outside help. Therefore, you might encounter this man in a variety of circumstances and places. He is bound to make an impression on you regardless of whether he has the time to speak to you or not. Do you know anyone or have you encountered anyone who might line up with this scenario? The Nine of Wands can represent someone who is involved in security or the military. It is unlikely with the Nine of Wands that he will make the first move and he may be quite resistant or closed. He builds a fortress around himself, but it is penetrable so if you find this guy, you may have to give him time to come around. Therefore it is unlikely you will meet him in a typical social environment where all are dressed up and out to impress each other. It will probably be a work environment, one of high stress and quite demanding.

      I hope this has helped.



  3. I drew The Moon in Position 4 for Most Suitable Partner. Does it mean that it’s not clear yet who it is? Or I’m confused? I can’t figure out how to read it. Also, for when I drew a court card – Queen of Pentacles? How do I read that for time? Love your site and all your descriptions. I think they are incredible.


    • Hi India,

      Thank you for you lovely comment about my site. Well The Moon is very deep emotionally so maybe the most suitable partner for you is someone who is in touch with their emotions. The Moon also represents the Sun Sign, Cancer – emotive, creative, intuitive, caring, nurturing. The Moon can be moody though so you want that tempered down with more practical aspects. Pentacles in the Northern Hemisphere represent Winter. They are also the most patient of the suits so we can see this Queen is prepared to wait for what she wants. She has set high standards and won’t pair up with anyone less. When could also suggest, when you are out and about in Nature, walking, walking the dog, hiking, even down at the local garden center. Think of activities the Queen of Pentacles may be involved in when she might meet someone. She also could be at college or signing up to evening classes, a course, or club.

      I hope this helps.

      xxx Vivien


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