Swords Health Interpretations – Ace to Ten

Swords Health Interpretations

Ace to Ten

Ace of Swords Ace of Swords Rx

*With Any The Reversed Swords Cards, it can be an indication that the Health Condition Relating to that Particular Card, is in its very Early Stage (is incubating beneath the surface but has not manifested in the Physical just yet), is in the Final Stages or has been Blocked from developing any further and is losing Power. It can also suggest that the condition is not as bad as it is made out, or first thought to be. Surrounding Cards will need to be consulted.

This is a tricky one to Decipher but often becomes Clearer when a Second Reading is done off the back of the First Reading where the condition/s is originally discovered. It takes time and a lot of Practice.

Upright Ace – Virility, Male Fertility, Conception, Strong Spine and Neurological System, Good Posture, Accidents Caused by Sharp Instruments, Surgery, Beginning Medical Treatment or Hospital Attendance, Healthy Mental Faculties, Clear Thinking and Good Memory, Thinking About Your Health.

Reversed Ace – Impotency, Low Sperm Count, Also can suggest Conception (Check Surrounding Cards) Emergency Surgery/Surgery Unnecessary or Cancelled (Check Surrounding Cards, or  Injury by a sharp instrument, Sharp Pain, Stabbing, Migraines, Mental Confusion, Forgetfulness, Memory Issues, Spinal or Neurological Damage.

2 of Swords Upright 2 of Swords Rx

Upright Two – Coronary Blockages, Not Being Aware of Health Issues, Trying to Ignore Health Issues, Not Telling Others about Health Issues or Diagnoses, Difficult Decisions around Health Possibly in relation to Serious Surgery, Migraines, Eye Infections, Blindness, Stiffness in Upper Body, Paralysis, Warding Off Infectious Diseases, Withdrawn, Mental Distress,Fear, Get a second Opinion

Reversed Two – Natural Defences or Immune System Down, No Escape from Surgery, Coronary Problems, Facing the Truth about Health Issues, Admitting You are Unwell, Migraines Clearing or Intensifying, Mental Distress being Treated or Intensifying, Fear, Blindness or Recovery of Eyesight, Condition could benefit from a Second Opinion

3 of Swords Upright 3 of Swords Rx

Upright Three – Coronary Health Issues, Angina, Illness, Surgery, Trauma, Grief being Repressed/Expressed, Depression, Unable to Cry, Morbid, Stress, Wounds from Sharp Instruments, Sharp Pain, Psychological Issues Affecting Physical Health,

Reversed Three – Condition not as Severe as first thought, Surgery Unnecessary, Recovering from Surgery, Continued Illness, Receiving Grief Counselling, Tears being Released, Healing beginning to set in, Pain or Injury inflicted by another, Violence Mental Chaos/Breakdown,

4 of Swords Upright 4 of Swords Rx

Upright Four – Mental Exhaustion, Mentally Overwhelmed, Severe Stress, Seeking Counselling or Help, Stress Causing Illness, Unable to get out of Bed, Paralysis, Unable to Face the World, Taking to the Bed, Illness, Hospitalisation, Surgery, Emergency Dept., Committed to Psychiatric Unit, Intensive Care, Isolation, Coma, Refuge Centre, Retreats for Health Purposes, Becoming a Recluse, Hospices, Being Laid Out, Working with the Dead or Dying, Close to Death, Attempted Suicide (Check for Surrounding Cards)

Reversed Four – Slow recovery from Illness, Coming out of a Coma, Coming Out of Isolation/Intensive Care, Off The Critical List, Near Death Experience, Insomnia, Out of Body Experience, Benefiting from Counselling or Psychotherapy, Emergency Treatment Successful, Mental Stability improving/Worsening, Mental Breakdown/Collapse, Insanity, Not Following Doctors Orders or Pretending to. Not Following good Advice, Being Released from Psychiatric Care (this may be too premature depending on surrounding cards)

5 of Swords Upright 5 of Swords Reversed

Upright Five – Violence, Aggression, Bullying, Mugging, Attack, Assault, Rape, Murder, Kidnap,Injuries from Stabbings, Pain both Mental and Physical, Mental/Physical Cruelty, Sociopath, Control Freak, Abuser, Psychopath (mentally unbalanced person if Reversed Magician or Reversed Sword Courts involved), Warped Personality, Surrendering to Disease or Illness, Acute Stress, Fear, Taking Action,

Reversed Five – Funerals, Mourning, Mental Exhaustion or Breakdown, Relentless Attack, Serious Contagious Disease, Revenge, Serious Violence, Brute Force, Bloodshed, Serious Personality Disorders, Criminal being Committed to Psychiatric Unit, Not Heeding a warning about danger or a Dangerous Personality, Putting Yourself at risk of serious harm, Self-Harm, Taking Action. With The Reversed Five of Swords, whatever potential Health Situation either begins to heal or gets worse. Surrounding Cards need to be taken into Consideration.

6 of Swords Upright 6 of Swords Reversed

Upright Six – A slow Healing Setting in, A long journey to recovery, Try not to rush the Healing Process,  Coming through Serious Surgery, Psychological Issues Need to be Dealt with and cannot be Ignored, Making Efforts to get Well, If a Death is indicated then a gentle passing is suggested, Coming to Terms with a bad Diagnosis, The Slow Process of Grief,Mental Stability Returning, Feeling Less Stressed and Anxious, Weary and Exhausted but relieved that the worst is behind you, Taking a Vacation for Health Purposes, The tendency to quit Counselling or Psychotherapy before you are better, Thinking  you have dealt with all your Mental Health Issues. Psychological Baggage.

Reversed Six –   Diagnosis of ill-Health, Choking, Drowning, Boating Accidents, Realising you are far from recovered, Old Health Problems Returning, Relapses, Relapse may be worse than the Original Condition, Not out of The Woods yet where Health Issues are concerned, Being Re-admitted to Hospital, Severe Stress and Anxiety Returning, Feeling you are Mentally Going Under, Child Abduction

7 of Swords Upright 7 of Swords Rx

Upright Seven – Acting on The Professional Advice of Medics or Counsellors, Finding a new Approach to improving your Health, Reading books on Health and Scouring Websites to see how others are curing themselves of Disease and Ill Health, Being Proactive in Regaining Health, Making a Real Effort to get Well, Being Self-Disciplined and realising that the only one who can really help or change your Health issues is yourself, Deciding to Change your whole Lifestyle in order to Heal. Having to do it all on your own. Putting together  your own recovery plan,

Reversed Seven – Warnings or Advise about Health go un-heeded, Trying to Fool others that you are sticking to your diet or treatment plan, Going back to your old ways, Breaking a Diet, Finding Excuses to not follow a treatment plan, Buying all the Health Books and DVD’s but not following their advice,  Signing up for The Gym but only going once or twice. No Self-Discipline or Staying Power, Attack or Assault by a mugger or burglar, Accidents caused by Failing to Pay Attention, Not Looking where you are going, Carelessness and Clumsiness causing unnecessary Accidents

8 of Swords Upright 8 of Swords Reversed

Upright Eight – Depression, Confinement, Claustrophobia, Hospitalisation, Mental Confusion, Delusional, Chronic Pain/Suffering, Stiffness, Trapped Nerve, Hallucinations, Paranoia, Fear of Illness, Anxiety, Fear, Paralysis, Blindness, Eye Infections, Migraines, Hysteria, Major Psychological Problems, Negativity, Pessimism affecting Mental Stability, Powerless, Need Professional Help, Kidnap, Tightly Controlled Life, Bullied, Can’t see a way out of Your Health Problems, Feeling Condemned to Suffering, Feeling Trapped by a Diagnosis.

Reversed Eight – Accidents, Mental Depression, Fear, Danger to Physical Health, Thinking of Suicide as being the Only Way Out, Having to Endure Chronic Health Problems, Counsellors and Psychiatrists beginning to make a Break Through, Getting the Help you Need, Coming to Terms with a bad Diagnosis, Mental Health Improving, Effort to Change Negative Attitudes and Pessimistic Outlook, Being Released from the care of your Mental Health Professional, Standing on your Own Two Feet, Eyesight Returning, Rehabilitation for Paralysis beginning to work, A worsening of any condition experienced in the Upright, Fear, Relapse of Condition, Mental Paralysis, Psychologically Overwhelmed, The need to be re-hospitalised, Unable to help yourself, Giving Up, Surrendering to  your Illness and Fate.

9 of Swords Upright 9 of Swords Reversed

Upright Nine – Suffering, Mental Anguish and Torment, Mentally Overwhelmed, Grief, Loss, Mourning, Crying, Fear/Terror, Victim of Bullying or Violence, Confined to Bed, Not Wanting to get Up, Agoraphobia, Sick with Worry, Dread about Health our Test Results, Terrible Diagnosis, Guilt, Abuse, Miscarriage, Termination, Clinical Depression, Mental Breakdown, Hospitalisation, Sleep Disturbances, Insomnia, Physical Pain at Night, Migraines, Neurological Conditions, Eye Infections,Dreadful Loneliness, Insomnia, Exhaustion, Nightmares, Hearing Voices, Trying to Cope with Illness on you Own, Not Telling others how Bad things are, Bullying, Women’s Health Issues, Menopause, Night Sweats, Hormones causing feeling of Illness or Instability, Severe Paranoia, Refusing to Eat, Hypochondriac,

Reversed Nine – Insomnia, Sleep Walking, Sleep Deprivation, Night Terrors, Hysteria, Severe Depression, Sinking Lower, Psychosis, Hallucinations, Hearing Voices, Severe Paranoia, Fear of Everything, Feeling Under Constant Threat, Morbid, Negative, Pessimistic, Fatalistic, Doom and Gloom, Self-hatred, Self-Loathing, Self-Harming, Bullied, Abused, Suicidal Tendencies, Giving Up, Mental Collapse, Loneliness, Justifiable Fears about Health and Physical Safety, Coming Out of Depression, Seeking Professional Help, Hospitalisation, Sharing or Talking about your worries, Coming Clean, Regaining Mental Stability, Fears Unfounded, Getting The Support you need, Accepting and Coming to Terms with a Diagnosis.

10 of Swords Upright 10 of Swords Reversed

Upright Ten – Being Afflicted with Health Problems, Ill, Back Problems, Spinal Injuries, Paralysis, Feeling you Cannot Go On, At Death’s Doorstep, Too Much Suffering, Chronic and Severe Pain, Being Run Down, Chronic Fatigue, Disabled, Paralysis, Blighted, Not Being Able to Go about Your Daily Routine, Mental Depression, Mental or Physical Collapse, Breakdown, Hitting an All-Time Low, Hospitalisation, Assault, Attack, Injuries from Violence, Stabbings, Bullying, Looking for Attention, Making Out you are Worse than you are, Martyr/Victim Mentality, Paranoia, Hypochondriac, Won’t Help Yourself, Waiting to be Rescued from your Situation, Health dragging You Down, Wanting Out or it all to End, Suicidal Thoughts, Feeling Persecuted.

Reversed Ten – Some improvement in Health, Recovery, Seeking Help for Chronic Back Problems,  Acupuncture, Osteopathy, Chiropractor, Taking Action, Not letting Your Health Get The Better of You, Fighting Back, Surviving a Serious Illness or Accident, Victim of Assault, The Worst is Over, Being Given a Second Chance, Changing Your Attitude towards Health, Taking Responsibility for Your Health, Pulling Yourself Together, Recurring Health problems, as in back, Chronic Fatigue, Relapse, Over exaggerating Your Health Problems, Collapse of Immune System, Near Death Experience, Unable to Survive, Suicidal Thoughts, Severe Paranoia, Hospitalisation


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  1. Thanks for the addition of Health Interpretations. Whether one is expressly dealing with health issues or not, one’s “picture” is is better brought into better focus. Quite useful.


  2. I love your website. Be fan here. I have just started doing medical readings with caution. I asked about a gentleman at work did he die. I did a 3 card reading. The outcome card was the 10 of Swords. The answer was he did die a few days ago. I did another Heath question about a coworker’s dad. I asked how was he doing now concerning his health. Again the 10 of Swords came up but in the reverse position and in the outcome of a 3 card spread. The answer this time was recovery from heart surgery. I use the Thoft deck so I don’t really use reversals. I look at reversals as blocked energy. Your definitions for reversals have given me more information to expand on.
    Thank you


    • That’s great Philip and aren’t you brave indeed to take on Health Readings! Death usually requires a combination of several cards. Even still I would not advise communicating this to people too often. It is a tricky one to deal with. You want to say things but you don’t want to frighten people.I do see death in cards and I struggle with what to say. People often get frightened by the mention of slight health problems or hospital etc. They ask, but I can see the panic in their eyes when the cards are turned over. Some cards are hard to talk around in these cases as the imagery is very explicit and the client is not stupid. I saw my own son’s death in the cards but did try to ignore it. He was very ill and I couldn’t get a diagnosis on him. When I in desperation consulted the cards, I got a very direct answer. He died of a brain tumor at only 11 years of age. I had the full set of death cards and there was no denying it. The Ten of Swords can suggest the end, the death of something but you have been using your intuition wisely in these instances. You predicted it as death in the first reading but using reversals you felt that it was more a brush with death and a lucky escape in the second one. The person in question must have been seriously ill and health very deteriorated. He had come to the end of the road and it was either go down or come up fighting. Well done, but do tread carefully. Maybe you have a gift in this area. It is a big responsibility.

      Take Care,


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