The Kabbalah

 The Kabbalistic Tree of Life

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The Kabbalistic (also Qabalistic) Tree of Life  is the mystical symbol used in esoteric Judaism to represent the creation of all things including man.  It is a diagram that demonstrates the process of creation from the moment the Universe began.  It traces each emanation from God or the Source through a series of stages that must be completed or gone through in order for manifestation to occur.  The Tree of Life  also traces the pathway back to God for like all of God’s creations we return to the source once our cycle or journey has completed to await re-birth once more.  This mystical and symbolic diagram helps us to understand the evolution of man and all creation from the ‘Big Bang’ to physical incarnation and the material world.

The Tree of Life  shows us the stages of evolution through its Ten Sephiroth or Spheres.  Each Sephira has its own unique qualities and energy which must be integrated and understood by all so that successful manifestation or evolution can complete.

The Tree of Life  can be applied to any area of life but especially the inner world of Man, from the subconscious all the way to the Higher Self.

The first Three Sephira; Kether , Chokmah and Binah  are known as the Supernal Sephiroth and refer to the primordial energies of the Universe.  The Supernal Sephiroth exists on a plane of Divine Energy where creation is abstract and as yet unformed.  It is where everything begins and is in its rawest form.  After Binah creation occurs. Energy begins to take form and proceeds to build upon itself as it is transformed bit by bit through each of the remaining 7 Sephiroth until it is so dense that it can successfully fulfill its evolution in the Earth Realm of Malkuth, the 10th Sephira.  Manifestation then occurs.

The Sephiroth on The Tree of Life  are numbered from 1 – 10.   Numbers are very important in Kabbalistic teachings as they are each believed to carry powerful energy and qualities that are expressed through their corresponding SephiraKabbalistic teaching also place a numerical value on the letters of their Alphabet. The Tree of Life  is therefore numbered meaningfully and emanates the qualities of its Sephira.

Kabbalah Alphabet

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The Kabbalah    The Tree of Life & Tarot

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