The Page of Cups

 The Page of Cups – The Dreamer

Page of Cups Upright

Water Signs Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

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Personality Profile 

The Page of Cups is of The Water Element, but is also influenced by the Air Element. Water rules the Zodiac Signs of Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio. This card along with the High Priestess and Hanged Man of the Major Arcana represents the Water Sign of Pisces. On its own it can represent any of the Water Signs.

Pages represent the Airy Part of the Court Cards regardless of their Suit Element. Therefore The Page of Cups represents the Airy Part of Water. The Cups governing Element is Water, but because this is a Page, he is also influenced by the Element of Air. Air is connected to the Swords Suit who apply their mentality, by means of logic and reason, to deal with situations via thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs. Therefore in the Page of Cups we have Air influencing Water; thoughts influencing emotions and feelings.

As we arrive to meet this lovely colourful Page, we can see him using the Element of Air to ponder the Cup he holds out in front of him.  The Page of Cups, just like all the other Pages, is the recipient of the Elemental Gifts presented by Spirit in The Aces of The Minor Arcana.  It is a very special occasion for him, and one that he has spent a long time preparing himself for. He has certainly gone to a lot of trouble with his attire, for he does look rather splendid in all his finery. Here we are immediately given a clue about the nature of this impeccably well-dressed young man for it is very obvious that he likes to dress up, likes to cut a dash, likes to be stylish, fashionable, and make a lasting impression.

For this special Event and his Presentation, he has chosen an elaborate and flamboyant outfit.  It looks beautifully made and might even be designer.  However, this young Page, might very well have designed the costume himself, and more than likely cut and sewed it too.  He thought about what the other Pages might wear, and knew that they would probably go for the traditional style most associated with such ceremonies, that is except for the Page of Wands, who would definitely swagger in with something loud and outrageous. The Page of Pentacles would be wearing the finest, and probably the most expensive, but to The Page of Cups it would look too safe, too sensible, and too predictable. Although he certainly would like to get an opportunity to just feel the exquisite fabric.

And so, as he waits his turn to collect his Elemental Gift, he makes a few last adjustments to his outfit and checks that the drape of blue silk scarf from his hat sits just at the right angle. He goes over in his head, his acceptance speech, pretending that he is at the Oscars. At last he hears his name being called and steps forward. He moves elegantly, not too fast, not too slow.  He wants to make sure that he is being seen by all, and is appreciated.  He feels the rustle of his pink silk shirt as he moves, and in the audience heads are turning to see what he looks like and what he is wearing.  He imagines he is walking the red carpet and holds himself accordingly.

He climbs the steps and hears the applause from the audience.  At the top step, he pauses and very deliberately turns slowly around so that they may applaud even more.  He poses as cameras flash.  He wants to make sure they get his good side and has studied the way celebrities manage such occasions. He has all the moves and looks the part.  He moves forward down the Stage to where a very special presence awaits him, Spirit.  For a moment he loses focus and his mind wanders off again.  A stage, how marvelous to be on a stage, he delights as he takes in all the scene around him and the special backdrop of ocean waves (Water Element Symbol) they have arranged especially for him.  He is in awe but decides that it could also be a catwalk, with him sashaying up and down it, modelling the latest designs and haute couture.  Yes, he likes that feeling and it feels really good to be the centre of attention.  However, his mind jumps again and this time, he decides the audience are applauding him, The Page of Cups, as he takes his walk of honour down the catwalk of his own famous and successful New Designer Collection, as people call his name and give him a standing ovation. All the models stand back and cheer and clap as he passes by in the most amazing outfit, one of his own designs.

As he draws closer to where Spirit awaits him, he refocuses his mind and remembers the importance of todays Event.  He knows he is prone to day-dreaming and taking off on flights of fancy or make-believe so he must concentrate now.  Spirit does not always make such grand declarations or appearances, but this is an Initiation Ceremony and one that needs special guidance and overseeing.  Today, all the Pages will be presented with their Elemental Gift and sent out into the world to realise and develop its full potential.  Each Elemental Gift is very special, unique, and of equal importance, even if they are all very different.  Later he will chat to all the other Pages back stage and compare each other’s Gift. They will admire, enthrall and comment over how best to put them to use.

But now it is his turn.  He steps forward into the spotlight and feels the surge of excitement course through his veins.  He is told to close his eyes, hold out his right hand and wait.  He does as he is told and the crowd fall silent. There is not a sound in the auditorium and The Page can hear his heart beat in anticipation.  He suddenly feels a soft wafting breeze surround him and the sense of something cool touch the palm of his hand.  He feels weight in his hand and is told to open his eyes.  There in his palm stands a gold shiny new Cup, sparkling and glinting under the overhead lights.  The Page of Cups gasps in awe and the audience wait to see what he will do with it.  He wraps his hand around the base of the Cup and pulls it closer to have a look.  As he stares into the Cup he is surprised and delighted to see a little Fish (Water Element Symbol) pop his head up and stare back at him, straight into his eyes.  The Page of Cups and the Fish, connect.

The auditorium and crowds shift and tilt as The Page is transported to another dimension of awareness.  The Fish’s penetrating eyes bore into his mind and heart.  He can hear voices in his head, and the emotions of all those who surround him.  This is a new awareness.  From the moment the Fish appeared he realised it was not just him and his own feelings anymore.  He was now able to tune into the feelings and even the thoughts of others.  He felt a little confused as he tried to understand and analyse the rush of emotions that flooded through him.  He was being bombarded by the happiness and sadness of everyone in the auditorium.  He felt tears well up in his eyes one moment, then suddenly he felt like laughing.   He had not been given much detail about what would happen when he received his Elemental Gift and had allowed his overactive imagination take him on all sorts of flights of fancy, but this he was not prepared for.  As he stared at the Fish, he began to clearly hear a strong but soft voice come from within.  It introduced itself to him.

‘I am your Inner Voice, your Higher-Self, your Spiritual Awareness, your Intuition and Psychic Awareness.  Along with your Elemental Gift of feeling and emotions, the capacity to give and receive love, and the compassion to care about the plight of others, you have also being given an extra Gift.  You have been given the Gift of a Sixth Sense.  What this means is that you will be able to see, hear, sense, feel and know things that most others cannot. You will be able to tap into other dimensions to access information and to gain inspiration and insight.  This is a very powerful Gift, but one you must learn to discipline and use wisely.   You can develop the ability to move between different worlds, access the spirit world, and journey to far off galaxies, but you must remember that even though you are very strongly a Child of Spirit, Otherworldly and Special, for the time being, you must live in the Physical World.  This Earthly Plane is your home now, and even though you may psychically travel back and forth, it is important to keep a strong connection with the physical by keeping your feet firmly on the ground.  Otherwise, you will become ungrounded, unfocused, live in a dream-like world.  You will find it hard to live in the real world or deal with human issues.  You will be unproductive and unreliable. You will become overly sensitive to your physical surroundings and find the world a harsh place.  When this happens, you will immediately try to drift away to one of your fantasy worlds. Those who love you will find it hard to communicate with you.  The result of all this is a wasted Elemental Gift and unrealised potential.

As beautiful as your new Cup appears to you right now, it carries both blessings and curses, for it brings with it a depth of feeling and emotion that can be equally beautiful and ugly. 

 The beauty of emotion and feeling is when you are happy and are able to give and receive love.  The world is a joyful place and your heart soars with euphoria.  You will be drawn to love and sharing that love. Never will you be most happy than when you are falling in love, in love and when that love is reciprocated. You will float in the warm soothing oceans of your Element, the current bringing you to exactly where you want to go.  This after all, is part of your destiny and you will find yourself instinctively being drawn to loving people and situations.  You will be optimistic and positive and not only will your glass be half full, it will also overflow with the powerful emotions that love generates. Bliss and peaceful will be your life, and you will want that for all of humanity too.    Your mood will be light and steady and will brighten the lives of all those around you.  Blessed will be your partner and off-spring, who will benefit from the love and light you instill within them.

However, your Cup can also tumble and fall, losing its contents of love and pure emotions.  The Cup’s contents can then become tainted and dark.  Because you are a Cup and a child of the Water Element, you will still feel the strength of emotions, but this time they will not bring you comfort or love.  Instead you will feel pain deeper than most, and the dagger like feeling of your heart being torn apart or wrenched from your chest.  You will become adrift in the turbulent currents of your Water Element and like a drowning man, struggle to stay afloat.  Because you are such a sensitive soul, you will find it very difficult to deal with unpleasantness, conflict or bad news.  You will want to run to your fantasy world and not deal with issues, but you may not be able to.  You were born to have a two-way flow of energy through your Heart Chakra, to give and receive love, but what will happen if that stream or current gets blocked? You then have the capacity to become emotionally cold and the Water within turns to ice.  Gone will be your natural softness and gentleness.  If anger does not replace it, then you may sink into depression or turn to other things in an attempt to make you feel better or dull the pain.

So you must take care young Page to understand the nature of your Elemental Gift as it requires balance and discipline of you.  You have a strong desire to fall in love, and will do so very easily as you journey through life.  You are a born romantic and will shower your partner with affection, and tenderness.  You are also the young poet who will woo your heart’s desire with words of love and prose. You can easily become infatuated and obsessed with the subject of your love so you need to learn to pace yourself and not smother or suffocate them with the force of your emotions. You can go over the top and come on too strong or be too intense. There is a fine line between wooing and stalking.

You have a lovely trusting nature about you, an innocence, and are friends with everyone.  You view life in an idealistic way and plan for a Utopian Future. You would not harm anyone or anything and only seek peace, harmony, love and happiness in life.  However, not all will be like you or want what you want.  People may be nasty, mean-spirited, unkind and uncaring. They may enjoy inflicting hurt and uspet or go out of their way to make other’s lives miserable. Some can be violent and vicious. Others unfaithful and disloyal.  Many will lie and be deceitful. You may be quite shocked, horrified and distraught when you discover this for the first time. You will be especially upset and distressed when it is aimed at you.   Some will call you naive or gullible, or that you or too soft and too easy.  Some may say, you need to grow up or toughen up.  Some may take advantage of your lovely traits and qualities for their own gain.  You may be used or played without you knowing it, but when it is discovered you will be totally crushed and destroyed. 

Like all the other Pages, you have a lot to learn, but for you, the Lessons of the Heart will be the most painful and difficult to come to terms with, or accept.  You must also understand that even though you love another, not matter how nice you are to them or how romantic you behave, if they do not feel the same for you, then there is nothing you can do about it.  You must come to terms with unrequited love and let the subject of your desire go. You will have to learn to live with the pain of rejection and not take it personally. Do not let it make you bitter or cold.  These will be difficult things for you to master, but master them you must, if you ever want to grow into a proud Queen or King of Cups. There is someone very special waiting for you on the journey ahead, but you have a lot of work to do first.

Being a sensitive little soul, you can become insecure, and unless you learn to curb this tendency, you may need constant reassurance of everyone’s love and need for you.  If this happens, it is a sign that you have become unbalanced within and have lost focus on part of your soul’s purpose and destiny.  You will have wandered off your spiritual path and lost the ability to love yourself.  Not in an egotistical way where you care only for yourself, but the ability to like yourself, to feel happy in your skin, with who you are and how you look. If you are wondering all the time about how you appear to others, or are constantly comparing yourself to others while putting yourself down, then you have lost the ability to love yourself.  Instead you will seek it externally. You will try to conform to an image of what you think other people want.  You are a natural-born pleaser and in the positive sense, it is lovely to see you do things to make other people happy or to make someone’s day, but it is when it turns around and in on you that problems begin.  You will dress to please others, say what is expected of you rather than what you think, put up with all sorts of behaviour just to keep your partner, starve yourself to death to be just the right size, and spend a fortune on cosmetics and surgery to stay forever young.  You can get lost in this type of vicious cycle and must work hard on your journey to avoid this threat, for it will be very hard to break away from.  Remember you must seek happiness first within before you can find it externally.

As a member of The Cups Family, you are naturally an emotional person.  However, your emotional development is still at an immature stage and therefore it can overwhelm you at times with its force.  You will have a tendency to get upset very easily and take things too personally.  You may act up if you feel you are not getting enough attention or being complimented regularly. Getting upset is one thing, but you are out of balance if others have to walk on eggshells around you for fear of upsetting you.  You will have to deal with this natural trait and ensure it never gets out of hand.  If not you will be prone to bouts of moodiness, sulking and depression.  You will quickly learn that no one likes a sulk and it will cause you to lose friends and possible partners.  It is viewed as baby-like behaviour and not very becoming.

It is essential you find an outlet for your emotions and as a Cup’s Page and a Child of the Water Element, you have been given some incredible abilities and talents.  Along with your wonderful imagination you have been gifted amazing creative and artistic abilities.  You will be able to turn your hand to any number of crafts and excel at them, for they will be divinely inspired.  Just look at the clothes you have chosen today and it will give you an insight into your abilities.  You certainly have developed your own style and have an uncanny dress sense. Not only can you be a brilliant clothes designer, you can also become a painter, writer, potter or interior designer.  You also own the stage and many of you young Cup’s Pages are drawn to it because of your love of dressing up, fantasy and make-believe.  With your versatile imagination you can become a successful actor or singer.  There is no end to what you can do, and the more theatrical the better.  Therefore, costume or set design can really stretch your imagination.  Never try to repress your artistic and creative flair to conform to other’s expectations of you, for it will make you deeply unhappy. In fact as a Messenger, part of your duty is to remind people of their own artistic or creative abilities and talents, regardless of their chosen path in life.  It will be you who will bring this News to them, and for those who do not believe what your message contains, it will be up to you to make them pick up a paint brush, pen, instrument or needle.  Some just need a push to get started and will then be amazed at what they can create and achieve. 

As I have already mentioned, as a Page, one of your duties is to bring News to others. You are a Messenger from the Gods and Elements, so others will listen closely to your words.  Because you are a Cup’s Page, the News you bring will be connected to the emotions.  You will announce glad tidings of love and joy.  You will hand out invitations to parties or weddings, notify people of a pregnancy or birth, and announce engagements and weddings. And because you love to spend time with friends and family, you will let people know about social occasions, get-togethers and re-unions.  The News you bring will brighten up people’s lives and day.  You also love to talk and share your news with everyone you know.  Be careful however, that you only spread good News and not gossip. You can be a bit of a drama queen and let your imagination run away with you as well as your mouth.

However, when Cups are spilled or shattered, the News you bear may bring instant sadness, heartbreak and upset.  You will bear witness to both happiness and sadness in people’s lives, including your own.  You must fortify your emotions to withstand such unwelcome impacts.

You will be a good loyal faithful friend, and will be there when needed to offer support and a kind word.  Because you have a sixth sense, you will find that friends come to you for advice or for comfort.  You are a natural empath and will be able to sense when those who are close to you are suffering in any way. Your family is extremely important to you and especially your mother, for you are very like her and can almost telepathically communicate with each other. One of your duties in life will be as a peace-maker.  Wherever there is conflict or divide you must find a creative solution to bring any warring parties together.  Your Message should always be love, harmony, peace, tolerance, compassion and understanding.

To keep you calm and relaxed, make sure you keep in close contact with your Element.  Get to the Water or into it as much as you can for you love to swim, and it helps soothe your mind.

Now my young Page of Cups, it is time to commence your Journey.  Remember all you have learned today, the words of wisdom, the advice and also the warnings.  You must follow your own path now and make your own way.  Listen to your inner-voice regularly and grow to trust it.  Never ignore your gut feelings or what your heart is try to tell you. If something feels wrong, then it probably is.  If you disconnect from your heart you will lose everything.  Your Spirit Guide and Angel travel closely with you and will make contact with you regularly. You will be aware of their presence and be thankful for it.  Never abuse your Gifts, but use them for the good of mankind. 

Your Quest lies before you and your Mission is to find the meaning of ‘True Love’. You may think that your Quest will be easy for Love is your middle name, and you may believe you know all there is to know about it at this stage.  However, it will be one of the hardest tasks to complete and pitted with wrong turns, dead ends and countless illusions.  You must never waver though, for your duty is to complete your Journey and Mission successfully. “

The Page of Cups lifted his head as the Fish disappeared.  He felt slightly light-headed, and unsure of how long he had been standing there on the stage.  His vision was hazy as he stared out into the audience.  The spotlight was on him and he was now required to make a speech of acceptance.  This was his moment and he was prepared.  The words of his Elemental Fish swam in his mind and was unsure whether he had imagined it all.  He cleared his throat and began to speak, feeling suddenly shy and vulnerable. When he spoke, his voice was soft, gentle and almost musical.  He looked so beautiful that both men and women admired him and his style.  Intensely aware of himself, he felt like a God in his pink silk shirt and floral tunic of blue and pink.  He had chosen these colours to represent his Spirituality (blue) and his Emotions (pink).  The gold braid trim on the sleeve matched his brilliant new Cup. His fancy blue hat with matching silk scarf set the outfit off to perfection.  This Page certainly knew how to dress.

As he took his leave of the audience who all stood to applaud this young Page, he felt like he was floating.  Pausing on the steps once more for the cameras and for the crowd to admire him, he became aware of vapourish figures moving through the crowd.  They were various shapes and sizes. Some lingered closely to certain people in the audience, while others just drifted.  Fascinated by what he saw, he peered closer and realised they were grainy images of people.  He felt his heart beat fast as it began to dawn on him who they were.  These vapoury figures were from the Spirit World and connected to many in the audience. They were obviously dearly departed loved ones who liked to come and visit.  Of course no one else could see them.  He wasn’t afraid but quite calm about it all, for it felt natural to him. Neither was he afraid when he began to hear their voices, as each pressed closer to give him a message they wanted passed on to their loved one in the physical world.  So he thought, this is another role for me as a Messenger. I can also deliver news from the deceased to the living. He marvelled at such abilities but knew it was another thing he would have to learn to control and discipline.

He paused for one last photo shoot on the top step.  Striking a pose, he tilted his head at an engaging angle and held his Golden Cup out in front of him in a gesture of an offering. Many of the photographers would be puzzled the next day when they viewed the images of the Big Event for there in the images of The Page of Cups would be a small blue fish popping its head out of the Golden Elemental Cup. 

The Page hurried back stage to meet the other Pages for he was excited and looking forward to telling them all his news and then listening to theirs. He held his Cup close to his heart and swore to never let it go or damage it in any way.  Like the other Page’s Elemental Gifts, The Wand, The Sword and The Pentacle, his Cup was sacred and spiritual.  He had been entrusted with this Gift and now he had to look after it and put it to proper use.


The Page of Cups represents the immature part of The Cups Court Family.  At present his emotions are sensitive and vulnerable. In time, his life experiences will expose him to the not so sensitive side of life. His feelings will be pulled this way and that, and at times torn apart. He has a long way to go before he can handle the emotionally challenged, and grown up world of The Queen and King of Cups.  In the meantime, let us enjoy his innocent and pleasing nature as he lives in his world of heightened imagination and dreams.

The Page of Cup’s traditional looks described him or her as blonde haired, blue-eyed and fair-skinned. He or she will be softly spoken and may appear to have a dreamy, other worldly, and sometimes angelic quality about them.  The Page of Cups comes across as kind, gentle and extremely mannerly.  Remember, this is just the traditional description and will not be applicable to all you read for.  It is the personality description that counts most, not the looks, and not even the Zodiac Signs they are known to represent

The Page of Cups – The Dreamer

Water SignsCancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Page of Cups Upright

Key Words

Student, Messenger, Child, Inner-Child, Youthful, Young at Heart, Idealistic, Innocent, Pure, Naive, Gullible, Vulnerable, Gentle, Calm, Quiet, Shy, Sensitive, Dreamer, Other-Wordly, Angelic, Away-With-The-Faeiries, Emotional, Sentimental, Loving, Kind,  Affectionate, Sympathetic, Empathic, Compassionate, Caring, Touched, Loving, Friend, Friendly, Loyal, Supporting, Forgiving, Non-Judgemental, Peacemaker, Harmonious, Generous, Thoughtful, Sharing, Pleasing/Pleaser, Considerate, Willing, Obliging, Helpful, Offering, Open-Hearted, Big-Hearted, Optimistic, Positive, Trusting,Intimate, An Admirer, Attraction, Puppy Love, Love-Struck, A Crush, Adoring, Worshiping, Young Love, Love Blossoming, Head-Over-Heels in Love, Romantic, Poetic, Intuitive, Sensing, Gut Feelings, Inner-Voice, Spiritual, Psychic, Psychic Dreams, Imaginative, Talented, Creative Skills/Abilities, Flair, Artistic, News of Love, Beauty, Esthetics, Fashionable, Stylish, Own Style, Flair, Flamboyant, Showy, Well-Groomed, Glamorous, Accessories, Dressing Up, Eccentric, Compliments, Emotional New, Happy News, Invitations to Parties, News of Engagement/Marriages/Pregnancies/ Births, Gossip, The Stage, Acting, Singing, Make-Believe, Fantasy, Androgynous


Think about your Feelings, Show Your Feelings, It is Okay to be or Feel Emotional, Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve, Be Romantic, Be Open to Love, Trust in Love, Follow Your Heart, Be Romantic, Make a Romantic Gesture or Offering,  Comfort Your Inner Child,  Cheer up a Sad Child, Be Kind, Offer The Cup of Friendship to Someone, Offer Your Support, Be There for a Friend, Listen and do not Judge, Do Something Nice for Someone, Reach Out to Someone, Be The Peacemaker, Forgive Someone, Apologize to Someone, Be Sympathetic and Understanding, Trust Your Gut Feeling, Listen to Your Inner Voice, Be Intuitive, Develop you Psychic Side, Study The Psychic Arts, Be Creative, Use Your Imagination, Develop your Artistic Side, Join Art/Pottery Classes, Join a Drama or Musical Society, Get Up on The Stage and Do Your Thing, Get Into The Spotlight, Make Something, Draw or Paint Something, Get Crafty, Invite Friends to a Party or Get-Together, Accept all Social Invitation, Spread Good News not Gossip, Tidy Yourself Up, Go Shopping for New Clothes, Re-Vamp Your Wardrobe, Dress Up, Find Your Own Style, Be Flamboyant, Dress to Suit Yourself, Don’t be a Slave to Fashion, Don’t Over Dress,



When The Page of Cups, turns up in your Reading, like all the other Court Cards, you will have to determine what his relevance and meaning are.  One thing we do know about the Pages is that they are the News Bringers in the Tarot, The Post Person, The Delivery Person.  So this Page may be popping in to let you know that good news is on the way, news that will lift you emotionally.  The news is bound to be happy, positive and exciting.  You may get an invitation to  a party, celebration or wedding.  You may be overjoyed when you receive news of a pregnancy or engagement.  Then again, it may be a friend inviting you to a day at the races, or just a social outing or gathering with friends or family.  If you have been awaiting special news about an issue that is close to your heart, then The Page of Cups can be a very positive indication that the news you hoped for is on the way.  For many, his news will entail shopping for new clothes, getting hair done, and deliberating over shoes and accessories.  He often brings a great excuse to liven up your wardrobe and show your style off to the world.  So look out for the postman and check all your texts and emails for incoming news.

Another aspect of the News The Page of Cups brings can be in the form of gossip.  This Page has a great imagination and can be quite dramatic, so his news may be embellished or touched up here and there for greater effect.  Generally, the gossip with the Upright Page is harmless, even if it is grossly exaggerated at times.

When The Page of Cups appears in your Reading and you feel dull and dowdy, then his message to you may be to smarten yourself up, and think about your sense of style and dress.  This Page is a lover of fashion, so a trip to the High Street or Mall might be just what you need.  However, do not be a slave to fashion. Find your own style, something that suits you and then make it your own. Be creative with your style and learn what works for you.  Guard against over-dressing or wearing clothes that are too young for you.  Buy something of quality and be drawn by the beauty of it and feel of the fabric rather than the label.  The Page of Cups may simply be acknowledging your love of fashion, style and dressing up.  You may even be a bit of a trendsetter as you have such a knack with putting pieces together.  Friends will always be asking you to style them or borrow your clothes. This Page sometimes represents cosmetic surgery or the obsession with looking younger.

Because this Page is one of the most psychic Cards in The Tarot, The Page of Cups can turn up in your Reading to confirm that the gut feeling you have about something or someone is quite probably right.  His advice is for you to listen to what your heart is saying and to trust your intuition, for it will serve you well.  He reminds you that this is not the first time you have heard your inner-voice and heeded its advice.  You must follow your heart and natural instincts, and not other’s expectations or influences in this matter.  You will know the right thing to do or say.  It is also a good time to become aware of your dreams as they hold much meaning for you right now.

Because, all the Pages are seen as Students of Their Element, this Page also has been gifted with a sixth-sense.  His presence suggests that you may have it too.  You might be thinking of learning how to develop it further. You may be considering taking a course in psychic development or  mediumship.  The Page of Cups often heralds the dawn of a new understanding and the beginning of a spiritual awareness.  You do have the capabilities of becoming a strong psychic, mystic, medium or reader.  You are also an empath and can tune into the feelings and emotions of others which will make you an excellent healer.  This enables you to help so many, with your strong sensitivity and compassion for their situations. This Card can also be an indication that you are thinking about going to see a psychic or medium. However, this Card also carries a warning of becoming too reliant on psychics and card readings when making decisions in your life.  Use them for the important decision-making processes or when you get totally confused, but not for every little inconsequential moment of your life.  I have encountered many people over the years who cannot dress themselves in the morning without consulting cards or pendulums as to what to wear and which colours etc.  Do not give away your power by becoming dependent on psychic tools to run your life.  Remember, the answer lies within and within should always be your first port of call for personal information and guidance.

When The Page of Cups appears in your Reading, depending on the question and surrounding Cards he may be bringing to your attention that you have a friend who needs your support or shoulder to cry on, regardless of how they appear to be coping with an issue.  You may already have sensed that something is not right, but you might have to be the one to reach out and ask what is wrong.  Listen to them with a kind, compassionate and non-judgemental ear.  Let them know they are not alone and that you are there for them.  Likewise there may be a newcomer to your circle or workplace who is finding it hard to fit it.  The Page of Cups asks you to be the first to offer them friendship. Be a friend to someone. Include them in your social activities or outings for they might be quite lonely.

Likewise, should you be in a situation where there is conflict, arguments and tension, the appearance of The Page of Cups in your Reading can ask you to act as The Peace-Maker or Mediator.  Try to handle the situation in a calm and controlled manner even if you feel angry with those involved.  Listen to all sides and try your best to find a way towards reconciliation. This is especially relevant where family and friends are concerned, as these are the most important people in your life. When your family and friends are happy, then you are happy too.  Make love, not war. Now might be the time to forgive someone who has upset you, or ask forgiveness if it is you who is the offender. Make a gesture or offering of some sort.  The time for sulking and silence is over. Do something nice by reaching out and making the first move. Your sincere efforts are bound to be rewarded.

You must also remember that you have a tendency to be a people pleaser. You might find yourself agreeing or saying yes to something just to keep the peace or keep someone happy.  This is a lovely trait in you but you must guard against denying your own needs and feelings in favour of others. You see, you love seeing everyone happy, but you must also take your own happiness into consideration once in a while.  It cannot all be selfless devotion and service.  You probably find it hard to say no or bear your teeth every now and then because you are afraid that you will not be liked for it.  The thing is others can take you for granted, or take advantage of your good nature, if you are constantly giving in to please them.  They see you as a foregone conclusion and although they may ask a favour of you, in such a manner that it sounds like you have an option to refuse or decline, they really only except your compliance and agreement.  They can get so used to you being agreeable and affable that they will take great umbrage should you ever decide to break the cycle. Then you might get accused of ‘acting out of character’, or ‘being difficult and negative’, or ‘mean and selfish’. The funny thing is, and I speak from experience here, that when you dare to break this pattern, you are behaving exactly as they behave when dealing with requests or favours of them on a daily basis.  They see it perfectly acceptable in themselves, but somewhat of a nasty problem in you. It may be all right for them to suit themselves, but if you do it, you are being unreasonable.  Learn to say no once in a while so that others will not see you as a constant or easy push-over.

In this Card, The Page looks as if he is offering his Cup to someone or something, indicating that you may be offered a relationship, job or opportunity that will bring emotional fulfilment. Be open to this offer, for it comes from a good place and source.  Maybe the time has come to open your heart and allow yourself to be touched emotionally.

The Page of Cups in a Reading can suggest the early stages of love, or that you are beginning to think about love, or that your heart is opening to the possibility of it.  You may be beginning to seek intimacy with another. This Page adores falling in love and can suggest that you have an admirer who is besotted with you or that you have been attracted to another.  Whichever, an open declaration may not yet have been made, but because this Page is very demonstrative in love, it won’t take long before he or she is sending out strong vibes as they find it impossible to repress or hide their emotions.  They wear their heart on their sleeves, so you would need to be pretty blind not to notice this person, for everyone else around you will be aware of what is going on.  There are bound to be little romantic gestures and special attention given to you.  He or she will go out of their way to please you and help you in any way they can.  They will seek your company out as much as possible and care less about who is watching or speculating. The Page of Cups can indicate that shyness may be holding you back from reciprocating, but it is time to really let someone know how you feel about them. You may have to risk a rejection, but it is really worth taking a chance. If someone you like is showing interest in you, then respond to them and allow them to get closer to you if that is what you want. Accept their offer of a date or a cup of coffee, or even the cake they bought you for your coffee break.  Take it beyond the formal stage for it may be the start of something wonderful and beautiful.

The Page of Cups at this time can suggest the stage of being head over heels in love, so much so, that it may not be possible to sleep at night for thinking and dreaming about the subject of your desire.  It marks the holding hands stage of a relationship, and the terrible need to be by each other’s side all day long.  Joined at the hip when you are together, there will be constant texting and long phone conversations when you are apart.  This Page will bring a day long smile to your face and make you feel light and happy.  Expect flowers, love notes and extravagant romantic gestures. The Page of Cups can also be somewhat immature, which leads him to be idealistic about love.  He can be quite innocent and terribly naïve when it comes to affairs of the heart.  He can think and dream about love and his perfect partner in a fairytalish manner.  The Page of Cups can suggest Puppy Love or going on a first date.

The Page of Cups as mentioned, often represents those heady first days and weeks in a relationship.  The only downside of this is that this lovely Page, will want to maintain this level of intensity indefinitely, as they adore the ground you walk on. You however, may begin to find it all a little tedious after a period of time.  The kissing and cuddling in public may begin to annoy or embarrass you, and their constant presence, either physically or over the phone, may get on your nerves.  You may feel that you want more time to yourself and begin to pull back, or not be as enthusiastic as you were in the beginning.  You might have to put your phone on silent, or hide in the back room for the third time in the day, due to their persistent calling at your door.  The Page of Cups needs to be handled very carefully in this manner for he or she does not know what they are doing wrong.  They are just being themself, and even if it is all a bit over the top and overly enthusiastic, their heart is in the right place.  Any negative comments or signs of annoyance at them from you will cut your Page to the bone and leave them upset and confused.

Once The Page of Cups is in a steady Relationship, he likes harmony and balance and will steer clear of any conflict. This Page is actively seeking love in all its purity and innocence. Friendly and generous, he is the born romantic and will not be embarrassed to talk about his feelings.  If you are in a relationship with this Page then be prepared for slushy love letters, romantic gestures and open affection.  He is sensitive and very tuned in to his surroundings.  Using this sensitivity, he will know when you are upset or feeling low and will think of wonderful ways to cheer you up.  However, he can get easily hurt, and will get visibly upset or sulky if his feelings are not reciprocated or his efforts go unappreciated by you. When he brings you on a date it will be candlelight dinners, weekends away in a castle, a romantic movie, or even a walk on the beach.  He can be sympathetic and a good listener. Using the Element of Air to his benefit, he may be quite the poet and have all the right words when wooing you.

The Page of Cups is highly sensitive, and therefore easily upset.  He or she can be a little emotionally immature and take your need for a little more space or time to your self as a personal slight and rejection.  If you are not sharing the enthusiasm for your relationship to the level your Page is, he or she might very well feel you no longer love them.  Emotional insecurity can result and if this is your Page and you are trying to bring the relationship down to a more reasonable and practical level, you may have to brace yourself for fits of moodiness or sulking.  You will need to reassure them of your love for them, but that you must also be able to live your own life at the same time.  If you can get this right and win their trust, then you will never be short of love, affection and tenderness in your life.  If you feel that it is all too smothering and suffocating, then please let this Page down gently for it will take him or her some time to get over it.  Their heart will be broken and it may take them some time to forgive you. The Upright Cup Courts do prefer the cosiness of longterm relationships to the insecurity of short flings or one night-stands. They seek out a lifetime partner early in life and often end up with their childhood sweethearts. The Cups take a break-up or a break-down of their relationship very seriously.  If it is done with as much compassion and sympathy as possible, this Page will recover and will learn a lot on a positive level from their experience.  If they are treated harshly during a break-up, it is possible for them to turn emotionally cold and seek revenge.

Career related, The Page of Cups has to feel happy in his career or he could end up depressed, dull and gloomy.  He positively glows when he is allowed to work at something he enjoys.  His work must be a labour of love and not a chore.  Because, this Page of Cups loves to be showy and flamboyant, he can suggest a host of glamorous careers.  He likes to work with the beautiful people and is not inclined to be drawn to any career that involves getting down and dirty.

The Cups people have a love of fashion, style and are very image conscious. They very rarely appear out un-groomed or tatty. They can do really well in the fashion industry at any level. Modelling is another career that this young Page would enjoy. Getting a chance to dress up and pretend for a fashion shoot would really suit his natural trait for make-believe.

Your creative abilities are endless when The Page of Cups appears in your Career Reading. You may be very artistic and creative and will need to be allowed fulfill this side of you in your work if you are ever to be truly happy. You have natural talents that need to be expressed and realised.  The Page of Cups represents the young artist, actor, budding musician or young fashion designer, so he may be acknowledging these talents and skills in you.  His wonderful vivid imagination allows him to create amazing original works of art which are often spiritually inspired.

The Cups also are natural nurturers and have big open and generous hearts.  They are often guided into roles of healing of one sort or another so this little Page can suggest you are embarking on a career of nursing, counselling, social work or child care.  The Holistic and Alternative Therapies World is full of Cup’s People where they find a wonderful outlet for their natural intuitive and psychic abilities. Really, The Page of Cups will do well anywhere where people need to be taken care of.

The Page of Cups is the most psychic of all and could indicate that you are embarking on such studies or spiritual development.  He is quite likely to have experienced the supernatural and is intrigued by it. Strongly in touch with his inner self he uses his intuition when making decisions. However he is not very down to earth as he finds earth a little too unsavoury for his delicate tastes.  He needs to guard against this as regardless of his feelings he does have to live and survive in the real world.

As a Child this Page is soft, gentle, sensitive and angelic. He is quiet around the house and can play happily on his own for hours without any complaints.  He likes his friends and will form lifelong friendships from a young age.  He can often appear pale and weak but has beautiful features and deep penetrating eyes.  In fact this child may appear like an old soul and have a habit of staring intensely at you. It can seem as if they can see right into your very own soul or can read your mind. He may be a day-dreamer or appear to be far away and otherworldly at times.  This is a loving, warm and affectionate child who will appear out of the blue in your room and hug you for no apparent reason. He or she will be able to read your mood or sense an atmosphere in the house so they need to be handled carefully for worry and stress can destroy their calm and peaceful nature. Your Cup’s child will constantly ask if you are okay or if they can do anything for you.  They feel good when they are allowed to help Mammy or Daddy and this quality will continue in them as they get older.

The Page of Cups is very artistic and creative. He uses his imagination and can appear artistically gifted from a young age, producing work that raises the hair on the back of your neck. As a child, his love of dressing up more than likely involves costumes and pretend, as he loses himself in a world of fantasy movies and their characters.  He will believe he is Harry Potter or Spiderman, and if allowed, will live in full costume and accompanying accessories morning, noon and night.  Getting him or her to leave them off for long enough to wash may prove difficult.

The Page of Cups may not be terribly sporty but probably swims like a fish, and loves water sports and being by the lakeside or ocean. Sometimes appearing otherworldly, he may casually speak of imaginary friends and sees faeries, angels or spirits. It is important not to block this side of your Page or ridicule what they are saying. They are very wise souls who are deeply in touch with their spiritual side. Properly nurtured, their psychic side is a joy to behold.

Your Page will more than likely be drawn to stones, especially crystals which they will seem to automatically identify with and know how to use. Let them pick their own though for they know better than you which ones they want or need. The window sill in their bedroom probably has a collection of beech pebbles, feathers and ‘things’ which are all precious to your Page for one reason or another.  They do not like their collections to be disturbed or moved around by others, so heed this when you attack their room while spring cleaning, for you will have one very upset Page on your hands when they discover.

All in all your Page of Cups is loving, adorable and huggable.


Page of Cups Reversed

Disappointment in Love, Unrequited Love, Shattered Dreams, Magic Bubble Burst, Heartbreak, Tears, Emotional Wounding, Dejection, Rejection, Emotionally Vulnerable, Emotionally Immature, Overly Sensitive, Highly Strung, Naïve, Gullible, Day Dreamer,  Fantasy, Obsessive, Infatuation, Flirt, Seducer, Charmer, Romeo, Smooth Operator, Conquests, Becoming Sexually Active, Emotionally Withdrawn, Depression, Vindictive, Envy, Stalking, Deaf to his Inner Voice, Refuses Advice, Fawning, Flattery, Insincere Compliments, Wild Imaginings, Sullen, Moody, Fallen Angel, Drama Queen, High Maintenance, Obsessed with the Psychic World, Effeminate, Letting Yourself Go, Over Dressing, Inappropriate Dressing, Obsessed with Image, Distorted Body Image, Childhood Issues – sex abuse, Inner Child Needs Comforting, Gossip, Not Keeping Secrets/Confidences,

Bad News of Breakups/Cancellation of Social Occasions/Engagement/Weddings,

The Reversed Page of Cups brings news that is going to cause emotional upset or pain.  News may be of a break-up, you might get dumped by text or email, or gossip which directly affects you eventually reaches your ears. There may be cancellations of social outings, engagements or weddings.  There may be upsetting news of a death or illness, but other Cards would need to concur.  Whatever news he carries is bound to cause an emotional impact and bring tears or despair.

When the lovely Page of Cups Reverses, his illusions are shattered and the rosy glow disappears.  The Cup is overturned and its contents spill.  Sometimes the Cup is thrown or knocked from his hand. One way or another, the joy of the Upright Page is lost. Here is someone who has been deeply upset by something. Emotional wounding has occurred and there may be disbelief and shock that someone could be horrible enough to hurt you on this level.  The Page of Cups Reversed is often the last person to see upset and hurt coming his way, for he is quite innocent and naive about the capabilities of others.  When the emotional Cup he is offering is rejected, declined or knocked from his hand he can be overwhelmed by the pain it causes him. He can become withdrawn and depressed. He really is incapable of dealing with such distress.

The Page of Cups suggests that your magic bubble has been burst, and any rose-tinted glasses you have been wearing up to now, have been painfully ripped from your eyes.  Deep upset and plenty of tears will be evident, and can go on for much time to come.  No matter whether the Page is representing someone in their early twenties or early teens,  this will be a child-like upset with heaving sobs and flinging oneself on a bed in a drama of ‘I just want to die’, ‘I will never love anyone again’, I hate her/him’, No one loves me’. It can get quite theatrical with friends having to rally round this Page to hold his hand while feeding an ever-flowing supply of tissues for him to wail into.

The Page of Cups usually indicates disappointment in love. You may have thought you had met the right man or woman for you, and this relationship would have started off so loving, tender and gentle.  Something has gone wrong and you may be in torment trying to figure out why, because you believe you have done nothing wrong.  The only crime you believe you have committed is to have loved and being in love. In fact no one could have loved or been as devoted to and adored another as much as you have.  It’s not fair, just not fair.  As you stand there staring at yourself in the mirror, trying to find explanations as to why you have been dumped, stood up or lost out to another you wonder what it is about you that is so un-lovable? Is it that you are not tall or short enough, pretty/handsome enough, too thin or too fat, too blonde, not blonde enough, not witty enough or too serious? For The Page of Cups Reversed, it is often hard for him or her to understand that sometimes love just isn’t enough. He or she can think that if they love enough and show how much they care, then it is a done deal and will automatically be reciprocated.  It can be very hard for this Reversed Page to accept that after all the love they have given and shown, the one it has been directed at does not feel the same, has grown tired of it, changed their mind or found better with another.

There is nothing worse than the first time we have our heart-broken in love.  It is a pain that is raw and deep, and a wound we feel will never heal.  All Four Pages are vulnerable to having their heart’s broken, but it is The Page of Cups we must most worry about, for he is of the Element of Water and therefore a very emotional creature.  When his heart is broken, it is similar to being cast into a turbulent, stormy sea where the high waves are powerful in their force and unrelenting nature.  The pain of a broken heart comes in waves, and at times we feel as if we are drowning. Sorrow makes it hard for us to breathe properly as heaving sobs tear through our body.  Never before have we felt such pain and experienced such darkness.  Raw and wounded, we can vow never to love again, but in general, time does heal and we move on.  Our heart may be closed and protected for some time before we feel it is safe to open it again to the possibility of love once more.

The Page of Cups Reversed is a Card that none of us really can escape at some stage of our life, for if we were to feel nothing emotionally then what does it make us?  In the Upright, The Page of Cups asks you to take a chance on love, to open your heart and mind to the potential of it, to share your love with another and be romantic and intimate.  He never gave guarantees that it would all work out, but he went into it full of hope, optimistic and positive.  He certainly shone and felt on such a high, and was so happy being in love and being loving.  He didn’t stop and shut down or back off because there was a chance he might get hurt or upset, for that would take all the good out of it. What is life without the chance of love?  What if he had been clever and decided not to expose himself to the chance of heartbreak? Would it be a case of, what he never had or experienced he will never miss? Would he make a good role model for the rest of us to follow? I doubt it. Like the rest of us, The Page of Cups took a chance on love.  For some, that chance works out fine the first time and they are sorted for the rest of their life, but for most of us, we take a chance on love, it doesn’t work out as we had dreamed. We are heartbroken and sad as we flip over into The Reversed Page of Cups. We sob and wail, and bleat our little hearts out to friends and anyone else who will listen to us. We let ourselves go, and eat chocolates and forget to wash our hair.  Then we just have to get over it and get back out there. Slowly but surely we begin to Upright ourselves, and before we know it, are back at the Upright Page of Cups once more, the memory of the heartbreak from the past now blurred and vague as we seek to expose ourselves to the potential of love and happiness again.  We become accustomed to taking that chance even though we know there are now no guarantees. We have learned that from our past experience. We all have to start somewhere and the Upright Page of Cups represents most of us at the idealistic stage of love.  We are like little children dressing up in wedding dresses and our mother’s shoes, playing make-believe games, drawing hearts on our copy books and being boy/girl crazy.

The First Cut is Always The Deepest and it is this aspect the Page of Cups Reversed represents so well.  The loss of innocence and being forced to face reality.  It is a growing up time, and learning the ways of the world, and the even stranger ways of human beings.  When the Page of Cups appears Reversed, we all stand by and feel terribly sympathetic and sorry for him.  We all want to hug him and hold him, and soothe his worries. We want to kiss and make it better, we want to wave a magic wand and make everything right for him, because we hate to see him so upset.  This reminds me of the parent who has to stand by and watch their young son or daughter go through heartbreak for the first time.  As children we could always fix whatever had made them sad, but when it comes to relationships and the pain of a break-up, there is little we can do but be there to offer comfort and support.  Oh yes, we want to run and bang down the door of the one who is responsible for causing our loved one so much pain. We want them to undo what they have done so that we don’t have to witness such suffering.  However, we have all been there before and it is just another process of maturing and dealing with life.  We cannot protect them forever, and our young son or daughter will, in their own way, have to figure it out and learn to deal with it emotional upset and disappointment.  The only time we should get really worried or forcefully intervene is when The Reversed Page of Cups is surrounded by negative Sword Cards, for there may be indications for concern regarding depression, which all Reversed Cup Courts are pre-disposed to. This is usually indicated when The Page of Cups Reversed is finding it hard to recover after a break-up and thinks it is the end of the world or their life. He or she can retreat into depression and despair if the Water Element becomes too strong.

The Page of Cups Reversed can also point to over-sensitivity and insecurity in your Relationship. If you are this Page Reversed, you may need constant reassurance that you are loved. You may be always fishing for compliments, and if not forthcoming can become difficult and stroppy.  Your partner may have to walk on egg shells around you for fear of upsetting you, for you are always getting upset about something or other. You could be highly-strung and high-maintenance, becoming sulky, moody and pouty if you don’t get your own way.  You may become obsessed about your partner causing stress, wild imaginings and accusations.  Everything is about keeping you happy, and once your happy then your partner is allowed to be happy too. ‘As long as you are happy darling, that’s all that counts’ rolls off your partner’s tongue at least ten times a day, and this is the way you like it.  You need to be indulged and spoiled constantly and can act out like a child, throwing tantrums and sulking in corners. Your halo has slipped and you can become a little nightmare to deal with.

Needing constant reassurance can be a sign that you do not love yourself.  You look for love everywhere but within and so become disillusioned and resentful when you are constantly let down. You can blame others for your unhappiness. If you have been thwarted in love, you can become very resentful of couples around you who appear to be happy and content.  If the influencing Element of Air gains strength, this Page of Cups Reversed can become emotionally cold and vindictive if their heart has been broken, or their dreams or illusions shattered.  You may not be prepared to let time heal or to move on, especially if you have been handled inconsiderately.  Everything is taken as a slight or insult and you can have the tendency to brood on issues for too long, making mountains out of mole hills and letting your imagination run away with you.  Forgiving and forgetting, or putting it down to experience does not wash with you.  Revenge may be your way of dealing with a partner when love goes wrong.  When this happens all the gentle softness of the Upright Page disappears, and instead of taking other people’s feelings into consideration, you prefer to stamp on them and make as much trouble as possible. You can become a major drama queen with explosive emotional outbursts and embarrassing scenes.

The problem is that you never actually get the satisfaction you seek, as others see you for what you are, and whereas you are putting all your energy into getting even or making their life difficult, they really have no time for you and are totally disinterested.  Everyone wants you to shut up and go away. This actually makes you worse when you discover that your efforts to make them hurt as much as you do fail, or are not taken seriously.  Deep personal unhappiness destroys from the inside out and a block of ice forms around the heart, preventing a two-way flow of energy.  With an inability to give or receive love, the emotions surge and press against the block of ice looking for an escape route that would help heal, but each time it finds a crack or gap it is forced back down.

The Page of Cups Reversed can suggest repressed emotions, and this is often accompanied by addictions of some sort.  If love is denied, either internally or externally, you can seek to replace it with substance abuse. Emotions are often repressed or stuffed back down by over-eating, alcohol bingeing or drug abuse.  Another aspect of the Reversed Page of Cups is the self-loathing of distorted body image and eating disorders such as anorexia or bulimia.  It all comes down to being deeply and personally very unhappy.  The combination of Water (the emotions) and Air (mental thought processes) can be particularly nasty when they fall into the negative aspect as they have a tendency to feed off each other.  If emotional and psychological problems are not dealt with at the Page Stage, they will worsen and intensify by The Knight Stage, becoming entrenched by The Queen or King StageThe Reversed Page in this aspect is giving a severe warning.  Things may be bad but you have not gone past the point of no return. Better to deal with and confront your emotional issues now when they are only recently formed, rather than wait until you have to peel yourself back to the bone in later life.

Moving on from these Painful lessons in love we must also look at other interpretations of this Reversed Page for he may not be as innocent as he is making out to be.  Like the Knight and King of Cups Reversed, this young Page can be a bit of a charmer.  Oh yes, he loves love and can be quite obsessed with it, but he may not be as sincere as we would like him to be. You see he has great difficulty going past the head over heels stage of any relationship. Actually, he wouldn’t even call them ‘relationships’ . He certainly enjoys the exciting early bit of getting together, the chase, the thrill and anticipation, the passion and excitement, the wooing, the courting,  the Conquest.  Other Cards would have to concur, but if something does not look right in them, there may be a chance that this Page has begun to learn the art of seduction.  Using the Air Element to his extreme advantage, he may have discovered that flattery and paying well-chosen compliments will get him everywhere, and also anyone he wants.  What this means is that this Reversed Page of Cups may be representing a flirt.  He is offering his Cup of course, but his agenda may be different to yours.  Whereas you are being charmed by this handsome young man or woman, and think that you have just met the partner of your dreams, this Page might be playing you along, dangling the bait and waiting for you to bite.  He may be claiming undying love for you or giving off the vibes that he is interested in a serious relationship, but the real aim may be to get you into bed at the end of the party or night out.  If you do not fall for his ploy he will just move on and try it on another until he gets lucky.  He can be a smooth operator and will try to win you with his poetry and praise. He is the intense and dramatic lover who will sweep you off your feet with romance. He will be all over you like a rash, that is until he gets what he wants, and then he can become quite cool, remote and distant.  After a night of mad, intense and passionate lovemaking, you may never hear from him or her again.

Because the Cups represent the emotions and love, The Page of Cups Reversed can suggest the transition from innocence into being sexually experienced or the loss of virginity.  The Page of Cups Reversed can be thinking about taking the next step in his or her relationship by becoming sexually involved with their partner.

Another aspect of The Reversed Page of Cups comes to light when the person the Page is representing is much older than the traditional age associated with this Card.  This can suggest emotional immaturity or commitment issues.  This person may be trying to carry off an image they had decades ago. They may be dressing too young for their age and also chasing partners who are too young as well.  You might be an ageing Romeo who is only fooling yourself.  Bedding a succession of young ones will not make you look any younger, but it will make you look pathetic and embarrassing.  It may be time to grow up and act your age.  It may also be time to say goodbye to those mini skirts and low tops, or if a man, those tight drain pipe jeans and leather waistcoats.

On a sinister side, The Page of Cups, may not accept that you are just not interested in him.  He may not be able to take no for an answer. He may be delusional and continues to entertain crazy notions of how happy together you could be.  He may relentlessly pursue you, making a pest and nuisance of himself.  If the Air Element is also in extreme and negative, he may be unhinged and unpredictable.  This Reversed Page of Cups can become obsessive and begin stalking.   If surrounding Cards look negative and you are trying to shake off an unwanted admirer, you may find it difficult to get rid of them.

Because The Upright Page of Cups is associated with dressing up and being very conscious of your appearance, The Reversed Page of Cups can take it to the extreme.  You may be neglecting your appearance and this can often come down to depression.  On the other hand, you may be overly concerned with your appearance and obsessed with cosmetic procedures or surgery.  Some Reversed Pages have a tendency to overdress for occasions; their natural flair for fashion and style going into overdrive and over-expression.The Reversed Page of Cups can also show a tendency towards being quite effeminate.

The Page of Cups Reversed can appear in your Reading at times if you are not being the friend you are supposed to be, or are not behaving in a friendly manner.  The Page of Cups Reversed can have a habit of giving the appearance of being friendly but then talking about you behind your back.  He likes to get in on the gossip, and especially be the first one with some juicy information.  He can also exaggerate and embellish news to make it sound more exciting and interesting.  He likes to be the first one with the news, so sharing secrets with him or her may not be a good idea. Just like the Reversed Cup cannot hold its contents, neither can he hold onto any confidences for any length of time. The Reversed Page of Cups can be guilty of being quite self-centred when it comes to friendships.  Instead of being pleasing, amicable and going with the flow, he may not take his friends feelings or needs into consideration when making decisions or plans.  He can think the universe revolves around him and so too should all his friends.  He may be a very needy, high-maintenance friend who expects you to be running around after him all the time but then finds it difficult to return the compliment or favour. It can be all about him or her. On the other hand, this Reversed Page can be guilty of fawning and falling over himself to make an impression on you.  He is a flatterer and insincere but he uses compliments to wheedle into your circle or good books.

The Upright Page of Cups is strongly connected and in touch with his intuition and inner-voice.  He is guided by his deep knowing and gut feelings.  Not so when he Reverses, for this Page chooses not to listen to, or cannot hear what his intuition is telling him. He has lost his spiritual connection, and as a result can be extremely gullible and way too easily influenced by others. He can walk into very obvious situations that he should know better about.  He prefers to act on other people’s hunches instead his own.  He can either take advice from the wrong people or may refuse to heed good advice. He can flow this way and that way from one moment to another, letting his wayward emotions carry him wherever they so choose.  He needs to discipline his emotions with logical thought and reason for he has lost control and is adrift at sea.  He can call on his influencing Element of Air to help him achieve this.

This Page of Cups in Reversed can take his psychic and spiritual abilities to the extreme.  He can step over too much or too long into the spiritual side, losing his connection with the physical realm.  He can become obsessed with the psychic world and paranormal phenomena. Without giving much thought to the potential dangers and consequences,  he may dabble with Ouija boards and hold seances just to see what happens. He may find the real world too harsh for his sensitive emotions and can withdraw into a fantasy world of his own making as he becomes more and more ungrounded. He can float around in psychic dimensions and in a twilight zone, exposing himself to negative entities and influences.  This can lead to depression and a variety of psychological problems.

The Page of Cups Reversed from a child’s perspective, is deeply troubled and emotionally disturbed.  This child is hurting badly and is very sad and upset over something.  The reasons for this child’s upset can range from simple issues to very serious implications.  If the child has gone through an upsetting time or trauma, he or she is understandably and justifiably sad and hurting.  This Reversed Page may have lost a parent, grandparent or sibling.  The sadness may be as a result of separation or divorce.  This upset Page, may have had a falling out with a friend, is worried about school or simply a child who is nervy and highly strung.

On the other hand, this Reversed Page may be emotionally disturbed due to a dysfunctional upbringing or abuse.  As a child he may not receive the love he needs and as a result feels desperately unloved. He is a naturally soft child and in a harsh environment he can suffer lasting damage. He is easily hurt by others and suffers terribly from comments, harsh treatment and insulting remarks. He may be the child of an alcoholic or drug addict parent who take out their aggression on him. He badly needs to be loved and will seek any sort of attention, even negative.  He will feel a need to protect the abusive parent and so may be secretive about abuse, for regardless of what the parent does, this little vulnerable and fragile Page still loves them.  He may be lonely because he keeps friends at bay.  Quiet, pale and unobtrusive, he chooses his imaginary friends over real friends. The Reversed Cup Court Cards also deal with the horrendous area of sexual abuse.  This Page may have been sexually abused and is afraid to speak of it.

This Card can also suggest that your inner-child needs to be comforted if you have repressed emotional pain and hurt from your childhood. Painful issues from your childhood may be causing problems in your current life and relationships.  You may need to go back to these painful memories and deal with them under professional guidance and support. Counselling or psychotherapy may be required. The answer to your sadness and deep pain may lie in the past.

Distorted body image and eating disorders may surface as a result of repression or a damaged, dysfunctional background.  The early stages of alcoholism and drug abuse may be evident as the Reversed Page attempts to escape his or her reality.  Promiscuity may be an issue where there is a confusion between love and sex.  The effects of an immature mind (Swords) coupled with being emotionally immature (Water) when this Page Reverses can cause serious problems. Both emotionally and psychologically dysfunctional or wounded, The Reversed Page of Cups needs all the help he can get.

Poor Little Page of Cups.  

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    • Hi, yes, I know what you mean. Sorry for the delay in responding. Just post college exams and getting through all my correspondence. Well there will be similarities between all the Cups Courts but I believe you will be able to tell them apart in my interpretations. They are all from the same family but each has their own unique personality.


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  1. Forgot to mention that for many years I’ve been looking for a spiritual teacher, and now it looks like I’ve found one!
    I also love your approach of “story-telling”. It makes it easy to understand clearly the meaning of a card and remember. Plus it is so enjoyable! Could read those stories for hours.


  2. Good article, Vivien! I just don’t know why you haven’t dealt with the Stage Card aspect of things. Is it possible to pretend to be a Page of Cups?

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    • Hi Jack, have I not dealt with the stage aspect? If not then you are so right and I must put it on my list to revisit that card. Honestly one could spend weeks writing about each card and still not cover everything. I will attend to it. Have just put it in my diary. Yes, one can pretend to be The Page of Cups. It is very easily pulled off and you can see false Pages of Cups everywhere. Overly affected and delicate, highly strung and whimpering. It is often contrived to gain attention or to opt out of responsibility. Everything can be airy fairy and nothing taken seriously so no one bothers them with difficult scenarios. This Stage appearance is quite common in adolescents of both sexes but especially with girls and especially when in the company of young boys. The feigned screaming over a little spider or the hysterics on suggestion of a mouse. The staged Page of Cups can be dangerous. Pretend to be a sweet little angel to get their own way but the truth is the little demon that lies beneath. Clever, cute and manipulative. The waterworks can be turned on at will leaving everyone apologising for upsetting them. You must ask yourself, if the situation warrants or justifies the level of emotion being used when The Page of Cups appears. Is there a deliberate over-reaction to something? Is something being over dramatised just for the sake of it? Is the person really as innocent and naive as they are making out to be? Are they pretending to be upset and hurt to deflect attention away from their own culpability? I love exploring all these theories. A lever clogs Staged Page of Cups can get away with blue murder!


      • Thanks for the explanation! While reading it, I was reminded of what my former classmate used to do in primary school to fend off bullies: he pretended to cry loudly to scare them away as they thought one of the staff would hear. Also, just to let you know, I’ve sent another email to you.

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      • Hi Jack,

        Yes, The Page of Cups can certainly be pulled out of the bag by perhaps all of us at some time or other. I recently got stopped by the traffic cops for taking a right turn where I was not supposed to. The signage was new and a right turn had been allowed up until recent months (so my daughter told me). I made the turn right in front of a traffic cop. Obviously I wouldn’t have if I knew I was doing something wrong. Well he hauled my sorry ass off the road and read me the riot act. He was so mad with me and called me a dangerous driver. I apologised profusely and told him I genuinely thought I could take a right turn where I did. He threw a strop and hit the side of my car with his hand in temper. I realised I was dealing with a tantrumy child and held my breath. He told me that he was going to give me two points on my licence. I apologised again and said I accepted whatever he was going to do. I knew that arguing with him would get me no-where. I believe he was so mad with me, not because I had taken an illegal turn (I believe many continue to take the right turn there regardless of new law) but because he was affronted by my blatant disregard of his important presence. He assumed I had seen him, and knowing that a cop was watching, thought so little of his authority and bearing, that I just went ahead and broke the law. He was furious with me and once or twice I was tempted to cry and become all emotional, upset and pleading. Something told me that it would make things worse for me as even though he was acting out himself, he would consider me to be acting out in an attempt to get him to let me off. Two Staged Pages of Cups in a headlock! I stuck to my guns, apologised repetitively, said I would never do it again and that I accepted he had to give me points for breaking the law. Suddenly he backed down and came to his senses. He had all the traffic blocked on the road while he ranted and raved in front of a growing audience. He reminded me again of the very bad thing I had done, but said he would let me off the points. He then made me do an illegal u-turn on the main road and watched as I drove away. I had to pull in down the road as I was so shaken by the incident. He sped past at high speed and it took some minutes before I had composed enough to drive the car. In his temper he had not even checked my licence to see who I was, or noticed that my tax was almost two weeks out of date.

        When I got home, I told my partner of the incident in a humorous manner. After all I had come away without the two points and the garda had made a fool of himself on the street. He had acted like child who didn’t get his own way and I could only imagine what he would do to the next person he pulled in that day. On telling several of my friends and family the little drama I had experienced, many congratulated me on not crying, turning on the waterworks and playing the upset helpless, clueless female. They all had stories of freinds who had tried to pull that stunt and got the book thrown at them. One friend told me of the time she had been caught speeding and had started making up crazy excuses about why she had been in a hurry. She had tried to charm the garda but he started writing her a ticket anyway. When she saw that her stories were not making the impression she had hoped for, she decided a few tears were in order and so started to wail and sob. The garda got very annoyed and told her ‘you shouldn’t have done that, because now I am going to give you points as well as a ticket for trying to cry your way out of trouble’. A Page of Cups out of place is sometimes very easy to spot and I am sure the gardaí/cops see them all the time.

        I have pulled a Staged Page of Cups in the past, when like your school friend, I knew it was the only way out of a nasty situation.

        Hope you enjoyed my story! Hope I never meet that young Page of Cups again either.



  3. Vivien,

    Thank you for this story. I want to share one of my own. I’ve had my RWS cards for about 18 years or so. Admittedly I originally bought them to seem mysterious and all that to my friends… but I’ve recently been drawn back to them after they’ve been sitting in a drawer for many years. I’ve been working with them now for about a week, re learning them, becoming re acquainted with them, talking to them, asking them about themselves, and using your website as a guide. (THANK YOU FOR YOUR WEBSITE! It’s been so helpful!!!)

    I started with cups, and keep my cards in a wooden box, with stones and crystals laid over them to help. It does help, I find. Anyway, you spoke about the page of cups and his Psychic powers, and choosing his own crystals and stones and keeping them on his mantle. I wanted to share this with you… my cards get moved around a lot because I carry them with me to work and out and about (to help my connection with them) and today I pulled them out to work with them. The stones were, of course moved… my garnet (in the raw, also my birthstone) was between cards. Sitting on top of… you guessed it, the page of cups. I find it interesting. I have some insights… but they’re vague. Perhaps he’s connecting with me? Perhaps it means nothing. Perhaps he just likes it.

    What do you think?


    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for your lovely comments. Now when I read your message above regarding the garnet on top of the Page of Cups I associated it with grounding your emotions in the physical. Red Garnet is linked to the Root Chakra and is very stabiliisng but especially so when one has a tendency to allow emotions govern one’s life. The Page of Cups’ emotions can get intense or extreme at times and when they do, he or she can become unproductive or fearful. Garnet may suggest grounding those lovely emotions so that they can be used for the greater good of all. Garnet is bringing in Pentacle/Earth energy to the emotionally vulnerable Page of Cups who senses may be heightened. Garnet is bringing the Page back into his body if he has drifted away and provides a protective anchor for all loving energy to be channeled. With garnet protecting the Page of Cups, he will not be so vulnerable to upset and hurt.




      • Wow! I LOVE this insight. You’re so correct and accurate… not just about the page of cups, but about myself as well. I’m a person who lets my emotions get the better of me a lot myself, and reading your message makes me think that perhaps my cards have definitely connected with me and were giving me that message, I just didn’t get it.

        Now I do. Thank you. 🙂


  4. Wow this is me to the T and dotting of the I!!!! Literally everything you explained about this pages personality is me! Everything. Awesome work and absolutely love the wisdom of your work. I just started learning tarot a few months ago and always come here to look at meanings. Thank you for your work that you are so graciously doing for people. You are very blessed and appreciate all the details you put into your work. Much blessings to you.


      • Dear Vivien,
        I enjoy your Tarot articles a lot, but this one has blown my mind: the Page of Cups receiving his gift, and all the gamut of emotions it brings, from ecstasy to despair… I had been this Page at sixteen and the cup I felt was given to me seemed like a burden of craziness and impracticality. I was very much afraid of poverty and being a nobody so I cast it away. Now, at fourty-three, I am ‘time-looping’ back, to reclaim the gift. I had read this article of yours a couple of years ago and it left a lasting impression on me. The vibe, the idea has been helpful in completing my young adult book edits (here’s to artistic pursuits). I had already found out that neglected gift becomes a curse; long story short a lot of things have been falling apart on me but I guess for the better. Nowadays it seems like the next tower to crumble is my marriage and I’ve just pulled Page of Cups in the future position (the outcome). It gave me peace in the middle of great emotional pain — very similar to what I felt at sixteen. In both cases it’s amplified by uncertainty in the world — back then my parents lost their jobs and school was prison… and debilitating poverty. I thought there’s no room for my ‘cuppiness’ in this reality. These days it’s Covid19, and much more on the home front (not rosy). So I saved the speech of the Fish in my screeshots, to read again and again. I’ve never felt so panic-stricken (time loops are similar but not the same), yet I know this is part of what I asked for. Soul retrieval, coming back to those lost years and reclaiming them… new hope for love — with this person I’m with or not we shall see.
        Thank you so very much, you aren’t trying to be fashionably succinct at the cost of losing important information; I like your style of delivery. Hope you’re safe and stable in these times of great uncertainty. 🖤🧜🏻‍♂️🧜‍♀️🖤
        Hope web address is correct, iphone tabs are finicky so I typed it by memory.


      • Hi Nica,

        What a powerful message. Your story is true Page of Cups. A tarot teacher I studied under many years ago explained to me the importance of the Page of Cups when it comes to creative and artistic gifts. Those who are represented by the Page of Cups are pretty special indeed but often find the world they find themselves in not compatible with such gifts. Often the gifts aren’t seen to be practical, either by the bearer of them who can deny, ignore, or play them down, or they are dismissed by others as mere frippery and only a distraction from what they really should be doing, focusing on more stable paths to long-term career and financial security.

        My teacher told me of the numerous older Pages of Cups that had passed through her practice seeking answers to their deep unhappiness and loss of purpose in life. They may have spent decades working hard to be disciplined, academic and ambitious like the King or Queen of Swords, or Dynamic, ambitious and go getting like the King or Queen of Wands. They may have put their financial and material status as top priority like the King and Queen of Pentacles. However, deep down they were still the Page of Cups inside and crying to be released from the binds and restrictions of their unfulfilling world. The curse you mention is very real. My teacher told me that those born with artistic or creative talents and abilities will never find true happiness in life unless they are allowed to express them. The curse can be cured by going back to the Page of Cups and setting him free. Regardless of personal circumstances, a way out must be found.

        I have come across this so many times in readings over the years. The Page of Cups found reversed in the cards, buried under the practicalities or restrictions of life – gainful employment, career, a roof over ones head, food on the table, children to be cared for, children’s education/college, family obligations. When I find this I tend to ask the individual if they are artistic or creative and 99% of the time they tell me they used to be. They tell me of the paintings, writing, music of their youth or young adult life and how they had dreamed of studying art or being a musician or the likes but ended up going to college to study business or law as they were told they needed to get a real career, a real job. Most would complain of little personal fulfillment or joy in their careers even if they had been successful. There was something missing in their life and they didn’t know what. I would bring them back to how they described how they used to be artistic, creative or musical but didn’t consider themselves to still be. I would tell them that if they used to be then they still were or had the potential to be once again. I asked when they last checked but would get a plethora of excuses as to why they hadn’t the time, or work commitments, or children etc. I would suggest the source of their gnawing hunger, their lack of fulfillment was to be found in their buried and neglected Page of Cups and maybe a way back was through as a hobby at first and not think of it as anything else. In time it might become something more.

        One woman went about this by creating flower arrangements for all her family instead of buying presents. They were so amazing that she started to get enquiries from people who had seen them and wondered if she would make ones for them too. She began to get quite a few orders and in time was able to reduce her ‘real job’ to part-time so she could set up a stall at her local farmer’s market. Here she sold rustic arrangement of wild flowers in jam jars which proved extremely popular. Local coffee shops and bistros began to pre-order for their table settings. I am not sure if she ever went full time as she stopped coming to me after a while. I presume she didn’t need to look to tarot anymore as she had found the cure to her curse .

        Another client, a man, took early retirement from his 9-5 public service job of 25 years in order to give expression to his buried Page of Cups after he inherited his grandparent’s home. He had won a few short story competitions when in secondary school 14-16 years of age and was known in his family for the wonderful poems he wrote in greeting cards. On retirement, he signed up to a creative writing course and has since self-published 2 novels which he successfully sells on line. He was lucky in that his early inheritance allowed him to quit the ‘real job’ and live off his savings as he pursued a writing career. He was out that door in search of his true passion once the first opportunity arose. This was partially helped by the insights tarot shone on his deep sense of apathy in life.

        You too have gone through this experience and gone back to retrieve your Page of Cups, the true you,the source of your happiness and personal fulfillment. I say the same thing to clients who come to me after their partner or spouse has left them and are struggling with anger, bitterness, betrayal and the rest. For women I always suggest they take back their power by first taking their name back if they have given it away. If the relationship is long past its sell by date, over, gone it can be hard to let go and this is reflected in the cards. I also ask at what age they met their partner or spouse and then take them back in time to remember who they were then, what their dreams/ambitions were, what they aspired to, what interested in them, what they dressed like, how they wore their hair. What is often surprising or shocking to discover is how much they have changed since then, how much they gave up or sacrificed for the good of the relationship or to keep their partner happy or when children came along. So, the best place to start in their recovery or cure is to go back and retrieve who they used to be and see if they can take up where they left off. Of course that is if going back is beneficial. Often we willingly and eagerly throw away all the things about us that made us us, that attracted our spouse to us in the first place. This doesn’t happen all in one go, but subtly over time until one day we meet someone on the street who asks us if we are still in the musical society, or dance classes and we think, wow, haven’t done that in years.

        Gosh Nica, I got carried away writing there.



  5. I love this so much and I feel this card is describing me. It didn’t pop up during a reading, it was simply the one card of 4 decks sitting on a windowsill that somehow blew on my floor. Interested in your opinion. Would you say that’s some sort of sign?


  6. So has anyone got advice for what the page of cups can do to get out of the” poor little me” phase.

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but I can’t see where someone who has been cut to the quick can heal themselves.
    Is it different for everybody ? How do you know you are on the right track ?
    What are signs it’s working ? What advice would you give the page of cups if you could ?

    How would that advice differ if you knew they had wallowed too long ? I’m sure, I am not the only one who keeps drawing this card(not to mention 8,9,and 10 of swords) and not being totally sure where to go from here. What does that even look like ?
    By the way, love the site.


    • Hi S,

      I had already typed a reply to this a few days ago but my computer froze and I lost it all. Your situation is either a ‘phase’ as you call it, one that has been allowed go on for too long, or it might be something you need professional help with. Without background on your issue it is hard to tell. Those Sword cards may mean something or nothing. I cannot remember exactly what I wrote in my previous message, but the Page of Cups finds it very difficult to heal when he has been emotionally injured. It is to do with his tendency to hypersensitivity. The emotions are too exposed, too vulnerable. He gives too much too soon and does not take the necessary steps to protect himself, or even preempt having to. If allowed to wallow he will. All those Sword cards are only seeking to validate the poor me, the victim feeling, the, it’s the end of my world. When the Page of Cups is emotionally stricken the worse thing those around him, such as friends and family, can do is keep feeding him fuel to keep going. The Page of Cups is bound to look and behave wounded too, not just feel it. He generally will want everyone to know just how bad he feels and will seek attention. He wants others to acknowledge and validate his emotional injuries and the more they do, the less he is likely to heal. Of course you will expect those who know and love you to support you during times of trouble but not indefinitely. The Page of Cups can drag it out if he feels he is getting special treatment. He actively seeks sympathy, soft handling and soothing words. He might want people to make a fuss of him, treat him gently and listen to him talk endlessly about his woes. He may encourage others to treat him as though her were fragile. If those around him are buying into the long drawn out trauma then he will feel justified in feeling cut to the quick. He thinks ‘poor me’ while his friends and family pat his hand and say ‘poor you’. So if any of that is still going on, it needs to stop.

      Perhaps it is time to starve the issue of oxygen and constant air time. Friends and family need to be more robust in their handling of you. No more molly coddling, rubbing your back or drying your tears. They need to deal with you firmly. Every time you try to bring up your wounded emotions they need to cut you off and say ‘enough’. You have gone over this territory more than enough. They need to tell you they are bored listening to you and tired of looking at your sad dog eyes. They need to tell you they have better things to do and places to go, so if you are not up to going with them, they must then leave you behind. This could snap you out of the doldrums if you feel a waning interest in your woes. There is excessive water which is making it all very dreary. The Page of Cups needs to grab hold of himself and swim to the surface.

      Now I am going on the basis you are just wallowing in injured emotions, and not suffering from clinical depression as that would be very different. Is the Page of Cups appearing Upright or Reversed, as this will indicate whether the Sword cards hold any weight. The 8,9 and 10 of Swords could point to actual depression or another form of mental health issue and that might be why you are finding it hard to lift out of your despair. The negative Sword cards will only exacerbate the sad feelings of The Page of Cups. If you are not suffering from depression you need to work on developing a positive attitude and a belief that you will come out of the misery you are currently in. I wonder if you have been to see a doctor or spoken about this prolonged sadness to any professional. How badly is it interfering with your life? Are you functioning or barely functioning? It is hard to give tarot advice re the Page of Cups if things are very bad. Are those Swords cards a true reflection of how bad things are? You seem to be quite aware of the excessive feelings and are acknowledging you have wallowed for too long. Is it apathy as seen in the Four of Cups, or a listlessness that arises out of real depression? If it is depression, you need to get the right help and unfortunately tarot is not the right place for that.

      So going on the basis you are not dealing with depression, how do you get out of it. Because you have too much water, your other elements are soaked through and not very obvious in their presence. Perhaps they all deserted the sinking ship. If so, you need to get them back. If you never had them in the first place, you need to force them into existence. You will need:

      Fire to heat you up and ignite a spark of life into you once more. Fire will shake you out of the doldrums and bring a smile back to your face. Fire will insist you get out and about, see friends, laugh and have a good time. Fire will motivate you, but you need to cooperate with it. Find something interesting to do or go to. There will have to be a sense of adventure and excitement about it. Plan a trip away, go to a concert, take up a sport or set yourself a goal. You need to become competitive with yourself.

      Air could help you to rationalise your feelings, and talk you out of wallowing for so long. Air will also help you get it out of your system by giving yourself a good talking to, and if necessary getting some counselling if your own words fall on deaf ears. Air will help you analyse your state of wallowing to determine if it has become excessive at this stage. Air will be quite straight about it and tell you to exert mind over matter, adopt a positive attitude and and accept that ‘shit happens’. Air will help you to identify the painful lesson that has been learned.

      Earth will assist your recovery by insisting you get out and exercise. Walk in nature, take the dog for a walk, feed the birds. Once your body begins to feel strong, your mind and emotions will follow suit. How about getting out into the garden and sorting it out. Earth believes there is nothing like hard work and physical activity to blow away the blues. Get stuck into de-cluttering the house, clearing your wardrobe. Earth will encourage you to eat healthy. You can overcome your injured feelings by approaching it in a practical and nonsensical manner.How about starting a course or new hobby, going back to college or sorting out a stagnant career. Time to spend a bit of money on yourself. Treat yourself to something quite expensive, something you normally wouldn’t buy but have always wanted. Insist you are worth it. Not several items, but just one or two. Whenever you see, feel, touch or wear it, you will instantly feel better about yourself.

      Now The Fire if allowed in in sufficient quantities will undoubtedly heat up those drenched emotions and who knows steam may begin to rise from them. Water applied in the right manner will bring the smile, humor, and warmth back to your life. Gentle warm water will draw you out of the chill you have been floating in and make you think about socialising once more, seeing friends and getting dressed up.

      All it needs is a bit of decisive effort from the Page of Cups and a zero tolerance from friends and family to assisting you in perpetual wallowing. Again, this advice is based on having very little knowledge of your issue, how long it has been going on and what you have already done to sort it out. You mentioned ‘signs that it is working’. What are you trying? However, if those Sword cards are a constant presence, you may need to take them seriously. You might need to get help.



  7. Hi there, so much great info, but now confused. I’ve previously learned about the court cards in relation to qabbalah, which have a different elemental sequence to this RWS system. My question is this; Is there a reference, or paper that explain Waite’s reasoning for the elemental attribution for the court cards? Many thanks in advance!


    • Hi Matt,

      There is no set approach to applying elemental correspondences to Tarot. I was taught in a certain manner which works for me, but there are several other systems and schools of belief which you really need to explore before settling on the one which makes most sense to you. You will find as you study tarot that you come up against conflicting information over the approach to interpreting and assigning meanings to the cards. This is because there is no definite right or wrong when reading tarot as long as you find a system that works for you and then stick with it. Obviously, your understanding and approach to learning tarot will evolve over time. You will ditch some of your earlier methods in favour of new as you become exposed to how others do things. There are of course those who follow what they consider the ‘pure’ ‘original’ or authentic system of learning and reading tarot. Some go to extreme lengths in their study of Kabbalah and mythology for example but that is by personal choice and not obligatory. Of course, knowledge of the above will certainly help your understanding of tarot but may not necessarily make you a better reader. Sometimes too much reliance on having a pure or exact approach can actually stymie your natural intuitive flow if you become fixated with going by the book. I suggest you explore online the various methods of elemental association and see what works for you. There is tonnes of information out there both online and in book format. Personally, I opted for an eclectic approach to learning tarot and now use a fusion of methods when reading.




      • Thanks Vivien,
        That’s cleared it up for me! I’ve been working with a different order for over 20 years, and because all your other articles resonated deeply, the court cards section threw me a curveball and had to see if I’d missed a thread somewhere (always open to change, and do hopefully follow the intuition as much as the traditions that make sense).

        Your descriptions have aided me to bring the minors to life in a new light, and is much appreciated, though now I feel like I need another 20 years to get back into the groove, and capture the story telling succinctly)

        Really can’t thank you enough for taking the time to pen this blog, and replying. You are truly an epic person 🙂


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