The King of Pentacles

The King of Pentacles – The Provider

King of Pentacles Upright


Mature Male Earth, Success, Wealth, Midas Touch, Luxury, Business, Empire, Successful Business, Master, Qualifications, Man, Thriving, Rewards, Materialistic, Ambitious, Assets, Possessions, Manifestation, Status, Prestige, Investments, Comfort, Indulgence, Finances, Money, Financial Stability, Security, Protector, Enterprising, Hard-worker, Earnest, Conscientious, Tenacious, Patient, Cautious, Careful, Non Risk-Taker, Non-Gambler, Skilful, Provider, Goals Realised, Tangible, Practical, Realistic, Down-to Earth, Resourceful, Steady, Stable, Settled, Reliable, Friendly, Supporting, Encouraging, Dependable, Sponsoring, Patronises, Benevolent, Generous, Loyal, Faithful, Committed, Values, Standards, Principles, Tradition, Conservative, Conventional, Stubborn, Slow to Anger, Quality, Excellence, Value, Worth, Scrutiny, Adept, Health, Physique, Exercise, Nutrition, Land, Property, Natural World, Animal Kingdom, Banker, Trader, Merchant, Crafter


Success!  Success = setting realistic goals and working relentlessly towards them, Think Success, You have what it takes to be a great success, Look out for golden opportunities, Take an idea and make it work, You have natural abilities and talents, Business is flourishing. Be proud of your achievements, Build from solid foundations,  This is a solid place to invest,  Money could double,  The job on offer is wealth worth accepting, There is much wealth surrounding the issue,  Someone has a lot of money, All the hard work will pay off, Be Reliable and Conscientious in your work, Handle this situation in a competent and practical manner, Buy quality goods even if it means having to save for them, Quality not quantity, Be patient and cautious in your approach,  Pay attention to the details, Don’t take any unnecessary risks or gambles, Be generous with you time and experience,  Help others achieve their success, Enjoy your success for you have earned it,  Don’t become a workaholic,  It is time to reap your rewards, Work when you work but make sure to rest when you rest, Set a healthy routine,  Eat well and get plenty of exercise,  Get out and about in nature, Sponsor an animal rescue centre,


Now explore the personality of the King of Pentacles below. If he has turned up in your reading it means his energies have special meaning for you at this time.

You must ask yourself:  Who is he?  Who does he remind me of?  Is he having a positive or negative influence in my life?  Am I exerting discipline in the proper areas of my life? How can I embrace or avoid his energy?  What is he trying to tell me?  Is this how I am behaving?  Is this how others perceive me?  Do I like him or not? Do I want to be more like him? How can I be more like him, If he is not a person then what is his energy trying to tell me? How would this King handle my situation? Which part of this King am I trying to deny?

Personality Profile

The King of Pentacles combines the outward focus of a King with the positive, stablising, productive and reliable qualities of Earth.

The King of Pentacles sits on an amazing throne, which is quite unlike the thrones of the other three Kings.  His throne looks like it is made of black marble which must have been very expensive indeed.  There are two extremely detailed gold carvings of bull’s heads on the top of the throne while another two this time in silver decorate each armrest.  The bulls connect this King to his Earth sign and especially Taurus if found with the 4 of Pentacles and the Heirophant of the Major Arcana.  His throne is luxurious and splendid which gives us somewhat of an idea of the status of this King.  To sit on such a magnificent piece of craftsmanship, the King has dressed for the occasion.  He too, is clothed from head to toe in the most amazing if not slightly ostentatious gown.  We can imagine it made of deep dark velvet and lined in pure silk.  The opulent gown is covered in hand-embroidered vines with bunches of rich ripe grapes.  This certainly was not bought off a shop rail but must have been commissioned by the King Himself.  One wonders how many other gowns of a similar quality he possesses.  This King smells of money and luxurious possessions.

The King rests a large golden pentacle on his knee which he regards proudly.  This is the same Pentacle he held as Page many, many years ago when he was first setting out on his journey.  He knew what he wanted then and realised he would have a long way to go.  His Pentacle was his goal and he never wavered from the path.  He had studied and saved hard to keep going.  He thinks back to the days in the 4 of Pentacles when he had to hold onto every cent he had.  He saved and invested and lived quite frugally while he worked hard on his apprenticeship in the 3 of Pentacles.  He was still only starting out but even at that young age, he had showed signs of strong potential.  He lecturers and mentors could see how committed he was and the effort he put into everything.  They had talked among themselves about the quality of his work and that he would definitely be one to watch in the future.  He had been a serious one back then, all work and no play. They  worried about his relentless efforts and had advised him on many occasions to take a break and have some fun.  The thing is he was having fun so didn’t need a break.  Working his way towards his goal, his dream, his ambition was all the fun he needed.  As a young man he never doubted for a second that he would eventually become successful.  He knew then that if he want something badly enough he would get it as long as he worked hard and never took his eye of the ball. Now as he sits at King he has reached his goal and the success he has achieved is more than he could ever have imagined.  If fact he is so successful now that even as he relaxes on his throne the Pentacle is still earning him more money.

The King’s elaborate crown is trimmed with green which again connects this man to his element of Earth.  His red mantle reminds us that to be successful in life, one must be passionate about what one does.  This King never needed to be dragged out of bed to go to college or work for he was up before the alarm and ready to go.  He realises now that money is not everything and cannot buy you happiness.  When he started out as the Page and especially as the Knight, it was all about the money.  They worked and worked and worked and counted out every cent that they made.  He is now grateful that he had put in all the effort back then otherwise he would not have the luxurious lifestyle he now enjoys.  However,  he understands as the Mature King, that life must be enjoyed too and that all work and no play made Jack a dull boy.

The King of Pentacles oversees all his businesses or empires but does not necessarily have to get involved in every aspect of them like in the old days.  Back then, he had started with nothing but the small savings he had, a phone and old computer.  He set-up his business from his garage taking on the role of; secretary, accountant, salesperson, driver and worker.  There was no one else to do it and he certainly couldn’t afford to take on any staff.  He had to work with what he had.  He worked late into the night to complete orders and finish accounts or paperwork.  If he didn’t do it himself then it didn’t get done.  In time he learned every side of the business and being incredibly resourceful was able to take on any task he was confronted with.  Things are different now.  He has a large number of staff;  Loyal trustworthy managers, Efficient and meticulous supervisors and Red Hot Salespeople who earn substantial commission and bonuses.  A large accountancy department that takes care of all the bookkeeping and tax. He has a superb and indispensable PA who can second guess everything he needs, an outstanding PR team and reliable Legal Advisors.

He treats his staff well, rewards them handsomely for their hard work, encourages and praises their initiative and invests in their further training and education.  In return, he can ease up on himself and not work so hard.  He now has the time to enjoy his money and all that it affords him.  Oh, yes, if he allowed himself and didn’t exert any self-discipline he would still be in the office every day rolling his sleeves up and checking everyone is doing their job well.  As the Knight he would never have imagined not working 24/7.  He was so cautious then, afraid to spend or take a risk, afraid to take time off.   The King reminded himself a long time ago that if he was going to put so much of his life into reaching his goal and being a success then he was damn going to enjoy it when he did.  He enjoys the good life and has well-earned it.  Therefore he surrounds himself in all the luxuries money can buy and this may very well include people along with his possessions. He realises the importance of rest and knows how to relax.

Do not for one moment believe that this King has lost any of the cautiousness of his Knighthood days.  He has never taken a risk in his life.  All his moves are well thought out and calculated.  He has the patience to wait for the exact moment to make his move.  He never gambles with things he has taken years to achieve.  This King being the Earthy part of Earth demands a guarantee of a positive result before getting involved in anything.  He is highly experienced and only uses methods that he has tried and tested on many occasions.

The King of Pentacles sits in a garden that is mature and thriving.  His turreted castle sits majestically in the background and the sky is brilliantly sunny and clear.  The King of Pentacles symbolises material or financial wealth or success. He represents the Successful Businessman or wealthy land owner.  Just about everything this King touches prospers or turns to gold.  He is very sure of himself when it comes to money matters and his presence augurs well for rising stock market prices or investments.

Through practical application of ideas and being thoroughly committed to the long-term goal he has realised his success and his advice to you would be that through hard work, determination and a lot of patience you can reap the rewards just like he has done.

He reminisces about the long hardworking years when he was the Knight. His college buddies all seemed to be living it up, partying and travelling changing their minds so many times about what they wanted to do. He often asks himself if he did not miss out on a bit of fun while he was a young lad but if he had it all to do again he would do it all the same. Sure he didn’t do the things his friends did and yes, he had seen all the photos of them drunk on holidays and had heard all the stories and scandal but where are they now he asks? Do any of them have a tenth of what he has? He doubts it.  The King for all his maturity barely understands that maybe there are many ways of being successful in life and not all of it comes down to being wealthy.  They say money cannot buy happiness but this King looks extremely content. The King of Pentacles has all that he desires and because he put in so much careful effort from the start he doesn’t have to worry about finances in his old age.  The provisions he has made for his pension will be immense.  This man’s money keeps breeding more money.

The King of Pentacles is Earthy part of Earth which suggests that he is totally grounded, practical, stubborn and hard-working.  The King’s armour-clad foot rests on a bull’s skull while holding an orb in his right hand.  His armour and golden orb remind us that this King is a proud and powerful ruler.  From his almost haughty demeanour we can see that this King is very aware of his position and status.  He sits comfortably within his throne for all to see and admire.  He calls to you “hey, look at me.  Look at all that I have”.  Pointing back at his castle he calls out again “see that, that’s my home, where I live, bought with my own money.  Yes, all my own money.  You would never think that I actually started with nothing, would you?”  Then he challenges you “want what I have?  Then go out and work hard for it.  That’s what I did.  Think success, act success and it will manifest.  Never for one moment believe that it won’t happen.  If you doubt yourself once it’s all over.  Be determined and make it happen”.  Before you go he lets you know that “if you need any advice or if I can be of help in any way, then let me know for I love to see enterprising people and maybe I could give you some tips that will help you in your success”.  The King of Pentacles is generous with his time and energy.  He is kind, benevolent and likes to help people where he can.  He enjoys the success of others and likes to be associated with organisations that sponsor new enterprises.  No longer the apprentice of his trade, he is now the master.  He likes to nurture young talent.  It does not take him long to determine whether they have the potential to last the journey or not.  He is always happy to take on interns or apprentices who were just like him in his youth.  He will mentor and oversee their development so that they may have the best possible chance of reaching their own goals.

Solid, practical and down to earth, this King is conscientious of his commitments and responsibilities.  Reliable and steady he will turn up when he says he will and will keep his promises.  When there is a problem, he approaches it in a practical and logical manner and he can be counted on in times of crisis. Slow to anger we must realise however that this is King is the bull.  He rarely lets things get to him but when he does it is best to run for cover as his temper will be explosive if it gets out of control.  True to the bull’s reputation and form, the King of Pentacles can be downright stubborn when he wants to.  He may dig his heels in and refuse to budge on an issue or policy that will drive everyone else to distraction.  He does like to get his own way but in general he goes about it in an orderly and amicable manner.  People are usually only too willing to oblige this earnest man.

The King of Pentacles can be quite conservative and traditionalist.  He is drawn to the old-fashioned way of doing things.  He abhors work that is rushed or thrown together so he likes to take his time.  He will methodically work his way through each task until everything is complete.  He is the man who will shun the computer, preferring to write everything down by hand or post letters instead of emails.  He can be seen as quite out-dated by the younger set but this man knows what he is doing and always succeeds.

The King of Pentacles is Earth personified.  His appearance in a reading can suggest land or property.  He likes to acquire as much of it as he can.  However, the quality of the land is important.  As the business man he may be responsible for construction of large urban developments or factories but you will not find this man living too close to the city.  This King is a lover of nature and like the Queen of Pentacles is drawn to it like a magnet.  He may spend his day in and out of stuffy offices as he builds on his wealth but he will think nothing of driving two hours to get out of it and to his country home once the working day is over.  The natural kingdom keeps him balanced and content and also provides tangible proof of his assets and possessions.

The King of Pentacles home will be exquisite.  He has excellent taste, an eye for design and a great passion of art and antiques.  His wealth is bound to be reflected in the decor of his home.  He especially likes hand-crafted furniture preferring to use local craftsmen and materials to strengthen his connection to where he lives .  His strong sense of history and value endear him to antiques so he could be an avid collector along with art and first edition publications.  He can be fastidious about his collections which can grow quite large, some of which may have been started when he was a Page.  Stamp and coin collecting are favourites.

Every bit as interested in his garden as he is in the house, it will be meticulously landscaped and maintained.  However, he does like to keep quite a large expanse of green area for the dogs to run and jump. If he has the room, he may have a few horses that he rides out whenever he has time.

He is a lover of good food and vintage wine so is bound to have an impressive cellar.  He relishes entertaining and throwing dinner parties which will be relaxed, informal affairs whether the guests are friends, family or business colleagues.  Some people may see this King as dull and boring.  On the contrary, he is very humorous, witty and appreciates warm friendly conversations.  He is a great cook and should he chose to, could turn this much-loved hobby into another successful venture.  His pets and their welfare are very important to him.  He is bound to have several.  His regards his pets as part of his family and will pretty much allow them free run in the house.  He works naturally with animals and they respond to his kindness and good nature. He finds little need to train or discipline them. His pets adore him.

In relationships this King of Pentacles offers security both physical and financial.  He is a rock steady partner but may not be seen to be terribly romantic.  His partner will want for nothing and will be deeply loved and respected.  Once he finds the right woman, he will stay committed and loyal.  It is quite likely that his partner is similar to him. They may have met when both were at college.  She will hold the same values as her King and will be a hard worker.  No doubt she had to put up with tough enough times while her partner was building his business and fortune.  She remembers the time when they had to eat beans for weeks so that he could purchase that piece of machinery that was vital to attract new clients.  Hadn’t she got down on the ground herself, scrubbing and scraping off wallpaper bit by bit so they could renovate that old house with the least expense?  They had it finished 3 months ahead of schedule and made a considerable profit on the sale of it.   Yes, there is a very good chance that the partner of this great King either has similar goals or shares his.  She may also be a career woman too but in an area unrelated to her partner.  This King and his partner will have long –term goals and know where they are going.  They will understand the demands of work and the hours involved.  There will be no whingeing or complaining when he has to pull an all-nighter or work yet another weekend.  They will be practical about these things.  They are steady and secure in their relationship and he will never let her down.

His partner will want for nothing and will get the best that money can buy.  However, if he happens to have a partner who is more emotionally or romantically inclined there may be an issue.  His partner, while enjoying her financial comforts and security may want to spend more time with him or is lonely.  This King will not understand his partner should she complains of unhappiness or boredom.  He is not strongly emotional and will believe that he is doing a wonderful job.  He will not know what she is talking about and will be quick to point out that she has a lovely home, a top of the range car, designer clothes and several overseas holidays each year. How could she possibly be unhappy when she has everything???

He can be quite sensual though and an intense lover.  When he wants to show that he cares it will be through an expensive piece of jewellery or new car.   The King of Pentacles is passionate about all that he possesses and guards them ferociously.  His house or castle will be secured like a fortress with alarms and cctv cameras everywhere.  On a slight negative note, the King of Pentacles has a tendency to view his partner as a possession as well.  He likes to have control over his possessions therefore his partner too.  He may use money to control and can get jealous or possessive during the dark moods that sometimes surface.

When this man is at work, he works and when he is at home he chills.  He gets immense joy out of being in and around the house.  He likes a stable, harmonious and happy environment where friends and family enjoy visiting.  The King of Pentacles loves routine and so has a habit of returning to the same holiday destination each year.  He probably has a holiday property that is decorated in a less showy way than his house where the family pets can chill too.  It will be a countryside property whether, coastal, mountainous or inland.  If this man is still working his way to the top, he may prefer to holiday by caravan or camp. The holiday home will come later.

A lover of animals and protector of wild life he will spend hours walking his land, faithful dog by his side or on horseback hacking through forests and trails.  A keen environmentalist he will be very active in his community and will promote awareness by living as green as he can.  This is the King who will wait years for his land to become organic.  He is conscientious about what he puts in is body and therefore likes to grown his own.  The King of Pentacles enjoys a naturally healthy and strong constitution.  He is rarely ill and has great energy and stamina.  However, he makes sure to look after his body so will be keen to exercise, eat healthy and sleep well.  He gets natural exercise due to his daily activities but he is also to be found in the gym working out.  Although a keen fan of sport he is not a team player so is more drawn to solo activities such as golf, horse-riding or orienteering. He is a big fan of horseracing and equestrian events.

The King of Pentacles can turn his hand to anything and has a variety of natural abilities. Skilful with his hands he is a great DIY man.  You won’t have to worry about the quality of his work or whether your shelf will fall down once he leaves for this man approaches even the most trivial of domestic jobs with the eye of a professional tradesman.  The shelf he hangs will be as strong, as sturdy and as balanced as he is.  He likes to be useful around the house and enjoys getting stuck into fixing things.  Should you need an extension built, this King will take the job on himself.  He will educate himself in every area of construction before turning one sod of turf.  You can rely on him to know what he is doing and his personal high standards will dictate the quality of work he produces.

He can easily turn a hobby into a business because of his strong discipline and desire for perfection in everything he does.  He does like his t

Career wise, this King is the successful, businessman and natural manager work likes to work for himself. He is enterprising and resourceful and  can turn a small business into an empire.  A self-starter he is patient and practical.  When he sees a viable business opportunity he takes his time to do all the donkey work of market research and budgeting before getting involved.  He will know from the start whether a business will work or not as he likes to be sure he will get a good return on his money.  His presence in a business reading may suggest that your business venture will be successful or that there is considerable financial gain to be made.  He is cautious by nature so would advise that you check everything carefully before getting involved.  Any venture this man gets involved in will be a success.  Having the midas touch he can attract great wealth to him so he is very welcome in business or career related readings.  However, it may all be for nothing if the hard work and effort are not sustained. He stands for success but that success is under his terms of operation so one would have to ask themself how well they match up to the impeccable standards of this King.

If this King appeared in a reading representing the company who have offered you a job then take it.  The money will be excellent and the prospects very promising.  The company is financially sound and stable so you need not fear having to look for another job too soon as they not liable to go bust.  They will also look after their staff well and encourage further training and education.

This King can make money double if not treble so a career in banking, finances, investment and insurance would suit.  Should you need reassurance in a reading that the institution you are investing your savings in is reliable the presence of this King is a very good sign indeed.  His agility with money and figures ideally makes him suitable for a career in accountancy or tax revenue.

The King of Pentacles can turn his hand to just about anything as he approaches everything in sensible and practical manner.  He is a hard worker who does not mind getting his hands dirty.  His love of the land and the environment can find him enjoying an immensely happy career as an organic farmer.  He may use his own produce to create exciting new food dishes or crafts that are successfully sold worldwide.  His products are known for their purity and quality.

With his love of the animal kingdom, this King may choose a career in veterinary, or the equestrian world.  He can sponsor or get involved in animal protection organisations or rescue centres.  As protector of Mother Earth he may become an expert environmentalist or conservationist.

The King of Pentacles, likes to work in the tangible world as he needs to see a result for all the effort put in.  He loves the land and property so would work well in these areas.  Careers such as property development, auctioneering, architecture and building would be suitable.

The King’s love of healthy food and fitness may find him carving out a successful career as a nutritionist, personal trainer or coach.

His love of quality goods and furniture may find him developing a career in antiques, carpentry and luxury goods.  Other suitable careers for this industrious King include – wine merchant, chef, trader, paramedic, police force.

As a father, the King of Pentacles will provide a stable and secure environment for his children to grow up in.  They will be loved and well taken care of.  He is an excellent Dad but may have missed out in their early years due to work commitments.  However, when he is around, the whole atmosphere in the house changes.   He is very hands on and will take over with ease when his partner needs some time off.  He is active and outgoing with his children and takes great pleasure in running around the garden or taking them on long walks in nature with the dog in tow.  He will point out all the trees, identifying them by name and bring their attention to the birds and squirrels in the trees.  Besides their regular education, the King of Pentacles will provide his children with knowledge of the natural world and the animal kingdom.  He will wrap them up in winter and take out in search of the first snowdrop in January or sit in the semi-dark on a summer’s evening pointing out the bats as they swoop from the rafters.

Regardless of the money, status or wealth, this King will not be found guilty of spoiling his children.  They may think that money grows on trees as they will want for nothing but he will wish to instil them with a respect for the effort that goes into earning it.  They will have chores to do and pocket-money will be minimal as he will encourage them to budget and save for everything they want.  Things that he considers outside his area of obligation.  Should they decide they want a new phone or computer, they will have to wait until they have saved enough.  He wants his children to understand the value of everything they own and that nothing of worth ever comes easy.  There will be no free ride for any of his children.  As they get older they will be expected to find summer jobs or help out in his business.

He has strong family values and is a staunch traditionalist.  If there is a family business then he may feel that it is the duty of his children to enter it or take over when he retires.  The business may have initially been passed on to him by his father and he will assume to carry on the family tradition.  The King of Pentacles will naturally expect this and he may encourage his kids into college courses that are of his choice and not theirs.  His children will be put under terrible stress to comply and it will be a massive blow should any of them decline.  He also can be found guilty of putting too much emphasis on them getting top grades in exams.  His children may rebel and either fail miserably or drop out altogether.  Other than these unfortunate tendency, the King of Pentacles is all for education, ambition and independence.  He is very protective of his kids and wants them to be happy and successful.  He will eagerly help them out in any way he can.

Education is very important to this King he will certainly spend money in this area as he considers it a wise investment.  They will attend the best schools that money can buy.  He will encourage them to be active and sporty.  If the money and space is there, his children may be lucky enough to own their own ponies.  Keen to  teach them about taking responsibility for what is theirs, he will expect his children to look after them in return for their keep.

The King of Pentacles holds strong conventional family values and traditions.  Dinner and family occasions are sacrosanct in his house so he will expect everyone to turn up and on time.   He will teach them to cook, to clean and to garden.  All in all, this King will rear well-balanced, kind reliable and responsible children.


King of Pentacles Reversed

Unsuccessful, Financial Loss, Financial Instability/Insecurity, Unemployed, Unsuccessful Business Man, Collapse of a Business or Empire, Bankrupt, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Risk-Taker, Gambler, Unworkable Plan, Overly materialistic, Money Mad, Money Grabber, Knows cost of everything and value of nothing,  Obsessive, Possessions, Slipping through fingers, Overspending, Financially Overstretched, Debt, Broke, Under qualified, Inpatient, Impractical, Poor Judgement, Hasty Decisions, Not Grounded, Poor Quality, Shoddy Workmanship, Sub-Standard Work, Quantity over Quality, Corrupt Business Man or Politician, Bribes, Extortion, Corruption, Loan-Shark, Stubborn, Unyielding, Boorish, Bull, Angry, Coarse, Cold, Ruthless, Possessive, Jealous, Overindulgence, Lazy, Slob, Obese, Unhealthy, Weak, Sluggish, Animal neglect or abuse, Environmental Abuse

When the King of Pentacles reverses he falls from his throne.  The success he so desired in the upright has either been lost or has been taken away from him.  He promised such wealth in the upright but now that he is reversed he can be the cause of massive loss..  How can that have happened?  Where did he go wrong?  There may be several contributing factors as to why this King has found himself in such dire circumstances.

Here we meet the failed business man who just couldn’t make it work.  There is no doubt that this man wanted to succeed but he may have gone about it in the wrong way.  We may feel sorry for this King if he had worked long and hard towards his goals or had invested everything he owned to get his business off the ground only to see it all disappear.  However, this reversed King may have been the not so productive businessman; with no definite goals, lack of  commitment, spending money before it was made and making poor decisions.  Did he lack the patience to pace himself or the tenacity to keep going during hard times?  Had he failed to do his market research; pushing a product that no one wanted?  Where was his business plan?  Only he can tell us why but when we see the reversed King of Pentacles in a career or business spread he often represents financial instability or insecurity along with financial loss.

As mentioned earlier, this King had definitely wanted to succeed but he must understand that he lacked the correct ingredients; the basic skills, talents and qualities needed to be a success.  It is not enough to just want success. It won’t just come knocking at the door.  If you want to succeed you have to make it happen yourself.  Of course there is always a degree of luck involved in big success but behind every millionaire or billionaire is a driven, focussed, calculating and relentless workhorse who is never quite off-duty at any time.

When the King of Pentacles loses his throne, it may be to the bailiff.  If he has overstretched himself or taken unnecessary risks there may be even bigger loses.  He may have tried several get rich quick schemes that failed miserably one after another.  He didn’t learn his lesson after the first mistake believing that he could re-coup all that he had lost with the next ‘sure thing’.  The King of Pentacles reversed is liable to take great financial risks and can be found to gamble heavily.  If there are big loses, then it won’t be just his throne he loses.  He could lose his home, land, car, reputation and even his family.  Up to his ears in debt, he may count himself lucky that he still has the shirt on his back.

In the 5 of Pentacles, we see him out on the street with no money, no friends and nowhere to go.  He needs to sort himself out and admit failure.  If he has been gambling then he needs to admit his addiction and seek help.  The help is there but he may be too proud to seek it.  He needs to arrange some sort of debt repayment scheme with the banks and loan companies.  The King of Pentacles reversed needs to come down to Earth and be realistic about his situation.  He needs to utilise and access the resources that are available to him.  He could go down to the job centre with the rest and seek employment.  He doesn’t have it in him to be an Entrepreneur and is not good with money.  By securing a job that provides a steady income will bring this King back into balance again.  He will have to live on what he gets but may be much happier in the long run.

However, we must always look at the materialistic aspect of the Pentacles when they reverse.  The King of Pentacles reversed certainly wants all that money can buy but he is not prepared to work for it.  So, how does this reversed King go about it?  Here we meet unscrupulous Mr. reversed Pentacle.  He can be a shady character; the corrupt boss or politician open to taking bribes. We also see the reversed 6 of Pentacles in this King when he appears as the loan shark. He preys on the poor or unfortunate; handing them money with a big smile when they are short but will send his heavies around when they are a day late with their repayments. He is involved in money laundering, underhand dealings and payments.  He commits fraud without a second’s thought; fiddling the books and siphoning money out of other people’s accounts.  He is the wallet thief who will take your cash, clear your account and max your credit card.  Money is God to him and he will stop at nothing to get it.  He can be head of a feared criminal gang who appears to have no real job but paid cash for his flash sports car and the holiday villa in Marbella.  The source of his money is very dubious indeed.

If the reversed King is not inclined to break the law in order to secure his financial security then he has another pathway or approach open to him.  He can find a wealthy woman, endear himself to her, appear to be ambitious and then marry her.  Prestige and status are extremely important so it would have to be offering a lot.  He can live off her money without shame or will use it to set himself up in business, a business that he will make sure others run and not him.  He just wants the profits from it and not all the stress.

When the reversed King of Pentacles is displaying this negative aspect, he is obsessed with material possessions and will do anything to get them except work an honest day. He has a tendency to value his things more than the people in his life.  He knows the cost of everything and the value of nothing. His belief is that everything can be bought with money.

However, this reversed King of Pentacles may just suggest that he is working in a career that doesn’t suit him.  Too much Earth can bog him down.  He can get be stuck in a rut and bogged down but lacks the self-discipline to do anything about it.  He may have been pressurised into entering a career that was not of his own choice due to family tradition and expectations.  He will lack commitment to his work and cannot be relied upon.  He will be apathetic in his attitude; going through the motions day in and day out, his work sub-standard and mediocre.

The reversed King of Pentacles can still suggest a financially successful man but this time he is relentless and intolerant.  Miserly and ill-natured, he does not enjoy his wealth or success.  He is a hoarder; spending nothing on himself and nothing on anyone else.  He holds nothing dear to him as everything is available for sale should a buyer be interested.  He can become a workaholic who doesn’t know how to function in the real world.  He is stubborn, unyielding and boorish.  He bulldozes his way through life or work and treats people in a crude and crass manner.  He can be highly suspicious of others and thinks everyone is out to steal from him.  He can become obsessed with security around his possessions.  His house is basic and dull and he wears the same clothes day in and day out.  He doesn’t go on holidays and he doesn’t go out.  He lives by habit and routines.  He considers everything a waste of money so if you work for this guy extracting a pay rise might prove difficult or even getting him to turn the heating on in the office a nightmare.  He is dogmatic in his ways and not open to new ideas or concepts.  He is quick to anger and unapologetic about losing his temper.

The impeccable high standards of the upright King can vanish when he reverses leaving him disinterest in the quality of what he produces.  If this reversed King has done some work for you, it is best to double-check it as it may have been a rushed job.  Corners may have been cut or things left out.  If you are getting any building work done make sure to get references and check qualifications.  This reversed King can stand for the rogue builder whose work is shoddy and even dangerous.  He may not know what he is doing but will still take your money.  He hires staff lacking in qualification or proper tradesman skills because he can pay them less. Quality means nothing to him.  He will ask for full payment in advance but may disappear before the job is complete.  You may find it hard to get him to come back.  On the surface this reversed King looks and sounds like a successful business man but he either hasn’t got a clue or doesn’t care.  His finances are in more than likely in a mess and his taxes unpaid.

The reversed King of Pentacles can suggest that money and finances are big worry to you at present.  You may be feeling financially insecure and unstable.  You probably have a certain image or status to live up to which will be hard to maintain.  You may have lost a very good job, or business yet your overheads remain.  The bills keep coming in but there is little or no money to pay for them.  You could be better at spending money than making it. No matter what money comes your way, it has a habit of slipping through your fingers. This may have you concerned and anxious about finding the money for house payments, insurance etc. You need to sit down and work out a proper budget  as there are bound to be several unnecessary expenses you could offload.  The big car and holiday home may have to go or it may be something as simple as doing your grocery shopping in a cheaper store or cancelling the digital television channels.  You will have to set aside your pride and ask family for some help.  It will be interesting to see who your real friends are when all the material trappings are gone. You may learn a lot from this time in your life.

The reversed King of Pentacles may have the drive and ambition behind him but he lacks the proper training and qualifications to succeed.   He may be losing out on employment opportunities as a result.  His CV may not be up to scratch or the quality of his work may not stand up to close inspection.  He may never have had the opportunity to go to college or perhaps dropped out it when he lost the interest and commitment.  There is still time for this King to go back to the Page and 3 of Pentacles stage and do something he is really interested in doing.  He can return to college as a mature student or take up some form of training.

In a relationship this King has the tendency to become jealous and overly possessive as he considers his partner one of his possessions.  He has the ability to monitor her movements and check her handbag or phone.  He can be suspicious of any time she spends away from home.   If his partner does not earn her own money, she may have to grovel to this King and justify every cent she asks for.  He may request receipts and small change returned to him.  The reversed King of Pentacles can also  use money as a weapon in his relationship; only to be rewarded for good behaviour or sex.   He may be mean and miserly with his money and his affections.   His partner may find it hard to get close to him as he can be very cold and distant.  He has his guard up all the time and is mistrustful of letting anyone get too close.  He can place more importance on his career than his relationship and spends more time at the office or away on business trips.

He lacks commitment and loyalty in his relationships so is prone to be unfaithful.  Like everything else he may view sex as a commodity and would prefer to pay for it rather than waste his energy on finding a decent loving relationship.

In his reversed state the King of Pentacles can become increasingly boring, stuck in the mud and locked into his habits.  He expects his dinner on the table at 6pm every evening and sits in front of the television until bedtime..  He lacks spontaneity, imagination and romance in his relationship.  He never takes his partner out, surprises or cuddles her.

However, he may discover when his partner leaves him that money cannot buy happiness as he is left alone and unloved in his castle or fortress.

When this King is upright, he is the picture of health and physical fitness.  However, when he reverses, we can find him either going completely overboard with working-out and eating healthy or he becomes a total slob and overweight.  In reverse he is traditionally associated with ill-formed nature, deformity and defectiveness.  When this King decides to neglect his health he does it in King Henry III style.  He overindulges in heavy stodgy food and drink.  He cannot run to warm himself as he becomes lazy and lethargic. He can become seriously overweight and develop digestive problems, bloating and gout.  His personal hygiene may be in question and his home bound to be filthy.

The reversed King of Pentacles can be found guilty of mistreating animals and the environment. He exploits land and resources or dumps farmyard waste into rivers and streams.  He neglects his animals or livestock; under-feeding them and lacking in their care and nutrition.  He can put poison down on his land in a reckless manner, killing more than the vermin.  If you are breeding animals of any sort the reversed King in a reading may suggest some sort of defect, deformity or irregularity.

As a father  he may be mean with his money and deprive them of the little extras that all kids need.  His children may see him as old-fashioned and out-dated.  He does not believe in or see the need for computers, mobile phones or plasma screens.  Their house will be the only one on the street with just one television.  He believes anything more is a waste of money.  The same goes when his teenage children begin looking for designer label clothes and footwear.  If they want anything that badly they will certainly have to work for it as it won’t be his money that will be spent.

On the other hand, this reversed King may overly spoil his children or use money as bribes.  He may be a frequently absent workaholic father who is never there for any of the important things in their life but throws money at them in compensation.   He may feel very justified in this behaviour and see himself as a wonderful father and provider.  He fails to understand that his children need him more than the more than their generous pocket-money allowance.   He may be shocked in later life when he is told by his adult son or daughter that he was never there for them as a child. His children will lack the security and stability they require and may grow up not really knowing who their father is.

This reversed King, can be insensitive, cold and unfeeling with his children.  He may neglect them in many ways and not care for their health or welfare.  He cannot provide them with a loving stable and secure environment.  Too much Earth is present and it blocks any nurturing or caring abilities.  His children fend for themselves and will probably have to look after him too.

Stubborn and unyielding, the King of Pentacles reversed can disinherit his children should any of them decide to break a tradition or dishonour the family in any way.  Overly ambitious and dogmatic he can put too much emphasis on education, work and career which will cause excess pressure and stress to his children.  It may be all work and no play.  He can be found to force his children into careers of his choice or expect them to follow a traditional family career.

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  1. “Now explore the personality of the King of Swords below. If he has turned up in your reading it means his energies have special meaning for you at this time.

    Small mistake there , just mentioning.


  2. The King of Pentacles is like a tug of worldly wise success, eventual execution, substance type of satisfaction, and wish to attain a high ambition in the life. The King takes a seat upon a throne that is festooned with carvings of bulls and vines and his housecoat is sheltered with overstated grape vines prosperous with fruit. The king of pentacles shows very majestic and stylish.


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