The Knight of Wands – Relationship Reading Practice

Using The Knight of Wands in Relationship  Readings

Knight of Wands Upright   Knight of Wands Reversed

When learning to Read The Tarot, students can find The Court Cards the hardest to interpret when Reading as they can imply so much. as well as represent various personalities and the Querant them self.  Below I have drawn up some Fictional Readings for Relationships where The Knight of Wands makes an appearance. These Readings are just guidelines on how to work a Court Card into a Reading.  In time you will fin your own way and that way may be very different to mine. It is whatever works for you that counts.

Relationship Reading 1 – The Knight of Wands in Surrounding Energies Position

Horse Shoe Spread

2 of Cups Upright                                                                  The Heirophant Upright

1 – Past/Recent & Distant                                          7 – The Probable Outcome

4 of Wands                                                                  6 of Cups Upright

2 – The Present                                                                6 – Hopes and Fears

The Sun Upright                                                                  Knight of Wands Upright

3 – The Near Future                                                       5 – Surrounding Energies/Atmosphere

                                                 4 of Swords Upright

               4 – Answer/Solution/Hard Facts/Advice/Querant

This Reading was drawn with me setting the intention that I wanted a Relationship Reading for Practice Purpose using The Knight of Wands Upright in The Surrounding Energies Position. This is all for practice and not based on an actual Reading.

Well I was pretty happy with the Cards that came out as they are quite appropriated for a Relationship Reading and therefore make my job much easier when interpreting, but nothing is ever as it seems at first glance. Always remember that when doing a , look, look again and then look again.  Also remember that any one Card, or even all of them, may be giving you more than one message. You must learn to become a sleuth when Reading The Tarot.

Well my first impression is that here we have the Happy Couple in Position 1 Representing the Past. This I take as a couple who have been dating for some time as it is in the Past Position. Immediately I take in Four of Wands in The Present Position 2, The Sun in Near Future Position 3 and The Hierophant in Outcome Position 7. These Cards are shouting WEDDING at me. I also think it is quite imminent as the Four of Wands in the Present Position 2 is letting me know that everyone is ready and waiting for the celebrations to begin. The Sun in the Near Future Position 3 tells me a few things. It tells me of the mood surrounding this big event and how much everyone is looking forward to this great day. I think also it might be a Summer Wedding and the future indeed looks very promising. I also believe that the desire to have children, or a child already on the way may also be part of the occasion. However, it may also be the driving force behind the wedding if there is a baby on the way. Everything seems in order, and if we look up diagonally, there is the Hierophant waiting to officiate at the Ceremony. So the Wedding Venue is ready, the guests lined up, everyone in high jinks and the Spiritual or Religious side of it taken care of too. Across from the Four of Wands in the Hopes and Fear Position 6 we have The Six of Cups. This gives me a lovely warm feeling of friends and family all returning home to be a part of the Happy Couple’s Big Day. I do also think that the Wedding is taking place where they grew up, or at least one of them did. There is a sense of nostalgia here, but also this couple may be childhood sweethearts.

With The Hierophant so close to The Six of Cups, I can’t help but feel that this couple are falling into line with what has gone before them. There is a sense of tradition and being very conventional with these two cards. I would say that this will be a big Wedding in the Town, and everyone who is anyone will be present. The couple is well-known, and whether she is pregnant or not, are tying the knot just like all their friends are doing or have already done. There is a strong sense of expected security and stability with this union, but there is also a feeling of small-mindedness, especially with The Hierophant so close to The Six of Cups. I feel almost claustrophobic about the whole thing. However, it all looks like it is going according to plan and I can even visualise the bride putting on her wedding dress, and everyone beginning to make their way to the Ceremony while the Wedding Venue Staff are putting the last finishing touches to the Banquet Room. All is set for a good day.

Now we bring in The Knight of Wands in the Surrounding Energy Position 5,  and we have several options when it comes to interpreting Him. We can use one, or all of these as he may be speaking to us on several levels. However, we must also be acutely aware of the shadow of The Four of Swords sitting beside him in Position 4 – Answer/Advice/Solutions/Hard Facts  when interpreting this Reading. Why has The Four of Swords, a potential stressful Card appeared in this otherwise bright, sunny, happy and dazzling Reading. I think The Knight of Wands will give us insight. This is why, you must always look to the Surrounding Cards to give support and clarity to your theories, and to help identify the reasons behind the presence of not just Court Cards, but every other Card in the Reading too.

The Knight of Wands is speaking to me on many levels in this Reading. He is firstly telling me that this has been a hectic time. Like all Weddings, their preparation and lead up can be frenetic. So much to do; all the running around, organising, choosing of outfits, dresses, venues, colours, flowers, rings etc can leave one with very little time to think or gather one’s thoughts.

The Knight of Wands is telling me that this is all happening in a whirlwind. Is it all happening too fast. Is there too much action with not enough thought. Has this Wedding gathered a momentum that is now hard to slow down or rein in? Why am I thinking that Fire is driving everyone at the moment? Well we have the heat and positivity of The Sun shining down on us from the opposite side, and the building fiery excitement of guests in The Four of Wands. So many have travelled home, or from far away for this day that Fire has got hotter and hotter. Even The Hierophant is in on the action too, ready to make it all official in front of everyone from the town; family, friends, work colleagues etc. The Knight of Wands has really helped set everyone on Fire and looks like he is just going to gallop right down the centre of The Reading for he can’t stop now.

However, The Four of Swords in Position 4 is telling me that The Pressure is beginning to tell where someone is concerned. There is a stress here that is not Wedding Happy Stress related. No this is someone who feels under tremendous pressure. I feel there may be some underlying fears, concerns, worries about the whole thing but with The Knight of Wands in The Surrounding Energy it may all have happened too fast, moved too swiftly, decisions made and actions taken without thinking things through. Whichever one has second thoughts or doubts, need to realise that it is not too late. The Knight of Wands has a tendency to shy away from commitment so it may not be the woman depicted in the Happy Couple who feels the stress. The Knight of Wands often gets carried away on the spur of the moment and takes on, or agrees to things he can easily regret within a short space of time. He may be feeling under pressure to follow through and feels his life closing down into the secure, but claustrophobic little existence of The Six of Cups. He may feel the four walls closing in around him and the loss of his freedom. He may feel like running away, getting away or just disappearing.

The Four of Swords in The Answer Position 4 is giving Advice. Advice that should be taken before it is too late. The situation may feel like it has taken on a life of its own at this stage, and like The Knight of Wand’s Horse, is at full gallop and cannot be reined it, but The Four of Swords is saying ‘Not So’. It is imperative at this stage that whichever one it is takes some time out on their own to think things through. They need to step back from the situation and give much thought as to the nature of their concerns. After all, it may just be pre-wedding nerves, but then it again there may be much more involved. Before The Knight of Wands is allowed to take one more stride either way, in or out, whoever is being depicted in The Four of Swords must allow their thoughts to clear and settle so that they can make a decision one way or the other. The Three Swords hanging over the Figure suggest to me the concern this person has for what others will say or think should they do something that will break with tradition, and ruin everyone else’s expectations of their life, while the Sword that lies beneath is the person’s ‘what about me, what about my happiness?‘ attitude.

On first glance this Reading looks done and dusted. A happy union and great celebrations, but now I believe on further analysis that everything has moved too fast, someone is uncertain, someone feels either duty bound or under immense pressure. Obviously, if this was a Face to Face Reading you would be able to ask questions and get a better idea but we must use our own wits for this one.


Relationship Reading 2 – Querant Wants to know about how successful her new Relationship is going to be?

Knight of Wands Upright                                                                             Ace of Pentacles Revesed

1 – Past/Recent/Distant                                                         7 – Probable Outcome

9 of Cups Upright                                                                              Ace of Cups

2 – Present                                                                                 6 – Hopes & Fears

8 of Wands Upright                      Wheel of Fortune Reversed                               The Lovers Upright

3 – Near Future               4 – Answer/Advice                    5 – Surrounding Energies/Atmosphere

Solution/ Facts

Well, again this is how the Cards have been drawn for teaching purposes and not orchestrated by me. This is exactly how they were drawn.

To me this new Relationship is intense, passionate and dynamic.

In Position 1 The Past/Recent Past The Knight of Wands has come charging into her life and has swept her off her feet. He is definitely a fine-looking guy with a very strong personality. He is full of charm and I would say has a great body. He has literally overwhelmed her and he is just so sexy. Very fit and athletic too. Makes her laugh and seems to have done so much with his life. He is very exciting to be around and has high energy.

In Position 2 The Present, she looks like the cat that has got the cream. She cannot keep the smile off her face and is wildly happy at present.  The Nine of Cups is a strongly sexual and sensual Card. With this being a Relationship Reading and especially with The Knight of Wands galloping into her life, I would say she is getting very little sleep, but who needs sleep when you are this happy and walking on Cloud Nine? This is her dream man and she can’t believe her luck. There is also much socialising going on, maybe a bit too much, but she can’t quite help herself right now as she is under the strong influence of the Fire within The Knight of Wands. It is bewitching, enticing and beguiling. Strongly magnetic.

In Position 3 The Near Future we have The Eight of Wands re-enforcing the passion and mad excitement that is their Relationship. There is a chance of them going away for a break or vacation somewhere, possibly somewhere hot and exotic. There is great activity and they are getting on fantastically. They seem to have so much in common, and again I feel a more than healthy sex-life.  They are matching each other’s high energy and all is going better than expected. Their life is hectic and she just can’t help pinching herself that she has found such a  fantastic guy.

Hopping over to Position 5 (Surrounding Energies) before 4 we have The Lovers, another strongly sexual Card and in this Reading I am getting the sense of the very early stage of a Relationship when they can’t keep their hands off each other. My fear is that they cannot possibly sustain this pace but maybe I am wrong. Maybe with The Lovers they are meant for each other. However, they need to be very clear with each other as to what they are looking for out of this Relationship. So much fun and madness is happening at this stage that they may not be communicating properly outside that parameter. However, The Lovers is Upright so they may be very clear with each other as to the nature of their Relationship, that is as they see it now, fun and carefree. They are certainly having fun and a lot of sex so maybe that is all they want right now. Maybe neither wish to get tied down.

In Position 6 (Hopes and Fears) we have The Ace of Cups and I feel that here we are seeing the glimmer of hope underneath from the Fictional Querant that this may be the start of something more. I sense that her heart is now beginning to feel something more than just passion and lust. I think she is entertaining thoughts of love but is afraid to speak of it. I believe that in the Lovers she is telling him that she just wants a good time, but The Ace of Cups is telling me she wants more. However, this may be the turning point in their Relationship if she does voice her feelings. With The Lovers Upright there is a good chance that she eventually will. What will happen then?

In Position 7 (Outcome) we have The Reversed Ace of Pentacles. This wonderful start looks like it may not last much longer. Because it is an Ace, we are getting a great start, great beginning but it has Reversed so it will struggle to get past this stage. It is lacking proper foundation and depth. Sitting opposite the energy of The Knight of Wands, why am I not surprised. He is great at the beginning of everything but has a problem when it comes to follow through and commitment. He is a fun-loving guy and that is the way he lives his life.

Looking down to Position 4 (Answer/Advice/Hard Facts) we have The Reversed Wheel of Fortune. The good times will be coming to an end soon, and as The Wheel turns on to its downward rotation, I believe the interest and excitement on his side is going to wane. She will see less and less of him and he will upset her more times than make her laugh. He will become unreliable and may start to wander.  It is just his typical nature taking over. This is where her Knight of Wands is bound to bow out of her life and she will be left bereft, confused and suddenly at a terrible loss. He will have become her reason to exist, and she will feel life is very dull and boring without the heat of his presence.

However, the Advice from this Card to our Fictional Querant would be, If you are having a good time with this guy and are really happy, then enjoy it while it lasts for it only has a short lifespan. Together they are very good but maybe the timing is wrong, or maybe the relationship is all based on the physical side, sex. Our Fictional Querant has lost sight of that, and in her innocence believes she can settle down into a normal relationship with her Knight of Wands.  She will be sadly mistaken if she has plans of this relationship going on for very much longer. If she is looking for more than, as The Upright Lovers is concerned, she must tell him now and put and end to any misunderstandings.

The Knight of Wands is Upright in this Reading so he is not a bad guy. He is just being himself and believe me he is not giving her any grand notions of a future together. He obviously enjoys her company as he wouldn’t give her a second look if he didn’t, but his whole attitude towards her would likely change should she drop her guard for a second and let him see that she is looking for more. He would appreciate her honesty, and then heartbreaking or not would want to step away from her.

It is a pity that the Ace of Pentacles and The Wheel of Fortune were not Upright as this would have given them some sort of fighting chance. Well at least for another 6 months maybe! If she can look upon it as a holiday romance, fun while it happened but over once she returned home, then she will recover very quickly.


Relationship Reading 3 – A Relationship Reading from Both Perspectives. How you see your Relationship, and How your Partner sees it.

You may think you are on the same wavelength, share similar goals and feel the same way about each other but this Reading can be a real Eye Opener. Only attempt this Reading if you are prepared and ready to accept the Truth of your Relationship. This Reading can also be based on the Potential Outcome of a New Relationship or When you have to make a Decision about Two or more Potential Partners.  You will be shuffling the Deck Twice.

If you have Two Decks of Cards, use them selecting which Deck is for You and which Deck is for your Partner. Otherwise the Same Deck will be used for both. You will Cleanse the Deck and firstly Draw Cards which represent you. Then you will Upright all the remaining Cards left, Cleanse and Reshuffle once more for your Partner’s Cards. Remember to Reverse some Cards for each shuffle, regardless of whether you are using one or two Decks. The Cards representing each of you must come from a Pre-Cleansed and fully Upright Deck Prior to Shuffling. The Reversing happens during the Shuffling afterwards. You will be drawing Five Cards for Each of you. As usual, if you need more clarity, then Draw one or Two Extra Cards to go alongside the Card you are struggling to understand.

This is a Reading done once again for our Fictional Querant who wants to know if her partner feels the same way for her as she does for him. She wants to know where their Relationship is heading and whether they share the same goals. You always draw the Cards to represent You or your Querant first, followed by the Cards for The Partner.

Fictional Querant’s Cards – The Relationship from her Perspective (both conscious and subconscious) 

3 of Pentacles Upright 8 of Pentacles Upright   The High Priestess Upright   10 of Swords Upright    5 of Cups Upright

Origins         Recent Past   The Present  Near Future  Ultimate Outcome

Fictional Partner’s Cards  – The Relationship from her Perspective (both conscious and subconscious) 

Page of Wands Upright    3 of Cups Rx    4 of Cups Upright   2 of Wands Upright    Knight of Wands Reversed

 Origins      Recent Past     The Present    Near Future   Ultimate Outcome

So we will start with The Fictional Querant’s Cards first.

Origins  of The RelationshipThe Three of Pentacles. I believe this Card is suggesting they met either while at college or in work. I do feel they were still at some sort of learning stage. It may also suggest that they met at a time when they were only beginning to learn about themselves. They certainly were not very mature as I get a sense of youth here. The Three of Pentacles also tells me a lot about the Querant. It suggests that she has strong ambition, is a hard worker, or if a student was very serious about her studies. A very dedicated and committed person with definite plans for her future.

Recent Past How the Relationship has been going lately. The Eight of Pentacles. Right  this leads nicely on from The Three of Pentacles. I feel some time has passed since the beginning of this relationship. There is a stronger sense of maturity here and aiming high with qualifications and determination to reach her goals. I see a very hard worker who may be inclined to put work and her goals top of the list, and her main priority. She may be working and studying for higher qualifications at the same time. This is not a problem to her but I am not sure what time is leaves for a relationship. However, I believe this Card is also making a statement on her behalf. It is saying that she also is very committed to her partner and very loyal. She values her relationship and does hold a long-term view of it.

Present Stage of Relationship – Where it stands now. The High Priestess. This girl is not a fool. She is very wise and I feel deep down she knows more about this relationship than she his letting on to. She is very intuitive and I feel has a sense that something is not right, that she is not getting the full story from her partner.  She is quite quiet in herself too. I do not see her as a party animal and is quite happy to spend time on her own. This is why she can spend days and weeks not seeing her partner so that she can study or do overtime in work to finish an important project. She is very deep and gives a lot of thought to everything. I think she knows her partner is not giving her the full facts and that all is not well. She senses a  shift in their relationship energy.

Near Future of Relationship – Where it is heading in the short-term. The Ten of Swords. I think she is heading for ultimate betrayal and terrible heartbreak. I think she is going to be let severely down by her partner and that the relationship is going to have a very negative effect on her. She is very deep and intense and I believe her partner is going to deliver a serious blow to her. She is going to take it very hard. As far as I am concerned the Relationship is heading for the end. She knows it deep down but is afraid to face the truth. She is keeping her head down in work and saying nothing in the hope that it will all work out, but she instinctively knows that it won’t. She can’t let whatever her partner does destroy her. She has too much to live for.

The Ultimate Outcome – How it Ends. The Five of Cups. Well where else would it go after The Ten of Swords? Heartbroken and emotionally torn apart. She really thought they had a future together and that they were suited. The High Priestess did try to warn her and prepare her, but she fought against it, and it all seems to have come as some kind of terrible shock to her. I feel she isolated herself from friends who may have tried to break it to her gently that this may be coming. She certainly was working very hard and spending a lot of time on her own. The writing was on the wall for some time I think. She will have to come to terms with it and move on.

The Reading From Her Partner’s Point of View

The Origins of The Relationship – The Page of Wands.  This backs up my theory that they met while at college or at work, and again I feel they were quite young. The Page suggests that he was certainly quite taken with the Querant. He found her ambition and drive inspirational. He had dreams, visions and goals of his own. Together they were going to be very successful in their careers. I think he was fascinated with her and that they enjoyed some wonderful times together. He would have introduced fun into her life, while she would have kept him grounded and focussed on his work. He may have encouraged her to be more spontaneous, and might even have got her to do a bit of travelling during college breaks. They certainly were good friends and I feel he was crazy about her in the beginning.

The Recent Past – The Three of Cups Reversed. Okay, he is no longer having fun with her here and there seems to be very little socialising. This may be because if comparing the two Readings, she was at The Eight of Pentacle Stage, working very hard, could even be studying or working towards a PhD or something similar. She had no time for fun and frolics. She had no time to party or travel. It was all work for her and he no longer saw the girl he first was so enthused about. He may have been left to make his own fun and possibly is no longer interested in her circle of friends.  Her friends may also have excluded him from their circle. They may be like her, all working or studying with no time to socialise or else they have some issues with him. He may have told her that he is fine and that all is well but he was not happy.

The Present – The Four of Cups. So, he is bored, bored, bored in the relationship and very disillusioned about the way it is going. However, I also believe he is bored and apathetic in general. Without the steadying influence of his partner I feel he may now be at a loose end and unhappy with his life. I feel he has lost interest in his partner and with The High Priestess in the same position for The Querant this confirms my suspicions that she knew deep down that things were not right between them. I do not feel she has made any attempt to address this issue but I feel that her partner has been moody and sulky. She just hasn’t had the time to deal with him or has told him to snap out of it.  I think he may now be under the influence of a group of friends that are putting ideas in his head. Ideas that sound very appealing to him. He no longer is interested in what his partner has to offer him.

The Near Future – The Two of Wands. He feels trapped and restricted, and has reached a stage where he is strongly toying with the idea of leaving. Possibly going overseas as he likes to travel. I believe he feels that there is nothing much going on where he is and so wishes to explore other areas. He is bored and believes that he can cure that by going elsewhere. He does think of her though and probably battles with the idea of leaving her after all this time.  However, that is what he will do, and when he makes the decision, it will be to go. He may announce this decision to depart out of the blue and it will be quite shocking. His departure may be imminent.  The Ten of Swords in the same position for The Querant sees the result of his partner receiving the news about his decision to leave. This travel is certainly not planned for a short trip but rather to go far away and for a long time.

The Ultimate Outcome – The Knight of Wands Reversed. Done and Dusted. He is gone. A rapid departure in the end, he just can’t wait to get away and be gone. Behind him he leaves heartbreak and upset, but he also has to be true to himself and follow his path. I believe that if they had handled it properly they could have remained friends. What has happened here is the growing apart of two people who were once close. At one stage they thought they knew each other and understood the needs of each other. Unfortunately as they matured, they did so in different directions. The Knight of Wands was never going to be happy to sit around waiting for her to come out from under her books or the office. While she was busy working towards her goals and a pre-determined Outcome, he was missing out on life, adventure, fun and his own career path.  This path was never going to match the straight and narrow one The Querant was on for he had grown to realise that he liked risk, spontaneity and the thrill of not exactly knowing what was around the corner. He didn’t want a life of routine and relentless work. He wanted to see more of life. He would have to wait for a long time if he wanted his partner to see it with him. They have grown apart and will head their separate ways. However, they will never forget each other, and someday, they may be able to be friends once more like they started out. They may bump into each other at airports or meet for a quick coffee to catch up on each other’s news but they will not be able to give each other what the other is looking for.


Relationship Reading 4 – What You Are Aware of and Unaware of in Your Relationship/What your Partner wants you to Know and not to Know. 

Fictional Querant (a young Legal Intern) – I feel my relationship has changed but I am not sure what is wrong? My partner seems quite distant at times and spends more time on his phone and computer than he does with me. Do I have any reason to be worried or am I just being paranoid?

This Reading is to determine What The Fictional Querant Knows and What She Doesn’t Know about her Partner at this moment in time. Once she has this information The Reading is also to give her advice as to what she should do.

We will be using Significators for this Reading so I hand her the Full Deck of Court Cards which have been Cleansed and all turned Upright. She is told to shuffle and Reverse a few as she goes. She then selects one. The Card Drawn is The Page of Swords as her Significator. This is very appropriate as she is both young and a Legal Intern. For her Partner She shuffles the Court Deck again which has been Cleansed and all Cards put Upright once more. The Page of Swords has been put back in as we do not wish to exclude any Card at this stage. She Shuffles and Reverses some as she goes. She draws one and it is The Knight of Wands Reversed. This immediately raises my suspicions as we know the Knight Upright has some commitment problems, but when he is Reversed everything is so much worse. He can be very problematic and not exactly upfront about what he is up to.

As The Page of Swords we have honesty, truth, principles, standards and morals, justice.

As The Reversed Knight of Swords we have dishonesty, lack of principles, lack of morals and lack of commitment or responsibility.

This Reading uses the whole Deck but we will now be leaving both the Page of Swords and The Reversed Knight of Wands aside as Significators. From a Pre-Cleansed and fully Upright Deck, The Querant Shuffles the Cards, Reversing some as she goes, while holding the intention to find out what  she actually knows about her partner at present. When she has finished Shuffling, she draws Four Cards that are laid in a row below The Page of Swords and The Reversed Knight of Wands. She Draws:

Page of Swords Upright Knight of Wands Reversed

5 of Wands Upright  8 of Pentacles Upright   6 of Wands Upright 4 of Pentacles Upright

So this line up tells us a story. With The Five of Wands falling close beside The Eight of Pentacles I get a strong feeling that this Reversed Knight of Wands has been very busy in work recently. There seems to be a lot of competition and battle going on, nothing too serious but I think this is the type of work environment he operates in. There may be some project to complete or big contract to win and he is certainly applying himself to the task.  I can see why he would be very engrossed and self-absorbed at present. The Fictional Querant confirms that the Advertising Company her Partner works for has a chance to win a huge contract. They all have to come up with an amazing and unique Ad campaign. Her Partner reckons that this would be his big career break should his particular campaign be selected.

So she is very aware of how tied up with this project he is and with The Six of Wands coming in beside this I have no doubts of his success. I tell her this and she agrees with me. She knows he is the best at what he does but he goes overboard in trying to prove it.  It is like a major battle he is fighting all the time and she has been giving him her full support. So she knows quite a bit about what is going on in his work life but The Four of Pentacles coming in suddenly beside it all certainly changes the tune. Here we have someone withholding something, keeping something to themselves and gone quite detached or disconnected. I feel there is something that is not being shared and I don’t think it is money in this instance. I believe he is keeping some secret from her and it is consuming his thoughts at present. What is it that he his holding back on? This Card is acknowledging her initial concerns that something is wrong?

So Let us find out What she is not Aware of, what her Reversed Knight of Wands is actually up to, if anything at all. Mind you with him Reversed, I have a gut feeling that he is not being upfront and honest with her. He has the capacity to suit himself. With his strong smell of imminent success, I would reckon it has gone to his head and his ego is over-inflated.

Again from a Cleansed Deck starting with all Cards Upright The Querant Shuffles setting the intention that she is seeking insight into what she is not aware of with her Partner at Present. After the Shuffling and Reversing is complete she Draws Four Cards and lays them down in a line just under the previous line of Cards. She Draws:

Ace of Wands  3 of Cups Rx     Page of Cups Reversed 7 of Swords Upright

I can see immediately why and what he has been holding back on. While he has been very busy in work, fighting to win the advertising campaign, he has also had the time to start something else. Sure why not, he is The Knight of Wands Reversed after all and can handle anything? With The Ace of Wands as first Card out, I get a feeling that something new, other than work has started recently. I see immediately the Reversed Page of Cups alongside the Reversed Three of Cups and I am thinking of another woman. The Seven of Swords just backs it all up by suggesting deceit, underhand behaviour, secret rendezvous and lies. He is up to no good and I reckon it is with another woman. However, I believe this has just started, but I am concerned with The Three of Cups that this other woman may be someone The Querant knows, someone in their circle of friends or possibly a work colleague of his.

I decide to start off by asking about the people he works with and what sort of social aspect there is to his work? She explains that because he is involved in Advertising there can be a lot of socialising both on a work and personal level. They are expected to work hard but to be able to party hard too. She has been at many social occasions with him and has met many of his colleagues, both male and female. She says that like anywhere else, some she finds nice and others not so nice. Advertising is a bit of a cut throat business so she feels they can be quite overwhelming at times. As a Legal Intern she finds them quite a handful when much drink has been consumed as they like to make fun of her and play act courtroom dramas in front of her.

I decide to describe The Reversed Page of Cups, not in the negative sense as such but just a general Page of Cups personality. The Reversed aspect may simply be highlighting the fact that The Querant has a rival for her partner’s heart and affections. The Reversed aspect may be letting us know that it is she who is behind the secrets, and why her partner is constantly on his phone and computer in the evening instead of spending time with The Querant. I tell her of The Page of Cups; prettiness, girlishness and can’t do enough to please you type of personality. I explain that she would be well dressed and fluttering those eyelashes just at the right time. She would be gently spoken, not like the typical colleague who works in that industry. A gentle, soft girl with an angelic smile. I think she would stand out from the rest, but am not sure would be found working in the Advertising World of dog eat dog, as she would find that too harsh for her delicate nature.

The Querant stiffens and I know that I am speaking about someone she knows or is now aware of. She tells me that she sounds very like the new girl who works at reception on the ground floor of the building where her partner works. She met her recently at a company function and spent most of the evening sitting with her.  She had felt sorry for her not really knowing anyone, and also because she was easier to talk to than her partner’s work colleagues. She was a nice girl and she liked her. She had even suggested meeting for a drink or coffee sometime in the future. She had an idea they might be friends and she would have someone decent to talk to at the obligatory social events she had to attend with her Partner.

Well, I haven’t actually accused this girl of anything to The Querant at this stage, but she is not a fool and now wants to know about the rest of the Cards. I as discreetly as possible tell her of my suspicions, but remind her that it is only my interpretation and that there may be nothing going on at all. However, I sense something is, but tell her that it has just started and may not have being going on when she last saw this girl. It may also be someone else and not her at all. She may be innocent of everything.

She tells me that her Partner had spoken a lot about the new girl when she arrived and had joked and laughed about how it wouldn’t take long before she left in floods of tears after someone roared at her. He thought her too soft for the job, but then he started mentioning her name a lot, telling of how nice she was and about the time she had fetched him coffee and food before she went off duty, just because she knew he was going to be working late and wouldn’t get a chance to eat. Then as quickly as he had started talking about her, he suddenly stopped mentioning her at all. In fact it was only the other day that she had asked him if he was right about the new receptionist, had she left already? He just said no, she was still there and seemed happy enough. That was it, there was no more conversation about her except that she had asked if she had a boyfriend or if any of the guys had hit on her yet? She was a very pretty girl. Her partner had got annoyed and impatient with her comments and had shouted at her, ‘how the hell do I know’. He had then headed into their home office and didn’t come out for the rest of the night. She put it down to stress over the whole Advertising Campaign and prayed that it would all come to an end very soon so their lives could get back to normal.

So on one hand we have The Fictional Querant’s Partner working hard, pushing himself and doing everything to achieve his burning ambition and goals, but on the other hand he had enough time to fit in an affair or a bit of a fling. Something has happened and he is withholding this information. He may intend to enjoy it while it lasts, and will forget all about it when it is over, but he is The Knight of Wands Reversed, and for me, I believe that this may not be the first time it has happened and probably won’t be the last either.

The Fictional Querant now needs to ask The Cards what she should do with all this information? The remaining Deck is Cleansed and all Cards put Upright before being handed to The Querant to Shuffle once more. She Reverses some as she Shuffles. She is told to Draw Four Cards. These Cards are placed beneath the last Four Drawn. She Draws:

Strength Upright  Ace of Swords  7 of Wands Upright 8 of Cups Upright

I am both happy and sad with the Cards she has drawn for they speak of the end of her Relationship.  With Strength coming in as the first Drawn Card, I can see that this girl being trained in the Legal World will handle the situation in a very controlled and diplomatic manner. With this Querant we are not going to see volatile angry outbursts, or her throwing crockery at him. No she is made of much stronger stuff than that. I look across at the Seven of Wands and see how this girl will operate. She will take the higher ground and not be drawn into a ridiculous and pointless battle with him. She must not come down to his level. What she is looking for now is the truth from her partner and we see this in The Ace of Swords.

Like she is being trained to get to the heart of the matter in legal situations, she wishes to apply the same methods with her relationship. I can see a direct confrontation. I can see her standing in front of her partner and demanding he tells her the complete truth, because she already knows most of it herself. She wants to hear his version, his side of the argument. She will be very calm and controlled as she does this, but she will use her Sword (her mind and method of communication) to cut away all the smoke screens, lies and excuses until the full truth is exposed. As a Legal Intern and Page of Swords, she will want to hear his side of the argument, give him a chance to explain the situation and his reasons. In The Seven of Wands we can see him throwing all sorts of mad excuses and even blame at her. However, she will not rise to the bait and get caught up in a screaming match of accusations and finger-pointing.

What she will do, once she has listened to what he has to say, is leave or ask him to leave. The Eight of Cups sees the departure, and together with The Strength Card, another Eight, this girl, heavy-hearted and emotionally upset, will have the strength to walk away from a relationship that is unhealthy and not in her best interests.

I have no doubt she will eventually find someone else, more suited to her. She is young and still has a lot to learn about relationships, but she has a good head on her shoulders, and that makes for an excellent start. Her Reversed Knight of Wands will get over it all quickly enough and may find the appeal of the new secretary waning once it is out in the open and there is no sense of risk and dare about it all anymore. He too has a lot to learn and is quite immature in himself.


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