The Lovers (VI) Upright

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



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A man and woman stand in what appears to be a garden, possibly the Garden of Eden. Behind each is a tree. The Tree of Knowledge behind the woman and The Tree of Life  behind the man. Above, an Angel looks down on them as if giving a blessing.  A cloud representing spirit symbolically joins the man and woman.

The man seems to be unaware of the Angel as he stares at the woman while the woman looks up to the Angel. This again represents the masculine and feminine, opposites, duality and conscious/subconscious aspects at play once again. The man looks outwardly for inspiration in the physical sense while the woman goes within to connect with spirit for fulfillment in her life. For perfect balance both of these qualities or approaches are necessary. The two combined are more powerful than when alone. The man instructs woman on the ways of the world through physical and direct experience while the woman helps man understand that he has a spiritual purpose to fulfill, that he is first and foremost spirit learning to live in the physical. The Lovers is an accumulation of the influence of the emotional and practical guidance of both the Empress and Emperor along with the  spiritual and moral instruction of The Heirophant being applied to our relationships in life.  The Fool is now expected to take his place in the world according to the tradition of all those who have gone before.  He will be watched carefully to ensure he behaves accordingly.  In a similar manner you will be too.

The Lovers are depicted as young adults and hence represent the onset of adolescence and the moving away from directing their sole love and attention from their parents to another . The couple depicted in The Lovers have become aware of each other’s presence and are now realise what it is to feel attracted to another.  They  are experiencing the magic of falling in love.

The Lovers is also a card for sexual development and sexual attraction. As a result relationships are highlighted by this card and often decisions about relationships. The relationship in question does not necessarily need to be of a romantic or sexual nature. This card deals with any relationship  that is considered important.  It is also a card for questioning the relationship you have with yourself. Learning to love yourself before you can love another.  True fulfillment comes at first from within as depicted by the woman turning to Spirit.

The Lovers along with the Knight of Swords is a sign for Gemini. Gemini is symbolically represented by the twins.  Because of the dual nature of Gemini, one of their challenges is to learn how to decide. Therefore this card may stand for decisions of any kind and not just relationships.  The Lovers teach us to take a look and examine both sides of the situation (represented by the man and woman)  so that the best decision for all may be arrived at.   It is a time to take your physical, emotional or spiritual needs into account when making a decision be it regarding love, buying a house or choosing a career.

Gemini being an Air Sign deals with the art of communication. Geminis are usually great talkers and are well able to communicate and express themselves. They are often depicted as having two phones; one for each ear.  The Lovers examine the level of and quality of communication within your relationships. For a relationship to remain healthy, active and forward moving is essential to keep a strong two-way flow of communication in operation.  As a couple The Lovers need to be able to express their individual needs, desires, feelings, likes and dislikes but also be able to listen to their partner’s needs in order to maintain a healthy balance and harmony within the relationship.

The Nudity of the man and woman symbolises their desire to be open and honest with each other. They feel safe enough with each other enabling them to show their true self and be accepted for who they are, warts and all.


Decisions about love and relationships in general apply unless a specific question has been asked. It can suggest a new relationship, generally at the onset of a relationship when one is first falling in love and consumed with romance and passion. You may be deciding whether to take your relationship to the next level by making more of a commitment to your partner or remain at the romantic stage. The Lovers Upright generally indicates that it is safe to move forward, safe to take it to the next stage. Both your needs have to be taken into consideration when making this decision otherwise it won’t work and their will be problems down the line.

The woman looking toward spirit may suggest that in a relationship one may prefer a more spiritual union rather than a physical one. Equally the man looking only toward woman may suggest that his concerns are only those of physical attraction with little interest of a deeper relationship.  Look to surrounding cards to for further hints of what sort of relationship you are reading about.  Again there is the need to be honest in your relationship and to clearly communicate your expectations lest one or you gets the wrong impression.

The Lovers Card asks questions of you regarding the nature of what it is that draws or attracts you to another.  Do you fully understand why you select the partners you do? You may gain important information about yourself and the nature of all relationships in your life if you take time to analyse or meditate on this.  If your relationships are generally successful then you have little to ponder over but if you have a pattern of getting hurt or taken advantage of then it may be you that is at fault and not the partners you choose.

The Lovers Card can also suggest that there is someone interested in you or admiring you from a distance that you are not aware of at present. In all these situations because The Lovers is a card of duality it is important to examine the flanking cards for more insight regarding the relevant situation and representation. Infatuation and romantic encounters are strongly highlighted in The Lovers.

 Sexual consummation of a relationship is strongly indicated in The Lovers as the couple in this card have moved on from the romantic stage of the  Two of Cups and become more intimate.   Due to The Lovers connection with Adam and Eve and the Garden of Eden temptations of the flesh may be an issue.

The Lovers is also a card for moving forward in life and its appearance in a reading will suggest that it is safe to move forward with whatever you are planning.

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  1. Hello, Vivien. Remember the coworker who I was having the hots for? Well, I asked the cards what would happen if I pursued him romantically and The Lovers R. was the result. Then I asked what would happen if I did NOT pursue him romantically, and you know what popped up? The Lovers upright!!!! Don’t you think that’s strange? So, if I pretend I’m not interested, he’ll want me? Not sure if I’m cut out for this at my age. He’s a Sagittarius with a Gemini Moon, 49 and never been married. I can’t talk, I’m 42 and never tied the not, yet….


    • Well Lyle what if the Lovers Reversed suggests that it just won’t work out or that you are not compatible instead of him not being interested or not wanting you, and what if the Lovers Upright suggests you will be free to meet someone who is suitable for you if you do not put all your energy into pursuing him? Draw some extra cards to flush out the meaning but try to step back and listen to what those Lovers might be saying. Take the blinkers off and allow your peripheral intuition a look in. It widens your field of vision. Also the Lovers Upright can suggest very close friends with a strong bond. Maybe you would be better as best friends rather than romantic partners?




  2. I meant “knot”. Lol.. Ok, I did what you suggested and did a clarification card on The Lovers and received The Magician. I do hope I find someone suitable and it will manifest soon! BTW, the position I wanted has been filled. 😦 Thank you for helping me, Vivien.


    • Hi Lisa,

      Oh thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am working hard to complete the Minor Arcana, including Court Cards right now. Then I will move on to The Major with full focus. It all takes a lot of time to write and format. There is just me doing it all so can only achieve so much in a day, week etc. I am impatient to get to the Major but I have already jumped around too much and now need to fully complete certain sections before moving on any further. I hope you understand and hang on in there. x



  3. I often get confused how to interpret this card when it appears in my career readings as an outcome card. I suppose it could mean a job that brings harmony or one that I will enjoy.


    • Hi Nicoleh,

      As an astrologist, I know you love writing about this subject and no doubt have compiled loads of charts for people, many who seek advice on their love life or lack of one. You may have a talent for spotting where any disharmony exist in their various houses. You could do well in couples’ counselling for example, using astrology as a medium.

      The Lovers is all about choice, making the right one. When upright it indicates a wise choice based on consulting both head and heart in the matter. Where the lovers are concerned, you don’t want a career that caters to only one aspect of these requirements. You must be doing something that appeals to you both consciously and subconsciously. The lovers could suggest you need to seek a career that fulfills both sides, is mentally stimulating as well as emotionally fulfilling. You may feel at present that you swing between the two in your present career. The Lovers calls for integration of both your masculine and feminine side along with the increasing need for self-analysis in this area. You need to have a deep conversation with yourself and seek the truth within. Vocalise to yourself, your needs and wants where career is concerned and see how readily you can answer any questions raised, without filling in with excuses and explanations about why you can’t do this and that. This card could imply a fear of making the wrong choice where career is concerned. The Reversed aspect would point to making a poor choice, or being led down a path that is not in your best interest, being tempted by something that appears appealing on the outside and running with it before giving due thought.

      The bottom line is the Lovers demand harmony and its very presence probably suggests you lack it at present. You may be trying to do everything on your own for example, and could really do with a dig out, or collaboration with another to expand on your ambition. I wonder if you operate solely as an astrologist or do you align with others for your work? Do you conduct your astrology work from home, or are you part of a practice or center where others work too.

      Following the right path is very important to you at this stage of your life and you are concerned about making a wrong choice in this matter, regretting it down the line and wasting valuable time. Take note of which cards lie close to the Lovers when they appear for career readings as they may give an indication of the areas that would suit you best. If the Lovers is reversed, the cards close by could be suggesting potential poor choices or decisions. At best it may lead nowhere, or at worse, it could undo a lot of your previous good work. In the Lovers Reversed, there is a temptation to run down a path that is not in your best interest. It may be decorated with faerie glamour or even an old previously treaded path, that is presenting itself anew.

      It is a big decision to make, and The Lovers being a Major Arcana Card, suggests career decisions can have long lasting implications.




      • Thank you, Vivien! I wasn’t expecting such a lengthy and wonderful response!

        I work solo as an astrologer from my apartment. I’m in the process of editing my work and submitting some of my essays to various astrological magazines. I could certainly use the extra income and exposure.

        I have been struggling with a lot in terms of my career path. In the fall Jupiter will enter my financial house so hopefully my business and resources will be expanding.

        Thank you for your patience and generosity, Vivien. By the way? What is your sign? lol

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hi Nicoleh,

        Absolutely no problem girl! I am glad to hear you are submitting work as I feel the Lovers sees the need for you to join others. I know from experience how tough it is doing it all. For example, the next few days will be spent catching up on correspondence as I have had my head down in writing for some time now. Then it is back to writing and so on. I operate from home too and do everything on my own. I do like to work solo though. However, if I could delegate some of the work to leave me free to write it would be great. I think your work will go down really well and the magazines would be delighted to have you on board. It should draw more customers, yet I know how much time it takes for you to compile each chart. I will be emailing you tomorrow about a separate issue.

        Take care and hope the back is improving. Oh by the way, I am the bull, Taurus. An April one!




  4. I did a reading about my ex boyfriend. We haven’t been in contact for months. In the “What he wants from me” I got the lovers. I don’t know how to interpret this. Could it be reconcilliation?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Anna,

      I think the answer may lie in what issues brought about the end of your relationship. Your ex may want to communicate with you to clear the air or deal with unfinished conversations. Maybe things were said that shouldn’t have been or things were left unsaid. The presence of the lovers could imply he is thinking about you at present and with it being upright, recalls your relationship in a positive light. I think he may be drawn to you or there is a connection that has not been severed for one reason or another. You are still connected to him, hence the reading about him, so there may be unfinished business. It all depends on your intention when drawing cards and how badly you want a certain outcome.If you desperately want a reconciliation, the lovers can appear to support this. You haven’t been in contact for months. If you seek a reconciliation, then reach out as this is a two way flow. The Lovers could suggest a decision is being made at present pertaining to a relationship. I am not sure if this is of any relevance to your situation. Try drawing a card for each side of the lovers for further information.




  5. Hi,
    Very nice to find you and your blog. I did a reading about a man who I am interested in but always feel like there are barriers between us or he simply does not like me at all. The cards are as followed:
    1/ What is he like? King of wands upright
    2/ How does he see me? Page of Cups upright
    3/ How does he feel about our relationship? 8 of Cups Upright
    4/ Something I am ignoring about this person? 8 of Pentacles upright
    5/ What our relationship is based on? ace of rods reversed
    6/ The future of our relationship? 2 of cups reversed
    7/ A lesson from this relationship? The Lovers upright
    So overall I feel quite confused about the result? I would love to hear your opinion about this.
    Thanks in advance ❤


    • Hi Anna,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I got married recently and am only just settling back into normal activity again and catching up on correspondence. I have looked at your cards and have given my opinion below which is based on the archetypes and archetypal behaviour associated with them. There is no psychic input involved but pure analysis of the cards. I have been very direct in my findings but please remember it is only my interpretation of the cards you pulled. Other readers may include a psychic reading when interpreting the cards and get closer to the truth. Using the cards you have drawn I saw a picture and story emerge from them. This is not exactly a reading based on you as I do not do personal readings online anymore. Instead this is a reading based on the cards you have pulled which is then based on the elements, numbers, traditional association and my own personal musings. Please be advised I am not tuning into you when reading as I find this impossible to do in distant readings. The reading is purely academic based on the cards themselves and not the individual. I have conducted the reading using the King of Wands and Page of Cups personality as my guide. You may or may not identify with any of it and if so, the cards are not a true reflection of what is happening in your situation. However, you may find the process interesting.

      I have typed as the thoughts came to me so apologies for any ramblings, repetition and grammatical errors.

      The cards are as followed:
      1/ What is he like? King of wands upright – I can see why you are drawn to this man. The King of Wands is very charismatic and dynamic. He is a born leader and visionary. He exudes strong male energy and is probably physically fit and energetic. He is a take charge type of guy and appearing as King of Wands he likes to be in charge so he is likely to sail his own ship as such. He prefers to be the boss and motivator of others. He is very exciting to be around. As a romantic partner this guy may not be responding to you in the manner you hoped as he typically does not like to be tied down and doesn’t go in for the full romance thing. Also, if he is a true King of Wands, there is likely to be no shortage of admirers and you may have to compete for his attention. He is friendly to all and wants to make everyone feel special which in turn is confusing as it is hard to judge whether there is anything more behind his friendliness. He can blow hot and cold though, so when he is in good form he may seem all enthusiastic about you but the next day he could be in rotten form about things and could act quite abrupt in his dealings with you. You see the King of Wands is very direct and very thick skinned. He expects others to be the same. There is little that affects him except not getting his own way when he desperately wants something. He may appear gruff with you one day or one moment but wouldn’t for a moment think that he has upset you as he is just trying to get things done and believes you understand this. He expects those around him to be able to take the knocks and isn’t great when it comes to handling emotional or highly sensitive people. As King of Wands he may be an Aries Sign or other Fire sign.

      2/ How does he see me? Page of Cups upright – If he sees you as Page of Cups, he sees you as almost child like or delicate in comparison to him. The Page of Cups is sensitive, gentle, romantic, dreamy and in general needs to be looked after. The King of Wands may view the Page of Cups as being too needy or highly strung. The King of Wands may be unsure how to deal with the Page who tends to get upset very easily. He is likely to see you as pretty, very feminine, delicate and gentle. I would wonder if this King of Wands is much older than you? The King of Wands/Page of Cups combination would give the impression of a considerable age gap – the student falling for the teacher/boss/mentor for example. The King of Wands should be emotionally mature in his rank but the Page not, so we get conflict in this area. Fire and Water are not the best of bedfellows either as Fire will boil and evaporate water and water will douse fire or cool it. In a purely archetypal sense, the soft and gentle Page of Cups may feel overwhelmed by the powerful energy of Fire. The Page typically needs a lot of constant reassurance in love, reassurance the King of Wands is unlikely be able to sustain. What could start passionately might be worn down by emotional insecurity in the Page. Now this is pure archetypal analysis and no reflection on you. These are the cards you have drawn and if the King of Wands sees you as a Page of Cups you must ask why? Do you relate to the Page of Cups or identify with his personality and character traits. Does the King of Wands personality match that of the man you are interested in or perhaps his status as boss, older man etc. ? The Page of Cups often falls hopelessly in love and can become besotted. He dreams of the perfect romance, the ideal partner and looks for it in everyone he meets. He has a powerful imagination which conjures up all the positives of love. He looks only for the positive signs as he wants it all to fit his ideal. He can rush into love too fast, believing everything he is told or imagines he sees. In doing he leaves himself vulnerable and wide open to be hurt.

      Again coming from an archetypal sense, the King of Wands is likely to be driven by sexual attraction first and foremost while the Page of Cups prefers to establish the romantic attraction first. The King of Wands might expect sex on the first date which could upset the Page of Cups who wants to be wooed first.

      I am not saying that any of this is happening, simply trying to layout the personality traits of these two individuals to see where the issues may be stemming from. He is being represented by the King of Wands and you by the Page of Cups. We are all archetypes of our elemental make-up but unlike the Elemental Courts in tarot we have a mix of elements dictating our personality and subsequent behaviour. We are unlikely to be purely Air, Water, Fire or Earth. The mix of elements rounds our personality. However, certain elements will be dominant in our make-up which allows us to predict or preempt certain behaviour. The King of Wands – the pure representation of Fire, is quite a strong, dominant extrovert personality. The Page of Cups is strong too, but in a passive introvert manner. Can the two work well together? Can the King of Wands tread gently with the sensitive Page or will he likely upset him. Can the Page of Cups temper or modify the often overpowering force of the King of Wands? Where shall the twain meet and if they do, can it be sustained? The King needs to be challenged by his partner. Will the Page of Cups be assertive enough to do this? The Page of Cups needs to be drawn out. He does not always say what he wants or how he feels, preferring his partner to sense these things, to feel or know when he is upset or down. The King of Wands prefers to call a spade a spade. If his Page does not speak up and say what is bothering them, then how is he to know? Between these two personalities lies endless opportunities for confusion and misunderstanding.

      Does this King of Wands see the Page of Cups as being too young for him? Does he see the Page of looking for a full relationship of not just sex but romance and love too? Is the Page looking for something the King isn’t. Is the King prepared to go the distance, stick around or is he simply looking for something short term or transitory?

      3/ How does he feel about our relationship? 8 of Cups Upright – In the Eight of Cups we find someone walking away from a situation that no longer brings joy or happiness. The card in relationships is often connected with being abandoned or ending an emotionally unfulfilling relationship. This card often turns up to suggest leaving emotional baggage behind or that a relationship is being affected by heavy emotion that is wearing. This is not a great card for relationships as it augurs someone leaving after things go sour. The King of Wands may not see a future with the Page of Cups, or perhaps he believes you would eventually get fed up with him and take your leave. Someone is likely to get left behind with the Eight of Cups. It could be mutual but it is a card for moving on from someone or something, not moving towards them. That is unless, The King sees you as the one who will help him leave the baggage of his past behind. This card could also suggest that whereas the King may be interested in getting to know you better, he at this stage does not entertain any long term plans for the two of you. This card would suggest he doesn’t plan on staying around at this stage or believes you don’t. Maybe he has commitment issues. We must remember he is fire and fire does not like to be tied down. He might have a reputation for leaving when a relationship moves past the initial high passion stage.

      4/ Something I am ignoring about this person? 8 of Pentacles upright – I connect this card with work and being engrossed in work or a project he is working on. I wonder if you work with this person? Are you working on a project together maybe? The eight of Pentacles is a card for hard work, commitment, dedication, faithfulness and loyalty but what to. By the wording of your question I do not get the impression you are already involved with this man but would like to be. If he is engrossed in work he may be so distracted he does not read any signs of interest coming from you. If he is building a business or career, he may only have time for that. When we combine this card with the King of Wands he could be a workaholic and thinks of nothing else.
      The Eight of Pentacles could also suggest you are overlooking the fact that this man is committed to another. Are you aware of him being involved with someone else or even married?
      5/ What our relationship is based on? ace of rods reversed – This could suggest a non starter. The Reversed Ace of Wands suggests something not starting, blocks, set backs, delays. The interest may be one-sided. It can also suggest a lack of sexual attraction or passion. The Ace of Wands could imply a short-lived relationship or affair, a fling of very temporary nature, a one-night stand.
      6/ The future of our relationship? 2 of cups reversed – Two of Cups Reversed unfortunately does not augur well for any relationship. It suggests a split between couples or at the very least a falling out. It highlights incompatibility and inequality in a relationship. Any initial attraction fades or there is a lack of attraction. One is dominant, the other submissive. We see a couple drawing apart, not together. We do not find a mutually happy couple. With the Reversed Ace of Wands and the Two of Cups also reversed, it does not look promising.
      7/ A lesson from this relationship? The Lovers upright – This is a multi-layered card and begs the question of exactly what it is you are looking for in a relationship. The Lovers can imply a choice between love and lust, and being able to identify the two and determine where you are in that. There is also a moral issue at stake with the Lovers, one of temptation. Choose your partners wisely, someone who wants the things in life that you do. Do not try to be someone you are not just to appeal to another. The Upright Lovers suggest you are looking for love. When Reversed the Lovers is more linked to lust and affairs etc. It is unlikely the Page of Cups be happy with the Reversed option as he hopes for so much more in a relationship. There is nothing wrong with one-night stands or flings once you are hurting no one and are not fooling yourself. With the Lovers upright, I just don’t feel the Page of Cups would be happy.He would find it hard not to get emotionally attached and involved.


  6. hai Vivian,

    First of all, lovely site. It is my favorite, mainly becuz it’s the nost complete, but also without “telling the only right answer”.

    Got a question, in a reading what will the road be like (with a person I know for a long time, and were is a open communication, but not much irl).

    Past: Ace of swords, Present: De lovers, Future: Temperance

    I feel it is a very positive reading (I always get them with questions about him)… But the lovers… In combination with the other cards… Does that mean I should take a leap of fate, take the risk, act instead of talk?

    Happy holidays and a very good 2020

    with love,



    • Hi Suzie,

      Sorry for the long wait.I took a long break from my writing but am slowly getting back. Yes, the Ace of Swords in the past confirms the open communication between the two of you. You appear to be on the same wavelength and share a compatible intellect. Talking is very important for both of you, but it may not always be calm and pleasant. The Ace of Swords can be quite unpredictable. So eager is it to communicate it may say too much at time and not enough at others. It does have the ability to be hurtful in speech. If both of you understand the powerful nature of this Sword and feel comfortable playing with it excellent as you will never run out of things to say to each other, ideas or opinions to share and intellectual interests to pursue. You both have fast, intelligent minds which can be very refreshing.

      Now move onto the Lovers and this does take the relationship a bit further indeed. The Lovers is a strong card for open communication and honesty in relationships. The figures in the Lovers are often depicted naked. In their most positive sense their nakedness acts as a powerful statement to the individual parties involved in the relationship and also as a couple. Their nakedness states, ‘this is who I am, this is me, no masks, no disguises. I hide nothing, ask me what you will and I will tell you straight. This is who I am under all the make-up, hairstyle, designer clothes, expensive suits, flashy car and impressive house etc. Take me as I am, warts and all and not any false perception of what you want me to be. This is my true self, what you see is what you get. I don’t want you complaining at a later stage that I duped or conned you into being with me by pretending to be someone I wasn’t just so that you would like me.

      The Lovers symbolises a relationship that has matured way past the Two of Cups stage where the individuals are on their best behaviour so as to impress each other. Keeping up a pretense over a long period of time can be exhausting so eventually most happy couples slip comfortably into a new existence based on the model of The Lovers where it is okay to allow imperfections be displayed safe in the knowledge they know and respect each other well enough not to let it be an issue. The Lovers also acts to confirm consummation of a relationship or sexual desire for each other. The couple in The Two of Cups aren’t content to hold hands any longer. The relationship moves to the next stage of sexual activity. The Lovers card can appear to represent lust or being unable to keep hands off each other.

      As a couple who share similar outlooks and attitudes, the meeting of the minds in the Ace of Swords now becomes a meeting of bodies in The Lovers. The Lovers card plays many roles depending on the reading involved. It can be a very welcome card for those seeking a serious relationship or it can become a card of dread for those asking if their partner is having an affair with another. So, we have an indication of the potential for something quite serious between the two of you other than great communication. You do not mention if the person you are interested in is free. If so, I feel a strong sexual attraction but if this person is in another relationship or marriage, there is the risk of an affair. However, The Lovers is upright and is usually reversed if an affair is indicated. Remember these cards are drawn by you and will reflect your feelings more so than his. You most certainly are hoping for a lot more from this relationship.

      With Temperance making an appearance, I feel timing is key here. I wouldn’t rush anything, just take it easy and allow things to evolve. You ask if you should take a leap of fate, take a risk, act instead of talk? Perhaps take a leaf out of Temperance’s book by dipping your toe in the water first to see how it goes. Feel it out. It’s about getting the timing right and also how you go about it. Moderation is key with Temperance with a sense that good things will come to those who wait and are patient. No mad or crazy action is suggested but rather gentle movement towards each other. Temperance suggests getting to know each other better, indeed there is a desire to know each other better. Temperance is a lovely card about bringing different aspects, ingredients, qualities, personalities together in moderation to form something great. Temperance suggests bringing the best out in each other. It is a card of blending and union and suggests great compatibility. You may have very different aspects of personality but whatever they are there is great potential for them to work well together. Your personalities complement each other nicely and are tolerant of each other’s differences.Temperance augurs well for a couple who make each other happy.

      I hope this brightens your day.



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