The Fire Signs

The Fire Signs

Aries  Aries, Leo  Leo,   Sagittarius  Sagittarius

(Please Note, The Personality Profiles Below, and attached, are Based on the Archetypal Zodiac Types for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Ruled by the planets, Mars, The Sun and Jupiter, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius make up the Fire Signs of The Zodiac. The Fire signs are the most energetic and enthusiastic personalities in the Zodiac. Never happy to sit still, they need constant movement and stimulation to prevent boredom, frustration and impatience from setting in. They are generally dynamic, charismatic and have a strong magnetic quality about them. They draw people to them like moths to a flame and are generally the centre of attention at a party. They like to be noticed, and often view themselves as superior to others.  They live life in the fast lane, wanting to get where they are going fast. Those who inadvertently get in their way, may find they get run over in the mad rush. They are very career driven, ambitious and are known to be extremely competitive. Their competitive nature can at times border on ruthlessness.

The negative aspects of the Fire Signs can be seen in their tendency to be self-absorbed and selfish at times. They like things to go their way and can be quite pushy when confronted with opposition. Winning, being first, and being the best, means everything to them and they may not be too concerned about how you feel. Their natural assertiveness can turn to aggressive force when they are challenged. Tempers can flare easily and a short fuse is often evident.

Enthusiastic, energetic, active, passionate, hot-headed and dynamic, they need challenges, movement and action to stay balanced and positive.  With a strong desire to achieve, they are often very successful in life.

Ariens  Hot-headed and forceful, they can be ruthless in their determination to get where they are going. The end often justifies the means for these people. Energetic and fiery in temperament, they can become aggressive if provoked. They like to get their own way and are prone to being selfish.

Leos have a sunny positive disposition and are natural-born leaders. They also like to be boss of just about everything in their life, and generally believe they know best where everything is concerned. They are typically happy people. Fiercely protective and territorial they make loyal partners and strong friends.

Sagittarians are determined and versatile. They are extremely passionate in whatever they pursue, but do have a need for freedom in every area of their life. They are used to getting their own way and are high achievers. They love travel, learning and make great teachers. However, they have a strong tendency to get bored very easily and believe the ‘grass is always greener on the other side’.  They can jump in and out of relationships in search of fresh excitement or a prettier face.

The Fire Signs are represented in The Tarot as follows:

Aries – King of Wands, Knight of Swords, The Emperor

Leo – The Queen of Wands, The Sun, Strength

Sagittarius – The Knight of Wands, Temperance

The Page of Wands can represent any of the Fire Signs but if the person is older than 22 years of age there is bound to be evidence of immaturity. They may also be feeling young at heart.  The Page can also be a representation of their childhood.

Remember that these are just guidelines and the Wands Court Cards can represent any of the other 12 Signs. However, the person represented, will definitely be displaying personality traits or aspects of the Fire Element.  Once the profile fits, regardless of the person being a Gemini or a Taurean, they will obviously have a lot of Fire in their personality make-up.  This display of Fire may be transient or fixed.

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