Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles –

Money in Your Hand, A Strong Start

 Ace of Pentacles


Money, Investments, Saving, Abundance, Prosperity, Health, New Business, New Job, Windfall, Inheritance, Financial Stability, Financial Security,


Card Imagery Description

A hand extends from a cloud and proudly presents a large Pentacle or CoinThe Pentacle appears large and solid suggesting something real and long-lasting.     There is a garden which appears to be well-tended, mature and fertile symbolising growth and abundance. At the bottom of the garden  an opening or archway is formed out of the natural hedging.  This natural archway is very archetypal of the way the Pentacles type approach life.  They use the natural resources available to them whenever they can.  Time was spent growing the hedge in such a manner to form an opening when they could easily have paid someone to fit a gate.  This also shows the commitment and patience they give to everything they get involved with.   It also highlights their connection to the natural world and where they are most happy.   From the archway a pathway leads off to the distant mountains. The Archway and path suggest a beneficial opening or opportunity for advancement.

As in all The Aces, the sky is clear and bright.  This card carries great weight in all material and financial matters.  With this Pentacle in your hand, you have something distinctly tangible to work with. The Ace of Pentacles offers strong potential for a fruitful and stable period in life.

The Ace of Pentacles generally symbolises financial reward or gain.  The hand holding the Pentacle says “look at this, look at what I have” or “I have the money to buy that” or “Look at the return I got for my investment/hard work”.  It is a solid card for investments, saving and business.  It also is a card that brings real potential for financial windfalls or inheritances.  If you are thinking of setting up a business and the Ace of Pentacles appears, then it augers very well for you financially as long as you stay grounded and approach it in a practical and methodical manner.   The Ace of Pentacles deals with real potential based on facts and tried and tested results.  Be careful of where you invest this Pentacle for its energy often wanes if involved in ‘get rich quick schemes’ or taking risks such as gambling.

For those who have been struggling with finances the appearance of The Ace of Pentacles in a future position would highlight the end of such worries.  This can mean securing a job, gaining promotion or even just finally paying off a loan.  It can also suggest that you now have enough money saved for that large purchase you wish to make.  This will take financial pressure off you at last.

The Pentacle is a symbol for the physical body and so this Suit deals with the health and care of it.  The Ace of Pentacles is a very reassuring card when it appears in health readings for it indicates good health and a strong and fit body.  It suggests a time of being centred and content in life.  Everything is working well for you and running smoothly when this Ace appears

Pentacles represent the season of Winter.

Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles


Money, Investments, Saving, Abundance, Prosperity, Health, New Business, New Job, Windfall, Inheritance, Financial Stability, Financial Security,


The Ace of Pentacles heralds the birth of energy in the material world and suggests abundance, health and stability.  This Ace would suggest that whatever it is you are planning there are sufficient funds available.  It is a time of financial abundance and material growth.   Even though you may have to spend money, you are still able to hold onto some and have enough to go around.  As Pentacles demand results for all their efforts, the Ace suggests that investment in new projects or ventures at this stage will be especially financially rewarding and yield a good return.  Whatever it is you desire to do, rest assured that you are able to afford it when this Ace appears.  Inheritance, gifts and financial windfalls can also be suggested.

The hand holding the Pentacle in this Ace can suggest that you are saving for the future or putting a little contingency fund aside.  The saving suggested in this Pentacle would generally be for a large purchase such as a house or car.  Pentacles like to invest in their careers and education so it may suggest saving for college or a particular course.  Whatever it is will be rewarding and of value. The Ace of Pentacles can suggest that you are being cute and canny with your money.  While everyone is going mad spending you may be holding onto yours waiting for prices to drop or holding out for a real bargain.   You may be quite private about your financial affairs.

The Ace of Pentacles in a health reading could indicate that you are investing in your health or physical body. You may be starting a new health regime or joinging a gym.  If you have been worried about your health or have been ill then the appearance of The Ace of Pentacles happily announces the return of your vitality as you bounce back to health.  It brings with it a great sense of stability and security in our life and relieves you from any previous worries.

The Ace of Pentacles brings an opportunity for good fortune. Because the imagery depicts a walled garden environment, it may suggest that your prosperity will be found close to home or in your own back yard.  However, the path leading to the hills is a temptation to even bigger and greater things.  It is the Pentacles type who will have the stamina to take that journey in their search for financial gain and security. It is important to remember with any of the Aces that the gifts being offered are used wisely.  Do not undervalue or overvalued this Ace of Pentacles.  Do not let this gift and all it brings eventually possess you.  Remember to stay grounded and practical.

In a relationship reading the Ace suggests that you may be involved with or meet someone through your work or a solid grounded start to a relationship or to a new stage of a relationship. It can also indicate the start of a business relationship or a relationship that could lead to a business relationship with great financial rewards.  The presence of this Ace in a relationship suggests that financial matters are important as in the pursuit of it or the acquisition of a comfortable lifestyle and surroundings.  Money is definitely an important consideration in the deciding factor of this relationship. As a couple you may be saving to buy your first house or investing in a car.

The relationship suggested by This Ace of Pentacles is grounded in reality and solid as a rock.  This couple work well together and have common no-nonsense goals that they work steadily towards.  It indicates a very stable and secure start to a relationship.  This partner will definitely be around for some time to come and can be relied upon.

In a career reading the Ace would suggest a new job with great financial rewards and prospects or having the money to proceed with a new business venture.  Your hard work to date may be beginning to pay off.  You may get a raise or a promotion as a result. If moving to a new job then the company are financially sound and well established.  They may have a policy of investing in their staff through further training or scholarships.  This Ace is steeped in groundedness and being down to earth.  Your business may be getting off to a good start but you acknowledge that there is still a lot of hard work ahead.  Keep your head down and put aside some finances for a rainy day.

The Ace of Pentacles can indicate the initial or early stages of a career as in the dedicated, hardworking and ambitious college student or apprentice.

The News the Ace of Pentacles brings will be of financial matters, job applications, loan approval, business contracts, investments, windfalls or inheritances.


Ace of Pentacles Rx


Delays and Blocks finances, Lack of money, Spending money, Poor investments, Financial Instability, Financial Insecurity, Job Loss, Meanness, Greed, Possessions, Extreme Wealth, Materialism Corruption


When this Ace is reversed, the hand can no longer hold the Pentacle or coin and it falls.  It indicates a time when more money is going out than coming in.  Opportunities may also be literally slipping through your fingers.  There may be delays in starting a new project or venture due to a lack of money or difficulties in obtaining it.  A financial institute could be taking its time in reaching a decision on approving your loan.

The stability and security of the upright Ace is gone leaving you feeling vulnerable and stressed.  You may be down on your luck financially, lost a job or can’t keep up with soaring prices.  This may cause you to worry incessantly about money which can have you running around like a headless chicken in an attempt to sort it out.    The more you worry about money the more scarce it becomes.  You have lost your connection to earth and are unable to focus on anything in particular.  This can have you starting many tasks but finishing none.  You may have lost your routine and fallen into bad habits.  You need to ground yourself and complete all unfinished work before you will start to feel better able to handle the situation and your life.  You may also need to learn how to budget more efficiently.  Make the money you have work for you.

The Ace of Pentacles Reversed can often highlight that you are probably better at spending money than earning it.  You may have squandered a fortune or inheritance.  You may however be in the position of being initially  good at making money but find that the success is always short-lived.  Lessons need to be learned from this.   There may also be a situation of not being able to put your money where your mouth is.

This card stands for unsound and unstable financial institutes.  If you are in the process of investing your savings, buying into a partnership or business venture then you would be advised not rush or be forced into anything.  Appearances can be deceiving so check all small print and clauses.  Take your time and do your own background searches.  If not you may invest your money unwisely.  There may be little or no return.

On the other hand, The Reversed Ace of Pentacles can represent that time when the long period of saving is over and the time has come to withdraw or release the money in order to purchase the object of your desire.  The purchase associated with the Ace of Pentacles would be large such as the buying of a house, land, business, car, holiday home etc.   The reversed Ace sees the money going out.

There is a flip side to this Ace in that it can double the bounty of the upright version by bringing in even greater financial benefits.  There may be a chance to double your money or maybe the value of your possessions, stock shares or property has suddenly soared.  What you have may suddenly be in extreme demand and you could be in a position to name your price.  Lotto wins could be vast under the influence of the Reversed Ace of Pentacles or less than you spent on the ticket.  Look to the other cards in the spread for signs of wealth and financial security.  These will typically be Pentacle Cards such as the 9 and 10 of Pentacles, but the smug look of the man in the 9 of Cups could also suggest someone who is very happy with himself indeed.  Although the Reversed Ace of Pentacles can double the Jackpot, it can also suggest wealth which is accompanied by extreme materialism, selfishness and greed.  You may be defined by your possessions but can also end up enslaved by them.   The Reversed Ace of Pentacles, like a lot of the Pentacle cards including the reversed Court Pentacles can suggest the corrupt use of money.

When this Reversed Ace turns up in a relationship reading it can point to a lack of solid foundations between a couple.  There may be a lack of commitment or it may possibly suggest that it has not got off to a good start.  You may be working too hard or so much career focussed that you have little time to start a relationship or give time to a fledgling one you are in.

There may be delays in plans for marriage due to financial reasons or having to save hard to afford it.   Financial issues could be causing problems in the relationship.  This card can often suggest that partners are chosen based on their material or financial status alone.  Attraction may also be purely physical.  Only those with good looks, prestige and excellent prospects may get a look on.  This can all lead to shallowness, selfishness and greed.  However, you may have started a new relationship only to find that it is financially draining you.  You may be carrying your partner and have to pay for everything.

Health wise, the Reversed Ace of Pentacles can indicate that your are not looking after yourself or that you have not kept up a new health regime started.  Your health may be suffering leaving you feeling run down and lethargic.  You need to get back on track and keep motivated.  This card can suggest that you are struggling to recover after an illness.  You may think that you are improving one day only to find that you feel terrible the next.  There could be delays, setbacks or a reoccurrence of an illness.

The news this reversed Ace brings will be of loan approval declined, falling stock shares, job loss, an inheritance that is disputed, mortgage increases or on the flip side, lottery wins and windfalls.

The Ace would indicate an ungrounded job offer or a job offering poor financial prospects. It may also indicate that you are about to leave or have already left a job.  You may be highly qualified and work hard but get paid very little for what you do.  On the other hand,  you may lack the necessary qualifications to land the job of your dreams.  You may have great plans and ambition but there may not be enough money to pursue a new project or business.

Work wise, the Ace of Pentacles Reversed often highlights underhand or shady business deals.  You may be taking money under the table or involved in doctoring the accounts.   You may also be stuck in a rut job-wise.  The money may be good or your business prosperous but it does not bring you happiness.   In the Upright Ace of Pentacles we see the sense in putting a little money aside for a ‘rainy day’ but in the reverse it points to the opposite.  You may have no contingency fund to fall back on when business is slow or times are hard.

** Do you think this Pentacle has what it takes to grow and multiply?  Wait until we visit Card 2 to find out if they have what it takes to succeed.

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15 replies »

  1. well very happy to read this. I’ve been going through a protracted time in which my finances and prosperity are in a pathetic situation. Months upon months of false leads, dead ends, projects that materialize and then flit away in the wind etc etc etc. Very frustrating. Earlier I did a simple one card reading asking about the sate of my financial abundance and money situation in the next upcoming month, and this card was drawn upright. About freaking time!


    • Well Raymond,

      How did you get on? Did the Ace of Pentacles works its financial charm? Be aware too that The Ace represents potential and can suggest that even if it is not there right now, then it is certainly something that is incubating and should begin to manifest soon. However, you know the story with the Pentacles, everything requires a lot of hard work and effort before rewards will be granted. Do not give up hope and do not ease up on the hard work. An opportunity is winging its way to you but there is also the chance of a sudden rush of good old fashioned LUCK when this card appears. Success is often brought about by a combination of effort and luck. Sometimes it is a case of being in the right place at the right time. Keep your eyes open and your ear to the ground.


  2. Hi Miss Tarot Teacher,
    nothing yet, but I did ask about the upcoming month, so hopefully what the card promises will manifest. Thanks!


    • Well Raymond,

      Any sign of that Ace of Pentacles manifesting yet? Just one thing, I do hope you are not sitting back and waiting for it to happen. You know yourself, that the Pentacles demand consistent effort of one. Sometimes they throw luck in front of you but usually you have to work for it so don’t give up. Let us know if anything has come to be.


  3. I have had this card in a few readings when asking about my job search, and when I can expect a job offer. I’m still waiting of course; however, this was all in the past two weeks and at this time of year (i.e. the Holidays) employers tend to hire right after New Years, and not right before Christmas.

    Here’s to hoping, praying and meditating though.


      • Vivien: I was eventually offered a job. I had applied for it on 18 November 2014, but they didn’t get around to an interview until late February, 2015. That was the last I heard from them until April, when I was invited to a 2nd interview. I wasn’t officially offered the job until the first week of May, and I actually started the job on June 1st.

        I’m not sure if Tarot card readings indicate potential that far in advance. Astrologically this was expected though.


      • That’s great news Mark. With Tarot it depends on how you formed the question. What time frame did you set for example. The Ace was potential and offered hope. Pentacles are tenacious and determined. If there is a glimmer of success on the horizon they will hang in there and not give up. Little happens fast in the world of Pentacles, so your patience paid off. The best of luck with you new job and well deserved too.




      • Vivien: Thanks…good to learn the significance of pentacles too. I had a lot of those in the 3 months leading up to my new job.


  4. Dear Miss Tarot teacher,
    I was quite surprised , when I read that Reversed Ace of Pentacles can mean lottery win 🙂 I know,that it will not probably be a Power Ball 🙂
    But I want to ask what other cards or combinations of cards means these Lucky winnings.
    Thank You.


    • Monica, this is late in being responded to but I have been in college for the last year and am much fallen behind in correspondence. Yes, The Ace of Pentacles can suggest money; having it, finding it, being given it, working for it, investing it, inheriting it, having enough of it, saving it and making more of it. When the Ace Reverses, then it can suggest losing money, investing unwisely, not having enough of it and all the opposite of the remaining above. However, it does carry that lucky streak with it that can suggest doubling your money, windfall, lottery wins, wealth beyond belief. Do bear in mind that an upright or reversed Ace of Pentacles does have other meanings that are not connected to finances.

      For other cards or combinations of cards suggesting lucky winnings alongside The Ace of Pentacles watch out for The Wheel of Fortune (luck), The Three of Cups, Nine of Cups (celebration/champagne/dream coming true/wish card), The Six and Eight of Wands (winner/jackpot/excitement/high activity/wands striking their target in the 8), The Four Nine and Ten of Pentacles (luxury/wealth/usually earned though in the 9!/Celebration) The Page of Pentacles (good news about money). The Fool, The Sun, The World. Am sure I have left out others. So many of these cards in combination could suggest financial windfalls. However, I would expect the Pentacles to feature significantly. Also the reading would have to be very specific in relation to the chances of winning or acquiring money, as any of these cards in combination can carry many other meanings. Never rely on Tarot for financial dealings. If tarot could predict the Lotto, well you could imagine where we would all be!

      Best of luck and let us know if you strike gold at any time.




  5. Oops! You can delete my previous comment, I found the first card I pulled that also pertained to my query. I got both the Ace Disks and upright 9 Cups concerning the matter. They’re both really positive cards, I just got them mixed up there for a minute! Thank you for this website!! Your interpretations are spot on and I always come to this site when I do my readings! Thanks again!


    • All’s well that ends well Leslie. Or so they say anyway. Yes, there would be a lot more written on the Nine of Cups in comparison to the Ace of Pentacles so I can see how you thought I might have changed the information. Great cards you got.




  6. Hi,
    My ace of pentacles showed up in my 1st house. Does this mean that I desire money? Or does it symbolise money in the future? I’m a single mum at uni working full time so money is always on my mind. But I’m hoping more so that it means I’ve passed my end of year exams. Cheers


    • Hi,

      I am not an astrologer, but I don’t think you have anything to worry about where your exams are concerned. That Ace of Pentacles shows you be to a very bright, industrious, hardworking, tenacious and ambitious individual. You know exactly what it is you want and have set long-term goals. Yes you desire money and all that it can buy, but you are not the one to sit around and wait for someone to give it to you. You want to be independent on many levels and financial security means a lot to you. Health does too and whereas you need to cut corners here and there to get by at times there are some things you are not prepared to compromise on. Oh with that Ace, I believe you are going for gold and will take nothing less. Success is very achievable for you once you keep focused. This is only one of several life goals you are working towards right now. Looking good girl!



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