The Magician -Relationship, Love & Sex Associations

The Magician

The Magician (I) Upright

The Magician

1 – Masculine, definite Beginnings, launch, power, individual, presence, singular, numero uno, solo, force, masculine, original, willpower, ego

Masculine Energy. A powerful man of great presence and distinction. The one who controls the relationship. The ball is in your court where this relationship is concerned – it is there for you if you want it. Great potential for love/relationship with this person. Success in love. The relationship has what it takes to survive and be successful. All you ever needed and looked for in a partner – looks, physique, charisma, power, status, money, personality. Exceeding your expectations. Falling for someone on sight – totally drawn in and captivated. Someone with the X-Factor.  Different from everyone else – stands out in the crowd. Unique individual – never met anyone like this person before. Worldly and well-traveled individual – extremely interesting to talk to. Great conversationalist – could listen to him/her all night – very articulate and great tone. Uses cleverly crafted wit and humour to make an introduction.  Well dressed but not flamboyant – classy. Your head has certainly being turned by a certain person. Send them a text, email them or make a call – make contact.  Someone who grabs your attention and leaves a strong impression on you. A person who has no problem getting partners – draws suitors to them. Drawn to someone – magnetism/mesmerism. You feel this person might be the one – everyone else falls away and pales into existence.  Dress to impress. Making a strong impact on someone. Being very impressed by someone. Love is the magic ingredient. Manifestation of your heart’s desire. Making it happen. A wonderful opportunity for love presents itself. Cultivating a relationship with someone – working on it in a systematic manner, getting him/her to fall for you, even if they currently show little interest.  A spark of magic between you. Conjuring up your dream partner. A powerful alliance. This relationship could be dynamite, the makings of a power couple. You are very ambitious in love and have set very high standards. Going for gold, after the best, aiming high. Not settling for anything but the best. Wanting a partner who is successful, powerful and enjoys status.  Being realistic and practical about a relationship.  Anaylsing a relationship – seeing if it has the necessary ingredients. Knowing exactly what you want in a relationship. A very single-minded approach to love. Your partner going to great effort to make you happy. Wanting to give your partner a good life. Being inventive and creative in love. Drawn to intelligence in a partner. Feeling in awe of your partner. Deferring to your partner. Looking up to your partner. Putting your partner on a pedestal.


Tarot of Hidden Realm – The Magician (Links To Full Deck At End Of Page)

A partner with great charisma, self-esteem and confidence. Feeling confident in love. Being very aware of the impact you have on others. Communicating your needs in a relationship. Falling for your teacher/lecturer/professor/mentor. Infatuated with your boss. Meeting someone while travelling or work-related. Motivate yourself to find love. Set out a plan of action for finding love. A couple who set goals and plans from the very beginning – a couple going somewhere. Great ambition in  relationship. What goes around in love, eventually comes around – be conscientious about your approach and attitude to relationships. What  you put out will come back to you. A partner who has a shifting personality – has two or more sides. You may become putty in the hands of this Magician – can you trust him? Leave some room for skepticism. Stay real, don’t be too eager to take this person at face value – wait and observe to see if they are as nice or wonderful as they make out to be. Be wary of the smooth-talker who has taken a great interest in you. You are very attractive/handsome and draw a lot of attention – do not let this go to your head. Playing to an audience – attention seeking/contrived.Be crystal clear about your intentions. You may fool others but you can’t fool yourself. 1 – deciding to stay single. Not wanting to align with another.


The Romantic Tarot by Lo Scarabeo (Links To Full Deck At End Of Page)


High sex drive. Libido. Aroused. Likes to take the lead in sex. Initiating sex.   Powerful, mind-blowing sex. Being sexually drawn to another. Using sex to demonstrate your power. Finding intelligence sexy. Massive sex appeal. Drop dead gorgeous. A stud. Virility. Macho. Feeling the earth move. Sexual prowess. Being sexually skilled and artful. Assertive sex. Very physical. No shortage of sexual partners. Sex on tap if you want it. Strong sexual needs. Sexual predator potential. Making advanced preparations for sex – not leaving it to chance ( a plan) – setting out to have sex. Using your skills and powers of persuasion to talk a reluctant partner into bed.  Getting what you want sexually – primarily thinking of yourself first. Knowing what is the appropriated thing to say or do to ensure that sex is the end result. Aware of effect you have on others and use it to your gain. Sexual conquests. Using your position, wealth, status to gain sexual favours. Single sex – masturbation. Voyeurism. Ceremonial sex – to gain an heir. Laying you cards on the table – looking for sex. Erection, turned on. Sex is very important. Wanting everyone to know how sexually active you are. Performing sexually for an audience. Lack of inhibition. Text Sex (sexting), a booty call, reading titillating or erotic material.

How Does He/She see me? – Pretty hot to be precise. Ready to fall at your feet. Someone with the X-Factor. As a great catch. Hitting the jackpot, striking gold if they were lucky to win your love.  As someone with status and rank. Very good looking and physically appealing. You stand out from the crowd. The ideal partner or perfect specimen. You meet all the criteria and tick all the right boxes. They are very impressed with you. Great potential and will very likely wish to pursue a relationship with you. May be anxious about obvious competition around though. May be so in awe of you, insecurity could lead to them doubting their chances with you. This could hold them back or make them hesitant for fear of rejection. Could think you must already be taken or have your choice of partner to choose from. For certain they are drawn to you even if they feel slightly intimidated by your greatness and the power that oozes from your pores. You are seen as very sexy and alluring. As someone with great presence. They think you are dynamic and charismatic. They are aware of your high level of intelligence and may worry about how well they match up to you. They would imagine you are also looking for someone of equal intelligence and status. They see you as very interesting and a great conversationalist. Articulate and well-spoken.You are seen as a very successful and ambitious person who will go far. Many will want to be by your side as you make that journey. They may see you as someone who comes with perks and bonuses. Life will be very exciting and interesting with you. Certainly not a run of the mill relationship. Having you as a partner would make them the envy of all their friends. You might be seen as the perfect match for them if they are seeking to become part of a power couple. Someone who could change their life and fortune. You would be seen as someone who has no problem getting a date, and that you enjoy an active and very physical sex life. They may put you on a pedestal, hang on your every word and believe anything you tell them. However, they may also see you as too full of yourself, or very aware of the impact you have on others.  You might be seen as possibly too good to be true or a smooth talker and manipulator whose sincerity they doubt or question. Your power may be off-putting. They may think you out of their reach, on another level to them. You could be viewed as domineering, someone who would want to control or exert influence over them. They might see you as too self-absorbed, that the relationship would be all about you and your needs, that they would always have to defer to you or walk in your shadow.  As likely to take the lead in sex. Actually they probably give a lot of thought to imagining a sexual encounter with you. They would imagine sex with you to be mind-blowing or earth-moving. However, they could see you as not too eager to settle down or commit too soon, that you may prefer to play the field a bit.  You might be seen as someone who is putting their career and ambition ahead of seeking a committed relationship. Someone who prefers to fly solo at present. on @deviantART

Yes/No – Yes, this relationship has the potential to go far and be very successful. However, there may be power struggles in the relationship if you are both strong willed. The Magician likes to be in control and take charge. The makings of a power couple if you are both on the same wavelength. Strong passion and attraction between you. The X-factor, the magic ingredients. Try to keep yourself in check and pace yourself. Don’t rush or force this as it is only the beginning. All looking good at present.

The Magician Reversed

The Magician (I) Reversed

The Magician Reversed

1 rx  – setbacks, delay, failure to launch, reversal, lack/extreme of power, forceful, demanding, controlling, selfish, self-centered, arrogant, loneliness, egotistic, introvert, underground, egotistic,

A relationship not going anywhere. A promising start but has failed to progress. Not interested in pursuing a relationship any further. Preferring the early stage of a relationship. Commitment issues – not wanting to follow through. The potential to be unfaithful or disloyal. Incompatibility – relationship does not have the magic ingredients. Poor timing – timing is off. You may not be at the same place right now, or are travelling different paths or directions. Trying to force or push through with a relationship that has no future. Haven’t spent the time cultivating a relationship between you and this person – expected your charm to do it for you. Someone is not impressed with you – disinterested. Your power trip is a turn off. Your charm is not working the way you had hoped.  Lost your touch. This person is not the one or you can’t find the right one. May be over-idealising or deluded in your search for the right one. No one ever makes the grade. Magic bubble bursts – discovering the subject of your desire is definitely not the one. No magic in the relationship – the spark is just not there as it should be. Desperately clinging on. Haven’t a clue what you want in love, just going with the flow and taking whatever comes your way. A thoughtless approach to relationships. A weak indecisive and dithering partner. Looking to your partner to make all the decisions and organise things. Submission and deference. Giving your power away in a relationship. Relinquishing power to your partner after marriage (voluntarily, culture, religion, tradition or force). Not being able to stand up for yourself in the relationship. Allowing your partner to rule the roost or get their way all the time. Street angel/house devil – two very different sides.


Tarot of Casanova – Magician (Links To Full Deck At End Of Page)

Hanging out with bad sorts. Married to the mob. Getting involved with known criminal or drug baron. Controlling relationship. Domination and submission. Possessive/Jealous.  Bullying your partner. A partner who is intimidating, threatening and abusive. Scared of the power your partner wields over you. Holding or exerting power over your partner. Dangerous or violent partner. Staying with someone because you are too frightened to leave. Split personality. Mental disorders. Others are drawn to this person for all the wrong reasons or display fear towards them. He/she seems to exert negative control over others. Has dubious friends who do not seek your friendship. Something is wrong – look behind the facade or act to find out what is going on.

Pretending to be someone you are not. Lying and deceiving to get a date or someone into bed. An imposter. Being impressed and taken in by looks or credentials. Social climber. Looking for a trophy partner. Like to brag and boast about your partner. Showing your partner off – parading them around. Prestige is important to you in a relationship, not love. Totally delusional in love – out of touch with reality. You are being played or taken advantage of. You might need help to get safely out of this relationship. A lack of conscience or morals.  Staying with someone; not because of love, but because they are powerful/wealthy. Someone is interested in you for all the wrong reasons – power, status, wealth, prestige, recognition, fame – they do not have true feelings for you. You are being used. Do not allow this person access to your power, assets or money. Someone sees through your facade – you have been rumbled. You may have to do a disappearing act to avoid the consequences. A partner who can magically appear and disappear at will. Someone who is living another life, or running two relationships. A lack of transparency about their actions or comings and goings.

Very little to offer anyone. Lack of education or qualification leads to low self-esteem and poor self-confidence – feel you can’t compete against your love rivals – backing off. A know-it-all who has an opinion on everything and anything. Can’t get a word in edge-ways with this person. Very much a one-sided conversation. Talks only about them-self and shows little interest in asking about you. A narcissist personality. Not being able to suitably express your feelings. Getting tongue tied when you are in the presence of your hearts desire. Not having a clue what to say. Being out of your depth in a relationship. Poor conversationalist. Finding it hard to initiate a conversation with anyone. May tick many boxes but he/she has nothing of interest to say for themselves.  You might find their company boring or tedious. Can walk the walk but cant talk the talk. Look the part, but little else. All surface superficial personality. Now you know why he/she was single and available. Not the great catch you expected. Can talk only about one subject and beat it to death – seem to have no outside interests. Totally misjudged this personality – conjured one up to suit your needs but it is painfully clear they do not match.

Sensual Wicca Tarot – Magician (Links To Full Deck At End Of Page)

Feeling lonely on  your own and never having anyone to share life with. Changing the focus of attention from career to relationship. Perhaps you are tired of being single, staying in and keeping a low profile. Time to live a little like the Fool. However, if in a relationship, you may be missing the single life and freedom the Fool enjoys. You may seek a way back, or continue to lead a single life while in a relationship. You may have pulled back from  a relationship just as it was going somewhere for fear of losing autonomy. Just as you can make a relationship happen as if by magic, you can also dismiss it rapidly too. Now you see it – now you don’t. You could be jumping in and out of a particular relationship as it suits you, magicking it up and turning on the charm when required. You have successfully pulled off this trick many times. It never fails to work. Going underground, or into hiding to avoid a person. Pulling a disappearing act.


Sexually inexperienced/pretending to be sexually experienced (first-time). Sexual incompatibility. Sexually disappointing/weak/boring. Sexually submissive. Sexually conservative and unadventurous. Bragging about sexual prowess. Approaching sex as a performance. Being insecure about your sexual performance. Sexual performance not living up to your expectations. A lot of fuss about nothing. Not feeling sexually drawn to your partner. Turned off. Refraining from sex. Not sexually active. More important things than sex right now. Saving yourself for the right one. Abstaining from sex. Missing sex. Sexually frustrated.  Using position to gain sexual favours. Using power to sexually entrap. False promises, lies and deceit to get sex. Working your power of influence to condition someone for sex. Personal gratification – not caring about your partner’s sexual needs. All about you. Sexual exploitation. Grooming someone for sex. Leading innocence astray. Defiling innocence. Bondage. Dominatrix. Rough sex. Demanding sex or taking it without consent. Feeling a sense of entitlement to sex. Sexual predator. Rape. Prostitution. Vice. Pimp. Sexually perverse. Reading/watching porn. Unsolicited dirty phone calls or debauch text messages.

Impotence, erectile dysfunction, loss of virility. The use of Viagra to maintain an erection or sexual desire. Ceremonial sex magick. Sex as part of a ritual.

How He/She sees me – Not in a very positive light. You have lost your power over someone. They no longer are infatuated or obsessed with you. Not interested in you.  They do  not see you as assertive enough or powerful. They may see you as lacking in drive and ambition. Out of your depth. Not committed faithful or loyal. The relationship doesn’t have what it takes to succeed.You don’t have what they are looking for. No magical ingredient between you, no chemistry. They do not have a future with you, or hold out hope of one. This could be misleading for you might be sending the wrong signals or think they will wait around indefinitely, having nowhere better to be. They might think you are not interested in them. You might over-estimate your pulling-power and become too laid back about securing a certain person. You simply are not putting yourself out there and making an impression. You might be seen as too introvert, not commanding enough in your presence.  They might be intimidated by or nervous of you. They may be trying to avoid you or think you are trying to avoid them.   You might be out of their league one way or another, punching above or below your weight. They doubt or mistrust your sincerity. As very sure of yourself, overly-confident and cocky. You are seen as a smooth talker and manipulator, someone they need to be cautious or wary of. They may have been warned off you by others.  There may be a powerful animal attraction between the two of you, but you are viewed as potentially dangerous, risky to get involved with – A fatal attraction. They would be asking for trouble. You may be seen as controlling or domineering, possessive or jealous. They may not feel able to trust your intentions. Only looking for a trophy partner. Don’t believe you have true feelings for them. You are superficial, easily impressed. They may see you as someone who is self-centered, only interested in yourself, someone too caught up in their own importance. Egotistic – preoccupied with your own needs. They could see you as damaging to their career or reputation. Interested in only one thing – Out for what you can get or take. As a sexual predator or womaniser – only looking for sex. You might be viewed as a fake or phoney, someone who is pretending to be something you are not in order to attract partners. They may see you as very one-sided, one-dimensional.

You are not the only one, there is competition for this person. They are considering which one is most suitable and has the best to offer. They just don’t see you as too keen or enthusiastic enough. You are slipping into the background. You might be seen as the one that got away, the golden opportunity they should have siezed. Compare all suitors to you. They may look on you as their ex-partner/lover, someone who once meant a lot to them. Forcing yourself on someone. Trying to force them to have feelings they do not.  Determined to make them love you whether they like it or not. Coming on too strong, being overbearing. Too much personality. Thinking you can wave your magic wand and command anything you desire. Not taking no for an answer. Afraid to say no to you.  Scared of you. Need to stay away from you. Keep you at arms length. That you won’t let them go or end the relationship. As potentially violent or abusive.


Tarot of Sexual Magic – Magician (Links to Deck At End of Page)

See you as ambitious or wanting access to their power or position.  Someone who is unlikely to stay around unless there is something to be gained – once there is something in it for you. They might see you as missing the single life, wanting to be single again or acting as if you are single while with them.

Yes/No – No, there is something wrong, something is missing. It lacks depth and commitment. The potential is not there, not strong enough. The relationship does not have what it takes to succeed right now. You may seek each other out for all the wrong reasons. You may be trying to run with it when the timing is off or is inappropriate. You may be too busy in other areas of your life to give this your focus. No, stop and turn back if you feel apprehensive or nervous about this person, or if you have witnessed unpleasant behavior or worrying personality traits. Check to find out who or what you are about to get involved with. They may bring trouble your way or endanger you. They may not be who they say they are. Do they have a bad reputation you are choosing to ignore?


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