Taurus –  The Bull

April 21st  – May 21st

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Taurus for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Taurus Symbol

Ruling Planet – Venus

Duality or Gender – Feminine

Triplicity or Element – Earth

Quadruplicity or Quality – Fixed

Body Areas – Neck, throat and thyroid gland

Stone – Emerald

Colours – Pale blue, green or pink

Tarot Correspondences – Heirophant, King of Pentacles, Knight or Four of Pentacles

Taureans have an obsession with having things, not just any things, but rather expensive and luxurious things. They are born with a need to own and possess. This need to own and possess sometimes includes people.  They also have a deep desire for stability and security, both physically and financially, and will go to unbelievable lengths to secure it.  For the Taurean, security generally means financial security and once they have plenty of money, they generally feel happy and balanced. They will however, work very hard for what they earn. Generally the Taurean will set out a well thought out, long-term career and life plan when quite young. They will slowly and methodically, work their way towards it, keeping their goal firmly in sight and their focus un-wavered.

Taureans love to surround themselves with all the wonderful things money can buy, as this makes them feel safe and secure. However, there will be no squandering of money. Taureans do have a reputation for holding onto money and looking after it well, be it in investments, secure long-established savings plans or pensions. They will certainly have planned well for their future and will not be caught without a substantial life assurance, pension plan and medical insurance cover. They are natural house-keepers and are born with a budget they stick rigidly too.

Some may view the Taurean as being overly materialistic, but it is just their way of feeling safe and secure. Remember, they are prepared to put in the hard work and effort that is required to establish financial security. They rarely look for hand-outs from friends or family as they like to rely on their own resources.

Taureans are extremely reliable and dependable. Then will turn up when they say they will, and if they say they will do something for you, you don’t have to have any doubts as to it getting done.  Diligent, methodical and thorough, they will spend as long as it takes to complete the task. In fact, it’s often those tedious long drawn out tasks that are gladly handed over to Taureans by their fellow Zodiac Signs, who find them dreadfully boring to deal with. Taureans  however, can play things too safe, and generally want a guarantee of a particular outcome before they venture into it. Anything that has a risk element attached to it will be avoided at all costs. As a rule, Taureans don’t like taking any sort of risk or gamble. This trait although admirable, may find them getting set in their ways and very stubborn.  Creatures of habit and rituals, they are not fans of spontaneity. They may miss out on some wonderful opportunities as a result.

Taureans are loyal to their friends and can be very charming. They are also renowned as being the most beautiful Sign in the Zodiac.  They are often good-looking and have great bodies. They do however, love good food and good wine so need to work hard to maintain their weight. It can easily pile on when the Taurean is looking the other way. However, they tend to have a healthy respect for what they put into their bodies, and being a strong Earthy Sign, enjoy vegetables, fruit and organic foods.


Taurus is ruled by sensual and loving Venus, so when it comes to affairs of the heart they can be extremely romantic, and with their natural charm and good looks, will never be short of admirers. When they do get attached, they have no problem parting with some of their hoarded cash on expensive dining out, holidays in luxury hotels and extravagant presents. When it comes to love, Taureans really do not have a problem spending.

Their strong sensuality will make them excellent lovers, as well as being caring and considerate. However, once a relationship has been established it can turn sour very fast if possessiveness is allowed in the door. You see Taureans will consider their partner to be one of their possessions or belongings. He is my man, she is my woman for example.  They can watch their partner closely and won’t take too well to other men/women stopping to have a casual chat with their partner. So much more will be read into it, and dark clouds can rapidly appear. Generally peace-loving and slow to anger, the ‘bull in the china shop’ can appear if pushed too far. Thunderous rows and accusations can follow.

When their partner announces or hints at the fact that they are unhappy, the Taurean will often be confused.  They can place possessions ahead of people.  As a result,  they can believe they are fulfilling their role as a caring partner by providing a luxurious home and all the trappings that go with it. Their things, make them happy, but they may not understand why the same is not true for their partner. Being their true old stubborn self,  they may be reluctant to address problems within the relationship.

Family and Parenting

When Taureans do eventually settle down it will be with a partner who shares their appreciation of the good things in life. The settled Taurean enjoys the comfort and emotional stability of family life, and all the routine and traditions that go with it. However, the Taurean preoccupation with making money can have them working 24/7 which will leave them precious little time for family. They generally don’t understand why the family may not be happy with this set up. This is because they generally do not view their work as a necessary evil that has to be got out-of-the-way so that bills can get paid. They rather enjoy being in work. They are not clock watchers so hours can disappear quite quickly while they are beavering away.

The Taurean parent will shower their partner and kids with the best of everything. Their house will be amazing and beautifully decorated. Even the animals, which are so beloved by Taureans will live in the lap of luxury. The Taurean parent must remember that money is not everything, and certainly cannot buy happiness. Their natural tendency of playing it safe can overspill into their children’s upbringing  by keep their kids on a short leash.

Taureans do love the outdoors and will expect their kids to get plenty of fresh air, but will steer them well clear of any activities that may be risk related. They have to remember that not all their children will share their cautious nature. They must let them get on with life in their own way every now and then. This advice also applies to their partner who may have problems with their Taurean being so sensible and predictable all the time.  Not everyone likes to play it safe, well not all the time anyway, so the Taurean will have to learn to deal with these occasions as they arise.


When it comes to career, Taureans are the committed plodders who work carefully and relentlessly. They have a very firm and fixed idea of what they want to be or do, and will work steadily towards this for as long as it takes. They know exactly what they want from life.

Taureans can can get set in their ways and be too conventional. They need a lot of motivation to change their deep-set traditional ways. This makes them excellent for working in large firms which have a well-established traditional feel to them. Their love of money will have them seeking careers in banking or accountancy where everything is methodical and detailed. Unlike a lot of the other Signs, they thrive on the routine of a 9 to 5 job that is predictable and stable. They can be found working in the same organisation from youth until retirement.

For the Taurean who decides to go into business and establish their own empire, they will have to make sure that it is  as risk free as possible, and will spend forever carefully planning the whole thing down to the last paper clip. Taureans due to their hard-working and committed nature, will be very good at running their own business. They have great patience when it comes to business and understand that millions will not be made overnight. They will take no short cuts, and will not be lured by any ‘get rich quick schemes’ that may be offered to them. They understand that it is hard work and commitment that makes for success.

Their tendency to be too conventional, traditional and especially un-adventurous could have them not moving their business forward with the times, not installing the latest up-to-date equipment or software.  They need someone working with them who will motivate them in these areas, otherwise excellent business opportunities may slip through their fingers because of the risk element involved.

Taureans generally do well working in careers involving luxury or beauty. They make excellent beauticians and make-up artists. They can be found working in designer clothes departments and anywhere where expensive, luxurious items are sold. Due to their methodical and traditional approach to work, careers such as accountancy, architecture and engineering will suit perfectly. Their love of nature and the land will find them involved in horticulture, agriculture and running well maintained farms or equestrian centres.

Taureans can appear dull and boring to many, regardless of their good looks. They may appear un-adventurous and way too conventional. However, if you do manage to get stuck sitting beside one at a dinner party you will soon find them extremely interesting and not boring at all. They often have a strong sense of humour, bordering or wicked or dark at times. They are one of the most musical of the Zodiac and make excellent musicians and singers.


Taureans love of good food and good wine can have them excessing in these area. If not kept in check, they can become overweight quite easily. They just love their food. Even the Taurean child will send back a well licked-clean plate from the dinner table. Predisposed to a sweet tooth, this can wreak havoc on the naturally, great Taurean body. Their extremely sensual nature makes for an expensive chocolate lover. Taureans have a tendency to a slow metabolism, which needs encouragement through exercise.  Regardless of eating healthy they can often suffer from sluggish systems and constipation.  They do love the outdoors but not necessarily power walking or running. They prefer a leisurely stroll, when they can take in their beautiful surroundings. They can walk for miles like this but it won’t do much for speeding up the metabolism. They also like horse-riding, and because of their patience and methodical approach can excel in dressage where focused concentration and skill is essential.

They are naturally good dancers, so joining a dance class would be ideal. Unlike a lot of the other signs, they won’t bore too easily at the gym and enjoy following a program with repetitive work outs. Taurus governs the neck, throat and thyroid. Taureans can be prone to imbalances of the thyroid gland, so should be on the look out for sudden weight loss or gain, as it may be connected.  Regular check-ups are advisable.  Sore throats and swollen glands are common.

The Older Taurean

When the Taurean retires, they do love their hobbies and will often seek past-times that would bore the pants off the other Signs. Anything that is methodical or detailed can be very appealing.  Intricate jigsaws with thousands of minuscule pieces would be ideal. Because of their love of nature, Taureans will be quite happy tending to their garden or developing an organic vegetable patch. Their love of animals will have them spending considerable time with their pets; walking, grooming etc. They love their luxurious comfortable home, but will have no problem letting their cats or dogs sprawl all over the expensive couch or bedspread.

Because of their natural flair for music, joining a musical or operatic society is a strong possibility. Their love of cookery can have them  taking up cordon bleu cookery classes. Wine appreciation societies or clubs is another interesting area for them. Taureans can be good with their hands so Pottery classes or sculpting can be very rewarding. Older Taureans are also drawn to golf.

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