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The Four Aces in the Minor Arcana are symbolic representations of the contents of the knapsack that The Fool (O) carries and also the tools The Magician (I )displays in The Major Arcana of The Tarot.   Therefore, there is a connection between the Aces and the above two Major Arcana Cards.  There is also a connection with the No 10 card, The Wheel of Fortune (X) of the Major Arcana. 10 in Nurmerology reduces down to 1 when its two digits are added (1+0=1).  The Wheel of Fortune is constantly turning and is always presenting us with fresh starts and new opportunites.  The wheel, like our life turns in cycles.  10 in the Tarot stands for both ending and beginning .  We go through many cycles in our lives and our given many chances to start again.

The Four Aces represent the Elements in their purest form.  These are the gifts from God or the Divine that we each arrive with when we are born.  On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life (covered in Part III), The Four Aces reside in the exalted sphere or realm of Kether (Crown/Divine Source) where all creation in its rawest and most immature form must first emerge or birth from.

The Aces are gifts of boundless possibilities and energy waiting to be realised.  Each Ace represents the potential of its governing Element.  To begin anything in life we must access the energy of the Aces first for with these Four Aces anything can be achieved.  Without their presence nothing will happen, life would stand still and be meaningless.  Therefore, the Four Aces individually represent the beginning or early stages of something.  Each Element begins things in their own way.  The Fire Element (Wands) begins something with an explosion of activity and excitement.  The Water Element (Cups) begins to feel something through their emotions.  The Air Element (Swords) begins to think or plan. The Earth Element (Pentacles) begins to build or form.

It is important to understand that the energy that accompanies The Four Aces is abstract in form.  It has not yet manifested.  It is the potential that has not yet been realised but is there ready and waiting should we be  willing to grasp hold of it.  The Four Aces offer real hope and the possibility of new starts and fresh beginnings.  Before anything can manifest, it must first exist as potential.  The Fool (O) in The Major Arcana is bursting with potential yet is not quite aware of how to work with it.  He carries a knapsack on his back but is totally unaware of its contents.  It is The Magician (I) who unpacks the knapsack to show him the tools that have been given to him.  He also shows him the power of each tool (Element). 

Aces represent 0 and the number 1.  0 symbolically represents the void that is waiting to be filled.  In the Numerology part of this course we learned that the number 1 stands for the beginning, birthplace or origin of something or even starting over again.  1 stands alone, unique and independent.  It is the 1 that fills the void of 0 in the early processes of creation.

If three or more Aces turn up in a reading then prepare for new beginnings, opportunities, a fresh start or a new environment.  You may be experiencing a whole change of life which might feel overwhelming initially but once embraced will lead to much personal fulfilment and satisfaction.  The appearance of two Aces close to each other in a reading often represents a relationship or strong bond.

When three or more Aces appear reversed then expect to find opportunities blocked to you at the moment or delays in getting something off the ground.  You may feel that you are getting nowhere and you are bound to be experience frustration as a result. If there is a total absence of Aces in a reading then it suggests that life is quite steady and predictable.  Depending on the circumstances this may be what is desired.

Sometimes old commitments need to be addressed before moving on to something new. When the Ace appears reversed one must often go back to the number 10 card of the Suit to learn the lesson therein before being able to understand and utilise the energy or message of the upright Ace.  This may seem odd to you at present but by the time you complete Part I of this course it will become quite meaningful and obvious.

The Cloud that accompanies each hand in the Four Aces symbolises Spirit and is to be found in many other cards in the Tarot indicating Spirit/Divine Source involvement, guidance or blessings.  Aces also represents the receiving of News.  The governing Element will determine the kind of news received.  Upright the news will be perceived as good or welcome while in Reverse the news is often viewed as bad or unwelcome.

Now Click onto The Ace of Wands, The Ace of Cups, The Ace of Swords and The Ace of Pentacles   or go to the Sub Menu where you will find their Descriptions and Meanings both Upright and Reversed along with all their relevant Keywords.

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