The King of Wands

The King of Wands – The Leader

King of Wands Upright


Mature Masculine Fire, Dynamic, Powerful, Strong, Leader, Ruler, Boss, Director, Experienced, Mentor, Role-Model, Goal-Setter, Take-Charge, Proud/Pride, Admirable, Dependable, Integrity, Strong Principles, Autocratic, Virile, Energetic, Agile, Physically Fit, Healthy, Sporty, Sexy, Macho, Bold, Protector, Resilient, perseverance, Adventurous, Spontaneous, Heroic, Courageous, Fearless, Volunteer, Spirited, Charismatic, Charming, Stimulating, Exciting, Eager, Self-Confidence, Self-Belief, Self-Esteem, Respected, Go-Getter, Daring, Creative, Inspiring, Visionary, Foresight, Risk-Taker, Speculator, Ambitious, Competitive, Enterprising/Entrepreneur, Self-Starter, Innovator/Innovative, Inventor/Inventive, Initiative, Talented, Genius, Versatile, Variety, Friendly, Warm, Enthusiastic, Positive, Optimistic, Ardent, Forthright, Assertive, Persuasive, Fulfilled


Take control of your life, Be assertive in this situation but not forceful, Remember that you are in charge, Show them who is the Boss, Ascend your throne, When you show belief in yourself others will too, Go for it!, Take a chance, Think Big, Where is your sense of adventure? You can beat the rest and come out on top, Come up with, some new ideas, Find a novel approach, Express your originality, You must have the enthusiasm, energy and motivation to finish what you start, Dare to be different, If you believe in it don’t be put off by the negativity of others, It doesn’t matter what others think, You have the experience that is required, Respect must be earned and not expected, Stand on your principles, Be the hero in this situation, Make a grand gesture, Set a good example,  Others are looking to you for guidance, Lead the way,  Motivate and enthuse those around you, Look to the future,  See the Big Picture, Share your experience by mentoring someone, Stay healthy and strong by exercising, Get out and about,


Do I finish what I start? Do I feel in charge and in control of my life?  What are my goals? Do I use my power wisely? Do my staff respect me? Am I a good team leader,  How can I inspire others? Why do I always have to lead the way? How good am I at delegating? Do I want to do it all myself? Is there someone who could benefit from my experience? Do I feel enthusiastic and motivated? When is the last time I helped anyone? Do I get enough exercise? Is my position safe? 


From The Above Messages Try to Work Out Some Messages for Reversed


Now explore the personality of the King of Wands below. If he has turned up in your reading it means his energies have special meaning for you at this time.

You must ask yourself:  Who is he?  Who does he remind me of?  Is he having a positive or negative influence in my life?  Am I exerting discipline in the proper areas of my life? How can I embrace or avoid his energy?  What is he trying to tell me?  Is this how I am behaving?  Is this how others perceive me?  Do I like him or not? Do I want to be more like him? How can I be more like him, If he is not a person then what is his energy trying to tell me? How would this King handle my situation? Which part of this King am I trying to deny?

Personality Profile

The King of Wands combines the outward focus of a King with the positive, creative and dynamic energies of Fire.  He uses Earth to ground this energy so he may be of use in his world.

Here we meet the Knight of Wands all grown up.  The maturity of the fire element realises its full potential in the King of Wands.  The King of Wands combines the outward focus of a King with the indomitable spirit and positive energy of Fire.

Regal and stately, the King of Wands sits on a throne which is adorned with salamanders and lions.  He wears a majestic yellow cloak richly detailed with large salamanders. These salamanders appeared on the cloak of the Knight of Wands but if you compare the two cards you will notice that in the King of Wands, the salamanders have closed the circle. In the King of Wands, the salamander’s tails connect to their mouths to form a circle. This symbolises the ability and potential of Fire, once discipline has been applied, to successfully complete that which has being started.

His brilliant deep orange gown confirms his connection to his governing element, Fire and suggests the passion, ardour and eagerness he puts into everything he touches. The green mantle and green shoes remind us that this King is the Earthy part of Fire. Through self-discipline, he has learned to control and harness his eagerness and enthusiasm in order to produce something of worth for all the effort expended.  Both the lions engraved on his throne and the lion’s head pendant around his neck symbolise this King’s incredible inner strength, courageous leadership qualities, powerful presence and intense pride.  The young salamander sitting beside his throne suggests the King of Wand’s incredible ability to regenerate, recreate and reinvent himself regardless of age or circumstances.

This King holds firmly his wand as he looks out and away.  We may wonder if he is reminiscing about all the wonderful exciting times and travels of his youth.  Is he reliving the numerous challenges he rose to over the years and all his conquests?  If he is, then he probably realises the futility of many of them and how he could have better handled different situations.  Over the years he has become aware of the mighty and sometimes dangerous power of his governing element.  As a Knight he was sometimes guilty of letting the Fire lose because it was so exciting to be around.  However, he understands that he was just an apprentice with his element and had yet to fully respect it.  He had let the Fire get out of hand at times and can now acknowledge that others had got burned by his reckless behaviour and cavalier attitude.

This King has no regrets though as his attitude would be, that if he had it all to do again, he would do it the very same way.  He realises that life in itself is boring and monotonous unless risks are taken and fears overcome.  He understands life as it should be; adventurous, spontaneous and exciting.  He never expected guarantees or assurances on how it would turn out.  Where would the fun and gamble be in that?  Why would one bother getting out of bed every morning if one knew how each day would be?  Yes, he admits that he made many mistakes in the past by being too hasty and by getting overly enthusiastic about things but if he had not explored all his options back then how would he know now if what he has is really what he wants?  If he had chosen the safe and predictable, hadn’t moved outside his own territory, had settled for the boring and mundane he would certainly have missed out on the wonderful exciting and hell raising experiences that have shaped him into the person he is today.  He can handle anything that is thrown at him for he has been there and done it all.  He can now ascend his throne with pride and take ownership of his realm.  He is in charge of his own world and rules fearlessly over his entire Kingdom.

The King of Wands appears poised as if ready to leap to his feet at any moment should he see or hear something that catches his attention.  Not one for sitting or moping around, he probably hankers after the days when he had a backpack or suitcase ready at all times.  This is not to say that this King has become a home-bird.  Most certainly not for he loves to travel and gets away whenever he can.  He loves exploring new environments, new cultures and tasting new foods.  You will not find this King heading off to the same holiday destination year after year.  However, as the mature King of Wands, we must presume that his life is more settled now than in the days of his Knighthood.  He most probably, if not definitely has responsibilities that need his constant attention and obligations to others rather than thinking of just himself.  He may have an empire to run, a country or team to lead, a campaign to champion or a project to manage.  He might indeed have a wife to consult or even kids to take into consideration when making decisions.

Yes, the wander-lust days of the King of Wands’ youth may be behind him but that does not mean he has lost the ability to enjoy every moment of life or to seize any exciting or adventurous opportunity that might come his way.   This King may have grown up and matured but he has most definitely not lost his fire.  He has become master of his element and understands its volatile nature.  He uses Fire wisely not just for his own benefit but also for the greater good of all who share his environment.  This King will remain eternally youthful and open-minded.  He will never lose his sense of spontaneity and enthusiasm for what is new and inspirational.  His creative genius will never dull or dim.  We most certainly will not find this King slinking into old age without a darn good fight.

This King, along with the Emperor of the Major Arcana and the Knight of Swords represents the Sun sign of Aries.

Self-confident, positive, proud and honest this King has much experience and advice to bring to any situation he is involved with.  The King of Wands bases his knowledge on a life time of systems and approaches that have been well-tried and tested by him on numerous occasions.  He is a take-charge kind of guy, who commands a powerful presence.  His extremely persuasive nature motivates others to follow his lead and offer their loyal support.

The King of Wands is a born leader who never tires of challenges or finding new approaches.  He is the first to step forward or volunteer when a difficult situation needs to be addressed or risks need to be taken.  His natural confidence and self-belief make him fearless and courageous.  A role model to many, the King of Wands sets examples and standards that others want to follow.  They look to him for guidance and mentoring.  His enthusiasm and motivation are infectious.  When this King is around everyone feels stronger, more able and oozing with positivity to take on the world or any other challenges that may arise.   Assertive and strong-willed he generally gets his way through willing compliance and not by force or intimidation.  He is well-respected by those around him who admire his strong principles and forthright manner.

The King of Wands holds high aspirations for his life.  He despairs of old out dated modes of thinking and behaving.  He is always on the look-out for novel ideas or concepts, new inventions or state of the art technology.  He has lost none of the Knight’s fascination and originality.  He may have left his maverick days behind as a Knight but as King, he has matured into a mastermind.  The King of Wands is famously known for his amazing Entrepreneurial success.  He has the vision and foresight to spot a hot opportunity long before anyone else has.  He sees the big picture in the smallest of things; sets his goal and boldly pursues it with the strength and perseverance of a champion athlete.  He is wonderfully creative and artistic in every walk of life and can apply these natural talents when developing new inventions, new strategies or setting up fledgling businesses that will grow into empires.

The King of Wands is future oriented and has big plans.  He doesn’t sweat the small stuff in life preferring to aim high by taking chances and risks.  He has the courage and conviction to take the necessary gamble when others fall back in fear.  His deep belief in his abilities and obvious success drive him on and on.  This King is strong and decisive and has not lost the Knight’s love of action and adventure.   However, as the King, he has become aware that actions determine results. Therefore he has learnt to pace himself and to finish that which he has started.  The King of Wands knows what he wants and only goes after what he wants.  He does not waste his energy on those things that do not interest him.  Unlike the Knight, the King does have a plan.  For those who are inspired by his optimism and chose to follow or join his team, they will be part of his success and enjoy their own success too.

Dynamic and charismatic, the King of Wands is ardent and honest.  Direct and outspoken, he does not believe in holding back when voicing his opinions.  Though the King is charming and friendly his very candid and frank nature can at times come across as arrogance and insensitivity to those at the receiving end of it.  This King does like to be in control and dominate his environment.  His presence in a reading often suggests the desire to express yourself or your creation to the world.  The King can often appear pushy or forceful in this state but we must remember that his eye is on the big picture and those who stand in his way, delay or restrict forward movement towards his goal will be dealt with in a hard-handed manner.  He will become confrontational with opposition or when others try dismiss his ideas or beliefs.

Assertive and Proud the King of Wands has good intentions.  He has strong principles and will stand his ground for what he believes in. Like the Queen of Wands before him, he will also come to the defence of others should they be oppressed or abused.  He likes to fight for a good cause and will become passionately involved in any organisations or campaigns he puts his name to.

The King of Wands is healthy and fit.  He enjoys sport immensely both as a player and as a spectator.  Fearless on and off the field, he likes highly competitive games and extreme sports.  He works out regularly but needs a variety of exercise regimes to avoid boredom setting in.  He is always on the go one way or another so will have a high metabolic rate which will keep his weight under control despite his love of food.

This King is a joy to have around the house as he is the perfect DIY guy.  He likes nothing better than spending his weekend sledgehammering walls down and kango hammering holes in the back yard.  He is drawn to power tools like women are drawn to diamonds and will spend much time playing with them.  He will work tirelessly from dawn to dusk on a renovation project or new build.  He would stay at it all night if only the neighbours would stop complaining about the noise.  The women in his neighbourhood will greatly admire him for his handy skills and often call upon him when something falls apart in the house.  He is very obliging and always turns up when asked armed with power tools and a big smile.  They hold secret crushes on him while the men silently envy him.  They would be very happy to see him move out just to take the pressure off them.

In relationships, the King of Wands is in charge but this does not mean he likes a submissive partner.  On the contrary, he is drawn to strong women.  However, as in every other aspect of his life, the King of Wands will assume the superior role in his relationships for he is used to being the boss.  If his partner happens to be a Wands type too then there may be power struggles within the relationship and hell raising rows to deal with when tempers flare.

This King is not the great romantic.  He believes that emotions often get in the way of one having a good time.  Therefore, he would avoid clingy women like the plague.  The King of Wands needs his space and must have freedom of movement with few restrictions.  If his relationships are to be successful, then his partner must understand and accept this aspect of him.  His partner must understand that she needs to trust her King by giving him as much rope as he needs.   To be honest, the King of Wands would be horrified at the very notion of any rope or even a loose leash, for that in itself is restriction which brings about suspicion and having to account for his actions and whereabouts.  Neither does he like to be held to strict time-keeping or God forbid that his partner may try to lay down the law with him.

It takes a strong partner to understand the needs of her King of Wands and what can sometimes be viewed as a selfish and self-centred nature.  However, the King of Wands has never declared himself as anything else and would have spelled it out crystal clear from the beginning  that he is his own man and so lives his life as he chooses.  He does like to have an independent life from his partner but this does not mean that he wants to be free to flirt or that he takes his partner for granted.   He finds routine boring so a partner who is expecting him home at a certain time every evening will be sorely disappointed.  In fact, if at any stage he feels he is being hemmed in or controlled by his partner, he will rebel and cause all sorts of show downs.  Fiery outbursts can follow and the relationship can become increasingly rocky.  Disaster will surely follow.

The ideal partner of the King of Wands will be quite like him in personality.  She will be strong, independent, confident and assertive.  She will happily enjoy a separate life outside of their relationship by retaining her own circle of friends and happily engage in activities that do not involve her partner.  This helps to maintain a freshness within the relationship, where both have something new to bring to the dinner table at night and both look forward to seeing each other.  She, like the King of Wands will be sporty and physically active.  Though they may maintain their independence, as a couple they will share certain important interests.  If this relationship is to be successful then the partner of the King of Wands must share his love of adventure, spontaneity and travel.

Although, the King of Wands may not be up there with the King of Cups when it comes to romance, he is very macho, virile and sexy.  He enjoys a very healthy, active and regular sex life.  He is physically fit and handsome.  Once the King of Wands finds his perfect mate, he is quite happy to commit and will be loyal and faithful once the above rules and conditions are followed.  If they can get it right then this couple will have a very dynamic relationship with plenty of excitement, outdoor pursuits and travel.

Career wise, the nature of the King of Wands speaks for itself.  As a born leader, the King of Wands likes to sail his own ship.  He is the successful Entrepreneur who is known for taking risks, often appearing pushy and aggressive to get where he is going. He is a self-starter and not afraid to go it alone for something he believes in even if no one else does.  As mentioned earlier, he is a visionary and this ability comes into its own when applied to business.  He sees the potential in things that others are quick to dismiss.  He looks for gaps in the market while others stay with the safe and predictable.  He moves quickly on ideas while others ponder for weeks debating the pros and cons.  The King of Wands takes action and manifests his ideas in the real in the world with confidence, agility and great success.

The King of Wands also likes to work with people who think and act like him.  No one doubts for one moment that he is the boss but this man likes to get close to his work force.  He moves among them, works beside them, is eager to hear what they have to say or any ideas they may have.  His office door is always open and he is very approachable.  He encourages his employees to think big and out of the box.  He views problems as challenges when they arise in the workplace and will call everyone on board to find solutions.  His mind is open to suggestions and new approaches.  He demands loyalty from his staff but will never stifle initiative or personal ambition among them.  He will have a few diehard long-term staff who he will view as indispensable. These will be the employees who look after the more tedious end of business which allows him the freedom to do what he does best.  He likes to recruit the young and ambitious before they turn stale and un-adventurous.  He will hold weekly brainstorming sessions and reward his staff well for their enthusiasm.

This King is strong, brilliant and bold in the workforce and an exciting person to work for.  However, he does not suffer fools too well.  Nor does he understand weakness, or indecision.  He himself is never ill so he does not expect to see it in others.  His staff will be expected to turn up one way or another come hell or high water, flu dose or tummy bug.  He likes a work environment that is vibrant, noisy and fast paced.  Don’t apply for the job unless you can keep up!

As the boss, the King of Wands will be definitely enjoy a hands-on attitude.  Not afraid of hard work, he will roll his sleeves up with the rest and get stuck into the dirty work as often as necessary.

One very important aspect to remember about the King of Wands, and this applies to all areas of his life is the fact that he cannot stand boredom and restriction.  Any job or career that requires him to turn up at the same office day in day out doing the same old duties over and over again from 9 to 5 will either drive him insane or turn him into a flat, lifeless and disinterested spiritHe needs regular changes of scenery, challenging duties and a work day that brings constant surprises and interesting people. He doesn’t mind working weekends, late nights or during the holiday time if what he does holds his attention and interests him.

As a born Leader the King of Wands can successfully adopt a career in politics, working tirelessly in his constituency.  If he does enter politics then this King has the fire in his belly, drive, energy, self-belief and mass support to make it to the top.  He could easily enter the race for Presidency or seek election to be the next Prime Minister.  He would whoop up a storm of enthusiasm on his campaign trail gaining support everywhere he goes with his visionary plans for change and reform in the country.

The King of Wands is also well suited to a career in sales where he will be determined to break all targets.  Challenging careers such as advertising and marketing are other key areas of interest for him as they offer an ever-changing and stimulating work environment where new ideas and concepts are part of the job specification.

The visionary and creative aspect of this King combined with his originality, uniqueness and novel approach can find him dedicating his life to inventing new products, systems, machines, gadgets – things no one else would ever have thought of before.

The King of Wands is the archetypal Hero who risks all to rescue those who cannot help themselves or are in danger.  His fearless nature can find him seeking a career in fire fighting, search and rescue or bomb defusal.

This King can also become a successful sportsman or sports presenter.  This King could enjoy the prestige, fame and success of a Formula 1 driver if he so chose.  He also enjoys the freedom that the outdoors brings so any career that offers it to him will be of interest such as project managing a building development, site engineer or haulage.

He enjoys meeting people and likes to mingle with celebrities so a career as an agent, photographer or journalist might appeal.

Being a strong Fire sign, the King of Wands likes to be centre stage and to be admired so a career in acting or singing would be appealing, especially if he had the ability to become a rock star.

The King of Wands has an indomitable spirit and even as he ages, he will still be up for a new challenge.  As a result will find it hard to let go of the reins and hand them to someone else. His enthusiasm and inability to rest and put his feet up will have him working in his business or manner of employment till the day he drops.

If this King decides to retire he will have made sure he has enough money saved to travel. He might even take the time to return to the pyramids and at leisure explore the third one that as a Knight he hadn’t the patience to view.

Yes, the King of Wands has certainly learnt to be more patient as he got older but only just.  He is still intolerant of those who he views as weak or boring.  If an opportunity arises that excites or challenges him he will be the first up off his throne to take advantage of it even if he is on a walking stick.  He will remain a big sports fan, will stay very active and keep physically fit until the day he dies.

As a father, the King of Wands can be firm yet controlling.  His kids know he is in charge and would not dare challenge him.  This does not mean that they are fearful of him.  His children look up to him and accept his authority with ease.  They know he is there for them whenever they need him and are very proud to have him as their Dad.  He is a very caring father but not in a mushy way.

The King of Wands is a wonderful role model for his children and provides them with a constant source of inspiration.  Their friends think likewise and find him exciting and fun to be around.  He is greatly involved in his children’s lives and will turn up at all their sporting events cheering them on and offering tactical advice.  He may even be involved in their coaching if he has the time.

He has to be careful not to take over as his personality is so strong his children may find it hard to express theirs should they differ.  He is immensely proud of his children and wants the very best for them and for them to realise their full potential in life.  He is always striving himself and pushing the boundaries but will find it hard to understand or accept if any of his kids do not share his unquenchable thirst for challenge.  He may deem it as weakness of spirit and attempt to rectify the situation.  He may not realise that not everyone is like him and that his children have their own unique path to follow in life.  The hard thing is if their path is very different from his.  This situation can immediately present itself when he discovers that his young son is either not interested in sport or not terribly good at it.  Teenage years can be difficult when the Wands Dad cannot relate to his kids lounging around in bed half the day proclaiming they are bored with this that and everything. This King enjoys his own freedom, but his teenage daughters best prepare themselves for a clamp down on theirs.  He will not take kindly to losing control of them and remembers only too well, the antics he got up to as Knight.  Boyfriends will be grilled and only the strongest and bravest will gain entry into the inner sanctum of the family and given permission to date a daughter.  When in conflict with his children the King of Wands can become forceful and fiery clashes can occur.  His temper when it explodes will terrify his children.

Having a King of Wands as a Dad will mean exciting action-packed holidays to all sorts of destinations.  Mostly the King of Wands likes hot climes but will enjoy any destination once it promises adventure and places of interest to visit.  Not a fan of organised or package holidays, he prefers to plan his own itinerary.  Of course when he was Knight, he would simply fly by the seat of his pants or just decide as he journeyed along, hoping on trains, boats and planes as he pleased.  With a family in tow, he has to be slightly more organised than that, but only just.   His partner and kids could very well find themselves sleeping in makeshift tents on safari or backpacking through the Australian outback avoiding lethally poisonous snakes and spiders as they go.

The King of Wands will always be up for it and will want to impress on his children the importance of exploring the world they live in.  He will enthuse his children with anecdotes of all the far off exotic places he visited in his youth.

All in all, the upright King of Wands is a fantastic Dad to have around.


King of Wands Reversed

Weak, Powerless, Ineffective, Poor Role Model, Immature, Impulsive, Hasty, Restless, Restricted, Commitment Issues, Ignorant, Rude, Overbearing, Boorish, Overwhelming, Excessive, Bully, Dictator, Tyrant, Fiery, Forceful, Obedience, Controlling, Pushy, Unyielding, Egotistical, Showy, Over-selling, Know-all, Overly Proud, Arrogant, Domineering, Blunt, Aggressive, Hot-tempered, Argumentative, Bragging, Exaggerated, Jealous, Envious, Bitter, Nasty, Vicious, Sneering, Risky, Chance-Taker, Un-dependable, Un-reliable, Un-focussed, Insincere, Broken Promises, Foolish, Poor business decisions, Not up to the Job, Losing to the competition, Needs Mentoring, One hit Wonder, Unsuccessful,  Ignoring the small detail, Loss of an empire, Low self-esteem/confidence/belief, – Lacking in Energy, Run-down,  Ill,  Soft, Overly, Lenient, A push-over, Prefers to Follow, Stepping Down, Taking a back-seat, Handing over Power.

When the King of Wands reverses he topples from his throne and loses his crown.  Lying in the dust, his Wand broken by his side he looks sad and pathetic.  He has either lost his power or it has been taken away from him by another.  One way or another, this reversed King is not used to being in this situation.  He most certainly will not be happy about it.

We must ask ourselves why this has happened?  How did it come about that he lost control of his position?  We saw this King in the 5 of Wands as he battled against all the strong competition and emerged as the victor in the 6 of Wands.  There he was hailed and cheered by his fans as he rode into town proud as a peacock.  Crowds had gathered to witness him ascend his throne.  He was the centre of attention as the growing masses listened intently to what he had to say and all they would gain now that this man was their new King.  He had indeed promised them grand benefits.  He looked strong and fearless against the opposition as he had battled for supremacy.  He would also be a strong leader; one that could be relied on to make tough decisions, to stand up for their rights, a Leader who would rise to any challenge.  He had wooed his followers with his grand vision for their future and firm guarantees of fulfilling all the promises he had gladly and easily given back in the 5 of Wands when seeking their support.  Now that he was Leader, he meant to honour these promises and had great plans for a better tomorrow and brighter days to come.

However, we began to see the strain set in in the 7 of Wands as the demands of his newly acquired position began to take its toll on this newly elected King.  Once he became the boss, a lot was immediately expected of him.  Well, he had promised a lot during his enthusiastic rallies.  Maybe he had got caught up with the excitement of it all; enjoying the limelight and all the attention he had received.  His energy back then seemed limitless and he was impatient to get going.  As a result, people expected things to change overnight and for the better.   His supporters, staff, colleagues, family and friends all wanted a bit of him.  They had become tedious with their constant neediness and demands on his time.  Surely his people understood that he was a busy man with more important things to do than listen to their constant whingeing.   His happy camp became turbulent as his once loyal supporters one by one began to question his authority, disobey his orders and doubt his word.  This King either lied to get to the top by overselling himself and making impulsive promises he knew he could not deliver or that his intentions had indeed being honourable but unfortunately he himself was sadly lacking in the leadership qualities required to be a King.  Was it a case of poor sportsmanship with this man using fair or foul means to get to the top – his ego matching the size of his mouth with all its bragging? Maybe he was just a one hit wonder; full of fire, hot air and showiness but with nothing much to back it up – a Showman yes, but a King I think not.  Perhaps he was he just another man with a big dream but lacked the staying power to see it through to the bitter end – his energy and courage flagging at the first hurdle.  One thing is for sure, this man has lost his Kingly qualities and is not up to the job.  Revolution is in the air.

Let us go back to the reversed King of Wands as he lies in the dirt feeling angry and indignant towards all.  How is he going to deal with the situation he now finds himself in?  Did he topple himself or was he pushed?  Has the uprising been a success or has it failed?  Is he still the King or not?  We must look at all these possibilities in order for us to successfully relate the reversed King of Wands into our reading.

If he has toppled himself then here we find the reversed King lying in the dirt for a variety of reasons.  He may have secured the position by overselling himself.  He was a good actor; fanning his flames for long enough in order to make a good impression when important people were around.  He may have been able to keep up this front for a short period of time but most certainly the mask would have slipped at some stage and his energy too.  He may have been able to talk the talk – switching on his charm to impress all when necessary. Unfortunately when it came to walking the walk, he dragged his feet – avoiding any difficult situations or passing the buck as often as possible.  He hid behind his regal mask, enjoyed all the benefits and prestige that went with the job but inside he was weak and ineffectual.  He lacked courage in the face of adversity, lacked self-belief in making the right decisions, lacked self-confidence in dealing with others and lacked self-esteem when it came to owning his own power.  His people thought that he was a Hero, but when they suddenly needed their King to stand by them and defend them, they sadly discovered he had fled, abandoning them to secure his own safety.

He is weak and dithering, unreliable, undependable and unfocused.  He is also too easily influenced by others.  The best thing that this reversed King could do would be to admit his defeat and tender his resignation.  He is not up to the job and should never have pretended to be.  He needs to do the right thing for all involved by handing the reins over to someone more capable than he.  He will be happier in the long run if he just drops the pretence and admits his insecurities.  That will take the pressure off him.  Then he can seek to regain his own power by engaging in self-development techniques to raise his levels of confidence, self-esteem and self-belief.  He needs to stop pretending to be someone he is not.  The upright King of Wands’ shoes are indeed hard to fill.  Not many will succeed.

Let us now look at the reversed King of Wands once more on the ground.  This time he has been pushed off his throne instead of falling off it.   Did he think it was enough to take his seat and just sit there looking regal and handsome in his flowing expensive gowns?  More was expected of him yet he enjoyed the glamour and celebrity status of being King much better than actually carrying out any Kingly duties – those duties that he was chosen for and made such a song and dance about at the time.  Had he not overturned the last King for the very same reason?  Had he not headed the last revolution to remove their useless leader from his throne?  Had he not promised the people that he could do better, be more effective and be selfless in the role?  Had he not battled and fought hard that day back in the 5 of Wands with all those who were either loyal to the last King or like him sought the position?

The status and prestige have gone to his head while the promises and plans he made got shoved into an overflowing in-tray or put on the long-finger.  Egotistical and overly proud, he thinks it is just enough for him to turn up while he leaves all the hard work to others – he is now King after all!  He does not like to get his hands dirty but will readily accept the credit for what others have achieved.  Self-centred and conceited, he thinks of no one but himself.

In this state the reversed King of Wands will certainly lose support from those closest to him.  Instead of delegating tasks while he gets on with the more important business of the day, he expects everyone to do his work for him.  However, when there is a Grand occasion to attend or a Ceremony to preside over, this reversed King would never think of sending someone else in his place.  Not one for missing an opportunity to showcase himself he would be first there, strutting around like a peacock, full of his own self-importance.  The reversed King of Wands has turned out to be nothing better than who he replaced.  Why is that when one is given power, instead of being humbled and privileged by it one becomes full of their own sense of importance as if God himself has appointed them.

When this King allows his pride to overly inflate, he takes his eye off the ball and is cut out of the loop.  He is the last to know what is going on and becomes a joke and figure of abuse to those around him.  No one takes him seriously anymore.  He loses credibility and his reputation flounders, yet he still holds onto his crown.  He never stops to take a look at himself or to ask the opinion of others.  He is self-opinionated and arrogant.  He has long forgotten the ideals he fought for. His pride and ego rule the day.

He is taken by surprise when the uprising begins and is greatly shocked and dismayed when he discovers that he is the number one target.  He is the King after all and should be respected, not plotted and schemed against.

The revolutionaries launch their attack and he is outnumbered.  He is flung from his throne and lies in the dust expecting help to come from his loyal supporters but he waits in vain.  He is alone.  His supporters have given up on him a long time ago and have switched sides to the opposition quite readily.  When he looks up from the dust and sees the new King ascend the throne he recognises him as his fiercest opponent from the 5 of Wands.  The supporters who gather around the new King are those who loyally followed him into town in the 6 of Wands.  He asks himself how this could have happened but deep down he knows.  He has learned a hard lesson and all too late.  He now knows that it was not enough to just win or gain success –  it had also to be constantly maintained.  It was not a good idea to just rest on his laurels for if he had thought about it for one moment he would have realised that there would always be someone waiting to take it from him. Deep down he knows that his supporters would have been loyal to him, once he had been loyal to them.   He should have kept any promises he made.  He should have set himself up as an exemplary role model instead up getting caught up in the prestige and status of his position.  This reversed King of Wands has abused his position of power by using it for his own gain and not for the greater good of all.  He can now regret it as his leisure for he will never be given a chance again.  He understands the meaning of ‘Pride comes before a fall’

Another aspect of the reversed King of Wands sees him abusing his position of power once more but this time in a different manner.  This time the reversed King has either being given the power over others or has assumed it.  This time he manages to stay seated on his throne even though he has reversed.  No one, not anyone would dare to unseat him if they know what is good for them.  This reversed King of Wands rules his Kingdom by force, threat and intimidation.  His personality is ugly to behold as he dictates to others, roaring orders and firing insulting comments at those who have the gall to annoy him or get in his way.  He does not suffer fools too well and is convinced he is surrounded by many of them.  His governing element Fire gains the upper-hand as he loses his connection with Earth.  He cannot exert any discipline over his Fire, but then again he probably likes it that way.  He has let it get totally out of hand.

This reversed King of Wands is generally overbearing, arrogant and pushy.  His natural sense of power is used negatively and unwisely bringing out the bully aspects of his character.  He demands complete and unquestionable obedience from all.  His temper flares too readily and he can find himself all too often in conflict as he tries to push his ideas and way of doing things down others necks. Self-righteous he will accept no interference and insists on his absolute authority. Intolerant and inconsiderate he has no time to listen to any ideas or opinions that are not his own.  He is a know-it-all, conceited and rude.. He becomes stubborn and unyielding, his pride overbearing.  He has to get his way in everything even if it means cheating or being un-sportsman like. He engages in arguments with everyone, his manner gruff and heavy-handed.  He cannot be happy for anyone else’s success. He seethes with jealousy and bitterness if others seem to be doing better than he.  A popular Leader in the upright he has the ability to become a tyrant or dictator when reversed; his throne and position guarded ferociously.

On the other hand this reversed King of Wands’ Fire may be burning low. He may be ill or exhausted.  He may need to rest and take things easy to regain his strength and vitality. He must remember that he is not getting any younger and not only must he pace himself work related but in all areas of his life. He needs to take a break or slow down.

In relationships this reversed King is not the best guy to have around.  In this state he becomes immature and regresses back to his negative Knight aspect.  He can be unreliable and also a commitment phobic.  He has failed to grow up.  He may still be playing the field and probably has broken many hearts along the way.  His fear of restriction is unnatural and he has the ability to ruin many a potentially good relationship once it becomes too close for comfort.  He lacks emotional maturity and will find it hard to relate on this level in relationships.  He prefers the initial stages when it is all fun and exciting.  He never sticks around long enough to see it develop into anything more meaningful.

The King of Wands reversed may suggest that the man you are interested or drawn to is aware of you and interested too but will not make a move.  Even if you have managed to give him your mobile number don’t expect to get a call or text no matter how much he likes you.  In the upright he is up off his throne if someone catches his eye but not so when he reverses.  You may have to do the running here but the difficulty is that even though he is interested he will back off if the other party comes on too strong.  Strategy is needed here and careful planning in order to get this King up off his throne and active.

Unfortunately, all too often the presence of the reversed King of Wands in a relationship reading suggests an unhealthy imbalance between couples.  It can highlight a dominant/submissive situation.  If this is the case then this man is a bully in his relationship and controls his partner through intimidation and fear. He assumes a position of total authority and is deferred to on all occasions.

He keeps his partner on a tight leash and has the full say on what happens in the relationship.  If he perceives that he is being disobeyed at any stage he can become argumentative and threatening.  He roars like an angry lion and when totally out of control thinks nothing of becoming physically aggressive too.  He shows little sympathy for his partner and is cold to her upset emotional state which he perceives as being weak and pathetic.  He can often appear to set his partner up for a fall, enjoying the fear in her eyes when she realises she has done something wrong or broken the rules.  He doesn’t take too well to anyone interfering in his relationship business so his partner often keeps her problems to herself.  However, not everyone is fooled by this and those closest will be aware of his unpleasant nature.  They will give him a wide berth on social occasions and be careful not to engage him in any potentially volatile conversation.  They are bound to have seen him in action before.

On the other hand as with all reversed cards, this reversed King may highlight a man who feels powerless in his relationship and is henpecked by his wife.  He may find it hard to assert his masculinity and loses his self-image and self-esteem.  He may be seen as a soft touch and a push over to many. He needs to regain his personal power in a positive manner so that he can rightfully ascend his throne.

Career related, this reversed King can suggest a work situation where there is bullying and intimidation.  If you work for this guy he will be a fearsome character with zero tolerance for those around him.  He views everyone as incompetent and substandard as he roars abuse at all and sundry.

In business the reversed King of Wands can act impulsively.  He does not pay attention to the small details and makes hasty decisions when he gets impatient and when his forward movement is delayed or blocked.  This can result in him taking unnecessary risks and gambles which have a terrible habit of blowing up in his face.  Whereas the upright King is successful, the reversed is not so and he exerts no discipline over his fiery nature.  He is easily impressed or taken in by what appears to be a golden opportunity.  Without a backward glance he can run with an idea that is totally unworkable but will listen to no one in his hurry.  He may not be pacing himself and putting too much into certain areas and not enough into others.  His energies may deplete before he has finished his project leading to a sense of failure and low self-esteem.  If this reversed King is successful then it surely will not last too long.  He may become a ‘one hit wonder’ or ‘one trick party pony’.  His name may be up in lights for all of fifteen minutes, but will soon be forgotten.  He will call himself an Entrepreneur but on close examination will be discovered to have started many businesses, all which have failed.

He needs to be more future oriented, disciplined, and seek the advice of others.  He needs to work with some sort of plan instead of making it up as he goes along.

This reversed King in a card reading may merely
suggest that the poor King is dying with boredom in his job.  He may be stuck in a rut doing the same old thing day in day out and has lost interest.  He also may feel hemmed in and if stuck in an office all day he will feel like a caged lion.  This type of work will either make him angry and irritable or he will lose his Fire altogether and with it his Spirit.  He needs to change jobs.  Due to job losses and recession, this reversed King may have been made redundant or lost his business. He may now have to take a position that he normally would not dream of.

In the upright he is a Leader but in the reversed he may prefer to follow.  He may be tired of being in charge and now seeks a quieter and less demanding role working for someone else, doing what he is told to do.

However, the reversed King may suggest that it is time for him to step down from his throne and hand it to someone else but he holds on regardless.  He may be nearing retirement age or long past it but continues to work on no matter what.  He does not like losing control even if it only means handing the running of the business over to his able son or daughter.   He may be finding it hard to accept retirement/old age and the fact that he has to take a back seat in the business or god forbid, leave it altogether.  Those who have taken over will find it frustrating when he continues to turn up and interfere.

As a father The King of Wands reversed will be controlling and overbearing. It is his way or the highway.  His children will dare not question his authority and probably will have their fair share of rough treatment from him.  Everyone is happier when he is out of the house and gone to work.  His children will find it hard to develop any sort of close relationship with him.

Regardless of their natural inclinations, this reversed King will demand perfection in sport and any other competitive areas of their life.  He will expect his children to win or come out on top at all costs.  He may also be guilty of dragging them on holidays that only he is interested in. He will force them into activities that either terrify them or disinterest them.  He refuses to recognise their individual personalities and make allowances for them.  He is selfish, conceited and way too forceful with his family.

As with all the reversed Kings, the reversed King of Wands can suggest an absent father or a father who is disinterested.  It may highlight the absence of a positive male role model for the children involved.  It may suggest a father who is never there for his children when they need help.  He is too busy with his own life to see what may be going wrong in his children’s.

However, he may just be a very lenient father and allow his children away with everything.  He may prefer his partner to take charge of the children.

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  1. Hi Vivien, thank you for this website and all of the information you have provided on it. I am new to Tarot and keep getting King of Wands coming up in the Near Future position… I am single and my question has been if I will be meeting anyone new sometime. In my last Celtic Cross spread I have 9 of Cups and the Wheel of Fortune as the crossing card. Ace of Cups is the Querant card… The Chariot is the final outcome. Could you possibly interpret this for me? And if my question was about meeting someone new, would the King of Wands in the near future position indicate the type of person he is or am I misinterpreting?


    • Hi Eva,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I try to reply to as many comments as possible. Well these are very good cards indeed. With the Ace of Cups as the querant you are certainly looking for the real deal. The Nine of Cups suggests that although you are having a great time being single and enjoy a vibrant social life you would now like to share it all with a special other. I think you get moments when in the middle of a group of friends or when out socialising you feel the time is right to meet someone. You are in a good place right now. Your self-esteem is high and you are looking pretty good. You make an effort with your appearance and are certainly attracting attention. However, with The Wheel of Fortune crossing your lovely dream of romance, I get a sense that fate and destiny will bring about the encounter when you least expect it. You may try to force this to happen before it is ready and could get to a stage where you feel it never will. Probably when you have dropped your guard and are looking the other way! Serendipity will play a big part in this meeting. It could be love at first sight and is likely to be quite intense. You just have to wait for the wheel to turn to the exact coordinates before anything will happen. Don’t lose faith as the Nine of Cups is the wish card and your dream is likely to manifest. The Chariot suggests another wheel in motion and I think this Chariot carries the King of Wands. He is heading in your direction and great momentum is building as he journeys forth. You are not yet aware of him and neither is he of you. Your paths are likely to cross and I don’t think you will be left guessing when it does. He will carry much charisma and commands a powerful presence. If this King of Wands keeps appearing then yes, I would hazard a guess that he is the guy in the Chariot and would present with the personality of the King of Wands. There is a good chance you will meet him through work or in a place where there is much activity. You might notice his car before you see him. Keep living your life in the meantime and forge ahead with any plans or projects you are working on. Everything should fall nicely into place.

      Fingers crossed,



    • Nobody falls like The King of Wands 🦁🐯 haha (roars!)

      Plus: “The young salamander sitting beside his throne suggests the King of Wand’s incredible ability to regenerate, recreate and reinvent himself regardless of age or circumstances.”

      That suggest he has in himself something from a Sun in the VIIIth astrological house. hmm


      • Hi,

        Yes, the Salamander suggests regeneration. The Wands have an incredible ability to reinvent themselves when their current model no longer suits their purpose or has been outgrown. Wands bore easily and are fond of trends, the exciting and new. They have no fear of change, within or without. It is the Wands who will be first up off the ground after a knock, set-back or even near annihilation. Like the Phoenix, they have the strength of character and self-belief to rise from what ever ashes they find themselves in. Nothing can keep them down. Neither will age slow them down or have them believing they are too old to start or try something new. Without Fire, life would be very dull, monotonous and limiting.



  2. I like this style of your pages — with the keywords and succinct possible meanings under the card picture. You seem to be maybe moving away from this format — (or towards???). Just registering my preference.

    Many thanks for such a great site!


    • Hi Rosemary,

      Thanks for your comments. I am moving towards that. The Queens and Kings are still in their original format, uploaded from a course I used to teach. I am working my way to re-working all the cards in an in-depth manner. Most of the Major are waiting too, except for the first 3 or so. So, we are both in agreement. Getting there bit by bit.




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