Sagittarius – The Archer

November 23 – December 21

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Sagittarius for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Sagittarius Symbol

Ruling Planet – Jupiter

Duality or Gender – Masculine

Triplicity or Element – Fire

Quadruplicity or Quality – Mutable

Body Areas – Hips, Thighs, Liver

Stone – Topaz

Colour – Dark Blue, Royal Purple

For Sagittarians it is all about freedom and living the way they want to, regardless of what others think. Like his fellow Fire Signs, Aries and Leo, getting his own way is very important. What is it with you guys?

Again, enormously enthusiastic, bursting with energy, and driven by motivation, the Sagittarian is constantly on the move and tends to live life in the fast lane. Slowing down would be dreadfully boring and is really not an option. Due to their enthusiasm, they have a tendency to take on too much. As a result, they may find it difficult to give their complete attention to all. They can find several projects exciting all at the one time, and their fiery energy will lead them to believe that it’s well within their scope and ability to manage all. This may all be well and good in the initial stages, when excitement and enthusiasm is at its peak, but come the time when boredom sets in and it always does, it is best for the Sagittarian to hand over completion to someone who has the patience to look after the finer detail and tedious tasks. This is not to say that Sagittarians are not capable of attending to detail, it is only when it gets down to the itsy-bitsy, time-consuming, boring tasks, that they lose their cool and walk away.

Sagittarians have a very positive outlook on life and  are very versatile, so they love to try out as many things as they can.  However, this can lead them to be a ‘Jack or Jill of all Trades, but Master or Mistress of None’. If they could just concentrate their focus on a few special favourites and apply their enthusiasm, who knows where it might lead them.  Sagittarians are also very intellectual and love studying and learning, but again it has to be something that holds their attention, something they find fascinating and exciting. If not they can drift through college gaining knowledge here and there in many subjects, but mastering none.  They also make great teachers, and when they apply their enthusiasm to the subject they are teaching, their students reap the full benefit of their knowledge.  In fact Sagittarians have a great thirst for both teaching and learning. They can still be found studying and taking courses late into life (as long as it is something chosen by them and not forced upon them).

Sagittarians tendency to become bored very easily can make them quite impulsive. They can be found jumping into situations that appear exciting, different and preferable to where they are now. The rose-tinted glasses can be put on rapidly, and so can their belief that ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’. Most of the time it is not, and if they were able to curb this tendency, and stick it out a bit longer with whatever they are doing they may understand this. They generally take the option of hoping the fence to experience the greener grass, and will be instantly convinced that this now ‘is the life’ . However, it won’t take too long for them to discover another fence with even greener grass on the far side. In fact they don’t like fences at all and would prefer to be able to just wander back and forth, to and fro, without anyone asking questions or putting up boundaries. They value their freedom immensely, and as soon as they sense the walls are closing in, or a relationship is getting too restricting, they will break free at the first opportunity.


This naturally brings us to relationships and Sagittarians have a tendency to be very eager in this area. Again, like the other Fire Signs, they have a huge amount of sexual energy and like to experiment, so they need a willing partner who can keep up with their demands.  Sagittarians are certainly not for the faint hearted, or a partner who just wants a quiet life. The younger Sagittarian can be a bit of a Casanova or if female, a man-eater. Both, once attracted to a member of the opposite sex, will move in for the kill rapidly and snare their catch with sexy flirting and provocative behaviour. They are suckers for a pretty or handsome face.

Sagittarians can be quite flippant and casual in their approach to love and may not take their relationships too seriously. Their attention can easily be drawn elsewhere by an even prettier or handsomer face then the partner they are with. As mentioned earlier re ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ , committing to just one, when there are so many more to try out, just doesn’t make sense to them. They can feel they are missing out on better action elsewhere. So their partner needs to be on their toes, for once they see their Sagittarian lover’s eyes wander, and their flirtiness directed elsewhere, they best be prepared to be dumped unceremoniously. They will be dumped even faster if their partner show any signs whatsoever of being jealous or possessive.  Another prelude to being dumped by a Sagittarian is getting suspicious and questioning about their intentions towards certain members of the opposite sex, who they were with, and where they went when not in their partner’s company.

They have no time for jealousy or suspicion when it is focused on them, but can easily be jealous of a partner who is better at something then they are.  This will bring out their competitive streak and will have them going overboard in an attempt to get even or balance the scales. The Sagittarian needs to accept that it is sometimes okay to let their partner be better at something than they are.  If not, a tit for tat situation can set in.

The partner of a Sagittarian must understand their need for freedom, so if demands are laid down and rules and boundaries drawn up, this will drive their Sagittarian to distraction, anger and very possibly out the door.  They can get very claustrophobic very quickly, even in large spaces, so if a relationship is to succeed, they must be given a hell of a lot of freedom with no questions asked!!! This can be hard to achieve as the rules may not apply the other way around.

The older Sagittarian generally calms down in this area as they mature and prefers to woo in a more grown up manner, through conversation and mutual interests. Whereas sex in their younger life is all important, the need for companionship as well as sex takes over in later years. If the right partner has been found, the older Sagittarian can enjoy a deeply committed permanent relationship. They still do need their freedom but are less likely to stray at this stage.

Family & Parenting

When it comes to family, the same rules apply. They must not feel trapped or pressurised by their family, and can get bored and frustrated if tied to the home, or even the kids too much. This is a typical scenario for the Sagittarian mother stuck at home with young children all day. Yes, they love their kids deeply, but need to get away from them regularly, even for an hour or two, just to satisfy their need for freedom. However, they make great parents, and due to the fact that they hate to be bored, there will always be something going on and plans made to go here and there. Lots of outdoor activities to burn up their fiery energy will have them getting their children involved in regular sport and activities. This will be the family who all go to the pool together two or three times a week and go family cycling or hill walking on a Sunday afternoon.  Plonked in front of the television for the afternoon, dozing after a heavy Sunday lunch, is not their style and just won’t do. Out into the fresh air, hail, rain or shine is the antidote to boredom of any kind. Their kids will grow up in a great atmosphere, and will have happy memories of shared activities, outings, educational trips to museums, mom and dad cheering them on at all their matches or and standing as a family watching their favourite team play each season.

This will all work out perfectly if everyone in the family is in agreement with such a hectic lifestyle. However, there will be explosive scenes if the less enthusiastic have to be forced into joining these family pursuits. The Sagittarian parent believes that if one goes, the whole lot must go whether they like it or not.


When it comes to work and careers, yet again the Sagittarians overriding need for freedom and excitement will have to be taken into consideration. No boring nine to five office job, repetitive tedious work or mountains of paper work will do for it will be guaranteed to make them explode. Any job where there is plenty of movement and variety will suit them. Remember, like the other Fire Signs, Sagittarians like to get their own way and don’t take too kindly to following orders, or being told what to do. They do however need to be constantly challenged in their work, and have goals and targets to reach. It gives them something to get their teeth into. Sagittarians love to travel, so any job involving travel would suit. This also feeds their need for freedom.

Sales is usually a good area for Sagittarians to get involved in, but they can also make a career for themselves in their chosen sport for they are high achievers, competitive and very determined. Fast driving is a common unsettling trait in Sagittarians and can be terrifying for their passengers. This reckless need for speed, if channelled positively, can have them excelling on the race track, be it motorbike, rally or formula one.  Like the other Fire Signs, it won’t do to get stuck on the lower rungs of the career ladder, so the Sagittarian will be determined to make it to the top.


When it comes to their health and fitness, Sagittarians love exercise and need it more than most signs. Regular exercise keeps weight and boredom under control. If they are restricted from exercising for long periods of time, their system has a tendency to slow down and weight can be an issue. As the hips and thighs are the Sagittarian body areas, weight can easily be deposited here. They do indeed love their food and drink, but with the liver being another of the Sagittarian body areas, caution needs to be exercised to prevent liver damage from excess alcohol. They need their exercise regime to be varied, so a gym with lots of machines, classes and a swimming pool is ideal. Walking, running or cycling are other great ways to keep the boredom of repetitive exercise routines under control, along with physical sports and martial arts.

Like the other Fire Signs, their enthusiasm and energy can find them overdoing it at the gym or on the playing field, so injuries are common. They need to learn to pace themselves. This is particularly important as they get older for they will still believe they can do as much as they did when in their twenties.  Like their fellow Fire Sign, Aries,  Sagittarians by nature can be quite clumsy and prone to accidents or hurting themselves.

The Older Sagittarian

As Sagittarians get older and retire, they need to be kept busy to avoid boredom, so a variety of hobbies and physical pursuits are a good idea.  The retired Sagittarian will enjoy travelling like all the other Fire Signs, and especially to hot climates with plenty of physical activities. They also enjoy travelling to expand their intellect, and will research the history, culture and origins of wherever they travel too. They have a tendency to pick up foreign languages fairly easily, and love the challenge of using this knowledge on their journeys. As they like to collect things, their homes will be full of antiques and unusual artefacts acquired while travelling. They can make quite a hobby out of this, and can be driven by the challenge to  seek out and acquire such collectibles before another does.

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3 replies »

  1. As a Sagittarius, I am totally the opposite of a man-eater. I am hopelessly romantic and have a hard time letting go of the people I love. In addition, I can’t also relate to the Queen of Wands’ strong desire to be the centre of attention. In fact, I hate such people. I must be one weird exception XD.


    • Hi RH,

      Just logging off when I saw your comment. The Sun Sign personality portrayals are based on their archetypal versions, a bit like generic horoscopes. It is unlikely that any one person would be channeling just one personality type, but they are useful for personality profiling when you combine the various types and their traits. My ex husband was Sagittarius and boy did he live up to it. However, I know several others who only show tints of their sign. To determine where your personality traits are coming from you would need to have an astrologist compile your natal chart so that you could see which other influences are there. It sounds like you have a lot of Water in your personality make-up so it wouldn’t be surprising if a natal chart revealed this in several of your houses. The presence of enough other elements may be suffice to neutralise the archetypal Sagittarius traits in you.

      You will never get a complete match in a Sun Sign profile. I am Taurus, and carry a lot of its traits but I have a lot of Air and Fire too. I only identify with certain aspects of Taurus. I have yet to get a natal chart done. It is something I am constantly intending to do. It may explain a lot as I often get confused with who I am supposed to be. I wish I was not so diluted. It would be easier to manage. If you know what I mean. The Queen of Wands is connected to Leo, The Knight of Wands to Sagittarius and The King of Wands to Aries. The Page floats between them all. They are not rigidly assigned to these places though.

      I think most of us are weird exceptions! lol

      xxx Vivien


  2. I have a lot of Earth element in my sign. However, I relate more with the Queen of Wands. My Tarot court card test results never came up with the Knight of that suit and I am too young to be a Queen. I agree, it is not so straightforward.


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