Career Reading – Full Interpretation Analysis

 Tarot Investigative Work  – How Did I Do It?

(Celtic Cross Spread – Cora’s Career Reading Full Interpretation Analysis)


After reading the above interpretation of Cora’s Celtic Cross Career Tarot Spread you may be somewhat confused as to how and where I got my story. Pulling the cards together in a manner which makes sense very much comes down to a combination of old-fashioned deduction, investigative work, and that buzz word, intuition. It goes without saying that unless you read from a completely intuitive base, you should have some understanding of the meanings of the Cards, their Numerical status and Elemental influence. These are the tools of the trade after all. 

I have written before about the need to hone your investigative and forensic skills. Let us imagine that the Celtic Cross Spread was in fact Cora’s Legal Files in a Case she is fighting in Court. On one side will be the Prosecution and on the other the side, the Defense team. The Case files have been prepared based on the information supplied by Cora to her legal team, and also on external evidence supplied by witnesses. By law, any evidence must be made privy to both the Prosecution and Defense Team. A copy of Cora’s statement and witness statements are laid out before both sides. The Case file being the Celtic Cross Tarot Spread. The legal teams have not come into court without a firm grasp of the tools and skills they will need to unravel Cora’s Case/Spread. They will apply all the knowledge gained through their years of study. They will definitely be using Numerology, The Elements, Archetypes, Symbolism, Astrology, and the written law to stage this case.  It is now up to both sides to piece together the truth in a manner that will sound plausible and acceptable to the jury. They both need a convincing story.

The Prosecution will be looking for something that will punch a hole in Cora’s Defense Case. They aim to zoom in on her weak spots, on any areas where she may be withholding the truth of her situation. The Defense Team need to demonstrate through Cora’s Case File/Spread that there is a genuine explanation of how the events came about, that her story makes sense, and that the jury are made aware of underlying issues or currents that have shaped the situation.  Only then will anyone be in a position to make a judgment. If Cora is guilty of her own misfortune, the Prosecution Team will be sure to bring it out in the open. If she is guilty but unaware of what she has been doing, then the Defense Team will be gearing towards getting the jury on side by explaining to them how Cora, although at fault, did not act with intent or malice. There was no conspiracy or pre-meditation in her actions. Cora did what she did because she knew no better. Defense will plead with the Jury that despite the mistakes Cora may have made, she is prepared to accept responsibility for her life circumstances, that she knows better now. Instead of punishment she needs to be helped and supported in her life so that she does not end up back in Court again. Will the Jury believe that Cora seeks change in her life, or will they see it as an attempt to walk away from the consequences of her actions, free to commit the offence again? If she wins the case, and walks free, will she have learned her lesson, or will she fall back into her old habits and ways.

Let us now look at this method of deduction when interpreting Cora’s Cards. Remember, if Cora had a different set of legal counsel they may present the case in a different manner. Each Legal Team will have their own way of making the connections in order to present their case. The same is true for Tarot Readers.

This is my representation of Cora’s Case/Spread. I have assigned letters to the various connections (see second image further down) I have made so that you can follow my train of thought and deduction at the time of the Reading.



4 x Pentacles (1 reversed) – Ace, Eight & 10 – (Material/financial potential, growth of finances, commitment, effort, qualified, business projects, productivity, financial/material success, natural resources, talent.) 1 x Reversed – (Lack of productivity and growth in the material world, blocks, under-qualified, lack of foundation, lack of talent.) 

1 x Cup Reversed – 4 of Cups ( struggling/making an effort to gain/regain emotional stability, emotional re-awakening, coming out of depression)

2 x Swords – 10 (extreme stress, mindsets, negativity, breakdown, end/beginning, health issues, loss) King (mental-discipline, applying logic/clear thinking, professional input/Advice, formal, authority )

4 x Major Arcana (1 reversed) Empress (growth, abundance, creative talents, feminine, fertile, mother figure, empowerment, birthing), Moon Reversed (underlying fears, disturbing memories, blocked intuition, emotional/mental confusion, fear of the unknown, over-active imagination), Chariot (victory, journey, will-power, emotional/mental discipline, facing fears, determination, tenacity, drive, courage, progress), The World (completion, success, Integration, acclaim, global, new world, self-esteem)  Multiple Major – Karma, Destiny, Spiritual Lessons Reading.

Dominant Suit – Pentacles (Financial matters, career success, rewards, results, achievement)

Absent SuitsWands/Fire (lack of enthusiasm and energy, lack of vision and self-belief. Not too optimistic. Lack of positivity. No get up and go. Missing entrepreneurial element. Fear of change or risk.) Weak Presence of Cups (lack of joy, love, intimacy, happiness and peace. Social dullness/disinterest)



1 x Ace – Potential, Beginning

3 x 3 (1 rx) (World 2+1=3) Growth, Expansion, Progress -Rx Lack of Growth, Poor Progress

1 x 4 – Stability, Consolidation

2 x 10 – End of Cycle, Completion, Beginning, New

1 x 7  – Challenge, Endurance, Tenacity, Reflection/Introspection

1 x 8 – Power, Energy, Business, Strength, Success

1 x 18 1+8=9 – Closure, preparing for the new, end of cycle approaching, clearing

1 x Sword Court – Intellectual Discipline

Quintessential Card –  13 Death (Change, end of cycle, transformation, rebirth) The Emperor 4 (1+3=4) (self-control, willpower, mastery of life, autonomous, father-figure)



Alignment Card 3 and 10 – Empress and Ten of Pentacles – Looks very positive

Cards that Stand Out – Empress, World, Chariot, Eight/Ten of Pentacles. (Creative success and achievement after applying effort, discipline and hard work.)

Astrological AssociationsPossible Cancer Sign (missing Queen of Cups- Reversed Moon suggests reversed aspect of Cancer personality working on some level)

Recurring Symbols – Lots of Circles (Pentacles, World, Moon) – full circle, completion, infinity, what goes around comes around, endings/beginnings.

Mood/Atmosphere – Overall very busy and productive. A working towards goal feel, except for Reversed Moon/Three of Swords, Ten of Swords.


Connections and Links


A. Base Card, Ace of Pentacles – Position 1, Reversed Four of Cups. Deduction – Discovering her old music sheets reminded her of how eager and excitedly they were started, but then never completed. The discover of ‘cash in the attic’ woke her out of her apathetic state. Even at this stage she is connecting her work with financial potential. What is made, can be sold.

B. Position 1, Reversed Four of Cups – Position 2, Reversed Moon. Deduction – Even though there is a new surge in positive emotional energy, an awakened interest in the work she discovered in the attic, immediately it triggers disturbing emotional issues in Cora. The Moon casts shadows and doubt over her re-discovered interest. What is she worried about? The Reversed Moon has the potential to sabotage her returning positive emotions. The Reversed Moon suggests troubles in the past, old demons coming back to haunt her, but also her subconscious reacting to the incoming stimuli which encourages Cora to seize her opportunity. She is nervous about it which is understandable but the Reversed Moon energy is very strong. It affects her imagination in a negative and unhelpful manner. It is a Major Card at the end of the day and carries much weight. It has more than likely been influencing her whole life. Cora has memories of something upsetting connected to her query. This Reversed Moon also suggests that Cora blocks her natural intuitive urges as if she doesn’t trust them. She listens to others instead of her inner voice. Cora is afraid of things she cannot see and anything that will bring her into uncharted territory. She has personal emotional fears to overcome before she can make any progress. Unfortunately, with the Moon Reversed, these are her own demons and only she has the power to successfully squash them.

C. Position 5, The Past, Ten of Swords – Position 1/2, The Issue and Challenge Reversed Four of Cups, Reversed Moon – Position 6, The Near Future, The King of Swords. Deduction Here we can clearly see the progress of time passing from the past, into the present and on into the near future. It is clearly mapped out for us. We see Cora’s Illness taking its toll in The Ten of Swords as she struggled to keep going and find a solution to her problems. This ultimately led to her collapse on all levels. She tried her best to overcome her illness and limiting life circumstances but ended up wearing herself down. Mentally she was exhausted. This led to her depression in the Present with The Four of Cups.  The Ten of Swords marks a turning point, a time when you go so low, that you either go all the way down, or come back fighting with a new attitude and mindset. Cora got her break from the Ten of Swords when she discovered her unfinished music in the attic. Here is where she suddenly became aware of the dawn breaking on the horizon. The sun was preparing to rise on a new day and Cora decided she wanted to rise with it too. She did this by lifting herself out of the depressed and apathetic state of the Four of Cups. The Four of Cups Reversed causing her to wake up and start pulling herself together, spurred on by the Ace of Pentacles which had been gathering dust in her attic.

This naturally leads to the emotionally and psychologically disciplined King of Swords who she seems eager to emulate. She knows she has to toughen up and is gearing herself towards using the energy of the King of Swords to be rid of fears and concerns that sap her energy and enthusiasm. This King of Swords is loaded with information and there is more to his presence here than meets the eye. He represents many things to Cora, but for the moment, we will use his energy to get Cora thinking more logically. He also may be of use to her on a professional basis. He may be a mentor or someone who is an authority on music writing. Cora may or may not know him from the past but she could really do with some constructive advice in her field of specialty. Intuitively, I feel Cora is intimidated by This King of Swords and fears his possible clinical way of communicating with her. I believe she dreads criticism and being judged by her peers. She needs the King of Swords, but she is fearful of him. His manner of communication is direct and Cora is still on shaky ground emotionally, psychologically and physically. She may take his comments too personally.  Cora is not comfortable in the presence of The King of Swords. I am sure of it. This King links to her Reversed Moon. Bringing her work out into the open will entail people having an opinion on it. She is afraid she will be judged harshly.

D. Position 4, Subconscious Urges, Reversed Three of Pentacles – Position 1//2 The Issue/Challenge The Reversed Four of Cups and Reversed Moon – Position 3, Conscious Aspirations, The Empress. Deduction – Now we see the movement from the subconscious mind, influencing the present, and either working or not working with the conscious desires and Cora’s Higher Self. Below, subconsciously driving her is the Reversed Three of Pentacles. Because this is Reversed, Cora is probably unaware of the influence of this card’s energy in her every day life. The Reversed Three of Pentacles is blocking Cora’s desire to be the Empress in an ideal life. The Empress is a Three Card and Upright. She is all about growth, development, creativity, passion, self-love, empowerment and abundance. Although the Three of Pentacles Reversed is only a Minor Arcana card in comparison to the Major Arcana Rank of The Empress, the subconscious is powerful and will run on automatic pilot until someone makes a decided effort to reprogram or retrain its conditioned reaction to certain incoming stimuli. The Reversed Three of Pentacles is stunting the upward growth and manifestation of The Empress and is perpetuating the challenge of the Reversed Moon. The Reversed Three of Pentacles undermines any effort Cora makes to ascend. I believe it is forcing her to believe that she is not good enough, doesn’t know enough. That her work is inferior and that she is a failure. It lacks pride, self-belief and self-esteem. Cora does not feel worthy enough which will stand in the way of her manifesting The Empress in her life. The Empress will give her exactly what she needs and empower her but she has to shake off the shackles of her unhealthy subconscious urges. In the The Three of Pentacles Reversed the house, building, project, lies abandoned and unfinished. What a waste?

E. Position 4 Subconscious Urges, Reversed Three of Pentacles – Position 2, Challenge, The Moon. Deduction – I feel a strong connection between these two cards. The Reversed Three of Pentacles is feeding the emotional unbalanced state of The Reversed Moon. Cora is troubled in The Moon Reversed, she is fearful of something and I think that something is tied up with the urges filtering from the Subconscious. There is negative internal chat going on and a determination to keep Cora suppressed. She is being blocked from, The Sun, from accessing The Empress and making the most of her recent positive turnabout. Because the Reversed Three of Pentacles is only a Minor Arcana Card, Cora has the power to Upright it. It won’t be easy but it is possible. The Reversed Moon would suggest serious troubling concerns, but really it is only the Reversed Three of Pentacles. Cora has let her imagination get the better of her in The Reversed Moon and given power to The Reversed Three of Pentacles that it certainly doesn’t deserve or warrant. The Reversed Three of Pentacles has become the Big Elephant in the room.

F. Position 4, Subconscious, The Reversed Three of Pentacles – Position 6, The Future, The King of Swords. Deduction – Now this is a sense that intuitively emerged. I have no proof of it but I feel there is something about this King of Swords that for Cora cuts both ways. She needs him, yet she fears him. I believe the Reversed Three of Pentacles looks anxiously towards the King of Swords who looks back, in I  believe, a criticising manner. The King of Swords is playing several roles in this Reading. I sense the severe, clinical nature of the King of Swords looking down on The Reversed Three of Pentacles. The King of Swords is not impressed with the poor efforts of the Reversed Three. In fact I would imagine him pointing it out to the Reversed Three, highlighting the dreadful lack of standard, quality and the failure to excel.  For some reason I cannot hear him speak in a pleasant manner. This is another aspect of The King of Swords in action and he is possibly responsible for the subconscious urges of The Reversed Three of Pentacles.

I am feeling this is a Father figure and he has influenced Cora’s past, her present, and will continue to do so in the future, if she does not grab hold of him and stand up for herself. I sense put-downs and cutting remarks. Cora will need to be subtly questioned about this. I believe Cora has based her view of all Kings of Swords on one version in particular. The majority of Swords Kings will want to help and don’t set out each day to upset anyone. They are good people you can turn to in a crisis and know that a real solution will be found based on fairness for all. There are negative ties that bind Cora to the King of Swords she is familiar with. She will need to access the King of Swords in his positive aspect so that she can use his Sword to sever these dysfunctional cords. On questioning, Cora confirms my theory. Her father was a severe man who destroyed her confidence and self-belief. He criticised her work and talent making her feel unworthy and not good enough. She now has to learn to re-program her conditioning so that she can upright her Three of Pentacles and Moon.

G. Position 4, Subconscious, Reversed Three of Pentacles – Position 9, Hopes and Fears, The Eight of Pentacles. Deduction – This is good to see and I view this as a positive shift in energy. Cora wants to believe, hope, that her work is good, that she can make it even better than what it started out as. There is a sense of determination here. Cora desires the chance to be able to fully focus and concentrate on completing her work. She is ready to commit to it. If she uses the positive power of The King of Swords to disentangle herself from her past way of thinking, she might just start believing in her abilities. Could Cora already sense her work is of high standard? Maybe her daughter’s enthusiasm has triggered this turnabout. This is a very definite move away from The Reversed Three of Pentacles who would never reach the high level of The Upright Eight. The Eight also tells me that Cora may need to go back to college or some form of structured training just to get her back into the loop she has been out of for so long. This is a very good card to have in the Hopes and Fear Position. If Cora can free herself, she has it in her to really excel with her goals and dreams. The Upright Eight of Pentacles will banish the shadow of The Reversed Three of Pentacles. One thing Cora’s father unwittingly formed in her was the need for perfection. Therefore, Cora can now use this in a very positive light. Perfection will make her work shine and she is ready to give her heart and soul to it. Maybe a nod in the right direction from a positive helpful King of Swords will give Cora the boost she needs. However, she will need to expose her work if she is ever to get any feedback on its quality.

H. Position 6, The Future, The King of Swords – Position 7, Advice/Way Forward, The Chariot. Deduction  – Here we can see the influence of the Positive Aspect of The King of Swords swing into action. The King symbolises emotional and psychological discipline. The Chariot very much re-enforces this and I can hear The King advising Cora about the need to face her fears and then find a way to overcome them, or to keep them under control. The King of Swords would surely have had a good chat with Cora, either externally, as in a real advisor, or from her own Higher Self, and struggling to emerge, constructive inner voice. Without sugar-coating it, which would never be his style, he encourages Cora to get a grip of herself. He breaks her issues down into manageable bite-size pieces that will be easier for her to digest. He appeals to her logic and encourages a rational way of looking at things. He spells it out to Cora. If she wants to achieve her goals then she must complete the journey started such a long time ago. There’s nothing else for it.

The Chariot intimidates her as it asks much courage and strength of her. She is unsure as to whether she can steer the Sphinxes on her own. Can she influence them and gain mastery over their desire to run anywhere except the direction she wants to head in. The King of Swords does not mince his words. He tells her that she must jump on board the Chariot and learn its lesson, for it is the only means of transport for her at present. Cora must be prepared to drive her goals and ambitions forward. Once the wheels of the Chariot begin to turn, they must not be allowed stop or roll back. Momentum must be built and then sustained. The toughest part of the journey will be at the beginning when Cora’s mind and emotions will struggle to find common ground. Cora must overcome the emotional influence of The Reversed Moon so that she can consciously take control of her life. The Chariot will lead her to triumph one way or another as long as she completes the journey. Hard, determined and tenacious efforts will move Cora closer to her goal. She has the ability to triumph, and if and when she completes the journey, it will be a far different Cora who steps down from the Chariot. She will have grown in stature, self-confidence and self-esteem. She will have survived the challenges thrown in her path and will also have made friends with both the black and white sphinx because she has fully integrated them into her being where they can be put to equal use. Neither dominate the other.

I. Position 7, Advice/Way Forward, The Chariot – Position 10, The Outcome, The Ten of Pentacles. Deduction –  Well we can see here what the Outcome is likely to be should Cora take the advice of The King of Swords and The Chariot. The Ten of Pentacles offers long-lasting success on the material plane and the stability that Cora Craves. The Ten of Pentacles must be the carrot that is dangled in front of her as she steers her Chariot until she triumphantly rides in through the Arch in the city of Pentacles. The Pentacles work hard to earn their success and don’t take any short-cuts along the way. The Chariot will have to be endured through all terrain as Cora has much distance to travel before she can set up residence in the Ten of Pentacles.

J. Position 8, External Influences/Surrounding Energy, The World – Position 9, Hopes and Fears, The Eight of Pentacles. Deduction – Now there are a few connections here that come into being when we link these two cards together. The World in Cora’s external influences and surrounding energy is a very positive, powerful and successful card. To me it suggests that the World will eagerly welcome her work. There are global opportunities that were not there when Cora first started composing and writing. The World has changed. The Global audience is vast with a wide range of diverse markets, viewers, audiences and shoppers. This Card is very lively and full of activity. Creativity is highlighted and the successful birthing of a project. Movement, song, dance and colour combine wonderfully to give the impression of a theatrical performance or stage production. When I link this Card to The Eight of Pentacles, I feel that Cora has to do much research now, and possible courses or workshops that will introduce her to the current global trends in stage music productions. She must up-skill or refresh her skills. With the World Card she is free now to express her creativity without the constraints or criticism of her father. It is time to put her imagination and talent to the test. What she started years ago in the Ace of Pentacles, may need to be re-written and modernised to appeal to the market she aims to impress.

The World has changed since Cora shoved the Ace of Pentacles up into the attic. She needs to move in the World she desires to occupy. For me, I would like to see Cora spend time writing her work not sitting at the kitchen at home but rather in an environment where she will be open to absorbing new ideas and concepts. She will also meet people who can help her along the way. I think she should see what is going on in her nearest town with regards to musical societies or anything that brings her into close contact with the influences she needs right now. She will learn a lot by moving out of her own closed environment and into the dynamic world of the arts. In the Eight of Pentacles, she needs to build a portfolio of quality work so that she will have something to present when she decides to go live. Much time and commitment will have to be given to building this portfolio. The results are possible as we can see in The Ten of Pentacles. I think developing an online presence when she has sufficient work done will be a good move for Cora as there is a market for her work in the wider world. She does not have to rely solely on local business.

K. Position 3, Conscious Aspirations, The Empress. – Position 10, The Outcome, The Ten of Pentacles. Deduction – Now here we see the alignment of values, goals and ambitions. With so many Pentacle Cards in Cora’s Spread, it goes without saying that for Cora to feel successful she needs financial security too. Money is important to Cora but not in a greedy way. She may be a bit paranoid about scarcity from recent experiences, as Pentacles are quite dominant in her reading. There has been confusion with the Earth Element in her life. She never fully knew how to deal with it. For Cora, if you  worked hard and were good at what you did, then you would be financially rewarded. Cora never felt good enough so therefore expected little financially. Her strengthening Pentacles, which thankfully move dramatically away from the Reversed Three of Pentacles, suggest a growing confidence in her potential to make money. Cora is beginning to sense her worth. Now I link this Card to The Empress for this represents Cora’s desire to creatively express herself and to birth her project that has laid in incubation all these years. Cora dreams of being her own woman, powerful and in control of her environment. This is a card for abundance on all levels. Cora dreams of being The Empress and feeling alive for the first time in her life. This is who see believes she was meant to be. She has a passion for the arts, music and stage and wants to showcase her work there. With The Ten of Pentacles linking up with The Empress, Cora shows her ambition on both levels. To be successful creatively as well as financially.  Cora has the possibility of leaving her work as a legacy for generations to come.

L. Position, Base Card, The Ace of Pentacles – Position 10, The Outcome, The Ten of Pentacles. Deduction – Here we can see the completion of a journey on the material plane. It goes without saying that Cora seeks not just fulfillment in her work, an outlet for her creativity, she also seeks strong financial security. Maybe it was Cora’s illness that brought home to her the stark reality of not being able to earn and pay the bills. This left Cora extremely vulnerable and was behind her frantic rush to get a job before she fell into poverty. Cancer patients have to deal with this everyday. Not only their diagnosis, but how they are going to afford to live and pay for their illness. Cora wants the best of both worlds. That is to earn a decent living doing something that she really loves. There is nothing wrong with that, and is what most people aspire to. The Ace moving through to the Ten shows that it is more than just potential. It can actually come into being with hard work and effort. This sense of completion echoes throughout Cora’s Reading.  We see the need to complete the journey in the Chariot. We again see Completion in the World. The Ten of Pentacles speaks of completion, arriving at one’s destination, goal or dream. Even the Ten of Swords points to the completion of a worn out cycle in Cora’s life. With all this completion there must be a sense of renewal, with the focus returning once more to the brand new Ace of Pentacles waiting to be utilised more efficiently this time round.

M. Position, Base Card, Ace of Pentacles – Position 8 External Influences/Surrounding Energy, The World. Deduction –  The Ace of Pentacles provides the raw potential for material success. Goals can be achieved, dreams realised, if they are followed through on. The World Card looks to the Ace of Pentacles and tells the Ace that she is there waiting to see it grow into something beautiful and meaningful. She beckons the Ace forth. The Ace demonstrates the potential, while The World demonstrates manifestation of that raw potential. Success is there for the taking.

N. Position 3, Aspirations/Desired Outcome, The Empress – Position 8, External Influences/Surrounding Energy, The World – Hopes and Fears, The Eight of Pentacles. Deduction – Here we get more reinforcement of the creative and hardworking person Cora truly is. Both The Empress and The World Card support her music and creativity, but I think they are also reminding Cora of the qualifications she already possesses in the Eight of Pentacles. Those qualifications she believed she fraudulently possessed because she did not think herself worthy of them. Her father conditioned Cora into believing this terribly negative thing about herself. The Empress and The World want to impress on Cora that it’s no longer is the case. They want her to be as creatively free as they are. The Empress wants her to come into her own power and free herself from self-doubt. She wants her to explore her talents and share them with, guess who, The World. The World is a card for personal success and freedom. It promotes free-flowing energy and vitality.  Cora must look at this card and accept the knowledge and talent she already has which is demonstrated by the four Elements depicted in the corners of the imagery. They have mastered their Element and graduated from the Apprentice stage of The Reversed Three of Pentacles into the Master of The Eight of Pentacles.

It is time for Cora to grow up and mature. Cora can proudly stand up now and symbolically accept the degrees she earned many years ago. She was always a success but didn’t know it. Her work in The Eight of Pentacles stands up to close inspection. So what more can she do to move her life forward, or indeed start her life afresh. The Empress, World and The Eight of Pentacles speak to me on an intuitive level. Cora can go back to teaching singing, but not in the same manner as before. She can sell herself so much better this time round and I believe she should initially offer some free coaching sessions to her local musical society with the aim of gaining entry to this world. Teaching in this capacity will free her of the restricted manner she taught in schools. If she begins teaching and coaching in the world of stage music she is so drawn towards, then one thing will lead to another and she has the perfect platform to introduce her own productions. Cora is oozing with talent and ability. She just needs to form some sort of plan and work towards it. She can teach while she writes. To do all this Cora must tackle the aspect of charging for her services. She has found this difficult in the past when she took private pupils, but Cora must make the effort to break free from this lack of self-worth. She must acknowledge her own abilities and put a price tag on them. To help break her in, the offer of a period of free coaching for her local Musical Society will balance the scales. She is bound to get private bookings as a result of her quality of teaching. I can see Cora getting totally immersed in the musical community and great things will happen should she decide to jump on board The Chariot and go for it.

O. Position 2, Challenge, Reversed Moon – Position 3, Conscious Aspirations, The Empress – Position 7, Advice/Advancement, The Chariot – Position 8, External Influences/Surrounding Energy, The World. Deduction  – Major Arcana Cards often suggest Destiny and Karmic implications. We know already who Cora is and also her dreams and aspirations. She wants to get back to working with music but not in the manner she worked before. There have been massive shifts in Cora’s life and she has gone through much turmoil and distress. If these Major Arcana Cards have anything to do with Cora’s Destiny, her Karma, her Soul Purpose, well then she is beginning to follow her true calling. The Empress and The World, suggest Cora’s true Destiny, her Life or Soul Purpose. She has heard the inner call and is trying to respond to it. However with The Reversed Moon, there is a block or obstacle that stands in the way of her realising her potential and fulfilling her Destiny. The Reversed Moon is the Life Challenge she must overcome in order to progress and succeed. The Chariot represents that which she must use to reach her intended destination. Whereas Cora would have ideally chosen to go straight from the Ace of Pentacles to The Ten, Empress and World, it will not come about so easily. The Chariot brings her Karma in that she must conquer the fear held in The Reversed Moon before she can enjoy the World and The Empress. The Chariot although challenging, is her only way forward. Once she steps onto it, she has the power in her hands to mold her Destiny to that of her choosing. She is then in control of her life and not a victim of circumstances.  It is a breakthrough or break free card, and one which requires her to be in the driving seat.

P. Position 6, The Future, The King of Swords – Position 9, Hopes and Fears, The Eight of Pentacles. Deductions – I can almost hear the King of Swords giving Cora a good talking to in The Eight of Pentacles. Not in a demeaning manner, but logically pointing out her obvious qualifications, standards and ability. He is telling her it is a no-brainer and that she just needs to join the dots now so that she can see it for herself. In a no-nonsense manner he tells her to come back to him when she has made a definite decision about what she wants to do as he cannot work with indecisive people. He gives her a list of mental challenges she has to overcome if she wants to make another appointment with him. He tells her that he sees much promise in her but that it will amount to nothing if she does not see it in herself. He warns her that should she decide to seek his advice or opinion, he will be direct and honest. Advice will be constructive and aimed at helping her achieve her goals. He wants no tears, sulking, or quitting, should his comments ruffle any of her feathers. He tells her that he hates seeing good talent go to waste.


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