The Hermit (IX) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When The Hermit Reverses, it is time to come down from the mountain, time to come in from the cold. You have learnt all you need to at present by going within and it is now time to return to the land of the living and apply your new-found knowledge and wisdom and put it to the test.

However, The Hermit’s Reversal may suggest that you are deliberately avoiding going within for fear of what you might discover and the changes you may have to make in your life.  It is time to return to the Strength card to learn to face your fears head on. This can also happen if, after spending time reflecting on your situation and life, you become paralysed with fear and feel powerless and overwhelmed. Instead of going out on your own you fear the risk is too great and settle for the boring and mundane.On the other hand you may have taken this reflection stage a bit too far and have become obsessive about going within.  There is a fear you will lose all contact with reality in the process.

Terrible loneliness can be suggested by The Hermit Reversed.  You may keep yourself on the run all the time to avoid your problems or emotions. It can be a time to find yourself a partner so that you are no longer on your own and The Hermit reversed can indicate your search for a relationship after a long period of being single. You may feel that you are getting too old to meet anyone and fear growing old alone. A midlife crisis can be indicated.

With The Reversed Hermit may you may feel left out in the cold by family and friends.  You may be an outcast on the fringe of society.  You might be a true Hermit living on the side of the hill, unsociable and avoiding close contact with anyone.

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