Leo – The Lion

July 23rd – August 22nd

(Please Note, The Personality Profile Below is Based on the Archetypal Leo for Tarot Reading Purposes. Most People have a mix of several Zodiac Signs based on Their Astrological Birth Chart and are not solely one Sign.)

Leo Symbol

Ruling Planet  – Sun

Duality or Gender – Masculine

Triplicity or Element – Fire

Quadruplicity or Quality – Fixed

Body Areas – Heart, Spine, Back

Stone – Ruby

Colour – Yellow, Gold

The Leo personality is like the Lion himself who symbolically represents this sign. He is leader of the pride and King of the jungle. Leo people like to be in charge, and like their fellow fire sign Aries, are used to getting their own way. Whatever they do, whether it relates to work, love, family or sport, they are the boss and like to make all the decisions. Generally they feel justified in this because they always believe they know best and will point it out to you on a regular basis. Like the proud lion, Leos takes tremendous pride in everything they do. They are renowned for their bright sunny and positive disposition and are a joy to have around, that is if you are in agreement with whatever they are doing. Natural leaders, they are usually not content unless they run or own their own business. They prefer to call the shots and dislike having to follow the rules of others. Such lowliness is not fitting for the King of the Jungle.

Leos natural showy tendency can sometimes have them overdressed, dressing inappropriately for an occasion, or dressing flamboyantly. They love bling, are drawn to gold and anything that glitters. Again this can all go to the extreme as some Leos don’t know when to stop, or when enough is enough. They can generally get away with there outlandish or overdone appearance when they are young, and we can be quite dazzled and impressed by their showiness. With their very exuberant and sunny personality it can suit them perfectly. However, some Leos can get stuck in the younger styles of their youth as they get older and often get labelled as ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ or the ‘oldest swinger in town’.  All in all, the world would be a very dull place indeed without a large scattering of positive, cheerful, charming, enthusiastic, flamboyant, outrageous, sunny and funny Leos.


Leos can be outrageous flirts and are quite open about their romantic interests and love life.  When it comes to their love life and relationships, Leos again are extremely enthusiastic and fall in love fast and hard. Their natural enthusiasm is very admirable, but this can go into overdrive when they do meet someone who they feel romantically drawn to.  They can go ever so slightly overboard about it all. They fall madly in love, and will shower their partner with expensive and extravagant gifts. This can be intensely exciting in the beginning, but unless their partner shares their same temperament and enthusiasm, they can feel overwhelmed and claustrophobic with constant declarations of undying love. It will be hard to keep up with such level of intensity, and intense is exactly what it can become. They have to apply the lesson of ‘less is more’ at times. This tendency to over do it with attention and affection can send a prospective or new partner running the opposite way. The poor Leo can be left broken-hearted and shockingly confused as to what went wrong.

However, when they do find their mate they are usually very committed and not in the habit of straying. They need to feel loved both emotionally and sexually. Things can turn terribly sour if they feel their love and attention is not reciprocated.


In work, they are very determined, very ambitious, and will work extremely hard to get to the top. The top is the only place they have any interest in being. However, unlike Aries, Leo will do it the right way and not leave foot prints on other people’s backs along the way. Leos are extremely creative and can be very showy. They love to show off whatever talent they may have. They approach their work with extreme enthusiasm and passion. They naturally enliven the workplace and greatly motivate any team involved with them. However, the Lion’s roar can be heard if anyone has the audacity to question, challenge their decision, or the way they do something. They like to be the boss and are very often ‘bossy’ . They have very high standard themselves and will expect their fellow workers or employees to feel likewise. They can become very intolerant of poor lesser mortals who don’t come up to scratch. Careers for Leos must centre around their creative and artistic flair along with their need for drama. They love to play to an audience so anything to do with show business such as acting, singing, dancing, stage work etc. would be ideal. They are also great company leaders. Their flamboyant style of dress may have them working in the fashion business. Television is another great outlet for their dynamic personalities.

Family & Parenting

When the Leo person has a family, like the lion, will fiercely watch over and protect his or her cubs. It is the Leo parent who will make all the decisions in the family. It will take a very strong partner to force his or her ideas occasionally. The Leo parent will not readily acknowledge that there are two in a relationship, and that decisions generally have to be mutual. He or she will make all the decisions for the children too without consulting them for their view or opinion.  After all,  Leo ‘knows Best’. This can cause a lot of trouble and tension in the family. The Leo parent will love their children to bits, but there will be a tendency for the Leo to force his or her ideas, and way of life on the children.

The Leo Parent sometimes wants to try to relive their life, or missed opportunities, through their children. They can easily become very ambitious for their children and put them on a pedestal. Eager for them to succeed, Leo can be seen as the proud mother or father bragging about their son or daughter’s achievements to whoever will listen. The Leo parent will spend a fortune on the best schools for their children, and will have them in every club going.  However, The Leo mother or father will be devastated and feel let down by a son or daughter who fails to achieve, or rebels against the high demands and expectations put upon them. Generally speaking they are very encouraging of their offspring and want them to make the most of their lives, and to develop their full potential .  They enjoy their family immensely and have great fun with them.  Life in a Leo house is never dull or boring.


Leos are naturally healthy people with a strong constitution.  Their weak areas may be their heart, back  and spine.  They often have circulatory problems and hate the cold weather. When they holiday or take vacation, it is generally to a hot climate. Leos natural enthusiasm and energy levels draw them to exercise without much resistance. Because of their Sign’s link to heart problems, need to keep up a regular exercise regime. Again, there may be the tendency to overdo and show off in the gym, or at the spin class, so they must be careful to pace themselves. They love any form of team sport but again, like their fellow Fire Sign, Aries it will need to be stimulating and energetic to hold their attention. They have a healthy respect for their bodies and will pay attention to their nutritional needs.

The Older Leo

Like Aries, Leos often retire very late in life, and sometimes not at all. You see, they usually love what they do or what they work at so often see  no real need to give it up. If and when they do retire, any hobby they pick up may at some stage be turned into a business of one sort or another, which results in them being back in work once again.  Their natural love of travel will see them traipsing around the world to all sorts of wonderfully exciting, and usually hot climates, right into old age.  They can be found in amateur dramatics, the local musical society, or throwing themselves into exciting areas of study. If study is involved when they are older, it won’t be just the average local adult education class down the road. It is more likely to be a mature college course with a degree at the end of it, for Leos are never finished achieving, and continue to have high expectations of themselves regardless of age.  Due to their extravagant nature, they normally spend a fortune on whatever hobby they decide on. Only the best golf clubs or tennis racket will do, with of course private lessons from the club pro.

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