Six (VI) of Pentacles b

 Six (VI) of Pentacles

6 of Pentacles Upright


Hiring, Employment, Social Welfare, Charity,  Patronage, Sharing, Kindness, Generosity, Gifts, Assistance, Support, Alms, Help, Money, Hand-Outs, Donations, Community, Humanity, Being Conscientious/Compassionate, Non-Judgemental, Sponsorship, Investors, Windfall, Winnings, Balance, Domination/Submission, Poor/Wealthy, Giving/Receiving, Teacher/Student, Gratitude, Rewards, Have/Have Not, Fairness, Valued, Equality/Inequality, Power, Control, Loans, Inheritance, Distribution, Pay Day, Looking For a Raise, What goes Round Comes Round, Getting Back on Your Feet, Grovelling, Neediness,



The Six of Pentacles appearing in a Reading often makes us feel uncomfortable as it raises so many questions. It is a multi-layered card and depends on whom you identify with in the imagery. Are you the one giving or receiving? The one standing or on bended knee?  It is a card of extremes. A card of having/not having, domination/submission, superiority/inferiority, generosity/meanness, supporting/not being supported, being appreciated/being used, teaching/learning, hiring/firing. The list could go on and on.

However, one of its strong traditional associated meanings is charity or patronage.  After experiencing difficulties or finding yourself in a bind, usually financially, someone has stepped in to help out.  A life line has been thrown to you and you would be wise to grasp hold of it.  The help or assistance that is being offered generally comes from either friends or family but the Six of Pentacles is also a card of community so it may also come from an employer, organisation or scheme. The Six of Pentacles gives a strong indication that help is at hand and you will get whatever it is you need.

The Six of Pentacles also stands for the area of Social Welfare, where there is financial and practical assistance available to those who are unemployed, suffering from ill-health or other challenging circumstances.  The Six may be telling you that you are eligible for such assistance should you decide to take that route.  What is being offered may not be a lot but it will help tide you over until you can get back on your feet again.

This Card also highlights who your real friends are and it is very important that you recognise and show gratitude. Let them know how much their help means. The Card also turns the light on how good a friend you are.  Make a pledge to do the same for them should they find themselves in difficulty at any stage.  It is a case of combining resources in order to share and maintain balance not just within your own circle but also in the wider community.  A good soul cannot turn the other way and ignore the plight of others, for even the smallest gesture can be of enormous help. The Six of Pentacles can simply suggest  helping someone out in times of need.  Any help offered or received should come with no strings attached.   You may be loaning money to family or friends or donating to charity.  You could be giving of your time, resources, knowledge or expertise.  Give with a good heart but don’t go on and on about it or tell others who and how you have helped.  Remember, people’s pride is at stake and they probably feel bad enough having to ask for help let alone half the neighbourhood knowing too.

The Six of Pentacles can also suggest windfalls, inheritances and the arrival of unexpected cash.  You may go from rags to riches overnight and see a massive change in circumstances.  Be wise how you spend or invest this money for what has come so easy can disappear just as easily too.  If you have come into a lot of money or won the lottery, remember to spread some of it around.  Money is an energy and if not kept in circulation will stagnate and rot.  So too, will you.  Share the love and your good fortune for you will have more than you need.

The castle in the distance suggests that you may be helping through charity or donating to areas and people less well off. Make sure that you give for the right reasons and that there are no strings attached.  Also be sure, that if you are helping people, then give them something they really need. Look around you and see what it is that you can do to help others less fortunate than yourself. Make a donation or become a donor.  Sponsor someone who really needs it. Have you got a talent or qualification? If so, then don’t hold on to it. Share it with others and pass on your knowledge or skills. If there is a willing student, then offer to teach them or become a mentor.

The Six of Pentacles always reassures you that there is enough money to go around even if it does take a bit of juggling here and there to balance the scales.  Whatever is going out, there is enough coming in to cover it.  Depending on who you identify with in the imagery, you may be getting a loan from the bank or finally getting to pay off one.  You should now be in a position to clear any debts after the struggles of the Five. 

What is being distributed by the figure in the Six of Pentacles Card is not necessarily money but could also be his time,  affections and interest. You may be trying to do the same and want to ensure that no one feels left out and all are treated fairly. You may be trying to work, build a career or business while trying to maintain a relationship, marriage and family.  You certainly have to spread yourself around but must also be certain to balance the scales in your favour too.

You could be drawing up a will and deciding on how your estate should be fairly allocated. You must be very careful in this regard and take steps to ensure that no one is left out or singled out for extra special attention.  Where there is a will there is always a family.  Who is left what, or not, can cause bitterness and drive great divides within families causing battle lines to be drawn.  Then again, it may be you who is set to inherit all with nothing left for anyone else (note one figure gets the money).  If this is the case, and I have seen it many times, then try to do the right thing and share some of it out.  A client of mine last year discovered that he had been left everything in his father’s will.  He had two sisters and one brother but he was the sole beneficiary of the will.  He had been his father’s favourite and it had always made him feel uncomfortable.  Before any of his shocked siblings could react he contacted his own solicitor and had the estate and monies divided in four.  He couldn’t believe that his father had set in motion a situation that may have caused terrible battles, bitterness and more than likely legal action.  He loved his family and had no intention of falling out with them over money.  He did the right thing, but so many don’t.  We shall see the consequences of this in the Reversed Six.

In a Relationship Reading, the Six of Pentacles could indicate that one is dominated by the other. In the Upright, this would suggest that the arrangement is acceptable. One is the provider/protector/decision maker/holder of the purse strings,  while the other is content and relieved to leave all that end of things to the other. If you look closely, you can see the stay at home wife being given her housekeeping money for the week or month and the kids receiving their pocket-money. She, the wife, never sees a bill or bank statement and if she did would not know what to do with it anyway as he looks after all that side of things.  It is highly unlikely that she would even know what is in the bank account or how much he earns as he is in control and decides not only how much money she gets but also how much information she is privy to. In the upright, you will find that this is a happy although controlling situation. However, she would have some form of control granted to her as in what to cook for dinner and how the housework is done etc. These meanings may also apply to a man who is happy to be hen-pecked by his partner and told what clothes and shoes to wear and fussed over when he has a cold for example. Co-dependence is often highlighted by this card and the feeling of having or needing to be looked after by someone else.

The above arrangement to many in the modern world would be considered claustrophobic and unacceptable. It is more reminiscent of how relationships were conducted in our parent’s day, however, broken down into many facets the above set-up continues to thrive and flourish in many households or relationships. As long as all our happy then the scales are kept in balance.

In the Six of Pentacles you may also be dividing up assets after a separation or divorce.  If you are going through a court case then there may be a settlement in your favour.  The settlement should be fair and balanced, taking everyone’s needs into account but the scales will probably tip positively on your side.

The Six of Pentacles can also suggest that you have married into money depending on surrounding Cards.  You may have come from quite a poor background and cannot quite shake off the feeling of it. You may feel awkward taking or spending your partner’s money. You may not see your partner as your equal but rather someone who is better than you or more important.  As long as you have married for love, on both sides, then you should get up off your knees and stand by his or her side. You have equal importance and have brought much of worth into the relationship.

There is a definite air of dominance and subservience in this card. If this situation is acceptable to all, as in one partner earns the money while the other stays at home to mind children, then all are happy.

The Six of Pentacles in Career or Work Related Readings is often known as the Hiring and Firing Card depending on whether it falls Upright or Reversed.  In the Upright, it is a positive indication of securing employment.  It can suggest  that you are in the process of changing your job or applying for a new one.  If you have been unemployed for some time then a job is in sight or possibly that you need to see a Job Coach or someone who can teach you interview skills.  If you do get a job, it may not be exactly what you are looking for but it is a start.  You may also be approaching your boss for a salary raise or promotion.

Even though this Card starkly shows the apparent wealth of one against the poverty of another, any employment arrangements will be fair and just.  This suggests a good days pay for a good days work.  All benefit from this arrangement.  Pay Day has arrived at last.  The boss or owner makes his profits while the employee can pay his bills.  There is an exchange of money, energy or services.  This Card also highlights the individual who may be guilty of grovelling or licking up to the boss in order to get what they want.

In a Business Reading the Six of Pentacles could suggest that you may be hiring tradesmen or employees.  Make sure you pay a decent wage to your workers and reward them for their loyalty.  If you are making big profits than it might be time to consider giving your staff a pay rise.  Also, seek opinions from your staff. Ask about their needs for you may learn a lot from this.  It might be time to invest some money in further training in the workplace.  The benefits to the business in the long-term will be immense.

You may be working out a budget in order to afford something large or to expand. You may be borrowing money to set up a business or making business deals.  If you have been looking for backing from sponsors or investors then the Six of Pentacles is a positive indication that you will get it. If you are stuck in some area of your business and do not have the necessary knowledge or skills then go and find someone who can teach or mentor you.  Maybe it is time to seek some good advice from the Professionals.


6 of Pentacles Reversed


Firing, Unemployment, Lack of Charity, Meanness, Feigned Charity, Strings Attached Charity, Domination, Superior/Inferior, Powerful/Powerless, Abuse of Power and Position, Strong Control, Inequality,Discrimination, Judgemental, Subservience, Injustice, Greed, Ungrateful, Undervalued, Underpaid, Unpaid Loans, Declined, Loan, Lack of Sponsorhsip/Investors, Bad Debts, Bad Money/Business Management, Not Seeking Professional Advice, Loan Sharks, Extortion,  Social Welfare Fraud, Theft, Pick Pocket, Money Scams, Cons, Get Rich Quick Schemes, Poor Investment, Too Generous, Abuse of Generosity, A Soft Touch, No Get Up and Go, Fawning, Grovelling, Ass Licking, Neediness

When The Six of Pentacles goes into Reverse the scales tip unevenly and we begin to see the dominant and subservient situation in its negative aspect.  The arrangement which was suitable for all in the Upright now becomes an issue as the one who stands in power becomes more powerful and forceful while the subservient one becomes more timid and fawning.

Lack of generosity and meanness can occur. If you are thinking of approaching someone for help or money you may be disappointed and surprised when they turn you down.  If you have loaned money to someone you may not get it repaid or you may discover that it was not spent wisely.  Investments made may amount to nothing.   If awaiting the outcome of a will you may not feel fairly provided for as monies and assets are unequally distributed.  You may find out all too late that someone has been ‘sucking up’ or getting close’ in order to inherit.

unfortunately, this Six of Pentacles Reversed can be a sign that you will not get what you want and you may feel that the whole situation is unjust. Court cases can go against you and you may end up footing the bill for legal costs too.

If you are in a difficult situation, perhaps you are too proud to ask for charity or help and so you or others may suffer as a result. Bad debts accumulate as you dig a deeper hole for yourself.  The Six of Pentacles can suggest that you have only yourself to blame for the state you find yourself in.  If you have been recklessly spending or abusing the generosity of others then you cannot expect for the hand-outs to continue.  You might be trying to turn a ‘quick buck’ with any bit of money you get. You could be gambling or drinking it. You could also be lured into ‘get rich quick’ schemes on the back of other people’s money.

Abuse of the Social Welfare system is also indicated with some taking handouts as well as working.  Fairness and balance is lost. There may be someone constantly putting the ‘poor mouth on’ in order to get steady and consistent hand-outs.

When the Six of Pentacles appears Reversed in your Reading and you are thinking about sponsoring, investing or donating then you better do some further homework on where your money will be going or how your resources will be used.  Scams and cons may be involved or you may discover that very little of it goes to those in need.  Someone may also be out to fleece you so keep your head when listening to sob stories and watch your wallet or bag.  In the Reversed Card, while the man gives money to one, the other may be picking his pocket while he is not looking.  Organised theft and very possibly on the street where criminal gangs habitually operate pretending to be beggars.

If charity is given, it may not be with a good heart. Charity may be given to make a good impression. Your sense of superiority has you deciding who is and who is not worthy of receiving your support or help.  You could be acting all-powerful and intimidating to others.  You could be showing off your wealth or position and feel that you hold all the cards. You may enjoy watching others grovel or lick up to you. Here we see the poorhouse, workhouse and industrial schools of the past.  Often run by Religious Orders and sometimes the State, they were seen as places where charity was available through food, shelter and spiritual education.  Orphans, fallen women and those just unfortunate to be poor were sent or taken into these institutions by family or by state order.  Behind the respectable facade of holy statues, priests and nuns ran a highly organised cruel regime and torture camp which involved, slave labour, beatings, humiliation, emotional, psychological and physical abuse.  The most heinous of crimes were carried out on children who were systematically sexually abused by those who had the power over them.  The very same people who were hailed by all for the good work they were doing for the poor and helpless.

When the Six of Pentacles Reverses you might have to do unpleasant things in order to receive any monies offered.  There are strings attached to any assistance given.  The loan shark can be seen in the reversed as he appears to take money from the less fortunate  (the money now appears to fall into the wealthy man’s hand) regardless of how much they plead with him.

It is particularly in Relationships that we see the negative effects of this Card set in. Here we see the controller and the controlled. The controller is happy with the situation but the controlled feels stifled and resentful and also powerless. One may feel they have to grovel in order to receive or money is used as a weapon within the relationship. They may have no direct access to money and have to ask for every cent they need. An unhappy relationship but one believes they have no option but to stay as in looking back to the Five, they would be penniless and homeless should they decide to leave.  Maybe you are giving more than you are receiving or vice versa. There is also a sense of lack of control over finances. Does your partner make you feel that you owe them for everything you have?

Perhaps you also feel ungrateful for all you have.  Enough may never be enough with you as the hand is constantly out looking for  more. Marriage or relationship may be for material gain and not love.

You may be disappointed with a separation or divorce settlement and feel that you have not been treated fairly.

When it comes to Career, you are more likely to get fired or let go in the Reverse, or a job application is turned down. You feel cheated and resentful as your work goes unrecognised, or is undervalued.  Someone else may take the credit for what you have done. There may also be discrimination in the work place or a situation where men get paid more than women for doing the same job.  There can be a domineering and controlling work environment where it is not advisable to be outspoken or to use your own initiative.  Do you feel you are not getting enough rewards for all the hard work you put in? You may feel underpaid and that you are just working to make your boss get richer and richer while you have to settle for the crumbs off the table.  When did you last have a pay increase? Then again, with this Card in Reverse we see the ‘boot licker’, ‘ass kisser’  and the ‘kowtowing’, ‘grovelling’ and ‘fawning’ that goes with the territory. You may be guilty of being a ‘yes man’ and ‘ lackey’ to your boss.  Your boss no doubt likes the arrangement but for the love of God, have a bit of dignity and pride and get up off your knees.

In Business, banks and investors may not be willing to back you.  A business loan might go unpaid. Your staff may act disloyal if you have not been looking after them.  If in partnership, money could be going astray or misappropriated.  There is a danger of not seeking professional advice when you need it or not wanting to spend money on professional help.  You may also be hiring underqualified staff to keep costs down which will be counterproductive to your business.  Your staff may also be long over-due re-training or up-skilling.  When did they last get a pay rise? You may also have illegal immigrants working for you.

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