Strength (VIII) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



When the Strength card reverses the woman shows her fear and loses control of the lion.  The lion depending on his strength may very well overwhelm the woman and devour her. Lack of inner strength and belief in oneself is suggested. You lack the courage to face life or whatever difficult situation you are in.  Depression, despair and hopeless are evident. You may run away from difficult decisions, relationships or awkward situations. Failure, weakness, cowardliness and lack of courage are represented by Strength Reversed. You need to return to the lessons of The Chariot in order to get your emotions under control.

When Strength Reverses, the lion escapes.  The cat is out of the bag and this can be quite literally.  A secret may be revealed . Your shadow side is out and it may not be a pretty sight.

In the upright, there is no sense of forced control. It is a mutual agreement between the lion and the woman but when reversed control and domination surface. This can often happen when we feel powerless in our own lives. Either domination or submission can be represented by the reversed Strength card. Stop trying to control life so much.  Let go a bit and see what life will deliver.

Your heart may not be in what you do.  Maybe you feel that it is all too much of a struggle. You may fear someones power over you and their anger. Cruelty to animals may be indicated. Too much power being given to the wrong person or people. Power is in the wrong hands when Strength Reverses.  There may be displays of lack of respect for others as The Ego becomes overly inflated and the roar of the Lion strikes fear in all around.

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