The Page of Swords b

The Page of Swords – The Initiator

Page of Swords Upright

Air SignsGemini, Libra, Aquarius


 Planning, Plans, Ideas, Inspiration, Enemy At The Gate, Vigilant, Alert, Guarded, On Guard, Protective, Defensive, Courage, Fortitude, Mental Challenges, Mentally Agile/Sharp,Honest, Truthful, Direct, Candid, Facts, Lawful, Being Just, Fair, Ethical, Diplomatic, Principles, Standards, Morals, Championing a Cause, Communication  Speech, Accents, Negotiation, Talkative, Engaging, Witty, Freedom of Speech, Discussion, Debate, Public Speaking, Languages, Political, Inquisitive, Quick Witted, Analytical  Thinking Things Through, Curious, Thinker, Thorough, Fastidious, Particular, Serious, Intense, Clinical, Severe, Stress, Worry, Concerns, Anxious, Agitated, Keen, Research, Discovery, Brainy, Intelligent, Intellectual, Academic, Scholar, Study, High Achiever, Degrees, Qualifications, Ambition, Learn, Teach, Exams, Military, Soldier, Spy, Sniper, Surveillance, News of Legalities, Contracts/Problems/Gossip, Precocious Child, Travel, Flying, Head in The Clouds, Daydreaming, 


A lot on Your Mind,  A Lot to Think About, Use Your Mind, You will Have to Think on Your Feet, Be Logical, Form a Workable Plan, Use Your Head, Use the Brain you Were Given,  Act Assertively in This Matter, Stand Up for Yourself,  Speak Out about Your Feelings,  Speak your Mind, You Do Have Something to Say, Your Opinion Counts,  You are Very Articulate and Well Spoken,  Consider Writing about Your Thoughts,  Think Before You Speak, Don’t let Yourself Get Drawn into Arguments, Know when to Drop a Topic of Conversation,  Fight Injustice, Speak Out About or Expose Injustice or Corruption, Don’t Let your Emotions Influence You, Be Vigilant, Be Wary when Necessary,  Don’t let Paranoia Take Over, You may Be Getting Stressed about Nothing,  Is Insomnia a Problem for You Right Now? Be Brave and Daring,  Champion a Cause, You Need to Take it More Seriously, Stop being so Serious, Analyse the Problem,  Find a Logical Solution, Think things Over/Through, Get your Facts Right, Question Everything, Study and Analyse the Facts, Take into Consideration the Views of Others,  Be Honest and Truthful, Be Fair in your Dealings, Do not Judge others, Own Up to your Mistakes, Don’t Be Up in Your Head All the Time, Try to be More Practical, Come Down To Earth, Think Positively, Get Down to Study,

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The Page of Swords represents the immature aspect of The Swords Court Family.  He will need to master the difficult art of mental discipline, and be adaptable in his method of communication before he can mature into The Queen or King of Swords.  He will have to learn when to speak, and when to hold his tongue. In the meantime, let us be dazzled by this bright, intelligent, alert and chatty young person.  Let him put our heads into a spin with all his plans, concepts, theories and beliefs.  He will certainly keep us on our toes.

Traditionally The Page of Swords appearance was described as a young person of either sex. His hair was dark and so too were his eyes, sometimes as dark as flint. His features were sharply defined with equally sharp, penetrating eyes.  Skin was described as pale or wan. Remember, these are the old traditional descriptions and bear no resemblance at all to the majority of people in the world.  It is his personality description that should be concentrated on and not his looks when interpreting The Page of Swords.  It is interesting to note that actors are often chosen for specific roles based on this type of image profiling.

Like all other Pages, The Page of Swords appearing in your Cards may be the bearer of News.  The News The Page of Swords brings is often about legal matters, contracts, conflict, problems or gossip.  This Page’s News can sometimes be stressful and distressing, especially if it appears Reversed.  The post he delivers is usually in brown or white envelopes with small windows, and marked private and confidential.  He may bring Registered Post, which will need your signature or he may be serving you with a Court Summons or Fine.  His News, messages and method of delivery are mostly clinical and business-like.  The Swords Court Family often represent the Medical Profession, such as Consultants, Specialists and Surgeons.  Therefore News may be of hospital appointments, test results or surgery. The surrounding Cards and Querant’s input will help determine the nature of the news being delivered.

The Page of Swords represents a young child, youth or a young adult of either sex up to the age of approximately 22 years.  He can represent someone who is older but is displaying the personality traits and qualities of the young PageThe Page can suggest an older person who is doing something that is making them feel younger, such as learning new skills or going back to college.  He can also suggest mental immaturity if the person represented by him is much older than 22 years of age. In general The Page of Swords represents the bright young person who is full of lively chat and stimulating conversation.  He is scholarly and very often well educated.  He or she will have plenty to say for themselves and is never stuck for a word or a swift response.  With a razor sharp mind and sponge like brain, he or she will be full of energy and fired up with enthusiasm for whatever it is that is on their mind.  This Page represents someone with a very fast mind and a head full of ideas and plans.  He might appear to live on nervous energy and may even seem edgy at times.

Very quick to pick up on things, or a subtle remark from someone, they can deliver a short, sharp and vicious retort when provoked.  In fact, the person represented by this Page may find him or herself drawn into regular heated discussions or debates with others.  They can find it hard to let a subject drop or conversation go if they feel passionate or incensed enough about the topic.  They do like to have the last say and there will not be many who will be able to match them.  However, heated discussions can sometimes turn into arguments, which if not called to a halt, can then turn into blazing rows and slagging matches.  It can get particularly nasty when The Page of Sword Reverses.

A child represented by The Page of Swords is likely to be talkative and precocious.  He or she will have an insatiable appetite for information and a natural curiosity about everything. If you are not in form, he or she may drive you wild with their constant questions.  This child will have a wonderful and wild imagination, and everyone will want to play their games.  Animated and articulate, this child is bound to be quite studious and will be top of the class at most subjects.  He reminds me of my own daughter (now a clinical microbiologist and mathematician).  A Libran, she IS very intelligent and academically gifted.  During her school years, she had a few like-minded student friends who were constantly setting challenges to see who could get to the end of school books before the Teacher did.  They would race each other through the Maths Curriculum, with a natural understanding of complicated processes, without anyone teaching them.  In the corridors of the school, they would seek each other out to claim the prize or the championship.

However, the child represented by The Page of Swords is often sport shy and it can be difficult to get them away from their books or computer screen.  Come to think of it, my daughter loved chess and I suppose that is a sport, even if only mental.  The Page of Swords child will find their own particular sports as they get older but forcing them out onto a pitch as a young child may not be a good plan.   However, this child does need to get some physical exercise to help burn off their excessive mental energy. He or she may also be a worrier, and can get easily overly-concerned and stressed about things.  He or she will need to be kept calm and talked down from all their concerns, otherwise they may find it hard to sleep at night.  This child may also be fussy and particular about the food they eat, the layout of their bedroom, the tidiness of their school bag or the order in which they get dressed.  He or she can appear wan and pale at times.

The Person represented by this Page, will be direct in their dealings with you, open, honest and trustworthy.  They call a spade, a spade, so if you are looking for someone’s honest opinion then head in the direction of The Page of Swords. But be warned, if it is honesty you are looking for then you will certainly get it.  This Page of Swords will not spare your feelings or take the softly, softly approach with you.  He or she will tell you ‘yes, your bum does look big in that’ or ‘your new suite of furniture is ghastly’. He is also very good to approach if you are looking for advice, or someone to bounce your ideas or plans off, for he will listen intently and analyse every bit of information, and every word you speak. His brain will work like lightening, and while you are catching your breath, he will already be formulating the feasibility of your plan or idea, along with a workable strategy to get it up and running.  You see he likes planning and coming up with brilliant ideas so, will be in his Element and happy to do his very best for you.  Likewise, if you are looking for an idea or don’t know what to do, this Page of Swords will be delighted to give you a few suggestions. He is wonderful at personality profiling, so will have an understanding of what would suit you.

If you are looking for a spokesperson, someone to plead your case or deal with a controversial issue, then The Page of Swords is the person to call on.  He or she has absolutely no problem in speaking up for themselves and for others too.  The Page of Swords presence in your Reading can often highlight the need to be more assertive in your dealings with others and to stand up for yourself.

The Page of Swords asks you to be honest and fair in your dealings with others. Try to accept others’ points of view, without judging them harshly or condemning them. If you have made a mistake, or said or done something you shouldn’t, then now is the time to take responsibility for it by owning up to it. People will admire and respect you for your honesty.  Likewise, if you have discovered deceit, underhand behaviour, injustice or corruption, don’t just turn a blind eye to it.  Do something about it by exposing it. Do the right thing by everyone and be the good guy in this situation.

The Page Swords can turn up in your Reading to acknowledge that you are on the brink of starting something new, or at the very least, encouraging you to do so.  Plans or ideas you have been incubating for some time now, are at the Stage where you are thinking of doing something about them.  Nothing is ready for off right now, but you are doing some serious thinking about your future and forming workable plans for your ingenious ideas.  You may be working out the logistics of putting your plans and ideas into action, doing research, and looking around for what you might need.  There is an incredible amount of mental activity going on at this stage and it is likely you are quite excited about the whole thing.  The Page of Swords can find you thinking about strategies and logistics, and making sure everything is in place.  However, you may have a tendency to go overboard with detail, and be too finicky and particular about how you intend to implement your plans.  The shame would be if you constantly put off the starting stage on the basis or belief that you need to tweek things here and there, or re-work plans you have already gone over several times.  All your ideas and plans will amount to nothing unless you act on them. Mentally you may be super-confident about the potential success of your plans or ideas, but manifesting them into reality may be your biggest challenge.

You have a tendency to be overly-idealistic at times, and too much up in your head.  The Page of Swords can appear to ask you to come down to earth and be a little bit more practical.  Some of your ideas may be too airy-fairy, over the top or far-fetched to be realistic.  Try to use your reasoning, and apply logic if you find you are getting carried away.  You cannot run with every idea you have, so at present, work only with those that have the potential to become a reality.  You can go back to the more ‘far out’ ones at a later stage. You need to apply mental discipline to all those random ideas and plans of yours if you are ever to make anything out of them.

If you are experiencing problems in your life at present, The Page of Swords can appear to ask you to use you mind, and your powers of reasoning and logic to find solutions.  Have courage and fortitude and think positively.  Know that you can work everything out, and when you do, you will have learned a lot from the experience.  Think everything through before you make a move or say anything. This is especially true when it comes to opening your mouth about something too soon. Remember, ‘the least said, the easier mended’.

When The Page of Swords is drawn in your Reading, he may be suggesting that you need to be on your guard at present and stay mentally alert.  You may have to keep your eye on everyone and everything to ensure you miss nothing.  There is usually complicated or serious issues going on in the background, causing people to be tense and strained.  This is not a particularly relaxing time for you, and your mind is likely to be consumed with whatever the perplexing issue entails.  There may be documents to be read, and fine detail to go over and over.  You may feel unsure about your capabilities in dealing with such issues or that you do not have enough experience or knowledge on your side.  At this moment, you feel it could blow one way or the other, and you are likely trying to prepare yourself for whatever comes.  Regardless of how insecure you may feel right now, or how excessively worried you are about the outcome, you must not show any signs of fear.  It is important not to let the situation dominate your life or totally destroy your peace of mind. Use your logic and powers of reasoning to break the issue down into more manageable levels.

The Page of Swords can appear as a warning that you will need to defend yourself.  It can suggest that the enemy is at the gate and you may have to go into battle.  Be warned about getting drawn into conflict that is unlawful or where someone could get physically hurt.  Don’t be the antagonist, don’t be the aggressor, don’t go looking for trouble or conflict just because your feel brave, incited or justified. Remember to stay on the lawful side of the tracks and keep your integrity when dealing with incoming fire.  Be suspicious and on your guard for sure, but don’t give in to paranoia, conspiracy theories or seek revenge that could get out of hand.  Yes, you may feel you have enemies at present, but not everyone is out to get you. Try to calm down and not go out with all guns blazing. Think it through.

The Page of Swords reminds you of his double-edged Sword.  There are two sides to every story, and every battle or row.  There are also two ways of handling them.  The Sword does not always have to be drawn for you have a natural ability to solve issues by the power of communication and negotiation. Refuse to be drawn into bare-knuckle fighting and underhand attacks. Instead draw your opponent out into the open, and insist on dealing with them face to face, so that all issues and grievances can be aired.

The Page of Swords is another Card in the Tarot that represents travel.  Travel by plane is most likely.

In Relationships, the Appearance of the Page of Swords can suggest a partner matching his description and personality (see above).  He may be an Air Sign; Aquarius, Gemini or Libra.  He is not the most romantic type but will certainly be very interesting.  He may appear older than his years, and be quite serious at times, but he is incredibly witty and super intelligent.   Looks are not top on his list of priorities as he is more interested in his partner’s mind, and their ability to talk and intellectually stimulate him.  If this Page is the one you are drawn to, then it would be wonderful if you are a talker too with a variety of interests.  He is studious and scholarly, so will be academically very ambitious.  He likes intelligence in others, and especially in his partner.

In Relationships, The Page of Swords, for all his love of chat and being sociable, does like his privacy and time on his own.  He or she is very comfortable with their own company, and actually enjoy silence and solitude when they get it. They can spend days on their own, catching up on their reading, or working on their computer or the internet.  The Page of Swords typically does not like a clingy partner, or one who is emotionally insecure, for this makes him feel uncomfortable and possibly claustrophobic.

Your Page of Swords likes honesty and trust in his relationships.  He won’t beat about the bush if he feels it is not working out. He will think it is only fair to tell you. He or she can end a relationship quite abruptly, and may appear quite clinical and emotionally cold about the whole affair.  They just do not see any point in dragging on with something that is not working. They call it being sensible and logical, but you might feel it cold and uncaring. However, The Page of Swords makes an excellent friend, and if you can manage to get over your break-up in a sensible manner, then you will have a strong ally for years to come.  Your ex Page of Swords will be there to turn to for advice on all aspects of your life, and will be brutally honest about any new partners you take up with.  He will come to your defence or aid when needed.  The thing is, if your Page found you interesting in the beginning, there is a very good chance he always will, even if he or she is not in love with you any-more.  Your ex-Page of Swords will be able to happily take you out to dinner, theatre or escort you to a social event without any romantic involvement, so is very handy to have around as a stand-in-partner.

You Page of Swords partner is also likely to be a deep thinker, and will take very seriously any comments you make about them, or issues you bring up while chatting.  This is all very well when the conversation is calm and happy, but if there is any tension or conflict in the words, your Page may turn sour on you, and a row can blow up right in your face.  He or she can be insulting and particularly nasty with their comments, which can leave you feeling rather small. You may wonder what it was you said or implied, but your Page is actually quite sensitive to criticism.  The Page of Swords is a champion criticiser himself, but is not too happy about being on the receiving end of it.  He or she can turn sarcastic, and has a great knack of knowing where all the chinks in your armour are.  This is something you will have to be aware of and get used to because it is just part of their personality.  With the Upright Page of Swords, this unpredictable trait is usually under control by the time he or she has matured into the Queen or King of Swords.  Not gone, but certainly more disciplined.  Along with these blow-ups and loss of mental control, comes the post argument stony silence that can go on for days.  The Page of Swords can certainly keep this mood going for some time, but once he snaps out of it and the ice thaws, he reverts back to his lovely chirpy self, relieved to be back talking once more.

Career wise, The Page of Swords needs to use his highly intelligent mind to its maximum capacity and then beyond.  Here we are looking at the young Professional.  The Page of Swords suggests super intelligence and high ambition.  Study, and earning the highest possible degrees and qualifications will be the springboard into a high flying career for anyone represented by this Page.  He suggests you are planning on going far in your career and may be considering a position in Law, Science, Business, Medicine or Research.

His presence in your Reading can suggest that you are thinking a lot about your career, what you want to do and how you are going to go about it.  You have lots of ideas and loads of options open to you, for you can excel in many areas, but you do need to be passionate about what you do.  Your choice of career or job must keep you constantly mentally stimulated, and should involve striving towards further promotions and qualifications.  You will need to be kept on your toes and thinking on your feet.

The Page of Swords can also suggest that you have your head in the clouds right now and are doing nothing about your career or finding a job, even if you are doing a lot of talking about it. The Page of Swords may be here to tell you that you need to learn or study more if you want to be successful.  He or she will be urging you to go to college or take up training that will give you extra qualifications and also challenge you mentally. His appearance may be in the form of the Messenger or Post Person, if you are awaiting news or a letter regarding your career or job.  His upright presence is very encouraging and you are likely to hear good news.

Careers in Journalism or Teaching could be interesting but there is also a call to Service for Your Country when this Page appears in a Career Reading. You may be thinking of going into Politics, The Police Force or ArmyThe Page of Swords often suggests a passion for flying, so a career as a pilot may be the thing for you. You may have a natural flair for learning languages or already speak several.  Having additional languages will certainly open your career options so maybe you should consider taking classes or a more in-depth study.

If you are starting off in business or thinking about it, it may be wise to seek the opinion, advice or view point of someone who will be honest and straight forward with you.  No doubt you have tonnes of amazing ideas and heaps of fabulous plans, but they may not be very realistic or practical. You may need to come down to earth and think it all through before starting anything.


Page of Swords Reversed

Adversary, Enemy, Defensive, Caught Off Guard,  Coldness, Argumentative, Scathing, Sarcastic, Cynical, Negative, Rude, Vindictive, Spiteful, Slander, Back Stabbing, Hurtful, Hostile, Malicious, Aggressive, Assassin, Spy, Mercenary, Calculating, Blamer, Mind Games, Manipulator, Dishonest,  Liar, Cheat, Trouble-Maker, Delinquent, Cheeky Brat,  Looking For Trouble, Law Breaker, Shyness, Tongue-Tied, Lost for Words, Speechless, Misunderstandings, Paranoia, Delusional, Autism, Stutter, Dyslexia, Learning Difficulties, Forgetful, Mentally Un-Disciplined, Mentally Overwhelmed, Overly Conscientious, Overly Worried/Stressed, Mental Confusion, Mentally Scattered, Mental Health Issues, Mental Dysfunction, Ungrounded, Impractical, Head in The Clouds, Boring, Nothing to Say, Empty Headed, Air Head, Lack of Education, Exam Failures,  Injuries by Sharp Instruments,  Suicidal Tendencies, Childhood Issues – Psychological/Psychical Abuse, Bad News, Distressing News, Malicious Gossip, Indiscreet, 

When The Page of Swords Reverses, there is a growing sense of trouble brewing on the horizon.  The Clouds now gather force and close in on The PageThe Reversed Page of Swords is now the Initiator of problems, trouble, conflict, stress and worry. Instead of solving problems, he may be the cause of them.

The News he delivers can be upsetting and distressing.  His News may catch you off guard and cause shock or panic.  The Reversed Page of Swords will be the one to deliver news of a legal battle not going your way, fines, taxes, repossessions and banks turning down your application for a loan. He will also inform you of business contracts that are not worth the paper they are written on, or the fine detail you overlooked.   He will also be there to deliver results of blood tests, scans and outcome of surgery that may bring deep upset. He is the one who lets anxious students know of exam failures and college place refusals.  The Page of Swords Reversed will also bring the scandalous news of crime, unlawful behaviour, arrests and court summonses. He may even bring news of violence and aggression. He will also carry and spread, malicious tales, vicious gossip, slander and lies.

In the Upright The Page of Swords speaks his mind and is very open and honest about his feelings and opinions. When he appears Reversed, it can suggest you or someone you know is in a position where it is not possible, or safe, for them to speak out or tell the truth. They may be legally bound to silence, threatened to keep quiet or have decided not to tell for personal reasons.  Also the presence of this Card can suggest that someone you confided a secret to has been indiscreet and dishonourable towards you. Be very careful with who you choose to share personal information or ask to keep secrets.

When The Page of Swords Reverses it carries a warning that you may be caught off guard.  It can suggest the presence of an Adversary or Enemy who is quite calculating and dangerous. They may launch an attack when you least expect it or they may approach from a direction you are not expecting them to. Take heed and guard that which is yours and your position. You will need to keep mentally very alert.

The Page of Swords Reversed can be a nasty and potentially dangerous character, regardless of age.  He still has a brilliant mind which is sharp and agile, but he now uses it in a very negative manner. He suggests vindictive behaviour. He manipulates situations and those around him for his own gain, and can be quite ruthless in how he goes about it.  He is still a talker, but he now uses his power of communication to pass cynical and sarcastic remarks.  He is highly opinionated and has little time to hear the views of others who he considers inferior to himself. He holds grudges and carries out acts of spiteful revenge.

There is a tendency for this Page to lash out with his Sword and strike indiscriminately with it.  He can get obvious pleasure out of hurting other people. His easily projects his negativity on to others and is an expert at talking behind people’s backs.  He also has the capacity to turn minds negative towards another, as he can be very convincing and clever in how he puts a story across.  He can be slanderous and malicious but this may not always be done in a direct head on manner. He may choose to slowly turn a group against one of its members, or work colleagues against each other by subtle brainwashing.  In this way, he can always find a plausible excuse or escape route should he be found out, for he will be sure to leave no obvious evidence behind him.  He does not like to take the blame for anything, so can carefully choreograph a scenario where he is the initiator of trouble or conflict, but it’s very rarely traced back to him. He likes to cause trouble, set people up, play mind games and then sit back and watch it play out in front of him.

He may use people as pawns for his own amusement.The Medieval Tudor and French Courts were rife with Reversed Pages, who ran with the hare and hunted with the hound to suit their own gain.  They were schemers and manipulators who sought power and prestige by spying on fellow courtiers, spreading lies and rumours, and telling bare faced lies, sometimes under oath. Friendly to your face, they would lure you into disclosing confidences and secrets which were immediately passed on into the hands of those who wanted your head on a block.  They were dangerous times and the Royal Court was not a place for the naive and gullible, kind hearted or content. Just about everyone was on the make, and all sought power and ascension for their Family.  This aspect of The  Reversed Page of Swords is a dangerous adversary and the best advice would be to avoid him if at all possible, that is unless you believe you can match or better him.

We must also look at another aspect of this Reversed Page of Swords with some sympathy. Because of his immaturity and naivety, he may not be aware of the damage he does. He might be very careless with his words or use them out of context. He may speak without giving much thought to what he is about to say or what might be the appropriate way to phrase his response.  It is out of his mouth, and depending on what it is that comes out, a conversation can turn to an argument very quickly, people can feel insulted, offended or belittled.  Dreadful misunderstandings can occur as a result, and the Reversed Page of Swords can make things worse by trying to undo the damage.  He can then sink his Sword deeper in his rush of words and excuses, causing further upset and outrage, or he can plunge it into his own foot and get barred, ostracised or exiled for his behaviour, aggressive tone of voice or attitude.

There is another possibility that can be represented when The Page of Swords Reverses.  In the Upright he was an extremely chatty, but very interesting person to listen to. He was highly intelligent and well-read.  In the Reverse, we may find that this Page still loves to talk, but the difference now is that he has nothing of any importance to say.  He may be a prattler, who has to be saying something all the time.  Unable to sit and leave the silence to speak for itself, he has to fill any gaps in conversation with pure rubbish.  Others can find him tedious and boring, and will not want to get stuck beside him at a dinner table or outing. Then again, he may have absolutely nothing to say for himself.  It might be like pulling teeth trying to get a conversation out of him or a response to your question. This may be down to shyness on his part or the possibility that he prefers to sit back and do the listening.  He may feel it only necessary to speak when he has something he needs to say.  It can all be very frustrating.

The Page of Swords Reversed may simply imply shyness and feeling unsure of what to say. This person may keep to themselves and guard their privacy. He or she may be a bit of a lone wolf and not comfortable with groups of people or social gatherings. It very much depends on what the question is, the Querant’s input and the Surrounding Cards.

As a younger child, The Reversed Page of Swords will often be referred to as a ‘cheeky brat’.   He will be in trouble in school constantly for answering back, talking out of turn, being rude and for saying upsetting things to the other children.  He can find it hard to concentrate in school as his mind is undisciplined and wanders constantly.  He will be edgy and fidgety in class and will find it hard to hold eye contact. On the other hand he may be painfully shy and extremely quiet. It may be difficult to get a word out of him or get him to participate in class discussions.

On the least negative side, his only crime is that he is a daydreamer, and teacher will have to constantly remind him where he is and what page of the book everyone is one.  Mental confusion can be a problem with this Reversed Page of Swords forgetting homework, what books should be in his bag and leaving things like his lunch box or pencil case at home.  These Reversed Pages will need a vigilant parent to ensure that school bags are searched for school notifications and the likes of  party invitations, for they won’t even remember being handed them.  They will lose several jackets, coats, shoes and belongings over the years, much to the frustrated annoyance of their parents.  This Reversed Page of Swords, is the school child who turns up at school to find it empty and locked up.  His or her head was in the clouds, and not paying attention when it was announced there would be no school today. He or she will find it hard to organise themselves to get started at anything.  Forgetful and easily distracted, they need a tolerant parent who will help them plan, sort and prioritise.  If not, this Reversed Swords child will find it hard to apply themselves or complete any tasks.

Another version of the above Reversed Page of Swords is the child who is overly conscientious about school and homework. This Reversed Page, can become overwhelmed with worries about perceived incidents in school, homework assignments that suddenly become like life or death missions into space, or comments written by a teacher at the end of his essay.  They can make their own lives a misery and upset everyone else at home too.  At home there can be scenes of hysteria and breakdown over a brief 40 minutes of homework.  It all becomes too much and they will ‘never get it all done’.  If they discover they have left a book in school, or can’t remember exactly what the teacher said, it can all blow apart and become a major crisis. Parents have to ring other parents to find out what is exactly needed for school work the next day in an attempt to calm the distressed child who thinks its’s the end of the world, and that they’re heading for serious trouble with the teacher the next day. If the child just sat down and spent the time on their homework rather than ranting and raving, it would all be over and done before they knew it.

 These are the same Reversed Pages who fall into a deep despair or depression if they fail to get 20 out of 20 in their spelling test.  It can destroy their peace of mind for days, as they feel everyone thinks they are a failure.  Everything is a drama, everything is a crisis and telling these Reversed Pages, that everyone thinks they are great and doing so well at school, just falls on deaf ears. The whole family are affected by these stressed-out and-overly conscientious Pages.  There is so much rushing around inside their head, they find it hard to keep any thoughts in order.  Unable to prioritise, compartmentalise or filter their thoughts, no wonder they are in such a heap all the time.  As mentioned earlier, some of The Reversed Pages of Swords need tolerant and understanding parents and teachers who will work with them, and help them to break down all their thoughts or problems into more manageable sizes.  By dealing with one thing at a time, and learning how to prioritise, these stressed-out Pages can begin to live a more relaxed life.

(They worry about everything and it reminds me of a friend of mine who recently found her young son up crying at the top of the stairs at 5 am.  She was horrified and asked him what was wrong.  He had been awake most of the night trying to remember whether the teacher had said that the class had to wear their tracksuits the next day, and not their usual uniform. My friend was still upset but relieved, as she was fearful he was going to disclose some terrible secret he had been keeping from her.  She had already found the note in his bag earlier the previous evening and had actually told him he would be in tracksuit the next day and that she would leave it out for him.  When she led him back to his bedroom, she pointed to the tracksuit hanging on the door of the wardrobe.  She had told him the evening before, but as usual his head had been off somewhere else, so it had gone in one ear and out the other.)   This scatter-brained behaviour, is not for the lack of intelligence or brains. It is just a lack of mental discipline and control.

However, sometimes there may be possible learning difficulties such as dyslexia or ADHD.  The child can be every bit as frustrated as their parent or teacher, so if they can access the right support, and understanding tutors and parents, this Reversed Page of Swords can find a way to keep their mind under control, and working in a manner that is positive, constructive and productive.  Often children with mild to severe learning difficulties are super intelligent but their mind works in a different manner, and whereas education is taught based on the average mental age and mental functioning of a child, this may be completely unsuitable for our Reversed Page of Swords. He or she may need another format and approach altogether.  Often their high intelligence leads them to bore easily in class and hence their predisposition to daydream or become distracted.  The Reversed Page of Swords needs to find something that interests him or her considerably, or provides a strong stimulating mental challenge.  They also need more physical exercise, as the build up of mental energy can become explosive.

(This reminds me of a client and friend I have. Her son, now grown up, and with children of his own had ADHD.  He was a lovely, kind and funny boy.  He was hyper all the time and full of non-stop chat.  When they came to visit, he would have the house wrecked in a matter of minutes, and he seemed to be all over the place all at once.  He was super intelligent but he hated school.  They didn’t understand him there. It was only in the early days of the education system acknowledging that such conditions as ADHD existed.  Most just saw him as incredibly naughty and out of control.  When he progressed into Secondary School the situation became worse, and he was suspended several times. He also got detention for being cheeky and for not doing his homework.  His mother was eventually called to the school and lectured about how lazy her son was, and how he would never amount to anything.  His mother knew exactly how difficult he was, but she knew something they did not.  She apologised for the homework and other things but insisted that he was not lazy.  She told them she could not wait for the day when her son was legally allowed to leave school for it didn’t suit him at all.  She informed them that her so called ‘lazy boy’ rose at 5 am every morning, and by the time he had arrived at school for 9 am, had already cycled up to a nearby stable yard to help with the mucking out, before riding out several race horses in training for exercise etc.  He then groomed them and cleaned their tack before heading off to his much-hated school.  As soon as school was over, he headed straight back to the horses. At weekends, he travelled all over the country with the trainers entering races. He rode many winners and was offered rides on other trainer’s horses because he showed so much promise.  My friend told me that the teachers’ jaws almost hit the ground with shock. The young Reversed Page went fully into the horses as soon as he left school and has  built  a great career for himself as a result.  He still would not be able to read a book from cover to cover because he would bore too easily, that is unless, it was about horses.)

The Page of Swords loses his connection to the Earth when he Reverses and so becomes ungrounded.  With no Earth, Water or Fire within, the Air Element flies loose and the Page of Swords can lose touch with reality.  He also becomes cold, and hard as ice.  He lives up in his head and exerts no control or discipline over his thoughts.  His mind can run away with him as he becomes obsessed, overly paranoid or delusional. He is wary and guarded with everyone, and watches and waits for someone to put a foot out of place or pass a comment he does not care for.  He has no friends, except acquaintances who are just like him. They feed off his negativity and are totally compliant to his orders and commands, ready and willing to do his bidding. In his negative state he can be the leader of a nasty gang but he is also quite happy to work alone.

The Reversed Page of Swords is constantly on edge.  He is not aware of the double-edge aspect of his Sword for he only uses one side of it.  It is life according to him, with his rules, his plans, his instructions and his beliefs.  He uses his Sword to scare and worry people.  He is aware of the power of his Sword, but only the dark side.  He is scathing and dismissive, insulting and demeaning in his speech to others.

The honesty and truthfulness of the Upright Page of Swords vanishes, and instead we have someone who is prepared to bend the rules, cheat, lie and manipulate a situation for his own benefit or for fun.  He is very powerful and destructive person to have around as he upsets everyone and creates a tense atmosphere. He has a spiteful and vindictive personality which stems from a deep inner unhappiness.

This Reversed Page of Swords has a deep down anger.  A Sword in the hand of an angry person can be very dangerous.  People can get hurt and all sort of trauma and tragedy can occur. Yes, this is a very angry young person. He or she is hurting deep down inside, and this can often be as a direct result of something that happened in their childhood.  The Reversed Page of Swords often comes from a dysfunctional background or troubled up-bringing, which negatively impacts the natural positive flow of their Elemental Energies.  There may have been constant put-downs, verbal abuse and even physical violence which have left a deep negative impression on this young Page.

At war with the world and within, he may rebel against all forms of authority, causing trouble wherever he goes.  This form of Reversed Page of Swords represents the disturbed young person who is in constant trouble with the law.  This youth can go from reform school to reform school, and as they get older may even serve prison sentences.  Deep anger, resentment and frustration make them lash out at everyone. It is very hard to help these Reversed Pages, as they are very intelligent, and aware of every move you are making, and any agenda you attempt to hide.  Being kind or nice, often shoves them further into their negative mind-set as the shutters go down and they refuse to cooperate.  These troubled Pages can play endless mind games with those around or in charge of them, and will stop at nothing to get their way, or get away.

With a negative mind and cold heart they can also use their Sword to inflict injury.  The Reversed Page of Swords depending on supporting Surrounding Cards can be capable of physical attack or extreme vandalism. They have no problem with using weapons too.  The Courts of every country are filled with Reversed Pages of Swords whose minds are fractured and not easily repaired.

Other than criminal and delinquent behaviour, a Reversed Page of Swords from a dysfunctional up-bringing can be damaged in other ways.  Psychological damage can manifest as Autism or stuttering. Phobias or fear of  speaking out in public may be due to childhood conditioning, or a belief that their opinion does not count, or is met with punishment.

A Reversed Page of Swords appearing in a Reading needs to be approached with caution.  Before any attempt is made to interpret him, all the Surrounding Cards should be taken into consideration.  A Reversed Page of Swords appearing surrounded by negative Sword Cards, especially, the Eight, Nine or Ten of Swords acts as a Red Light Warning or Flag. In this situation, there would be great concern for the person represented by This Reversed Page, for it can suggest there may be suicidal tendencies or thoughts.  This Reversed Page is in a very dark place and may feel that they have no way out of it.  They may need professional help, as mental breakdown might be evident.  Not only are they a danger to themselves, but others could be at risk too. A Reading like this needs careful handling, and advice should be given to seek the help of the family doctor, or a list of suitable help-lines or counsellors provided.

If this Page of Swords appears in a Reading representing a young person or child caught up in the middle of their parents separation or divorce, it can simply be highlighting the mental anguish and suffering they are experiencing as a result of it.  This is a normal situation and one that happens all the time.  It does not necessarily mean that it is a sign of break down or any other nasty change in personality, yet it highlights the need to keep an eye of this person. They may not be outwardly showing their distress and upset.  It may be up to others to draw them out, and through communication, and eventual understanding and acceptance, this Page of Swords will eventually Upright him or herself once more.  It is one of the painful trials in life that must be endured.  The Page must be encouraged to talk about his or her feelings, and to release any anger in a safe and controlled manner.

In love  The Page of Sword’s thoughtless attitude and careless or hurtful words will not endear him to his partner. He is a blamer and will rarely own up to his responsibility, using his clever use of words to make his partner feel miserable and also responsible. His expertise in relationships is mind games and power play.  He can be sullen and uncommunicative, sulking if he feels neglected, or overbearing and boorish. His negative experiences of relationships as a child may influence his attitude to love and intimacy. Deep down he can desire love but hasn’t a clue how to go about finding it. The Reversed Page of Swords in a Relationship Spread can sometimes point to unhealed wounds from an earlier relationship. He has a tendency to bring the hurts and pains of a past failed relationship into a new one. He can punish his current partner for the deeds of his ex by taking out his anger on them, or blaming them for something they haven’t done. His Upright wariness towards relationships can change to paranoia when he Reverses. He can make fierce judgements based on his delusional assumptions. The Page of Swords appearing Reversed in a Relationship Reading can also point to a love rival or adversary who is not going to make a smooth passage for you.

The Page of Swords when Reversed can become brutally cold when he believes a relationship is beginning to fade. He doesn’t like long goodbyes so will sever all connections as quickly as possible. To the partner on the receiving side of this, it can come as quite a shock to find the one you thought you loved, turn cold and indifferent towards you overnight.  Once they have made up their mind that a relationship is over, there will be no lengthy negotiations or discussions as to what went wrong.  The shutters can come down rather rapidly, along with their Sword leaving you cut to the bone and totally bewildered.  On the other hand, if it is the Reversed Page of Swords who is being left, this is another matter altogether, and he or she may not be too happy to cooperate.  They may refuse to acknowledge your feelings as they become full of rage and insults.  Some Reversed Pages can forbid you to end the relationship, their behaviour becoming quite controlling and domineering. You see they do not like to be told what to do in the Reverse as they like to be the one in charge and in control. The fairness and equality Upright Page of Swords is nowhere to be seen. A Reversed Page of Swords who goes into denial when told a relationship is over could be suffering from a psychological imbalance and needs to be treated with caution.

The Reversed Page of Swords can be super intelligent but finds it hard to relate to others, or is bored with college.  He needs to find focus now or he may find it impossible to realise his potential in the future. This Reversed Page can suggest that you are not grounded and are doing very little to make your dreams a reality.  If this Reversed Page of Swords does not use his intelligence, is restricted from using it, or fails to realise its potential, this can spell disaster for the future. Bitterness, deep anger and resentment is the outcome of an undeveloped brilliant mind.  If this Reversed Page of Swords cannot Upright himself, and take advantage of every opportunity that comes his way, he will regret it terribly in the future, causing  internal psychological anguish and a sense of failure. He or she will realise all too late the wonderful, brilliant mind they had and all they could have done with it.

Career wise, The Reversed Page of Swords can be suffering from extreme Air. An abundance of Air will cause his mind to flit from this to that and he will find it impossible to settle on a career choice. He may change his mind constantly or could get totally confused with so many options open to him. He is liable to entertain lofty notions about his future and will forever talk about what he is going to do, but rarely takes it any further than that. If he has a lack of Air, then he may have absolutely no plans at all. There may be nothing going on between his two ears.

On the other hand this Reversed Page of Swords can still suggest the Military but his role may be more of the mercenary, spy or assasin.  In the Upright, flying as a career is suggested, but is more likely when this Page is Reversed.

If you are waiting on News regarding a job offer or promotion, the appearance of the Page of Swords does not augur too well. News is bound to be disappointing.  You may be turned down due to lack of qualifications or poor interview performance. Maybe you should have spent more time in preparation for the interview, as in preparing well-worded answers for obvious questions.  You may also be applying for jobs that are out of your league.

In the workplace, this Reversed Page of Swords can throw the spotlight on a troublemaker or office snitch.  This is a staff member who is a gossip, slanderer and sneak. Underhand behaviour, back stabbing and self-promoting could be going on behind your back. Someone may have it in for you in work, but this will not be declared in the open.  You will need to take great care if you have suspicions of who it might be, for there is nothing they will not stoop to to make your life miserable. They have a nasty habit of getting away with it too, for they are much better at this game than you are. This Card can also suggest arguments, conflict and tension in the workplace, or a working environment that requires little mental input or is mentally un-stimulating. Your job could be repetitive and boring.

If you are planning on starting up a Business, The Reversed Page of Swords can suggest an unworkable plan or a plan that has not being fully thought through. Your plans or vision may be unrealistic, so it would be best if you did not do anything too rash.  It might be time to come down to Earth and approach your plans and ideas in both a logical and practical manner. This Reversed Page also brings disappointing News regarding business contracts.

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  1. As a person on the autistic spectrum, I’ve got a big problem with it being linked with the Page of Swords as stigmatizes autistics as a negative. Autisim is a different way of perceiving, thinking, learning, and relating; but, we are a minority in a world of very social people. In short, it is a different brain with it’s own operating system and social currencies. Maybe we should label the Five of Swords as Neurotypical bigotry and arrogance.


    • Hi Robert, thanks for your comment and I am sorry you feel offended. Yes, Autism is a different way of thinking and perceiving, learning and relating. I have close family members who are on the autistic spectrum and one currently being assessed. My son who passed from cancer in 2007 aged just 11 yrs was also on the autistic spectrum.

      Here is the section where I address this area. I do mention autism in the keywords but in the content suggest Dyslexia and ADHD but this interpretation would also cover Autism.

      ‘However, sometimes there may be possible learning difficulties such as dyslexia or ADHD. The child can be every bit as frustrated as their parent or teacher, so if they can access the right support, and understanding tutors and parents, this Reversed Page of Swords can find a way to keep their mind under control, and working in a manner that is positive, constructive and productive. Often children with mild to severe learning difficulties are super intelligent but their mind works in a different manner, and whereas education is taught based on the average mental age and mental functioning of a child, this may be completely unsuitable for our Reversed Page of Swords. He or she may need another format and approach altogether. Often their high intelligence leads them to bore easily in class and hence their predisposition to daydream or become distracted. The Reversed Page of Swords needs to find something that interests him or her considerably, or provides a strong stimulating mental challenge.’

      What you propose for the Five of Swords is very interesting.



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