The Star (XVII) Upright

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



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Astrological Association – Aquarius- Fixed sign of Air.

After the storm of The Tower comes the calm of The Star. In many ways The Star is like the Temperance card in that it offers a relief from struggle and a time to heal. However, The Star takes us that bit closer to our goal.

A naked woman kneels at a pool of water. The woman pours water from two jugs, one into the pool and the other onto the land. Eight, eight-pointed stars sparkle in the sky with the central star larger and more defined than the rest. In the background an Ibis sits on a tree.

This pool of water is the same pool that The High Priestess sensed behind the veil. It is the same pool that the Angel in Temperance rested her foot in. The pool represents the Collective Unconscious or Universal Memory. It was Carl Jung who first popularised the theory of a Universal Data Bank that stored the memories of the evolution of man from the dawn of time. It holds records of every single individual and all the lives they have lived. It is believed that under certain circumstances such as meditation or hypnosis, this memory bank can be accessed and great wisdom and enlightenment can be attained. This theory backs the idea that we are all connected on a spiritual level. that we all have access to the same knowledge and that we have the ability to share that knowledge. It is believed that whenever we think a thought, it has a ripple effect which spreads out throughout all of mankind and the planet. If those thoughts are negative or aggressive, the energies created and sent out will infiltrate and affect the energy field of every person in the world. If enough people create these negative thoughts,  such as those caught up in war, terrorism, corruption etc. then the impact on humanity will be great, instilling fear, suspicion and hatred in mankind. Of course the opposite is also true and that is why wise Spiritual Teachers will always advise you to watch your thoughts for they belong not to you alone, but to everyone.

The Collective Unconscious also explains why, when someone invents something, or comes up with a wonderful idea, then you can be sure that there are others in the world, and sometimes not that far from them who will come up with the same invention or same idea at the same time. They have all accessed by one means or another this Universal Memory Bank. In The Star we see the woman take her inspiration from the large pool and gives life to it in the real world by pouring it onto the earth.  She knows that others have been through similar ordeals to hers and have managed to survive so she must learn from them and put it into practice in her own life. Notice though that some of the water drains back into the pool.  By doing this she allows others to access the wisdom, inspiration and knowledge that not only she has gained from the pool but also what she has contributed. By doing so she is helping others to help themselves heal just as she is doing at present.

Based on the above we can, among many other meanings, associate The Star with humanitarian issues, inspirational creativity and ideas.

After The Tower has ripped those things away from us that were holding us back and blocking our vision, The Star awakens us to our new uncluttered environment and our True Calling in life. For the first time in a long time we have the space to see exactly where we are and where we are going when The Star appears. All the things that we were so worried about holding onto in The Tower are now gone and we can take a cleansing deep breath.

The Star brings Liberation and Freedom after chains of The Devil and the shock of The Tower. The very fact that the woman is wearing no clothes symbolises that she no longer has anything to hide. After the mask she wore in The Devil was ripped off her in The Tower, she is now free to be herself and show the world who she really is.  She now understands that most of her life has been a facade, behaving and doing things to please others and to keep up with everyone else. In The Star she becomes aware of her unique personality.  There is a great sense of peace in just being allowed to do what she wants and be whoever she wants to be. She no longer has to prove anything to anyone.  She is proud of herself and has a strong sense of self-worth.  “This is me, this is who I am”.

The bright shining star above the woman’s head suggests that the time has also come for this woman to shine and take centre stage in her life.  The light of the star shining brightly above her allows her to become aware of her wonderful natural qualities and gifts and not the false ones she thought she ought to have. The Star often highlights the presence of certain natural gifts in a person’s life. These gifts can often be creative in nature, such as art, singing, writing, acting, sculpture etc. Like the stars above her, The Star tells you it is time to let your star shine brightly so that others can see.

The Ibis sitting in the tree is the hieroglyphic for the God Thoth who was guardian of the Akashic Records. This is the ancient name for the Collective Unconscious or Universal Memory. The woman in The Star has learned some hard lesson along the way and after allowing the changes to take place in Death and the shock and emotional upheaval in The Tower, she is now ready to understand the wisdom of what the Ibis guards so well. Thoth is also the patron of Healers and The Star represents a time of great self-healing.

It is sometimes suggested that the eight stars are symbolic of the Eight Main Chakras, i.e the seven in the body and the one above the Crown Chakra.  After the debris was blown away in The Tower, the Chakras are now able to channel divine energy to every part of the body, thus rejuvenating and reviving the senses. Eight is also the number of Strength and the woman has had to call on her inner-strength to survive the catastrophe of The Tower .  It is a positive card concerning health issues. When the Chakras are clear and the energy flowing, we are in a better position to hear our Angels and Spirit Guides. The Star is strongly connected to the Celestial Realm. The psychic gift of Clairvoyance is connected with The Star. It is a time for feeling really connected to both the Heavens and Earth and for becoming aware of your True Destiny.

The Star card brings a great sense of having nothing to do. Nothing urgent or worrying has to be attended to or fretted over. Holidays, breaks and vacations are often highlighted by The Star in a reading. The holiday suggested by The Star is a true holiday, be it a weekend, an hours drive away or a month in an exotic location, it will be a time when you are free to enjoy the here and now and savour each moment without thinking about work or what has to be done at home. It is probably long overdue at this stage. There is no sense of urgency with The Star for whatever it is can wait.

When the mind is clear and we have the freedom to be true to ourselves, without fear of judgement, then we can let our creative juices flow. It is a great time to join that art class that you were promising yourself, to write that book that you know is in you or join the local musical society. Artists of all kinds love to see this card in a reading for under the influence of The Star she brings with her a pure source of creative flow and any work done will be exceptional. There is often the feeling with The Star, that divine guidance or spiritual inspiration plays a huge part in works of art being done.

The Star along with the King of Swords represents the Sun-Sign of AquariusAquarians often have brilliant ideas and can be very creative but can sometimes find it difficult to express them in the physical. The Star asks them to use her energy and let their natural talents shine through.

In numerology, The Star reduces down to the number 8.  8 represents inner-strength and The Star incorporates such qualities and virtues.


The Star brings calm after the storm.  A release from the burdens of the past. Your faith has been restored in life and you are free to approach life with a strong sense of purpose. A time of great personal freedom. This freedom can be mental, emotional or physical. A great sense of hope for the future and a belief that tomorrow will be better.

With everything now stripped away, feeling naked, there comes  a realization that we came into the world with nothing and we will leave with nothing. We cannot take our possessions with us. The Star represents a time to be open with everyone. A time to be true to yourself and those around you.  No one owns you anymore as in The Devil .  Confidence and self-esteem are on the rise. You are happy in your skin and have a good body image.  You are who you are and don’t make any pretences. The Star advises you to just be yourself in the situation.  People will have to accept you for who you are. Time for you to be the key player in your own life.  Your Star has ascended and you can step into the Limelight.

Holidays, vacations and breaks allowing you time to think. Really getting away from things. The universe has decided to give you a break. Keep a positive attitude and be creative in finding solutions to any problems there may be.

Where relationships are concerned it is a time when you feel very connected to your partner. There will be a sense of a karmic link between you and that you were destined to meet. Great freedom and real love within a relationship with each partner happily pursuing their own hobbies and friends. As this card is associated with freedom there be maybe a cooling off in a relationship. You may be taking a break from each other or relationships in general so that you can personally grow.  This may not be permanent, but what is needed for the moment.

The Star in a reading suggests that it is time to do something to help others or make a contribution to the human race. It is time for you to give something back to the world.  This can be on a humanitarian or environmental level.  Get involved with charity work, volunteer for something worthwhile or highlight the need for recycling in your community. Write a blog or self-help book so that others may be inspired by how you got your life back after going through an ordeal or trauma.  You have the ability to make a real difference to other peoples lives.

The Star in your reading confirms that you have creative or artistic talents which must be developed and used. Any creative endeavours especially artistic ones will be inspirational.  Dust down your Star and develop your hidden or buried talents. Display your work in a gallery or exhibition and let your Star shine brightly.  Share your gifts with others. It is time to follow your Star. The Gods will inspire you.  The Star can represent a sudden flash of inspiration with its blinding light.  Suddenly, you know what it is that you have to do and where you have to go.  Let the light of The Star guide your way.

Psychic development may be taking place or you may be aware of your Spirit Guide or connect with the Angelic Realm. This could be as a result of meditation. Have you a fascination with Astronomy or Astrology?  Have a holistic healing massage or a rebalancing of your chakras.

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