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Messages for the World 2015 -Final Three Cards

Greetings to all my Tarot Friends around the World,

The High Priestess Upright The Hanged Man Upright Temperence Upright

I trust you are all settling into the new year and are working towards goals and realising personal dreams.

As promised, I now bring you the interpretation for the final three cards of the Reading, Messages for the World 2015. I had hoped that some of my Viewers and Readers would contribute to this Reading by offering their own interpretation of the final three cards below. Unfortunately, I have not received any to date, so for the sake of completion I have supplied the finale and hope you find it interesting and thought provoking.

Once again, these are just my interpretations and any of these cards could be read in a completely different manner. It all depends on your style of reading and the flow of the preceding cards.

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Messages for The World 2015

Last Three Cards – The High Priestess, The Hanged Man and Temperance

The High Priestess UprightThe Hanged Man UprightTemperence Upright

The High Priestess – As we approach the closing months of 2015, we see a strong attempt to restore balance and peace in the world. The High Priestess  represents the feminine balancing force in Tarot. This feminine aspect is not for the sole use of the female gender. To be healthy balanced human beings we need an appropriate mix of both the feminine and masculine aspect. Therefore those of the female gender who exclude, or are forbidden to access the masculine side of their nature, will likely become subservient and extremely passive. They will be unable to stand up for themselves and will feel a lesser being. They will allow themselves to be controlled and dominated. They become overly emotional and ineffective. However they come into powerful alignment when they are allowed to freely nurture their masculine aspect in appropriate measure. This allows them to be assertive when necessary, to be independent and aware of their rights and importance. They become whole beings who can hold their heads high and take their place in the world feeling confident and able.  They combine their loving, compassionate, nurturing, peace seeking and harmonious side with the action oriented, assertive drive of the masculine principle.

There are many humans in the world who have turned their back on the High Priestess,  and have denounced or belittled her. She holds no rank, or significance. She is often much despised and is severely restricted. They refuse her access, and as a result they lack her understanding, grace and compassionate nature. Without the loving and peaceful influence of the feminine principle, the Masculine aspect becomes overly strong and grossly over developed. It brings a coldness beyond belief as the Heart Chakra closes down, and the route to the conscience or Higher Self becomes severely blocked. The ego takes over in seeking power and control by any means. They seek action, but no reflection. They lack her conscience. There is no warmth, no understanding, no mercy, and no sympathy. Without the feminine aspect playing her vital role, all will be lost. There will be no desire to cooperate or compromise. Negotiation will not be an option. Peace will not be sought.

The question is, how is the world to deal with such situations? How can you communicate with those who lack the essential ingredients of peace and love that only the feminine principle can bring when they have overdosed on masculinity? They do not understand her language or hear her cries. Without The High Priestess’ influence they will not be able to stop themselves, or think deeply about their actions. They act through their conscious will and ignore the urges of their subconscious. They are restless and out of control.

The High Priestess sits peacefully and reflects on the situation. Her message is one of withdrawal so that all can make sense of what is going on. She holds the ancient wisdom that will guide us through these terrible times, but she is not known to force anyone to listen to her. Her call can often be a whisper, so one must still their mind to hear her message. Whatever message she is trying to convey is likely to fall on deaf ears. These are the ears of those who never stop for one moment to reflect on what they are doing. They just keep on doing it, their power-hungry egos driving them on relentlessly. The High Priestess also tells us that there are things we do not know, secrets that are being kept. We are not in possession of the full story, the facts, as others may be controlling events and want us to believe certain things. We must listen to what our hearts are telling us.

Strangely enough, I feel that a powerful feminine presence will become known to us as the year comes to a close. This may be a female who stands out from the rest and uses her gentle, yet firm influence to turn the tide. I believe she will call on the feminine aspect of the world to unite and let themselves be known. I can see the rise of a woman or women, not a world leader or politically connected. Women may decide that enough is enough and will decide to take back their power and use it to turn situations around. I don’t think this female has any certain plan at this moment, or is even aware of what her special destiny is. She will more than likely come to our attention after a major incident. She is of another level, an old soul, a veteran.

The Hanged Man – With The Hanged Man appearing as the middle card I worry that this woman may be at the center of a shocking atrocity that will rock the world. She may act as the sacrificial lamb, or will volunteer to put herself in the line of danger so that others may be saved. Her story and name will be the focus of world attention. This High Priestess will be the one responsible for sowing the seeds of change. It will be a slow change, but she asks us to give it time. Change will only be at the incubation level, but something will happen. She is here to return the feminine principle to the world for we have no future without it.

The Hanged man speaks for the millions who have already been sacrificed by the power-hungry individuals of this world who can be found in every race, religion and political power house. The needless sacrifice of innocent individuals for the gain and profit of others. The High Priestess cannot be found walking among them. If she was, then the world would not be in the mess that it is. The Hanged Man is another Humanitarian Card and speaks of being selfless and looking at the bigger picture. He advises that struggle and force are not the way to move forward. What we have been doing has not worked, yet we continue to swim upstream. He asks us to try approaching the problem from a different perspective. What are we not seeing, what are we missing? We may need to step back from the events that surround us and reflect deeply on how to manage taking the next few steps forward. He tells us that it is not going to be easy. The Hanged man speaks of a long drawn out situation, that will not be hurried or quickly sorted. He may be hanging around a long time. The problems in the world will continue for some time to come.

Temperance – Temperance coming in as the final card for 2015, being a Major Arcana card, carries a strong message for the world. It is imperative that balance and moderation is brought about. She is here to pour oil over troubled waters, but only if that is what we want. Temperance knows the way and wants us to understand that humanity is in need of much healing. However, Temperance reminds us that one remedy will not cure all ills and evils. A way must be found to restore balance by addressing each situation individually. What will work for one, may not for the other. We have led ourselves into this mess and we must now find a way out. As mentioned in The Lovers card, even though we are all human beings, all connected, we express ourselves in different ways. The appropriate blend of solutions need to be given great thought before being put into action. All voices and opinions must be heard and needs addressed. However, the one area that priority must be given to, is that of restoring The High Priestess to her intended Rank, which is the balancing and equal counterpart to the Magician, the masculine principle. No well-intentioned solutions to world issues will work without her being in her rightful place.  When I speak of this, it is not in a feminist manner. I speak of the need for her attributes; peace, love, compassion, sympathy,mercy, harmony and balance. These need to be adopted by both male and female, lest we forget.


Dove of Peace

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  1. Thank you for this.
    Much of it spoke directly to me. I am studying tarot just now and have found your posts very helpful.
    Could you tell me where you are based in Ireland? I am in Galway, and wonder if it is possible to do a one to one lesson, or if you have groups? ( I think I am a fairly advanced student, I have used the cards for many years and have been studying with a teacher for the last year. I get a lot from this bit would love s different perspective…)
    All the best


    • So sorry Nicola for not replying sooner. I am in college full time and it is severely limiting the amount of time I have free to write on my course or correspondence. I am based in Kildare, so a bit far from you in Galway. You are probably doing great on your own but like most of us Tarot people, never feel we are quite good enough. Let me know the areas you think you need work on. I will begin posting more content in the next couple of months as my time frees up.




    • Thanks Anna. I know I am a bit late with a reply. In college full time at present and very little time to attend to my Tarot Writing and site correspondence. Some new posts coming shortly. Yes, I thought the reading was very appropriate for where we are in the world right now. Thank you again for your contribution and feedback.




  2. Just wanted to thank you very much for all the work you have done for us. When I ask a question of Spirit, and research the answer on your site, I always receive additional insights and revelations.

    Many thanks and blessing to you and yours.

    Best regards from America Karen


    • Hi American Karen,

      Hope you are well and happy. Thank you for your lovely comments and appreciation of my work. I will be releasing the first part of the re-worked Knight of Pentacles in the next couple of days. I am in college full time at present so not able to give as much time to my writing. It will all be back to normal in the next couple of months and I can launch into finishing the remaining cards along with other plans I have for the site. Sending blessings to you from Ireland.



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