Major Arcana


The Kabbalah

The Tree of Life & Tarot


Lesson 1

The Fool (0) Upright  –  The Fool Reversed

The Major Arcana

The Zodiac Profiles

Before We Get Started

Personal Experience

Let’s Get Started

Time To Introduce The Fool


Lesson 2

The Magician (I) Upright              The Magician (I) Reversed

The High Priestess (II) (Upright)    The High Priestess (II) Reversed

The Empress (III) Upright                The Empress (III) Reversed



Lesson 3 

The Emperor (IV) Upright          The Emperor (IV)Reversed

The Heirophant (V) Upright      The Heirophant (V) Reversed

The Lovers (VI) Upright              The Lovers (VI) Reversed

Homework – Content to Follow

Lesson 4

The Chariot (IV) Upright        The Chariot (VII) Reversed

Strength (VIII) Upright           Strength (VIII) Reversed

The Hermit (IX) Upright       The Hermit (IX) Reversed

Homework – Content to Follow

Lesson 5

The Wheel of Fortune (X) Upright      The Wheel of Fortune (X) Reversed

Justice (XI) Upright         Justice (XI) Reversed

The Hanged Man (XII) Upright       The Hanged Man (XII) Reversed

Homework – Content to Follow

Lesson 6

Death (XIII) Upright       Death (XIII) Reversed

Temperance (XIV) Upright    Temperance (XIV) Reversed

The Devil (XV) Upright      The Devil (XV) Reversed

Homework – Content to Follow

Lesson 7

The Tower (XVI) Upright     The Tower (XVI) Reversed

The Star (XVII) Upright        The Star (XVII) Reversed

The Moon (XVIII) Upright   The Moon (XVIII) Reversed

Homework –  Content to Follow

Lesson 8

The Sun Upright      The Sun Reversed

Judgement Upright      Judgement Reversed

The World Upright        The World Reversed

Homework – Content to Follow



Major Arcana – Abbreviated Meanings

Major Arcana – Numerical Order

Major Arcana – Health Interpretations


Part I     Part II

Copyright © 2006-2013 Vivien Ní Dhuinn

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