Pentacles – Love and Romance Associations

How to Interpret ‘Pentacle Cards’ in a Relationship Reading

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Pentacles- Quite Interesting in Relationship Readings

Pentacles are generally welcomed in Relationship Readings once they are Upright. Cups are all very well and good for love and romance, but they can have their heads stuck in the clouds and get lost in unrealistic dreams as their emotions run away with them. Yes, Cups do highlight matters of the heart, but only on the basis of fluctuating emotions. The love experienced by Cups can turn sour overnight as they are easily influenced by their shifting environment. They view love and romance in an idealistic way and most certainly they are to be encouraged in this manner for we should all be lost without love. However, holding on to that love once they have found it can prove a stressful endeavor. Some Cups are forever chasing the dream lover or relationship. Disappointment or disillusionment can follow. Pentacles help them to be more realistic and practical about their needs.

Once Love or emotional contentment has been found, it is the Pentacle/Earth influence that offers the glue to hold it all together. Pentacles ground the sometimes floaty aspect of love and help manifest it  into a solid functional relationship. They work well with the Cups once a happy balance is maintained. Cups desire security, commitment and faithfulness in relationships. The Pentacles can provide these much more-so than any Wand or Sword. Pentacles also introduce Cups to the notion that one cannot live solely on love, drama or excitement. They demonstrate that for a love to be enjoyed and beneficial to both partners,  it must be earned and sustained. They offer consistency to the fluctuating emotional shifts of Cups in relationships. Cups in relationships offer love now, this minute, intense love, passionate love, but they do not always suggest long-term love unless found in abundance. Even then, one would worry about the long-term prognosis.  It might all be too good to be true. The Pentacles provide hope for the future of the relationship and reassure you that what you are feeling now does have the potential to develop further. You are allowed feel secure, and this brings a great sense of knowing exactly where you stand with your partner or in your relationship. Pentacles offer the yardstick by which you can measure the growth of a successful relationship. Pentacles on their own can view their relationship or partner as a business arrangement. Therefore they cannot offer the full package either.  They need Cups to show them the loving ways of the heart.

The brief interpretations below (only a rough guide), provide insight on how Pentacles can be read in a Relationship Spread. Yes, they are very welcome in such readings, but an overload of Pentacles can highlight an unbalanced approach to love. However, if both partners in a relationship share this very one-sided approach then who are we to argue or judge? They can live quite contentedly in this manner and may not want to change a thing. A Reader should take note of not only the cards that are laid out before them, but also the Suits that are poorly represented, or totally absent, for these can reveal the underlying currents in a relationship and motivation of partners.

(Simple Snapshot Reference Guide  – Numerology, Upright, Reversed, Yes/No)

Looking Good!

Ace of Pentacles

1 – Real Potential. A solid grounded start to a relationship. Knowing what you want in a partner.

Ace – A very solid and grounded start to a new relationship. Being very practical about love and romance.  A healthy attitude in your relationship. You are seeking security and stability. Loyalty and faithfulness. Looking for a partner who will protect you and take good care of you. Saving to get married or set up home together. Financial status is important to you. Generosity within the relationship. You may be entertaining ambitious ideas about relationships. A couple who work together or are in business. You share common goals with your partner. Someone you meet in work or through work. This relationship could develop in something more serious. There is a desire for commitment and long-term plans. Working on your relationship or making a committed effort to sort out issues…. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes. Great beginning. Go for it but don’t be expecting the big romance bit. This shows good signs of developing into something great.

Looks Can Be Deceiving!

Ace of Pentacles Rx

1 rx – Setbacks, delays and financial/material obstacles to forming a relationship. Wobbly foundations. 

Reversed – A lack of solid foundation. Your relationship may not have got off to a good start or there may be obstacles standing in the way of you being together. There could be issues around someone’s financial status. You may feel that you have nothing to offer or don’t have the money to spend on your partner as you wish. Your pride may find you keeping financial worries from your partner. Then again you could be spending money you don’t have on lavish treats. This may be your own doing or you might feel under pressure to spend. Meanness could also be a problem with little effort made with spontaneous gestures.  Hard to keep stability, and a sense that your relationship could slip away from you at any moment. There may be commitment issues.  This card could suggest a fortune hunter. You may only consider partners who have financial status or power. You may be looking for money and not love. Your partner could be bleeding you dry financially. You are your partner may be experiencing a period of ill-health….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardNo, not great, but maybe got off to a bad start. Look to surrounding cards as there may be issues that could be sorted.

All A Bit of A Juggling Act Really!

2 of Pentacles Upright

2 – Stressful decisions about relationships, often related to financial or material issues.  Weighing up Pros and Cons. Juggling act.  

Two of Pentacles – A decision has to be made about your relationship. You will have to weigh up all the pros and cons to arrive at a balanced decision. Finances may influence your decision. You feel stressed and a bit overwhelmed by the demands around you. A relationship that keeps you on your toes. You may be struggling to find time for your partner or social life. You may be focusing on your fertility cycle or concerned about a possible pregnancy. Twins could be implied.This card can refer to the ovaries.  You might be juggling work and rearing a child. Your love life might be rocky  and has been hitting some ups and downs. You or your partner may be going through periods of moodiness which could cause tension. Look to what is going on around you as there are bound to be external issues contributing to this. Financial worries could be putting a strain on your relationship. Talk about money problems and don’t hide them. Trying to save for a house or wedding….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes, keep going but effort is required. It is bound to work out if you can get through the current ups and downs. Look to surrounding cards for confirmation.

I Can’t Keep This Up For Much Longer!

2 of Pentacles Rx

2 rx – Decisions that are hard to handle or maintain. 

Reversed – You  may have missed the boat with this relationship as it slips by or out of your grasp. If you are juggling two relationships at one time it is bound to catch up with you. Your relationship may feel as if it is all over the place. You might not be sure where you stand with your partner. You might have chosen a career over love. Time to get your priorities in order. Looking for money, status and prestige, but not love. Financial worries can put a terrible strain on relationships or bring it to its knees. All hard work and no play.  A relationship that takes a great effort to maintain. The need to remember why you want to be with each other as life may have got in the way of love. The need to search for solid ground. Over-stretching financially for house purchase or wedding.  One partner may be secretive about their finances….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes, if you can ride out the storm. No if you find it all too much hard work.  No if there is any underhand behaviour. Look to surrounding cards.

The Only Way is Up!

3 of Pentacles Upright

3 –  Positive Progress/Ascension/Growth/Development of a stable relationship. 

Three of Pentacles – Great effort and commitment to each other is suggested by this card. Team work and partners working together to build a relationship that is solid and long-lasting. A relationship built on strong foundations. A solid couple. You may meet your partner at college or on a course. As a couple you may be seeking guidance or relationship counselling because you want it to work. This cards often appears for couples who are saving for a joint goal; marriage, house etc. Financially committing to each other, or being financially involved with your partner….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes, but don’t try to rush things. It is worthwhile letting this relationship evolve at its own pace. A serious commitment is likely. Yes, to not getting complacent about your relationship. You understand that it is something that must be worked at to get the best results. 

Watch Out For Weak Foundations and Dry Rot!

3 of Pentacles Reversed

3 rx  – Lack of Development, progress or growth in a relationship. A relationship heading in the wrong direction

Three Reversed – No effort is being made to keep this relationship alive. There may be commitment issues or a lack of interest. It may have appeared to be off to a good start in the beginning but now shows lack of strength or weak foundations. A relationship that does not appear to progress or develop. Career or work may be more important than relationships to you right now. Separate agendas for couples. Failing to heed sound advice or a warning. This reversed Three may suggest that you make the same mistake over and over when choosing partners. You fail to learn from previous mistakes. This is definitely not your best work and you should consider what it is you want from a relationship. You may have a habit of bailing out before it gets too serious….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardNo, this is not going anywhere. Someone is not making an effort or does not want to commit. Look to see what this relationship is built on. No, you are too busy to give time to a relationship.

Nothing’s Coming In and Nothing’s Going Out!

4 of Pentacles Upright

4 – Consolidating your relationship. Boxing it in. Labeling it. Stagnation and rigidity. 

Four – Possession and ownership in relationships. Rigidity and stubbornness. Someone may like to keep full control. A partner may be viewed as a possession rather than a person. Claustrophobic relationships, with little freedom or spontaneity. A lack of fun and enjoyment between  partners. A relationship entrenched in habit and routine. Financial issues may be dominating your relationship right now. You could also be saving hard as a couple and are feeling a bit miserable or trapped as a result. This card can highlight distance between partners, coldness or a lack of intimacy. One may have withdrawn or has closed down. There might be little communication or sharing of feelings. You need to open up a little. Loneliness is often indicated. You might be withholding something from your partner. Being overly occupied with work. Meanness and a lack of sharing. This card can represent a seriously ambitious couple. Emotions may be blocked. Giving/receiving issues. Refusing to forgive or compromise….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No CardYes, to committed budgeting for couples. You can save the money you need, but it will take its toll. No to meanness and possessiveness.


4 of Pentacles Reversed

4 rx – Loosening the grip on a tightly held relationship or aspect of it. Allowing it to expand or release. 

Four Reversed – This can be a sign of openness, generosity and sharing. Nothing is held back or repressed as there is great freedom and respect for each other’s feelings and opinions. Disclosure. You support your partner in their career and understand the demands it makes on your time together. There is no jealousy or suspicion. This might seem odd to those around you. You may give a lot to your relationship without seeking/receiving anything in return. You may be eventually surfacing after saving for a long time. There is a sense of release as money or material matter moves away from you. You could be buying that house or handing over the money for a wedding or holiday. The pressure is off you as a couple but it might feel strange for a while. Time to lighten up a little.  An understanding that money cannot buy you happiness. Becoming more approachable and friendly. Coming out of isolation. A relationship that has had its day and becomes more of a habit than love. Unfortunately this card can suggest a worsening of its upright meanings. Also, you are probably better at spending than saving….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card  Yes to getting out of a boring or controlling relationship. Yes to getting out and about a bit more. Yes to freedom. Yes, to treating yourself. You are worth it. Yes to getting it off your chest. 

Doom and Gloom!

5 of Pentacles Upright

5 – Unexpected change or turmoil in a relationship. Could herald the end. 

Five – Hard times and struggle for a couple. In sickness and in health. Financial/job loss or health issues causing stress between couples. Is your relationship strong enough to survive this? Your relationship is definitely being tested. This card could indicate a separation or divorce. You may have had to leave the house or perhaps you turned your partner out. There may be a scandal involved. The financial strain and practicalities of being a single parent. This card could suggest the harsh sting of rejection or pain after abandonment. You relationship may feel blighted or cursed. Single parent-hood. A partner who is ill. There is a sense of loneliness and lack of support. However, your pride may prevent you from informing others of your distress. You may also feel alone in your relationship or neglected by your partner who seems oblivious to your presence. You might think you are unlucky in love.  Money may have defined your relationship. Negative feelings….. Read Full Card Description

 Yes/No Card – No to happy days for couples right now. Not looking good. Yes to perseverance during this difficult time. 

Come In Out of The Cold!

5 of Pentacles Reversed

5 rx  – Adjusting to unwanted change or upheaval in a relationship. Trauma passes. Improvement.

Five Reversed – A slow recovery for a distressed relationship. The worst is behind you now and congratulations for sticking together through all the bad times.   A good sign that you have depth and integrity. You stand a great chance of making a success of your relationship as you leave troubling issues behind. However, you are probably quite changed as a result.  There may be a sense of your relationship being radically altered or having to start all over once more. Finances improve on the home-front. A job is secured. A mortgage is restructured. This card can also suggest leaving a relationship that has being bringing you down. Children taken into care. It may be that you are getting out of an unhealthy situation but there is also a possibility you might not be that interested in hanging around when hard times hit. It could highlight shallowness and a lack of true love. A time for discovering who your true friends are. Support is welcomed. Extremes of the upright may also be indicated….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to coming out of the dark tunnel and into the light again. You should be proud of each other and the love you share. Take it easy and be gentle with yourself. No to staying in an unhealthy relationship. 

Let Me Take Care of Everything For You!

6 of Pentacles Upright

6 – Seeking assistance or support for a troubled relationship. Balance can be restored with a give and take attitude. 

Six – This is a strange card indeed when it appears in relationship readings for it can imply so many conflicting meanings. It is a card of extremes but once upright it is generally an agreeable situation. It depends on which figure you identify with in this card. Are you the central figure, looking down upon the kneeling, begging or fawning figures on the ground, or is it the other way round? This card can suggest generosity and compassion in relationships but one partner definitely takes the lead and more than likely is the decision-maker and controller of finances too. Here we have a situation where one partner may be the sole provider. There could be a couple relying on social welfare to make ends meet. We can have a situation of domination or submission but in the upright all are happy enough with the arrangement. Co-dependence can be highlighted. It can mean you like to look after and care for your partner but you might believe you know best for them in all matters. Everything you do is for their own good, even if they may not see it that way. This card can also suggest that you are a giver in your relationship but find it hard to take. This could make your partner feel inferior or under obligation to you. You must work to address this balance. However, you may be with a partner in need of help but is too proud to ask for it. If so, you will have to find a way to assist without making it appear like charity. Don’t make a big deal out of it. Do it discreetly and keep it to yourselves. You may also have married into money when this card appears. This could change your life or make you feel miserable and inferior. You might find it difficult to fit in. For those going through a separation or divorce we could be looking at the provision of maintenance or the divvying up of assets and finances. The central figure can be the one who carries the main burden of financial outgoings, or possibly the legal representation who stand to gain the most out of such situations. Note the obvious wealth and class distinctions between the standing and kneeling figures. An interesting note on this card is to maintain your integrity and sense of decency should your relationship fall into disarray or disharmony. Don’t be forced by others to stoop to low levels in order to achieve your aims.  Also there may be an external figure or third-party who is ready and waiting to help a couple in need. They mean well.  Seeking professional help for a troubled relationship….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to a give and take relationship. Yes, to generosity of spirit and coming to the aid of your partner. Yes to seeking external help for your relationship. Yes to arriving at an agreeable arrangement in separations or divorces. No to giving too much all the time. 

I Will Take Everything You Have, and Whatever is Left After That Too!

6 of Pentacles Reversed

6 rx  – Inequality in relationships and a loss of balance. Taking or giving. Feigned appearance of harmony. 

Six Reversed – This reversed card can suggest dreadful inequality in a relationship. A controlling relationship where one is dominated by the other. Claustrophobia and resentment. You might feel your partner has no time for you, that you only get the breadcrumbs off his/her table. On the other hand you might be known as a taker, someone who always has the hand-out or looking for something. Enough may never be enough. You could be putting the poor mouth on to your partner.  You may feel that your partner is draining you of all your resources. Marrying for money. Insincerity and the use of finances to control a partner. In separations or divorces one partner is literally taken to the cleaners financially. You may lose everything, or have little left for yourself.  There might not be enough to go around. This card can highlight meanness that is hidden from public view or only giving with a view to getting something back in return.Someone is making a big deal out of doing something for their partner. You are certainly never going to be let forget this one and all they have done for you. It also highlights dreadful financial circumstances for a couple. You may feel that you have fallen very far down the material ladder and need to look to others for assistance. There could be a job loss for a partner which puts much strain on a relationship. For those in terribly unhappy relationships, you may feel trapped by your financial restrictions. Lack of running away, or getting out money may hopelessly bind you to a partner you loathe, or no longer love….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this relationship is all over the place and lacks equality and mutual respect. No to users, money grabbers and fortune hunters in relationships. No to control and domination. No to financial stability. You don’t have the money to spend right now. 

Look How We Have Grown as A Couple!

7 of Pentacles Upright

7 – Only minor challenges for relationships. Reflection and review of future direction of relationship. 

Seven – This card can suggest a relationship that has been carefully cultivated and nurtured. A partner or couple has put the necessary effort into their relationship and can now reap the rewards. What you get out of a relationship is only equal to what you put into it. Focusing on the one who stands out as special from the rest of the crowd. You have found what you were looking for. Taking special time out to focus on your relationship. The relationship suggested by this card will have survived and endured many obstacles in the past. Through shared love, determination, commitment and common goals, it has successfully come through. It suggests an easing of pressure and stress. For the first time in a long time you can lift your head and take stock of your relationship. The bulk of the hard work is behind you allowing you the time to consider where you want to go next as a couple. You may feel ready, or that the time is right to start a family. Financially you can cope on one salary for a while. You have saved and planned for this event. IVF treatment. If you have been saving hard for a wedding, house, car, holiday or business then you are nearly there but you may find it difficult to take your foot off the pedal. When this card appears it may be time to stand back and take stock of your relationship. Have you got out of it what you put in? Has the effort been worth it? What have you got to show for all the years you have been together? Do you still want the same now as you did five years ago? If single, do you feel like an outsider as all your friends settle down? For those who are between relationships, now would be a good time to reflect on previous ones. You have much experience behind you now which should make you wiser and more decided about what you want out of a relationship in the future. This may involve you having to totally revise your idea of the perfect partner as it may be out of date by this stage. Nothing great is required of you now, either within or without a relationship. Gather your thoughts and take your time. For those looking for love, now might not be the time. Patience is required. A couple considering their retirement….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Yes to taking stock of your relationship or needs. Yes to sticking it out. Your relationship has prevailed and the worst is behind you. Yes to genuine commitment and long-term plans for couples. Yes, looking good for those wanting to start a family. Yes, this could be the ‘Special One! Yes to reflection and retrospection. Yes to taking some time out for yourself. 

You Shall Reap That Which You Sow!

7 of Pentacles Rx

7 rx – Creating unnecessary challenges in relationships. Lack of reflection and review. 

Seven Reversed – Feeling you are not in a position to start a family just yet. Unsuccessful IVF treatment. A couple or partner pushing too much. All work and no play made Jack/Jill a dull boy/girl. Strain as a relationship hits a rocky patch. You may be considering if all the effort is worth it. You might be thinking of bailing out if things have got tough. You might not be putting any effort into making your relationship work. It won’t grow if it is neglected. Also one partner should not have to bear the brunt of full responsibility. On the other hand, you might be working too hard at making your partner happy, throwing good after bad. This is a card for making the same mistake over and over again in relationships. You are not reflecting or learning from past failures or disasters. You should also be looking for quality instead of quantity. You could be guilty of rushing from one relationship to another, afraid to be on your own or face yourself. You might lack the ability to commit to just one person. A workaholic partner can be suggested by this reversed card. You may not have the time for your relationship which results in a loss of intimacy and romance. You might be putting your career first. It could be that you have to work 24/7 to meet the financial needs of your relationship such as childcare, house, car, utility bills etc….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, there may be commitment problems in a relationship. You reap what you sow, a lack of effort results in poor returns. No, you are not learning from your mistakes. No, unwelcome results

Quality Control – Only The Very Best of Your Best Will Do!

8 of Pentacles Upright

8 – A strong, committed relationship. Working hard at making a success of a relationship. Powerful couple. 

Eight – Total commitment in relationships. You are serious about where this is going. You feel very sure of your partner and secure about their feelings for you. Loyalty and faithfulness. You are actively trying to conceive. Your fertility is at full strength. For those undergoing IVF, hang on in there and don’t give up hope. Your body is working hard to support this desire. For those who are pregnant this card can be an indication of the onset of labor.  You do not sweat the small stuff as your relationship is bigger and stronger than any problems you have had to face. You are working towards common goals and set high standards for each other. This is a strong, solid relationship built on long-term goals. You work hard at making your relationship a success but you see it as a labor of love. This card often appears for ambitious couples and can have a strong financial connection. Careers are important to both of you. There is a mutual acceptance and understanding regarding any social sacrifices that have to be made on the road to achieving your goals. …. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  Yes, lucky you. This is a strong committed relationship. You have great plans for its future. Yes to working hard at your relationship. Yes to sustained effort but do remember to have some fun as well.

Sure No One Will Notice and Who Cares Anyway!

8 of Pentacles Reversed

8rx – Loss of power and strength in a relationship. Lack of commitment and effort. 

Eight Reversed –  You have developed a lazy attitude to your relationship. Any initial effort has fallen by the wayside. You might be bored or don’t care enough to try. There is a definite lack of interest or commitment. This may be a recurrent problem for you in relationships. You may have been spoiled in the past and think that everything is your due. You could sit back and let your partner do all the running. You need to reflect on this. This reversed card can suggest shallowness. The relationship represented lacks strength and solid foundations. You must ask yourself what the attraction is? Money or love? Status or admiration? You may be involved with a workaholic who is never at home. You might have plenty of money but lack intimacy. You might be dealing with a selfish and self-centered partner. Here is a relationship based on habits and routines. It is possibly stuck in the mud right now, and has become dull and dreary. It needs a good shake up or rude awakening. For those undergoing IVF sex may have lost its joy or perhaps you are trying too hard. You may also feel like quitting after consecutively  failing to conceive. In childbirth, a long hard labor could be implied.  If you are very career ambitious, or in the start-up of a business, you may have decided to stay single for the time being as you need to give full attention to your own projects and goals. You may be overly conscientious and decide you have nothing of value to offer anyone right now. …. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this relationship lacks strength and commitment. It may have shown promising signs in the beginning but has become apathetic.No, failure despite your best effort. No to thinking that money alone will bring you happiness.  

I Have High Standards and Even Higher Expectations!

9 of Pentacles Upright

9 – Reaping  the rewards and results of a long-term  successful relationship. The end of a cycle approaching.

Nine – This is one of the possible pregnancy cards. Check for supporting cards such as The Ace of Cups/Wands/Swords, Empress, Lovers, Three of Cups, Pages etc. For those expecting a child then it can suggest that birth is imminent (look for High Priestess). However, it can also suggest peri-menopause or menopause (look for Moon and High Priestess Upright or Reversed and Empress Reversed).Your biological clock may be ticking. The relationship suggested by this card is built on strong solid foundations and is very mature. This card suggests the older couple or finding your match later in life. It is a card for independence within a relationship regardless of how close it is. Relationships represented by this card are long-lasting and mature. Partners were selected for the long-term based on suitability and practicality. This is no whimsical romantic story but a relationship that is viewed more so as a partnership. Romance is not high on the list and it never was. It can represent a partner or couple with ambition, who intend to go places together. Business may be involved and certainly finances are extremely important in this relationship. A hard-working couple in the material world who do not necessarily have to work very hard on their relationship. They are very grounded and committed to each other even though they may lead very busy separate lives. There is understanding, deep friendship, loyalty and complete trust in each other. A partner or couple close to, or enjoying their retirement after years of hard work. A strong independent woman who is financially secure and likes the good things in life. She needs a partner who can match her in this regard. The person represented by this card is quite happy to live alone or be single. A mature independent woman….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to pregnancy or approaching birth. Yes to a long-term committed relationship. Yes to a mutually successful and ambitious couple. No to being under the impression that your looks and charm will make up for your lack of material/financial stability or ambition. Yes, to being single and happy. 

Show Me The Money First!

9 of Pentacles Reversed

9x – Not getting the results you expected from a relationship. Things not working out the way you wanted. Reaping what you sow. 

Nine Reversed –  Miscarriage or termination could be indicated. Surrounding cards would need to support this. This Nine can also suggest that you have recently given birth or when a birth is most likely. Then again, there may be fertility issues. You may have left it too late to have children. For more mature women, this card can suggest approaching menopause (see Upright meanings). Unfortunately, fortune hunters are often suggested by this Nine. You may be looking for money instead of love. You have a desire to be looked after by someone else. You would rather spend someone else’s money than make your own. You could be seeking someone who can provide you with a certain lifestyle or status. This card could be sign that you are bored in your relationship. You may have discovered that money cannot buy you happiness, or that you have all the material trappings of a successful couple but lack closeness and intimacy. This card is very much a female card but it can represent men in relationships too, and when reversed could suggest a mid-life crisis. A younger partner may fancy your bank balance more than they do you.  It is a time to be on your guard. Arranged marriages or marriages of convenience. You may have chosen career success over relationships, or you may feel you have been left on the shelf and have gone well past your ‘best before’ or expiry date. Single, but lonely.  Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card –  No, this relationship is not as it seems. Look beneath the surface as something is wrong. Yes to getting your body back after birth. 

Success Has To Be Earned, but Some Are Lucky To Be Born Into It!

10 of Pentacles Upright

10 – Ultimate success for committed relationships. The whole package. 

Ten – You have a very traditional and conventional approach to relationships. You might be considering marriage or settling down to start a family. You have worked towards a committed goal or plan as a couple and are ready to move into the next cycle of your relationship. A relationship filled with routine and habits. Stability and security is important to you along with the support of a strong family network.  As a couple you are aspiring to a better life for yourselves and your children. There is a permanent feel to this card for couples and becoming part of an extended family. Your partner’s family are either ready to embrace you and welcome you into the fold as one of their own, or may keep you at arm’s length until they are sure they can trust you. You may be marrying into money or perhaps marrying the boss’s son or daughter. You might feel there are certain expectations of you and a need to fit in or adopt your partner’s lifestyle and customs. This is a card for looking past the romantic aspect of relationships to the vitally important area of finances and assets. There could be a prenuptial agreement. Here we have an ambitious couple who are financially comfortable. Family genes are important for couples considering starting a family. This is the solid as a rock card for relationships but not without hard work, effort and commitment. This type of relationship security does not fall into one’s lap too easily. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to a long-term committed relationship. Yes to settling down and starting a family. Yes, marriage might be on the way. Yes to feeling secure in your relationship. Yes, to working hard as a couple. No, if family events and celebrations are not your thing. No if routine bores you to distraction. 

We Are Ruined!

10 of Pentacles Reversed

10 rx – Disaster or destruction of everything that has been worked hard for in a relationship. The fallout that ensues. Fall of a dynasty.  

Ten Reversed – Disharmony for couples which is often related to financial issues and material concerns. Bad blood between family members. Genetic issues. Lack of stability and security is suggested with break-ups and family homes being divided. There is a major shift in your home or family life as a result of relationship issues. Job loss or business ruin could result in a drop of living standards. You could find you have little else holding you together. This card can herald the end of an era or the collapse of a relationship that was once thought to be solid as a rock. Marrying for money can also be suggested. It may be wise to put some form of agreement together. This reversed ten can also highlight the dilemma of marrying below your class or station in life. You have possibly broken with family tradition. You might be in an unconventional relationship or have stunned everyone with your choice of partner.  Perhaps you are being shunned by family, or your partner’s family. You may be seen as an outsider and this could leave you feeling very lonely. If you have done something to bring shame down on your partner, or their family, you may be ostracised or cast out of your home.  Remember, blood is thicker than water when it comes to the Pentacles. This card is often associated with a home-wrecker, especially if accompanied by Reversed Court Cards. Reversed Pages falling alongside this card can indicate children from a broken home. This is also a card for couples losing sight of each other as work or career demands become top priority. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, there is a lack of stability and security in this relationship.  It could be falling apart. No to thinking that this could not happen to you. No to being a self-centered home-wrecker.No, I don’t think you are going to fit in. You might be better off on your own. Yes, to guarding your assets. 

I Know Our Love Will Grow!

Page of Pentacles Upright

Page – Could be one of the Earth Signs; Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. You are thinking about the long-term future of your relationship. This Page has something of value to offer you. May be financially secure or is on his/her way to it. You have quite a serious but practical approach to relationships and love. Love might be found in college, workplace or whilst pursuing outdoor activities.  This Page can suggest a young love or a love that is in its early stage. Age-wise we are looking at a person up to the age of approximately 22. If the person represented by this card is older, then it could suggest immaturity or an under-developed Pentacles Personality. However, if the Page is of the associated age, he or she may come across as older. This is because the Pentacles tend to be born mature, wise and knowing. If you have caught the eye of this Page then you certainly must have something going for you because they can often put love or romance on hold whilst pursuing their studies or career. This card augurs well for the beginning of a solid relationship that has the potential to go places in the future. There is a desire for commitment. Once this Page gets comfortable with a partner, he or she is unlikely to stray or get restless. Don’t expect wild, spontaneous, romantic gestures, or displays of hot passion for he or she is quite tame and sensible in these arenas. On the plus side this Page is a sensual and tender lover who has a healthy appetite for physical pleasure. You can depend on this Page for he/she is loyal, faithful, trustworthy and reliable. The same will be expected of you in return.  This Page can often come across as dark, brooding or intense but in reality is extremely friendly and generous. Note how the Page studies the Pentacle in his hand. You may be the subject of fascination or interest for this lovely Page.  Guard against becoming too intense, possessive or jealous when you see this Page. He or she is drawn to independent, studious or ambitious personalities. Fitness, health and sport may connect you. By the way, this Page may be attracted to your dog or cat first before showing any interest in you….. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, you certainly have found a decent sort here. This relationship has the potential to grow and become extremely successful. Don’t take it for granted. No to viewing your partner as one of your possessions or to becoming too intense. 

Oops, Forgot To Water The Garden!

Page of Pentacles Reversed

Page Reversed – Giving no thought to solidifying or securing your relationship. Not thinking about what you are doing. Nothing to offer to a relationship or thinking you have nothing. Laziness within a relationship or taking your partner for granted. You may also be guilty of taking advantage of your partner if they are too easy-going and tolerant. There might be commitment issues or it could possibly be a sign that this Page is not interested in you, or is distracted by something/someone else. Your relationship may be stuck in a rut or has become boring and habitual. It might need a good shake-up. This Page could be putting relationships on the long finger as he/she pursues college studies or career. The relationship represented by this Page may have got off to a good start, or showed promise in the early stages, but has failed to follow-through. Little effort has been made and this could be for several reasons. Any issues this Page carries are connected to his or her upbringing. There could be a spoiled personality who never had to assume responsibility. There might be a privileged or monied background which has left this Reversed Page, unrealistic and unappreciative of the simple things in life. Unfaithfulness and blatant disregard are common. This Reversed Page may also come from a deprived background. We also have the issue of looking for money instead of love, seeking partners who offer status or prestige. This reversed Page can become financially dependent on his or her partner, or are happy to remain long-term unemployed. He or she might lack ambition but look to another to provide them with a certain lifestyle. We must also look at the possible trophy boyfriend/girlfriend scenario. This Reversed Page can sometimes prefer to be looked after or mothered by their partner and are happy to relinquish all personal power. Jealousy, possessiveness and control could also be an issue….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this relationship lacks depth and solid foundations. There is a lack of interest and commitment on one side. No to possessiveness, jealousy and control. Yes, to finding a way to spice things up. 

I Have A Proposal To Offer That Will be Of Mutual Benefit!

Knight of Pentacles Upright

Knight – Could be one of the Earth Signs; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn approaching. Capricorn if found with The Devil. A solid, grounded proposal or offer. The relationship beng sought, or on offer, is one of commitment, stability, security, and longevity. There is a desire to act on your feelings for someone, but you need to be sure of what you are doing. Don’t rush into a relationship or make any proposals you have not properly thought through. Here we have a very driven and focused young man/woman up to the age of approximately 30 years. He is strong, intense and quite mysterious. He/she is pretty quiet and not much of a party animal. This Knight is looking, or waiting, for the right partner to commit to, but is in no hurry to pick just anyone. He is quite choosy and could be single for a long time before getting involved. He or she is cautious and needs to be sure of their partner before making a move. This Knight will have observed his/her partner for some time, and in the upright aspect is a sign that he or she thinks there is strong potential for a successful relationship. You need to know in advance that this Knight is not going to sweep you off your feet, even though he is a bit of a Heathcliff type. It is not his/her style. A slow consistent build up is preferred. Romance is not one of his strengths. He or she may approach relationships from a long-term investment point of view.  This Knight, although considered boring by some in everyday life, has a strong sex drive and makes for a passionate and sensual lover  in relationships. You will not have to worry about how reliable or trustworthy this Knight will be, for when he/she gives their word they mean it. The same will be expected of you. Animals and pursuit of the outdoor life will play a big role in your relationship. You will also have to accept that this Knight is hard-working and ambitious. He or she does not have to see you every day and night for their relationship to work. You may have to do a bit of waiting around while degrees, masters and PhDs are finished, or while they work 24/7 to build their career or business. Patience may be required of you where this relationship is concerned. All in good time. This Knight is certainly worth the wait….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, this relationship shows great promise and is built on strong foundations. Yes, he/she is interested but you might have to be patient for a while. Yes, you are right to give good thought before you act. The future of your relationship is important and must be considered seriously. 

I Treat My Horse Better Than I Treat You!

Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Knight Reversed – Boredom, drudgery, habitual routines and relationships that are stuck in a rut. This Knight may lack depth and his/her interest may be feigned for various reasons. He might be untrustworthy, unreliable and unlikely to commit. He could withdraw an offer, proposal, or leave. He may have nothing of worth or value to offer. He could be playing the field, and if he has money then he might be a bit of a play boy. Marrying for money or seeking out wealthy partners may be the motive behind so-called romantic interests. Someone may try to buy you or impress you with their wealth or status. He/she could be the desired catch for every one in singledom but may not be interested in getting caught. You may also be dating someone totally out of your class on one extreme or the other. You may not be popular in your family if you have broken with tradition or gone against their approval. This Reversed Knight might not be that in to you or is possibly too busy to even notice your existence. He or she may not be available or could have commitments to another. It could be your ex-partner. When this card appears reversed there is a danger you might make an impulsive decision about a relationship that totally goes against your better judgement. You may even shock yourself as you are normally quite a cautious person. Tread carefully and try to exercise patience and discretion. If he or she really wants you then they will wait. This Reversed Knight can also highlight the presence of a bum, waster, someone who sponges off others. There may be little or no ambition and a lack of integrity. On the other-hand, if this is your partner, he or she may be a bit of a workaholic. Instability and lack of security. If your partner has lost his/her job then this is bound to cause a serious strain between the two of you as his/her pride and self-esteem plummets. We could also be looking at a personality that shuns the material world…. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this does not augur well for relationships. There is a lack of depth and commitment. There may also be hidden agendas. No to doing something stupid. Yes, to being on your guard. 

Ooh, I Just Love Holding Babies!

Queen of Pentacles Upright

Queen – Could be one of the Earth Signs; Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn. If found with The Empress she can suggest a Libra person. This Queen suggests you are feeling stable and secure in your relationship. If you are single, she highlights your personal strength, a healthy self-esteem and glowing self-confidence. You do not need to be in a relationship to be happy or fulfilled as you have so much going on in your life that keeps you busy and occupied. However, this Queen can highlight your nurturing aspect with the need to look after or take care of somebody special. In relationships this lovely Queen treats her partner with great respect and offers constant support. This Queen can represent a mature woman over the age of 30 years or a younger woman who may come across as older than her years. She adopts a sensible, practical and down-to-earth approach in relationships and is not prone to dramatic outbursts or emotional neediness. She often takes charge in her relationships and is known to mother her partner. However, this is no stay at home and do the housework woman. Although homely and settled in her attitude and personality, this Queen is very industrious and ambitious. She could suggest a partner who is well able to juggle home, kids and career. She will also support you with any goals you are working towards. She tends to choose her partner after careful consideration, and is more concerned with compatibility and suitability rather than looks or romance. This Queen is a natural mother and could suggest you are feeling a bit broody in this area. Her presence confirms your need or desire for commitment, a relationship that can be built on, and one that is likely to go the full distance. Financial security is also very important to her. She tends to steer clear of admirers who have nothing going for them, and those who lack drive and ambition. She has high standards and impeccable taste. If you only take her out to dinner once every 6 months, make sure it is the best you can afford. She doesn’t expect you to spend all your money on her but she will want you to make an effort. She normally has her own money and may prefer to split the bill, so don’t be phased by this.  She tends to be very health conscious, fit and very good-looking. She’s an animal lover too…. Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes, good choice here. You certainly won’t regret it. Make sure you appreciate your good luck and don’t let her down. Yes to being single and feeling good. Yes, to motherhood. 

I Don’t Know How To Boil An Egg!

Queen of Pentacles Reversed

Queen Reversed – This Queen is not available or may not be interested in you. She could be your ex-partner. We might be looking at a Reversed Queen who is nontraditional when it comes to relationships. She may not want to get married. She may not have a maternal bone in her body or has chosen her career over starting a family. On the other hand, depending on surrounding cards, she can highlight the woman who is desperate for children but is finding it hard to conceive, or carry a pregnancy to full term.  This Reversed Queen can act as a warning about neglecting your partner or not putting effort in to your relationship. Laziness, apathy and a ‘couldn’t care less’ attitude is likely. You may have stopped trying or have let yourself go. This reversed Queen cannot look after herself let alone her partner or any children she might have. Her house is probably a mess too. You may be sitting back, expecting everything as your due and are self-centered and selfish. It is all about what you need and want. This Reversed Queen is a taker and user. She can be very ambitious in relationships, tending to seek out those who can fund a certain lifestyle for her. She likes to spend and can max out credit cards rather rapidly. This is the Reversed Queen who is prepared to do anything for money. She will use sex for financial gain (surrounding cards would need to support this tendency). She can also be a snob but generally has nothing to back it up with. She often entertains grand ideas above her station and tends to look down on others. On the other hand, her presence could suggest the departure of this Queen from your life, or that you have nothing to offer her. She may not be interested in you. Self-esteem and self-confidence are generally low when she reverses. You are not happy with yourself but are unsure of what to do about it. You need to drag yourself out of this rut and tidy up. You could be holding out for an old-fashioned style of relationship that no longer exists. You could be stuck in your ways and have become boring and far too settled.  Jealousy and envy are also associated with this Reversed Queen. We might also be looking at a hippie type of personality. A woman who has turned her back on the material world to live off the land. She may look a bit chaotic at times but her heart is in the right place, her partner will be well looked after and her kids, wild, but adored….Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, this relationship does not offer much stability or security. There is a shallow aspect to it. It might all get quite messy or expensive. No, you may be having trouble conceiving or are hesitant about starting a family. 

Say Your are Mine and I Promise You Will Never Regret It!

King of Pentacles Upright

King – Could be an Earth Sign; Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Taurus if found with The Four of Pentacles and The Hierophant. A mature, self-assured man. Here we have a very traditional and conservative approach to relationships. Not a great one for romantic gestures but his love is deep and sincere. He desires long-term commitment and faithfulness. a creature of habit and ritual this King does not like surprises. He is not a risk taker so his presence may be asking you to think carefully before you commit the rest of your life to someone. Be sure of who  you want to invest your future in.  If you are looking for absolute security and stability in a relationship then look no further than this King. He brings great long-lasting success for relationships that are committed and focused. His family loyalties are very strong and he makes for a wonderful responsible and reliable father. Here is the great provider and could suggest you are seeking such a partner, or that you are happy to be taken care of by your partner. However, regardless of how well you are provided for, work is expected of you. This King expects a lot from his partner and looks for many qualities that will complement his own personality, needs and desires. He also shows up for ambitious couples who are independently successful in their own right, but who move on to an even greater level of success when they combine forces. This King comes high on the power/status stage and could be a very successful business man or from a wealthy background. He may appear intimidating to some due to his intensity, and sometimes commanding presence, but this King is extremely friendly, helpful and generous. He is very adept at quickly summing people up as he pays close attention to those he comes in contact with. He knows worth and potential when he sees it. He is not a time waster so will only pay you attention if he is genuinely interested in you. The thing is his partner needs to have the x-factor. There are many boxes to be ticked and he is known to hold out for quite a long time until he finds the right one.  He is looking for quality instead of quantity. He is not impressed by shallow, frivolous behavior or bling and flashy dressing.  He has impeccable taste in all areas of life and will be drawn to women who  are refined, sophisticated and elegant. However, he is a full force Earth Personality so his partner must be happy to get their hands dirty from time to time. Intellect and education are valued more than looks but he is drawn to classical beauty. Work is very important to him and he will spend a lot of time at it. It would be best if you were not too clingy or needy. Yes, he is an animal lover too. …Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – Yes to a very successful  and long-lasting relationship. Yes to commitment, faithfulness and reliability. 

I Own You and Don’t Forget It!

King of Pentacles Reversed

King Reversed  – An unhealthy relationship. Laziness and slothfulness. A relationship that has become full of boring habit and routine. Life can become seriously dreary with little spontaneity. A relationship can seem like very hard work or that there is nothing to look forward to. You may also have a very old-fashioned or outdated approach to relationships which could stand in the way of you meeting a partner. You may be putting your career first or are a workaholic. This King may be unavailable, might not be interested in you or is too busy to notice you. He may also have left you. Could be an ex-partner.  Selfishness and meanness are often highlighted with a partner who is reluctant to treat or pamper. He won’t make it easy for you to get maintenance or child-support should your relationship have ended. Meanness can be on any level but is very much attached to money and time. Where money is concerned, this reversed King knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. He can be quite ruthless and use money as a form of control in relationships, only producing it once he gets what he is looking for. He can also use his money as a bribe, lure or to take advantage of others. He certainly wields it as a weapon of power. He does not respect his partner and can be neglectful and inconsiderate. He might embarrass you with his unfriendly manner. He is often rude in restaurants and quibbles over the bill when he has to pay. Here we have a stubborn personality. He wants his own way all the time. In fact this reversed King will go out of his way to be difficult and awkward about everything. We must also look at the area of possessiveness and jealousy. As a strong reversed Earth sign, it might all come down to ownership. You may feel very restricted or controlled by your partner. When this King Reverses, he either can’t provide or won’t provide. He might view sex as a commodity and can be dreadfully unfaithful and trustworthy. ..Read Full Card Description

Yes/No Card – No, it would be best to stay clear of a relationship with this personality. No, he is unlikely to commit or be faithful. 


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    • Hi Percival,

      Brilliant. Good one there. Can I add it to the interpretations in the feature? I will give you credit for it. Great to get viewers contributing. This is how we can all build on our knowledge by sharing personal findings and theories. Thanks again




  1. I have laid out your relationship spread. In the second row, my love’s point of view, position 1 is the queen of pentacles and position 2 is the king of pentacles. what could the meaning be for these two to be side by side? the following cards are ace of cups, 7 of cups and 4 of cups for her.

    in my own row my cards are judgment, 8 of swords, 3 of pentacles, king of wands and then the lovers. if my row origins of relationship is judgment, alluding to a karmic connection, could that also be being shown in her row with the queen and king being soul mates?


    • Hi Sorry for the delay in responding. I have been forced to take a break from computer work due to a bad flare up of chronic repetitive strain injury due to typing and mouse use. I am now trying to catch up on a back log of correspondence without overdoing it with typing etc!!!

      Just to let you know, I do not do distant readings anymore as I find I need the person with me to make any sort of connection and also I like to ask questions and involve the querant in their own analysis. Therefore my offerings below are based on musings an suggestions and are not a reading. I have offered numerous suggestions for you to work with. I apologise in advance for being direct or candid in my observations. I am not a pink and fluffy reader and tend to tell it as I see it.

      From your reading above, I get the feeling that you might be a good match for her or are who she would like you to be. Do you identify with the King of Pentacles? Is that you? Or perhaps you come across as the King of Pentacles but in truth are more like the King of Wands in your own row of cards? I feel she sees you as the King of Pentacles in this reading and believes you are well matched. She is looking for someone who is down to earth, reliable, practical, responsible and protective of her. As the Queen of Pentacles she may be drawn to material things, financial stability and security as does the King of Pentacles. She may see a kindred spirit in you. She may be looking for someone to look after her. She might also come from a monied background. The King could be her father, a barrier between her and you. He might represent the person you have to get past, or impress before you are allowed access to the Queen. I am unaware of your age and status but the King of Pentacles may be dictating the status of partner she will consider or is expected to consider. The Ace appears to suggest a blossoming of emotion towards you and a genuine feeling of romance. A relationship or attraction has or will start. At least there is very definite potential for it when we see the Ace. It doesn’t mean it will go anywhere if no one acts on it though. The Queen and King of Pentacles may also be representing two earth personalities.

      Something happens after this when the Seven of Cups appears and sorry to say this but I feel someone else appearing on the scene, or is already there in the background, causing distraction and temptation. Is there a love rival you are aware of, is the King of Pentacles someone other than you? I see her exploring her options and going through the process of choosing. The Four of Cups as Outcome card does not augur well as we see a growing detachment, disinterest and disconnect. This may be from you or just in general. She does not appear to be enjoying herself at this stage. Also when the Seven and Four of Cups lie side by side I have to ask if there is excess, such as too much socialising, drinking etc. Whatever is going on, it is having a negative impact on what started out with such promise. The Four of Cups brings disillusionment, disappointment, boredom, apathy and inertia. This row of cards is all Water and Earth – passive and introvert. There may be a lot of wishful thinking but little action or progress. We find romance, practicality and security but without Fire where is the passion? Is there something missing from the mix? With the Four of Cups I sense moodiness and possible sulking.

      In your row there is greater strength. Judgement along with the eight of Swords I feel shows you coming into the scenario after going through a major change in life or as you enter a new phase of life. There is a sense of great maturity and knowing exactly what it is you want. This knowledge has been born out of some tough experience in your past. You may have recently got out of a marriage or major relationship and now seek to get it right the next time round. You have knowledge that can only be gained through the lessons of life and love. You know what it is you want and don’t want. However, I wonder what the Eight of Swords is doing here? Are you still bound in some way to your past or a previous partner? What is it you seek from the Queen of Pentacles? If she sees you as the King of Pentacles is this related to your desire to possess her. I would be interested to hear what you made of the 8 of Swords as it is not a card you want in a relationship reading. There is something going on with that card. The 8 oF Swords could also imply that the Queen of Wands has a hold on you, your thoughts may be consumed by her to the extent you can’t get her out of your mind. This may be a blessing or a curse depending on how you see it.

      Now the appearance of the King of Wands could suggest a love rival if you have already identified with the King of Pentacles. The King of Wands lines up with the Seven of Cups above which deals with choice and temptation. If you identify with the King of Wands more so, we might also be seeing a growing relisation that the person thought to be the King of Pentacles is in fact the King of Wands and this may cause confusion for her if indeed she was seeking the natural commitment of the King of Pentacles and not the uncertainty the King of Wands might bring.

      Also, I bring your attention back to my earlier observation of lack of Fire in her line of cards. The King of Wands brings the fire, the passion, the excitement. If that is you great. If not, then it may suggest you need to inject a bit of passion and edge to the relationship before someone else does. You may be on too best of behaviour with her. If this King of Wands is not you and a love rival, it could imply her head is being turned by this dynamic personality. However it could simply imply that it is the King of Wands she is looking for and not the King of Pentacles after all. You will either fit the bill in this regard or not. It depends on your true personality. If you are the King of Pentacles, it may not be possible to force a King of Wands personality if it does not come naturally. You may get away with it temporarily, but not permanently.

      Now the question must also be asked if the King of Pentacles pertains to someone else and not you. Are you aware of the presence of a love rival or might the King of Pentacles be an ex that still dominates her thoughts. If so, she might initially start a relationship with another in the hope that it will blossom and perhaps help her get over her ex, but with the Seven and Four of Cups, the potential of the Ace of Cups weakens considerably.

      If the King of Wands is indeed you, then the Lovers might imply a relationship starting between you but it also suggests a choice being made and we see that choice been made in the line above. The Queen of Pentacles is confused in the final cards of her line and is faced with making a choice as things aren’t working out as she had hoped. I think her choice comes down to the King of Pentacles or King of Wands. I feel things getting a bit messy for all involved.

      If there is a karmic connection between you it might involve the important choice she has to make where you are involved, especially when we see the Lovers.

      I am not sure of a Karmic connection being proposed by the presence of Judgement except that any decisions made at this point in time will have far reaching consequences for the rest of your life. You must consult both your head and heart and not be swayed by one or the other. It is important you turn to your inner guide and do what is right for you. Deep down you know the answers to your situation. With the Eight of Swords I would wonder if your inner voice issuing a warning about not getting trapped or backed into a corner.

      I would suggest doing a reading based on the possible karmic connection between you as suggested by Judgement and the Lovers. You may be star crossed Lovers. The decision being made at present is quite powerful even if those making the decisions are not consciously aware of this.

      Now the above all sounds very dramatic and truly I am just typing as I think. I do not read on a psychic basis. I read based on my knowledge of the cards, elements and archetypal behaviour. Take on board that which makes sense and discard the rest. You sent this reading some time ago so your situation will already have evolved and this will either be relevant or for the bin.



      • Sorry but can you please delete the first reply I just sent as it has my full name on it and i do not wish for it to be there.

        WOW. Thank you so much for such a detailed response. Yes it has been some times since the reading and I feel that what you have written makes a lot of sense.

        The 8 of swords I felt was in relation to the way she entered my life. She came into my life while still with my ex and highlighted a lot of emotional abuse. I felt very trapped in my situation due to finances and I feel she has help me get free of that. But that is still ongoing. He was quite money focused and also was a bit of a barrier between the two of us as he has been jealous and resentful of the relationship that blossomed with her. So i wonder if the king of pentacles actually represents him. I also met her through him, he was the reason we met and fits the placement of the card being the recent past. I still feel somewhat conflicted over the two of them so its possible he continues to be in the way. So the alignment of king of pentacles and 8 of swords both in position 2 makes a lot of sense to me. I do not identify with the kind of wands. The king of wands sounds more like her or the type of partner I desire. And the type of person I wish my ex was. I definitely felt like i needed to get past my ex (the king of pentacles) in order to be with her (the queen). I even attempted to push for an open relationship and was trying to convince that this would be good. She has expressed that I am the type of person she imagined to be with. I was with my ex for 16 years and we have a dog together, i think he will always be in the background and i think that bothers her. You are very right in me going through a big change and entering a new phase in life and a divorce. and i definitely have felt that she (the queen) has a hold on me and always in my thoughts. I always wonder if my ex will learn to be more like the king of wands and be more suited to me again or if am supposed to leave him in the past for good.

        I certainly feel that regardless of the outcome of the future of the relationship there is a karmic connection and there are lessons and experiences to be learned through being in each others lives. I felt my row had a more positive outcome but her row implied that the romance does not last which makes me question if it is worth pursuing because a lifelong friendship could last, but a romance could become tainted. Since the reading we have both expressed our feelings more openly and i see her in one day after having 3 months apart so it is interesting you have responded the day before!

        I really enjoyed and value your feedback here. you shared a lot more than i expected so i appreciate you taking the time. It didn’t sound dramatic at all.. my life has been very dramatic lately so it just sounds like reality!


    • Hi Nav,

      Although I no longer do online readings, I do help out people with their own readings once they let me know their cards and the interpretation they have come up with. I do not do psychic readings so will only offer interpretations based on the cards you have chosen and question pertaining to them and not you yourself if you understand what I mean.



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