The Wheel of Fortune (X) Reversed

(Card Descriptions Based On Original Rider-Waite Colors – Still Under US Games Inc. Copyright)



The Wheel of Fortune Reverses, and with it, comes challenges.  Things were going so well, what the hell happened? You may well ask indeed!

The Wheel of Fortune when Reversed advises that now is not the time for starting new things, like a business, a career change, a relationship etc. In fact, if in a relationship the fizz may have gone out of it and there may be more fade going on at this stage. However, a relationship may just be settling down after the initial headrush stage. Struggle at this difficult stage is futile so it is best to take a deep breath and observe this latest downward trend.  If you closely observe it you are likely to see it for what it is and learn from it.

The Reversed Wheel of Fortune brings apparent bad luck, delays and setbacks. Things may not working out as you planned. A fall from grace or power fis possible and with it great instability. You may find yourself having to repeat something you did a while back or it may be that something you did in the past has now come back to haunt you.

When the Wheel of Fortune Reverses you must look to yourself and see if there have been any negative repetitive patterns forming in your life. These problems or challenges may be returning to you over and over again in order to give you the opportunity to resolve them.  During this slow time in your life it may be worthwhile to return to The Hermit to reflect on those things that no longer have any value or worth.  Once you have identified them you can set about making the necessary changes in order to be ready for when The Wheel begins to turn once more and make its upward ascent.  As The Wheel begins to slowly turn, you may realise that things you have done in the past have caused the problems you now face. Remember though that when you reach the lowest point on the wheel there is nowhere for it to go but up once more. Patience and understanding is required of you now.  Even though you may have missed out on an opportunity, remember that the Universe will always give you a second chance.

When The Wheel of Fortune Reverses ‘Lady Luck’ generally has her head turned in another direction or has gone on an indefinite holiday.  With her no where in sight, it is not a good time to gamble or take an uncalculated risk. You would not be advised to rush out and put all your money on one horse for The Reversed Wheel of Fortune can be shockingly unpredictable.  It can bring with it either big wins or horrendous losses. The Wheel of Fortune Reversed brings the grim reminder of the consequences of not putting money or resources aside for slow or challenging times.  A rainy day is never far away and only depending on the surrounding cards The Reversed Wheel may suggest that you have left nothing in the pot to get you through.  You made hay while the sun shone in The Upright Wheel of Fortune and possibly got carried away with life content in the belief that all days would be the same.  Remember, nothing stays the same forever and you may have forgotten that The Wheel keeps turning regardless of how much you think you are in control.  If you feel you have been stung from this situation, then try and learn your lesson from it and move on.

You may well feel worn out with work demands and all the socialising on the upward turn may have you left you feeling exhausted. You can feel like the hamster on his wheel, working away like crazy but getting nowhere fast. When The Wheel of Fortune is reversed negativity and pessism can set in.  You may feel cursed or think that everyone else has ‘the luck’ and you none at all.  However, it can indicate that your timing may be off but you continue to force the situation.  For example it may be that you are trying to sell ice-cream on a snowy, bitter cold day.  Inappropriate for sure.

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